Militia Disqualifications

Militia DisqualificationsWe expect the best in our nation to rise up and help us fight by joining the usCrow CMF Militia; requiring enlistments to hold themselves to a higher degree of moral fiber. If you are found to have lied or concealed detrimental information during the enlistment process, you will be discharged from the militia immediately. If such offense is disclosed and is not a primary offense your regional station commander will need to issue a DD1.

Physical Disqualifications for the Militia
  • Physically Impaired to where you can not perform your best suited position
Moral Disqualifications for the Militia
  • Socialist ideology
  • Communist beliefs
  • Racial and religious hatred
  • Allegiance pledged to a foreign country
  • Renouncement of citizenship
Criminal Disqualifications
  • Armed robbery
  • Illegal alien status (non U.S. citizen)
  • Arson with the intent of personal harm to self or another
  • Bribery of political officials
  • Burglary (includes possession of burglary tools)
  • Carjacking
  • Carnal knowledge of a minor, including indecent acts or liberties with a minor
  • Check, worthless, making or uttering, with intent to defraud or deceive ($500 or more)
  • Child abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Domestic violence (as defined by the Lautenberg Amendment)
  • Driving while drugged or intoxicated, or driving while ability impaired (three or more offenses)
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Forgery; knowingly uttering or passing forged instrument (except for altered identification cards)
  • Hate crimes
  • Illegal and/or fraudulent use of a credit card, bank card or automated card (value of $500 or more)
  • Indecent assault
  • Kidnapping or abduction
  • Murder
  • Narcotics or habit-forming drugs: wrongful possession or use (marijuana not included)
  • Negligent/vehicular homicide
  • Rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, incest or other sex crimes
  • Sale, distribution or trafficking of cannabis (marijuana) or any other controlled substance (including intent)
  • Forced Sodomy
  • Violation of civil rights
  • Other major misconduct offenses not listed
Militia Disqualifications Explained

Militias are constantly under the watchful eye of an increasingly oppressive federal government and a biased progressive media. They will use any negative information to decrease public confidence in American militias, as can be seen throughout the history of militias in America. In response, usCrow has a strict no tolerance policy for crimes of moral turpitude to protect our organization and it’s members. However, if you do not qualify and feel obligated to do your patriotic duty you can assist our efforts by telling others about usCrow and our mission.


209 thoughts on “Militia Disqualifications

  1. I have an attempted​ robbery, ten years ago. Someone email me with info on the possibility of a real militia please? (In this statement I am not seeking firearms, or to possibly possess firearms)
    Ps. I know lots of people looking for possibilities of joining forces.

  2. Happen on site 0dark30 entertainment.where to begin?. Grew up on Pendleton. Was a mud puppy. Youth Corp training if you will. Joined army at 17 basic ait jump. school landed. 307Th eng 82nd . 3months later 1/75th . 3yrs later 5Th grp bluelight. You youngsters or only never knew of us. From there those of us who chose delta some back to a is a with 5Th or 7Th some chose to spook.27yrs pure orgasmic extesy.I chose to contract after 4 continents. Had tough time getting child support done the right way. Pay clerk of court. So to be timely sent western union to my ex. She reported it to clerk. So I became a felon. Co attny an judge thought I had no respect for law n courts. What the ex n I had been doing in their mind was morally.wrong. lost the right to vote own arms an practice well as difficulties in travel. I’m 58 still hydroplaning on regular basis. I that’s old term for rucking. I don’t miss. An stay up on my trauma.those of you who arefelons. Their are groups open to you. Several in the heartland. I know as I command one. No crimes however aganst children woman or the elderly . if your heart is right we’ll get your head right. Lots of real prior service folks with lots of hot time.
    Always look cool

  3. Anyone that has not been in contact with a local Crow member in any state please download an app called Zello and search channels, Type in Crow Nation.
    This is an open chat channel for any Crow member and we are hoping to help get local Crow members talking and in touch with their command if established. If it is not established we can help direct on next steps to getting it going.

  4. Your narrative is well thought through! The folks I Pal-around with have one mission, “To protect & Provide for Responsible American Citizens”. (Key word there is Responsible). Having said that, we are being diligent on how to accomplish own shared “Mission”. Learning from experts that which you recommended the organized groups teach us. You can do it! Stay strong, stay vigilante, Stay committed. God Bless Eric

  5. So because I have felonies I can’t love my country and want to help defend it.. your excuse for why I can’t is the same politically correct nonsense that’s ruining this country.

    • You CAN work with people that will help when the time is right however if you want to help everyone, lead by example, learn first aid , stock pile first aid supplies ,Food and Water .
      Learn Ham Radio and get Certified to use it when all else fails the Cell phones won’t work.
      Focus on keeping the good things in our society . that will go far when the men and women of the REAL Militia come knocking

      • It is important to have vetting procedures in place. But, when looking at one group don’t take their restrictions as every groups restrictions. We’re all different and have different beliefs about the subject. Groups as this one don’t look at potential members beyond their personal like or dislike. The fact that you bleed red, white and blue, love your country and would give your life defending her makes no difference to them. Think of them as being no different than your local City Council. More than likely a “club” made up mostly of police and ex-military whom would walk past you on the street even if you were bleeding out in front of them, just cause of poor past choices.
        That said, there are true and amazing groups out there. Yes, you will be vetted. Some felonies will not be accepted. With us for instance, we look at each case individually. We look back ten years. Except in cases of Crimes against government, murder and a few others.
        We all make mistakes in life, just because you were caught making yours, doesn’t by any means make you any less American. Some are unable to look beyond themselves to see that, but not all. Don’t get discouraged. We’re out there.

        • Hey brother..thank you for every thing you said…id like to know more about your group cause i do have a felony from when i was young. Im r2 now and id die protecting my country and our citizens…my email is SONSOFTHECONSTITUTION8383@GMAIL.COM…PLEASE EMAIL SO WE CAN CHAT BROTHER

    • After certain amount of time in most states for most crimes; records can be expunged.. Pretty much Start over with clean slate.

    • I also am a fel9n and prior service Army Soldier wanting second chance at defending but have been shit down but will never surrender myself to be told NO. I will find a way to defend my own way then.

