Militia Code of Conduct

Survival Militia Code of Conduct

This Militia Code of Conduct for the CMF and Militia Survival Groups has been slightly edited from the code of conduct our brothers in the armed forces adhere to, we fight for freedom and the founding principles our country was built on; faith in god regardless of religion, free enterprise, and freedom of the individual.

  • I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country, the constitution’s supreme law, and our prosperous way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
  • I will not operate under any other pretense than preserving American’s liberties’ regardless of their race, religion or sex.
  • I will protect American capitalism and the free market system, preserving American prosperity and advancement.
  • I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never
    surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to
    resist if the loss of life does not outweighs the mission at hand.
  • If I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means available. I will
    make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
  • If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.
    I will give no information or take part in any action which might be
    harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will
    obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me, and will back them up in
    every way
  • When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give
    only my name, rank, service number, and date of birth. I will evade answering
    further questions to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written
    statements disloyal to my country and civic military forces harmful to our cause.
  • I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom,
    responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my
    country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.
  • I will never hold my personal wants and needs before the protection of my American brother’s and sister’s prosperous aspirations and individual rights.

165 thoughts on “Militia Code of Conduct

  1. Anyone that has not been in contact with a local Crow member in any state please download an app called Zello and search channels, Type in Crow Nation.
    This is an open chat channel for any Crow member and we are hoping to help get local Crow members talking and in touch with their command if established. If it is not established we can help direct on next steps to getting it going.

    • Hi, My nick name is Scarecrow ( from old motorcycle club days ) I’m in Columbia Co. New to Lake City, relitively new to Fl. I just turned 54 a cpl days ago. I’m looking to join up with a militia group but not one that opporates like a glorified boyscout group & all out in the open public eye. My email is if you want to com.

    • Because if you don’t agree with line three you are a socialist. Which means you would prefer to steal from those who work than work yourself. That is theft.

      • Yes, there are others who make more than you or I but that is not a reason to Mob Up and take it from them. I defend their right to earn it. You don’t “earn’ it by protesting or electing a socialist to “give” it to you.

  2. My enemy’s will be put to the sword
    I agree to these terms

    I wander if there’s a buncombe county group.

  3. I subscribe to these rules and conditions.
    Let’s hope we never have to become active in defense of our Country.

  4. I am looking for help starting a unit in Platte county NE. were there is no current local militia?

  5. If there is a group in Wyoming I am willing to train. I am done with what the government has decided to do with this country. Why should we sit and watch our country fall to the hands of The Chinese.

    • Wyoming has a anti-militia law since 1987. The states you can join the state guard but you cannot start a militia.

        • How is that unconstitutional y??? Are you uneducated?? A moron?? Simply Ignorant?? Our forefathers were militia militants. 2 Many people are waiting for that 2nd Amendment to be pulled when all other amendments have already been comprimised….Someone Needs to Grow some balls and step up to the mission at hand. Protect and Survive with Freedom and Liberty or Die Trying Amen and Godspeed

          • Look to the methods the Revolutionaries utilized to coordinate effectively. Learn from the best. Coordination is critical.

      • No one has challenged this yet? Our constitution gives us the right to form militias. Wyoming’s anti-militia law is the exact reason why this is in our constitution as a right, not to be removed by this government or any single state.

  6. Not much in the way of responses from uscrow. Any training in south east Louisiana going on?

    • I’ve been asking the same for quite a while now. I live in Folsom, Louisiana and I know quite a few people in my community that feel like this government is taking this country to hell in a handbasket. I wish there was an organized group in my area I could join and train with, but it doesn’t seem like there is. I suppose I’ll take it upon myself to form one. Anyone who’s in my area and wants on board, email me at

  7. It is sickening and boils my stomach to see the disrespect by idiots who call themselves leaders of our country They’ve took a constitution whose foundation was laid with countless deaths tons of bloodshed and sacrifices with limited means and in unimaginable conditions , the disrespect of them looking down upon it like its there own personal projects to dismantle , change, belittle its value. I’m sick with it, I raised my hand in 88 that I’d die for it and my fellow Americans under the U.S. Government, and I ain’t changed my heart about what I’d do for this great country. No matter who authority I’m under.

  8. “I will never hold my personal wants and needs before the protection of my American brother’s and sister’s prosperous aspirations and individual rights”

    Prosperous aspirations? Are you freekin kidding me? Sure, I will try to defend their Constitutional rights, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about their prosperous aspirations. That is their own responsibility, not mine or any one else’s.

    • I’ll protect their right to have prosperous aspirations, but agreed, turning the aspiration into a work is their own job- the wording is a bit mumbo jumbo.

  9. Greetings and peace be upon you. I am Dominick Adrian Mas and I am seeking to network and establish associations with those here in America of which believe in freedom. We are being betrayed by our representatives and it is time to organize the majority and stand to demand our nation be returned to us, the people. Treason is the crime being committed against us. I am a strong, intelligent hard working young man worth my weight within an organized and established order. Our first movement is one of the pen. A new Declaration of Independence needs to be written, agreed upon and signed by the majority. This is our due process here in America. You would not regret allowing me to participate within your organization. I am a man of intellect and respect that knows how to listen and act upon orders given by those with all of our best interests at hand. I give my life for freedom. While peace