    • You would think an advertised “militia” of all places would understand the way the system worked if they really are who they say they are and would base guidelines for recruitment personally on an individual basis rather than a label given by the very government in question only as a means of profit in many cases. I can speak personally as ive fallen victim to this very scenario hence my understanding for the need of a militia in the first place so what happened to me cant continue to happen to innocent people just so politicians can line their pockets. Any organization id want to be a part of wouldnt have such black and white guidelines for membership as long as the ultimate goal is clear and the whackos are separated from the actual informed concerned citizens. This site came up a little too easily and seems possibly government designed or funded as a means of keeping middle class white gun owners with a possible “wild side” in check. Id encourage everyone to research the leaders and real sources of income of anyone serious organization they intend to join. Power to the people! God bless

    • Sounds like they are upholding an attack that was placed on you by the government… these are the very reasons the government attack and convict citizens, to divide them from each other guilty or not u will continue to be judged and excluded by ur peers… in an attempt to save face in the public eye but rendering themselves physically weaker. Psychological warfare by the government on militias… divide and conquer! Not sure I wanna be part of something so easily divided… Thanks Crows

        • I don’t think that the people commenting on the “no felons policy” all fall into your “pedophile, wife beating, murderer category” . It is rediculous even ironic that an organization which by its very nature challenges the federal governments attacks on constitutional rights; would chose which citizens are eligible to assist in that fight, and which should continue to have their rights violated. I dont expect to change opinions by spouting out my opinion, but im compelled to speak my mind on this topic. Not all felons are irresponsible , or dangerous. The vast majority of felons in America including myself made ill informed choices as young young men. Humans by our own nature grow, learn, and mature/gain wisdom as we live our lives. I think you can see where these two truisms intersect and where this point is headed. The government is a large and bloated institution that is driven by profit margins and Locking people up is big money. In some states like CT , it happens to be the biggest state industry. Its easy info to find supporting that point so i wont spend time and list it. Fellons are deemed sub citizens by the government. Our right to vote for whatever good it could do is taken, our right to bear arms is stripped away as well as any right or ability to participate in government. Obviously there are people who have committed felonies and should be bared from certain things by the nature of their crime, just as obviously all squares are rectangular. It just seems crazy that militia organizations dont have the balls to see and say not all rectangles are squares.

    • I feel the same way. I have advanced medical training, surgical training, small arm proficient, im trained to breach buildings, can keep my head under fire. Yet i can not live my America with like minded people.

  6. An informal survey of the folks I’m involved with to “Protect & Provide” for responsible American Citizens reveals the following constant: No one is opposed to government of the people by the people, and for the people. They are opposed to the current administration. Making the statement, “The current administration doesn’t have the courage God gave a jack rabbit, and there isn’t enough combined leadership to manage an ant farm” isn’t seditious or has any hint of treason. (Free speech 1st amendment). I rise and challenge all to bring to bear your most powerful weapon to defeat the above mentioned Executive branch, and prevent a future administration from imposing there will. The weapon referred to is YOUR VOTE!

    • There is Only ONE Vote right now , in the future I am hoping We can get a Candidate that is Part Bush SR. And Part Trump , the reason I hope for this is simple, Bush SR. Was a Terrific Intelligence Operations Specialist, he knew how to develop human assets , and Trump simply because he cannot be Bought and knows we need to reconsolidate and clean up our own streets before we continue feeding other nations .

      • Trump cannot be bought…..lmao Hes a walking billboard for being bought out. Thats why he has government employees and foreign dignataries staying in his privately owned buildings right? This is why he pulled out of the Paris climate accord so that he can help out the oil and coal industries and blow up our mountains. Being informed and being correct are two different things for you my man.

  7. Max Grendel is pretty much spot on ..
    Let me say ,I am already a trainer for the DOD , and I have reached out on a few occasions to the Militia or its Regional commanders and no one answers .

    A Militia is a group that meets, trains ,Cross Trains and cares and prepares for the whole of the group , THAT is what a well trained Militia does and until I see some proof of actual training heck even CPR class ,something!
    At the moment there is Nothing and unless that changes the actual retired Operators that know what to do will sit back and focus on their Families ,and Pseudo groups like this will continue to make everyone look really stupid

  8. FYI: It should be the primary mission of every Militia to “Protect & Provide” for responsible (key word- responsible) American Citizens. Any individual that truly bleeds “Red, White, & Blue”, and will commit to accomplishing that mission should be considered an “Ally”

  9. Looking to join in Texas now but moving to California info please I’m a perfect candidate and willing to be active I want to train with locals and learn as much as o can to contribute thanks

  10. I had a felony on my juvinile record that is sealed would I still be able to be a minuteman

    • Criminal backgrounds are in them selves unconstitutional these people are nothing more than the same tyrants with different view points. Our founding fathers looked after the right’s of others these people are hypocrites that don’t understand the new testament or the Constitution of the United States. The only thing they are interested in is forcing their will on others. The reality is that the founders of this nation were in fact guilty of treason and the original revolution was fought by murderers and pirates that found a common enemy and cause. These people have no idea what liberty is.

      • Criminal histories are IN the Constitution! Read the requirements for office set forth in the Constitution. It says no Felonies!!!! If you cannot be trusted with your civic responsibility at the lowest moral level (the law), how can you be trusted to uphold virtue and justice when you are scared, tired, hungry, cold, wet, in pain and facing the likelihood of death?

  11. For the record I am not a felon, I am white, I am an avid outdoorsman. I am not in the Military or any law enforcement. I am simply a supporter of Americans and not the US government. Please understand my questions are in search of answers, no animosity.

    Some things that are not mentioned here…

    Currently , homeland security has infiltrated every single public militia on uscrow, and is or has made detailed files on EVERY member including weapons lists. How exactly is there a benefit to anyone joining your organization when it all but ensures they will become a target should SHTF? Your only strength is in numbers, your qualifications however noble are in direct contradiction to your stated objective. If ANY Militia or its members takes up arms against the tyrannical government of the United States, ALL it’s members are immediately Violent Felons and fugitives under US law. Case in point, the current indictments of the 2014 Bundy standoff. So I ask you, if being a member of this movement only ensures that I become a target, a felon, or worse, but all Militias have thus far only shown cowardice in the face of daily tyranny from the US government, does this not simply make your movement here just another arm of the same tyrannical government? Are you not simply getting all the proverbial rats on one ship here for the US government and making their job of gathering info and control easier?

    There can be no Militia that conforms to ANY bending or unsolicited molestation of the US Constitution. Any such Militia is in itself just a part of the same machine. When a Militia is formed by following the rules set forth by the stated tyrannical government, how can they operate for the people? Consider this in simplicity.. If a man, accidentally kills another man, 88% of the time he is convicted of a felony. If a man with a badge accidentally kills a man, 4% of the time he is convicted of a felony. By disqualifying all are you not perpetuating the same distortion of the Constitution wherein ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL?

    When will the Militias decide that the government has become tyrannical enough to actually stand up and put an end to the daily blatant disregard for American life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
    One can only sumise from your current lack of action, you are waiting until the us military is shooting citizens in the street, news flash, that would be far too late. There is certainly no way all the Militias combined could stand a chance against the US Military arms. The ONLY chance the Militias have is the strike first, of course making you all Felons, even if you don’t count the fact that under the Homeland security act, the mere discussion of any action against the US government is a Felony which you are all guilty of or Conspiracy, also a Felony simply by association in a Militia … And here we are back again to that. So much for your qualifications list huh? You have all become Felons in your actions and are kinda like the 2 white guys at a black rally who think if you support them they won’t kick your ass. In the end you just look foolish, a traitor, and another bitch to the government fear.

    Certainly playing dress up in camo may get you laid by fat girls when plied with enough booze, even make you feel better as a man who then returns to his 9-5 mundane job under this regime, but if you and your gun buddies just sit around and talk big, how can you claim to be what’s to save us all? How are you any different than the average bunch of guys at the local country bar? Well armed, dis-organized, and an average IQ of 82.
    I mean hell , I can shoot a 100x @ 2000m , consider the rarity of that ability, how rare is it to find a bunch of drunk guys with guns and camo talking about hatred of Obama? Lol.

    • A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. A step taken by our forefathers in the building of a foundation for what is now grown to be known as the greatest nation on the face of this planet. Even though it was from the very beginning, but only Now it is official called as such. Everything grows in time. Becomes greater, becomes refined. As it is filtered through the hands of time, as well as through trial and error. Learning from misguided steps, wrong turns and the mistakes of others in memoriam, throughout the centurys up to the present day. This is how we grow, a self proclaimed patriot such as your self, sees a problem and now it is up to all of us to address and correct this. A open dialogue between patriotic people’s are a very, very, Very crutial part of the militias power. There power does not lie solely in the sword, but the tounge, and the God fearing heart that directs the mind to lead the discussion between We The People, as to not be overrun, downtrodden, or afaced by the Government who’s sole purpose is to protect its citizens rights to preserve our liberty. It is the militias job to protect against threats Foreign and Domestic. As it states in the very first sentence in the Second Amendment. Even before the right to bear arms. So the right to bear arms is for the militia. And when the Bill of Rights was pened. It was everyone able-bodied American in every colony to be part of the militia. tyranical, or terrorize people or Government. But to inshure the people are not systematicly imprisoned inside a tyranical governments grasp. Noone can denie that we are being indoctrinated into a fearbased society. Thus giving up our rights freely for protection. In closing, more people are killed annual from pea-nut allergies than terrorist acts in America. The fear is real, but the threat is not. So much in fact it has to be magnified and over exposed for months about one act, just untill another is done. Not to mention false flag operations perpatraited by our own government.

    • I would love to sit down and have a beer with you some day.
      You would be a lot of fun to try and figure out what the Hell you are thinking.
      Best Regards,

    • In spirit, joining a local group of like minded people,is pursuit of happiness. Keeping your family safe. Can you trust the politicians
      To keep us safe from foreign invaders? So far I’d say no. We all need to be more centered on our country and not others until we have our finances and military are at their best. Then maybe help others. History is repeating itself. I truly love my country, but greedy political elite do not live by their own rules. We the people, have become stripped of rights and controlled by a huge government in all things we do. If you think of what you do in a day, you will be surprised how much is totally controlled and or regulated by central federal government. Example. The American Dream.owning your own home. False. Never can own a home. You rent it from the government. Plus there’s eminent domain. Thanks for reading

    • What’s funny is I’m a Marine Veteran I have more training and qualifications then most people yet I can’t join because I was physically injured and took a medical discharge. That’s ridiculous

        • NEVER Should anyone like that be allowed to be a part of the Militia, However George Washington was considered a Traitor, Seditionist and Murderer . History Favors the Bold and Depends on which side gains Traction.

        • I Believe we Should Speak , the Message you are trying to spread gets overshadowed by the cold and dry platform of the internet…
          People Follow Who They Trust and no one will ever trust you or your organization as it stands ,
          The REAL Militia that will be made up of everyone that is working together will be run by reluctant retired soldiers and civilians that will need to learn to work together for the future of our way of life .
          702 -856-9574

        • Hello
          This is my first time being on any site like this so bear with me. While I’m not gonna sit and bitch about your disqualifications,nor am I gonna fully endorse them. Fortunately, I fully understand both sides of that coin.
          1) I myself am a convicted felon,although NOT from any act of violence,theft,drug sales etc.. Mine was an act of stupidity. I was arrested and convicted of DUI 3rd ,in 2004 in Connecticut. I have absolutely no one to blame but my own stupidity. Since then,I have busted my ass to change what was wrong in my life,and have not had so much as a beer since 2004. I know groups such as these most certainly ARE being persecuted any way they can. This govt has labeled all of you as right wing,hill billy,white power extremists. Anybody with half a brain cell,and a 3rd grade education knows that is utterly false. I also understand why you need to keep certain types(Felons,disabled) at a distance. If the media found out you had a bunch of convicted killers or rapists,it would be wall to wall news stories labeling every one of you the same.
          On the flipside,I understand these peoples frustration. They too are going to have deal with whats coming,they reach out,and are told they cant cuz of some past mistakes. Frankly,the way I look at it,if this govt goes where they appear to be headed,police records mean absolutely nothing. People like these others and myself are reaching out for 2 huge reasons.
          1)Hell,I’ll man up and say it. Yes,we see whats happening and its scaring the shit outta us. Not so much about us being killed,but whats gonna happen to our loved ones. Its only compounded by us trying to do the right thing for our country,our families and neighbors(ourselves inc),to do it right and with proper guidance. Only to have the doors shut,and we’re on our own. What that WILL bring is a bunch of lone wolf dudes,making stupid desperate choices which would end up hurting causes like yours much more than news finding we’re associated with you. Thats a hell of a predicament.
          If I may, i’d like to purpose a solution thats the middle of the road type plan.
          Here it is.
          1) Assist those unable to join yours, to create their own group thats unaffiliated with yours. A group specifically for those who are disqualified from joining yours. Point us in the direction or even help provide training,both in combat and how to establish our own command structure. Even if its used as a reserve. We need to be pointed in the direction or put in touch with anyone who can train us in first aid,community outreach etc.. Point others in the same boat,state in our direction. People like that former marine w injury. Hell,just because he cant charge in or whatever he’s limited to,He’d be one hell of an asset. With his military training he may be limited in 1or 2 things,but he would be able to advise in training,chain of command etc. As long as their not in a coma,they can still use a radio,advise etc..
          I guess what I’m getting at is,we are all in the exact same position. We all love our country,our families,and are all going to be equal targets.
          Dude,I’ll be honest with you. We all know this govt has got a huge list of anyone not down with this NWO shit. I believe knowledge is power. I’ve done extensive research on whats going on not just here,but internationally. Thanks to my states games,finding employment is absolutely impossible. So,with the abundant extra time i have,I research. Lets just say i’ve researched this MORE than most. I share everything that I can verify the facts on. Even sharing whats not been verified,but with that warning attached. Not crazy,off the wall things. Only very plausible and possible info.
          Listen,Like you I have absolutely no intention of ideally standing by while me,my family,friends or community or my kitty get hurt or killed. Its not gonna happen. If I cant assist someone who knows what they are doing and why. The right way. Then it forces people like me to take it in our own hands. I have no training nor would i know the right timing for anything and its a 50/50 chance i do it right. More than likely though,it wont be.
          Anyway, I hope this reply makes sense. I hope to hear back from you soon.

    • I am not a member of the militia, just browsing. Your “questions” only point to your ignorance. That being said….. I think You Suck and You Are A Coward just like the Nancy Democrat Boys.

    • Your indictment is true in many respects however, the power of change comes from the people of this country and at this time there aren’t enough. Armed revolution would be a massacre, a more intelligent response would be to run for city and state government positions, vote no to Federal aid by your state. You could also stop wearing woodland camouflage and think urban camouflage to blend in to the urban landscape to apeal to the masses of disenfranchised Americans gainning support for this idea, if economics teaches us anything it’s that people act in their own best interest so we need to show people it is in their interest to care about what happens in there country and together we are strong. We must act each day in our work place’s, and when we talk to our neighbor’s to raise concern and support. Not many people will get on board the idea of armed revolution as an opening statement ,but they will get behind an idea that benefits their bottom line with a solid plan to combat the problem.

      I know this doesn’t sound as romantic as going in guns blazing which is also just what our federal government would love kill us all at one time. No, we need a quiet peaceful revolution while we still have the freedom of speech and time. Also if you call yourself a Christian you may consider praying for God to heal our land.

      Well this is my idea.

  12. My name is Cody and I am 15 I would like to job shadow or work with the militia any way I can. I have been around firearms all my life and have had family members in every war this country has been involve in so please contact me at on any info you can give me

  13. Would like to get more info I just had a major knee surgery but I have been cleared to do what I please I always wanted to join the US Marine Corps infantry but they won’t take me bc of my leg

    • You would be mistaken, it’s still illegal for a Felon to use or own ,Archery equipment is different and may be used and owned .
      If you are a Felon you may have your “Privilege ” to have rights restored , However realize that every single one of our founding father’s was legally a “Traitor ” guilty of Treason against the Crown and it’s territories, Now looking at that there are few things worse than a Traitor, history may have the hindsight of 20/20 , when the SHTF all hands on deck will be required, anyone thinking otherwise has never fought in a war or had any military training. .

      • I am a 45 year old Hispanic male from New York. When I was 19 years I robbed a cab driver at gunpoint for a mere hundred dollars. I was in financial trouble and made an extremely poor decision without weighing the consequences of how that decision would affect the rest of my life. The fact that the gun was not loaded, and that I had no real intention on hurting anyone physically is irrelevant, I know. I was fortunate to only have received a 30 month jail sentence for my crime. It has now been 26 years since that occurrence, and never again would I have a run in with the law. I have followed the straight and narrow. I graduated high school with honors, have a two year college degree, hold five trade school certificates, own my own house, my own business, a 16 year avid church goer, dont drink, dont drug, married 19 years, and raised two amazing children, with my 17 year old son on his way to the U.S.M.C. / I pose no threat to anyone, and I am no danger to myself, or society at large. I work hard, pay taxes, support my family, and try earnestly to live out The American Dream. I love this great nation…I love the Constitution…and in spite of what I may have done in my past know this…” that I do solemnly swear and affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required to do so, that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by law, and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, so help me God “. To all the upstanding citizens, Patriots, Militiamen and Minutemen, to those who serve in our military and to those serving in law enforcement, I am your brother, I am your countryman, I love you in spirit, and should such a time arise, I will have your six. P.S. I was just a good kid, with no direction, no model, no father, raised in the ghetto, to a teenage mother of four, on welfare, raised at the hands of an abusive and alcoholic step-dad…I’ve paid my debt in full with interest.

        • Brother Happy You Learned your lesson, you can legally get that expunged ,then have your rights and privileges restored. Until then get Ready far more important issues are required to be resolved, when shtf the people will need leadership and guidance to not hurt each other ,there will be those that seek to bolster themselves in perilous times rather than plan themselves they plunder and that is what we need to realize is already our problem. Look at the recent demonstrations and riots ,when certain people don’t get their way they loot Rob and plunder all in the name of a right to protest.. No this was a reason to loot and destroy, haven’t we all seen enough? We cannot be fighting their war for them we must be united and that means leaving the Democrats and the liberal media Accountable for the hate they spread.

      • Wrong. I have copies of the gun laws. Felons CAN own muzzleloaders and black powder rifles/pistols. Any firearm b4 1900 is also allowed. But your other point is spot on. If shtf and it comes to shots fired,who the hell is gonna be worring about catching a gun charge,when were being shot at or neighborhoods are being overrun. Thats trivial. If it ever came to it,we’d be way beyond the point of worrying being arrested.
        Besides,I’d rather die on my feet than on my knees.

  14. It’s strange…you claim your rights are being infringed upon by our government which includes the courts but, you then say that a conviction under these potentially unconstitutional courts, officials, and laws are grounds for disqualification into your group.
    I see hundreds of instances every week of private citizens rights including that of due process and Prohibition of unwarrented searches and seizures. That is not to mention the fact that the rules themselves are unconstitutional.
    Why give so much credence to those judgments?
    Sounds as if you are excluding citizens based on government recommendations as to their morality and patriotism……..I think the government would appreciate your vote of confidence in their judgements…….another well-meaning bunch of citizens that doesn’t even realize that they have been co-opted into legitimising the government that’s oppressing them.
    What does the government classify you as? What will your classification be in the years to come.

    Fascism-1 / free men-0

    • In almost every case a felony restricts your ability to own a firearm ergo you can’t train with your group. In some cases someone may have gotten a felony that gets dropped to a lesser charge or can have their right to own a firearm restored. It’s not just the law it’s perception. If we were a group of felonious militia members we’d come off pretty bad. We train for real movement and nothing else.

    • Go fuck yourself Freeman troy obviously you’ve been accused of one of these things and your pissed off well as I see it your just another one of them In My sights waiting to make a move take your political bullshit somewhere else and go f*@** yo urself!!!

      • Dear Mr. Powers,
        Control yourself, young man. Try to keep a civil tongue in your head. Remember you are talking to a freeman and patriot. I fought and nearly died when I was a young man for your right to act the way you did in your response. Why does it irk you so much for me to point out the contradiction in the disqualification statement? I am always pointing out to your generation that what you consider legal imposition by this bloated and corrupt government into your life is now become the status quo. I furthermore want to say that even men who want to be patriotic can only do so if they meet the qualifications of government jurisprudence. Take a few days and research how many of your countrymen’s rights have been violated in our courts. How many have been convicted of a so-called felony. If you tell a peace officer that what he is doing is unconstitutional, they will just laugh at you. This is because only lunitics and those malitia-types would say such a thing.
        I have made it my mission as a Freeman to exit the corporation that is the USA. Guess what……you can’t.
        Keep in mind, I am just one old man. The government can just say I am mentally unhinged and alone but your organization is a real potential threat to their control. I’m sure someone is monitoring this site and many others like it.
        So, in conclusion, I find it hard to believe that you would exclude one of your countrymen completely because the unlawful government has deemed him immoral and not of sound fiber. Isn’t there a way that one of the millions of people in this country that have been run over by the corrupt judiciary in this country, can help your movement without a weapon? I wonder what this world would be like if the lexington-concorde minutemen had listened to king George, when he proclaimed that they must give up their guns or be prosecuted or worse.
        I have not been accused of a felony in my life but since I came back when I was in my twenties, I have only used my forearms for food and protection from this government and lawless individuals who would violate the sanctity of my home.
        As for your thinly veiled threat about me being in your sights….I am not in the least bit motivated to get into a confrontation with you but I do have a few sons and grandsons who would insure that a confrontation with you would be a disaster for you.
        Please try to study up and see who you are fighting against and for……or maybe you just want to fight someone. Don’t be afraid to associate with other Americans even those who may or may not have been deemed bad in some way by this corrupt government….. You may need their help in securing your rights and/or innocence one day……maybe today.

        Mr. Powers,
        I will defend your right still.

        PS. The rights your afraid of losing aren’t given to you. You are born endowed with those rights and equal protection is necessary and guaranteed. Don’t be a mindless follower of orthodoxy.

  15. I am disabled but am able to protect my country at all cost. I want to be part of a brotherhood also to protect our freedoms from radical and or foreign people who would like to take our freedoms away. I was a boy scout and my family is in the medical field. I will do as I am told by the brotherhood to protect our freedoms.

  16. I’m a convicted felon, no longer on parole. I am experienced in small arms and hand to hand combat. Looking to join a militia to help defend our freedoms from who or what wants to take them. I’m angry as hell of all the lies and trickery that has been spoon fed to the American people. Don’t believe we have much time left and want to do my part in helping take our country back.

  17. I want to join, but I have a bad lower back. Would that be considered physically impaired? I can fight through the pain, and am more then willing to lay my life on the line to protect the constitution and my true patriotic brothers and sisters.

  18. I am in TN. with some service experience, and now currently a licensed armed security and protective service contractor. I have my own gear, and tools for the trade. I am very fit, and have an excellent background. I am very much interested in gaining more intel about joining, however, in the current situation this country is in, I do not trust many people. I would not give direct contact info out here, nor to the site. So how would I go about contacting the right person to talk with?

  19. I have quite a few questions about this, I’m very interest in joining, I’m from SW Virginia. I’m more than willing to serve America, our constitution, our rights as a citizen, from tyranny, and foreign invasion. I just need to know how things work, cause I have a job a kid to support. Please contact me. Our constitution is in jeopardy and I need to be with my American brothers and sisters to protect our beloved country. Email me please

  20. Would you please expound on the physical disqualifications part of this page? As I read it, it pertains to best suited position. What is the criteria for the above said, “suited positions?”

  21. What if I’m 40ish, overweight and out of shape? Can I still join? I am being serious. I am an ex-military medic.

  22. Expressing Interest , 23 years Army/JSOC , Would like to Help in any way I can ..

  23. South Louisiana resident ready to give my all. Just need to know where to sign up. Able and willing to do my part.

  24. Usmc vet ready to sign up and make the sacrifice for our country, again . Contact me asap

  25. My name is Gabe. I am 18 years old and currently in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I am the type of person that does not stand for tyranny and constant violation of our Nation’s most sacred document. I don’t have military experience, however, I believe you would find my strategy skills satisfactory.

  26. The name is Greg Williams I am in NC and would like to join a group of brothers that will bleed with me. I was convicted of uttering but that was years ago any information would be helpful thank you

  27. Living in St. Petersburg florida, former spec ops 18b weapons sergeant. OEF, A 2001-2003. Intereted in leadership role with a militia in florida.

    • I am in South Florida Port St. Lucie about 3 hours from St. Petersburg I am interested in joining did you ever find anything?

  28. Hi guys, I am interested in defending and protecting this country and its constitutional rights. I would like to be a part of this group and family.

  29. I would like to know more if you could send me info. Especially if there is a chapter in Gloucester County.

  30. i would like to join but would like to know if you conduct training in the state ware you join

  31. Myself and a brother are very much interested in joining arms to protect what is dear. I am prior military and have a family to protect. I would like to find a brotherhood that resembles the military that is willing to standup against all the wrongs our government forces upon its rightful owners…
    Please contact me

  32. What exactly does “allegiance pledged to a foreign country” mean?

    I’m Finnish by birth, but live in the United States. I’m a dual citizen. I’ve both served my mandatory conscription in the Finnish Defense Force, and enlisted in the US Army.

    Would I still be eligible to join?

  33. Please allow enlistment ASAP. Atleast give enough time the to select the best and brightest. Time is running out. When the time comes I would gladly take a bullet for the Constitution. No doubt in my mind. That is the expectation of a true American citizen. My small squad is not strong enough yet. There is stength in numbers and knowledge. We only have one chance at this. Be prepared and willing to sacrifice everything. Being a family man, that’s a tough call. But my family is aware of the high stakes we now live in.

  34. I’m an Iowa native and an Army vet. I’d love an opportunity to still serve and protect the citizens of this great nation even though I may have stowed away my Army uniform. How do I get started?

  35. I am Simon Ridely, from a long line of American Patriots who served in every major war over the last century. In any case of Anarchy or Rebellion inside the U.S.A. I want to be there to rebuild America to a better glory. I have no facebook, no online Identification, no way you could look me up and find out who I am. If you didn’t get the full Idea, I am and shall remain a ghost about my past and in the way I work. I am underage for official recruitment, but I also seek any kind of job shadowing that would be available. I know my firearms inside and out, mostly pistols but eager to learn of more. I am deceitful and great at manipulation if ever needed to get someone to do something. I have little fear of doing anything that would shake a grown man to his core. From burial to torture, I don’t fear blood or gore at all. I take things well and if I need a break, Ill just sit down and in less than 20 secs Ill be back up and capable of doing anything. I can maintain and clean firearms too, so I am helpful at the very least. Tell me if you are interested.

    • Sounds just like me when I was 16 and had just read Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book”

  36. I’m 16 turning 17 in June and would like to be apart of protecting and insuring the peoples rights will no longer be violated. I am sickened every day by what I am seeing go on with our out of control police state, I live I’m Michigan I am a suitable United States citizen that wants to preserve our rights and uphold our constitution.

  37. You know, I think it’s great what you guys are doing but I do have to mention something. In disqualifications you mention you must be a US citizen. Shouldn’t you mean an “American” citizen or citizen for the United States of “America”? There is a total difference. If you are a US citizen, or at least claim or call yourself that, you are part, or in contract with, the exact same corrupt federal government you are upholding. The corporate government, not the constitutional government. This is where I have my own ideas and see faults in other groups. Being a US citizen already makes your members corporate persons to the federal government. If anything, you should change it to nonAmerican citizen. A US citizen is not a patriot, an American citizen is.

  38. P.s if it’s any consolation I am 21,able bodied, I have no felonies or any serious violations. I am also a passionate hunter/survivalist with a wealthy knowledge of firearms, explosives, and the art of camouflage, in addition I am not bound by a wife or kids. So I guess my other question was is there any such thing as a “full time” member?

  39. I am an Illinois resident as well as an ardent patriot. I love my country. Recently I made a decision to join the U.S. Navy or the Marine corps but the more I dig into what is happening to my country I’m not sure if I want to join anymore because I am afraid that I will be serving the cause of tyranny. I initially wanted to join to give my life a positive boost as well as fulfilling a sacred duty to serve the cause of liberty but the way things are going I believe it won’t be long until there is no liberty to defend. Please, I would like some advise.

  40. Seems to me alot of people are incapable of reading. A) closed until 7/15 and B) each militia is discretional.

    • A ) its all Discretional , and B) Because it is at their discretion they can review background info while mulling over candidates . Till that time I will spend off hours training those who wish to be positive role models to pass on the knowledge and experience,

  41. I was wondering why someone who has an older charge can not join. My fiance was young and dumb and mad a stupid he got a burglary charge. Hasn’t been in trouble since. Was in the military. He is respectful. How is it that things like that can not be looked past.

  42. What about a person that committed a felony 10 or more years ago and changed his life around and wants to do good to help others and country

  43. I am interested in joining. How secure is the organization as far as giving out personal details? I wanting to participate, but want to stay under the radar so to speak.

  44. Couldn’t agree more.

    I also don’t like that they DQ people for drug offenses. I understand the need to protect their reputation, but to DQ people for unconstitutional reasons, while claiming to want the Constitution restored, is completely asinine. Put your money where your mouth is, when it comes to standing up for individual freedoms and fighting fascism.

    • The standards of a private organization has nothing to do with your constitutional freedoms. Additionally, your state commanders have the option to accept your enlistment in the presence of a drug offense or felony at their own discretion. We state it as a potential dis-qualifier because it indicates possible moral turpitude – which can be problematic in a military setting. Having a felony usually means you’ve lost all rights to carry a firearm, even though some do regain this right. Again – simply having a disqualifying background does not disqualify you – it’s up to your state commanders.

      If your state commander is not willing to look past your background there is nothing stopping you from organizing within your community using the guides provided on usCrow. Please note, we have active members who have received waivers – it just depends on your situation, and I am the worse to get into a Constitutional debate with. πŸ˜‰

      • I applied for an Ohio group on this site and never got contacted in return. I’m not a criminal, disabled, racist, or any of the disqualifications. Is this the only group in Ohio that isn’t a extremists group? I just want to know I can defend the constitution with more than my rifle and myself. I’m a gunsmith and have minimal training, but I am going to get a refresher course. Also my own gear so doing I can help and save my fellow Americans.

      • I have emailed several times over the last 3 years and No ones contacted me to my knowledge. I am the regional qualifications Instructor for firearms and Canine Handling and Deployment , I did retire however still take training assignments because well keeping sharp and making sure that LEOs are taught to think and act constitutionally in their day to day job , difficult because so many “Home Laws” that towns and counties believe trump the Constitution . That Sadly Is How they bring in their Monies ..
        I would really like someone to contact me before I accept another contract for this summer , I really would prefer training with the right folks ..

  45. I am a disabled law enforcement officer, it has been three years since I’ve been able to work. The attacker got me from behind, knocked me out three times. I came to got a knife and fought my way out. I used the least amount of force and it didn’t stop him. I struck at his femoral artery two times. He was charged with a felony, bargained his way to a misdemeanor. He is now free. I was screwed by the system and have no faith in it. I gave an oath to protect this country from all enemies and that’s what I’m going to do. If you need someone like me I would be honored to join with you

  46. Hello I’m Thomas, I am from good ol’ Iowa.
    I would like to join a group how and who do I contact? Please let me know, thank you.

    Molon Labe!

  47. I have been convicted of burglary almost 20 years ago. Since then I have been a model citizen, not even a traffic ticket in almost 10 years. I have gotten some of my rights back (voting etc) is there a way I can help or join?

    • As I recall, if you didn’t apply to the BATF to regain your gun rights by 1998, it is now impossible to do so. There are many things one can do in a Militia without a gun.

  48. I’m 23 and looking for two local Militias to train at one near Tampa FL and the other in or near Black mountain NC. i do have a criminal background but that was before my 18th birthday, i cannot join the military cause of a heart issue that i had fixed when i was a child but apparently it doesn’t matter, if i can be given a chance i will exceed anyone’s expectations,, i leave foe North Carolina on the 16th if there are any classes or tests i should take please reply

  49. Good morning my name is Christian and I am interested in becoming a member. Please let me know how to go about this.

    • While new to this site felt I had to comment here,seems many posters have fantastic skills/knowledge in theory may be disqualified,will say recent article calling up the oldies seems to address this to a degree but to those out there with knowledge willing to share do your own thing.I wish I knew a paramedic retired that could teach me at least a bare bones course in how to help people injured,came upon a auto accident once and I and another guy saved someones life potentially according to cops/emt’s ect.,this with no knowledge,with knowledge one can do so much more.I say those with skills willing to teach/share start your own thing in passing on said skills,any paramedics in New England region want to do a bare basics course am in.I also though see the reasoning behind the disqualifying due to legal issues in past will say this country has passed so many bad laws we are all felons it seems this day(I have no felony convictions),feeding the homeless/gardens in your yard/collecting rain water illegal in many places,this is just nuts.To the gentleman with the free fall training,well,where does one start,instruction and a functioning chute?Many have something to share,so share online and if possible better yet face to face with folks who want to learn and perhaps as skills build up pass on this knowledge to others,enjoy the day.

      • James,
        For one, I was making a point that there are many folkstarts out there with a lot of skills that can be leaned. You want to learn to freefall? We can go to a jump club, you could start out with a tandem or accelerated freefall course. First to see if you had the nads to exit….and there as folks who will talk a good talk, yet scared to step off. Folks from my profession can then show you the techniques to group, navigate, and stabilize with equipment. As for air, I know in the area I live there are many licensed pilots.
        What do you want to learn or is it to be spoon fed? Want paramedic training? Read up, join an EMT course…
        No the issue is that the disqualifiers seem somewhat ludicrous. The fact is I do pass on my training to folks I know and trust, not from a group formed, advertising, and selling items that are out there with a little googling. There was one post stating OPSEC, found it ironic that they use that term on an open forum that more than likely being monitored and has everyone of our IP addresses. No, I looked through here just to see what this was about and found it interesting and humorous.
        As for instructing, give me a good group that is willing to learn then I’ll help. I already teach folks in my area do they can compete, patch someone up since many live a bit further to a real medical facility, where real assistance can be obtained. Being an EMT does not make you a doctor, it’s used to stabilize someone until they can be medevaced to a proper facility.
        And if you really want to do something, then start your own smaller group that you can rely on immediately, since if a worse case scenario actually played out, you will not have the opportunity to access the internet, enjoy the day.

  50. The Enlistment form asks for Active/Retired military. Are Honorable discharged vets included in the ‘Retired’ category?

  51. With all due respect, I see quite a few folks on your site that would be disqualified for active duty due to height and weight standards. I find it interesting that in your group, you actually allowed them in.

    I’m getting out the army after 27 years and would not meet your retirements due to injuries sustained in combat and combat-related injuries. Although I’ve served in the 75h Ranger Regiment, XVIII ABN corps LRSC, mountain Ranger Camp (5th RTB), USASOC, and various other units. Training I attended goes from SF military freefall, SF combat diver, Ranger school, long range surveillance leaders course, mountain warfare (summer & winter), SERE level III, and many more. But according to your regs, my physical injuries I’m disqualified. I served as both enlisted and commissioned in the infantry, military intelligence, and army acquisitions. This isn’t bragging nor a plead for membership. Just an observation.

    You probably should rethink your criteria on candidates since experience would most likely benefit your group than weekend warriors.

    This is in response to a gentleman that is a paramedic, yet a bit overweight, older folks and so on. They would bring experience that would be more valuable than some of your criteria.

    Just my two cents…

    • Agreed! We will need qualified combat vets in the coming days. It seems the citizens may be fighting on two fronts.

    • “Physical Disqualifications for the Militia

      Physically Impaired to where you can not perform your best suited position”

      Not everyone can hump a pack all day any longer, but they can handle perimeter guard, base command, support roles etc.

      I would tell everyone that they need to apply, let the local commanders find the best fit for you and the unit.

      I myself will not turn anyone away for a “physical impairment” I can find a job for everyone. I have some good friends that are missing more than one limb that could run circles around other well body individuals!

  52. Just filled out the form, I work in the oil field and have a wife and children. If accepted will you work with my schedule?

  53. Are you guys for real or what? What rights constitute your existence? I am wondering because in your picture above and reading your DQ standards I can see at least two folks on their that probably couldn’t hump a rucksack more than one kilometer. I am not bashing anyone here, but in reality what training constitutes being prepared? An actual Soldier/Marine has to go through basic/boot camp to even be qualified in the their MOS.

    I would hope to believe that there is some kind of vetting rather than a weekend commando who has never been shot at. I am sure your group has prior service guys like myself. but I would assume that the ratio of properly trained to wannabes is low. I would like some more information on your level of training and skills other than getting together telling war stories.

  54. The US is a country of immigrants, the ideals of which stem from a strong working class. My culture is of latin american decent, the likes of which have mulitiple generations before me in the southern portion of the US along the Mexican Border. My family’s ideals reflect patriotism as far back as the Korean War, and we value our existence as Americans.

    Currently, there is a very large inflow of “legal” immigrants who come here legally, many and most that come increasingly from countries who have no concept of freedoms or the right to bear arms. When I discuss my US Constitutional views with these people most say that its “weird” to see Americans so in love with the right to bear arms.. some even say that we have too many freedoms. While its very easy to pounce on these individuals, unfortunately they are the victims of a governmental doctrinization…

    We are quickly loosing a generation of our own cultured Americans who stem from several generations on US Soil, those that fundamentally still have a genuine long family established belief in freedoms and the US Constitution.

    I propose, its more important that ever now, take create program of outreach to these “new americans” those that have maybe one to two generations in the US. The outreach would be to provide education and awareness in informing them on the ideals of what made the US so great an opportunity, that they left their homeland, their families, to come to this great part of the world.

    Nobody is reaching out to this new class of Americans, and time will do so much to let their victimization way of thinking that will proliferate.. this will eventually work to water down the American culture that the US Constitution built.

    For various reasons professionally, at this point I am unable to provide info that more clearly establishes who I am. But, if someone at the USCrow leadership level wants to reach out to me through this board, I would be more than glad to share my ideas of involvement and volunteering for the cause.

  55. Would like a sit down w/nv group – (60 yrs old, bleed Red-White and Blue not polictical yellow)have questions – know northern nv better than most know there own backyard!

  56. I am 16 and have filled out the enlistment form along with my father. So by my age I can not be an active member but can join the CIVIC DEFENSE FORCE?

  57. I am a former Marine from the 70’s and interested in joining if allowable. I am 58 and have only one issue with a back injury. But willing to fill any position. I have and maintain my own weapons ane believe highly in the militia. I am from Iowa and not sure if any outfits here?

  58. Great job USCrow on laying in the foundational framework and doctrine from which to recruit and grow the organization with qualified candidates. When the SHTF, a mans moral character (good and bad) shines through. In building a band of brothers, it is imperative in my mind to know that the guy to my left, right and back has gone through a thorough vetting and is good to go. Way to go Brothers……

  59. I need military training. WSHF is going to happen very soon. I’m running out of time. Communication will only get more difficult.

  60. filled out enlistment form online a few days ago for NJ, any idea when i can expect a response?

  61. Now when you say “Physically Impaired to where you can not perform your best suited position” does that mean being overweight.

  62. I am a retired paramedic who could be of use. I’m 60 yrs old though, 12 lbs over my optimal weight. What do you think? I live in south eastern South Carolina. I have reasonable knowledge of fire arms.

  63. These rules seem to fall right in line with the MVCR. good stuff. Sorry folks, its not personal when you are told you cant join. Its all about perception and of course legalities. If you really feel you need to serve, there are avenues not involving firearms. even the local volunteer fire department/ambulance corps might be an option..

  64. I’m one of them …..good with iron , hunter , but legally binded from owning a semi. , rifle ..shotgun….only black powder….love the smokepoles…

  65. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are Constitutionalist and Patriots that have been given felonies by the System that should have never been convicted of felonies to build and expand the Industrialized Prison System to provide additional State revenue and jobs for the Dregs of Society .
    The French Foreign Legion consists of people who are either on the run or in hiding for one reason or another, and are one of the most discipline and elite fighting force in the world. We should not shun these people because we’re going to need every gun hand that can muster up on the firing line. When the time comes to step up on the line, the fraudulent excuse β€œpossession of a fire arm by a convicted felon” will no longer mean shit or be binding. The 1934 fire arms act is in fact unconstitutional because congress had no real authority to infringe upon it in the first place.

    A Former Vietnam Era Veteran, United State Army

  66. How long does it usualy take to hear back after an enlisment request? Will the person be notified if the militia decides not to accept the applicant?

    • Command has been established in 42 states, however in certain states there is a lack of adequate leadership with no command established. Almost all RC’s actively respond to enlistments within a few days, but if you’re in an area with no command established it will take longer. If that is the case please be patient, we are very diligent with who we assign to command and its a painstaking process.

  67. I’m all for you all. I agree with everything but I got to ask. I believe in the constitution, free markets, and freedom from tyranny. But I don’t believe in god. I want to know this isn’t religious backed. I’m all for religious freedom, Im interested this organization but I don’t want to be affiliated with any particular religious. Perhaps I’m reading this wrong but could I get an explanation?

  68. I guess I would be disqualified! I don’t agree with the spread of Islam inside our country and regularly speak out against it. I believe in the Constitution and the principals that this country was founded on. I am physically fit, I have never been arrested nor committed any crimes.
    Yet I do not agree with a religion that has declared that the United States is at the epicenter of their hatred. It would be a shame that I would be disqualified for my disapproval of a “religion” that advocates rape, beheadings, subjugation of women, etc..etc..

  69. Hopefully if SHTF these disqualifiers will be a bit relaxed so that anyone who believes in the founding principles and is willing to fight for them can help? It seems unlikely that image in the eyes of government would be all that important if we’ve devolved to outright armed combat.

  70. sounds like you guys are the same as the actual military. so people with only juvenile charges that are “sealed” how does that work for applicants.

  71. I am saddened that I am unable to join. 1 misdemeanor DV not resolved but will likely be expunged when I can finish this. I am an American and will stand with you as best as I can regardless.

    • Just a bit of useful information for you. I’ve found out the hard way that if your planning on trying to get any charge of violence, assault, battery, domestic and so forth then forget it. Any charge of such nature will not be allowed to be expunged.

      • Not even Close to true it depends on circumstances and life choices after your mistakes, I have known many people that made mistakes joined the service eventually got expunged and became Police officers . don’t let your past be an Anchor to Your Future

    • I don’t handle any of the militia aspects for the CMF because it is not my area of expertise. Not sure if CMF Contributors Runik and Weston are back yet. I believe active rolls in the CMF typically require enlistments to be 18 years of age or older, while Civil Defense Force requires members to be at least 15 years of age and requires parental consent/inclusion. I may be fuzzy on the finite details but I’m sure once those two are back to ‘civilization’ they’ll be able to answer you.

    • It is at the regional commanders’ discretion. It is best to disclose your crime regardless of the amount of time that’s passed. We need to know who is in the organization and if it will hurt our public image. Certain crimes are not an immediate dis-qualifier but most people who have committed felonies are not able to own or use a firearm, unless they have went through monumental lengths to re-attain those rights. Fill out the form and you’ll be good to go brother.

      • How do we know that enlisting is not part of a government project to add your name to a list and round up as many patriotic people as they can before SHTF?

        • So what if it is? Are you doing anything illegal? Even if it was, the very SECOND you searched or typed the url, you were on the list. Suck it up buttercup….. FDO

          • By Legal Definition Openly Opposing The Established Government in this Fashion is considered Sedition a very rarely (since the 60’s) used laws that were meant to root out communist elements in our society. . So Yes By Joining anything that stipulates that they are opposed to the Government as it stands is an Illegal Act ,Which is why You never openly Join anything online or have a roster . A REAL standing Militia ,meets in person coordinates training of every type from Lifesaving classes, Safety Drills to live fire exercises,To How to Build Yourselves a Defensible Bunker for each and every member for when SHTF and takes Every man or woman that shows the decency ,fortitude and Aptitude to Learn ,Work Together and Build Each Other what is Needed .
            At the Moment of you can lay a brick ,Install Plumbing, Wire Electrical outlets you are in demand , Every Single Family in the group will need a defensible SHTF shelter and ultimately a fall back compound for all in the group w/o family that can operate as a support and supply line for Those in need as it will happen and we will all need to work together.
            The most important part of the issues are when SHTF that we pull together and care for the weak and the powerless ,Its about defensive abilities against the most important unforgiving catastrophe of them all ,Life … If we can survive what comes together we may work to change but only together may we find the strength to persevere. You are welcome to address comments toward me ,I will help anyone willing to Learn .

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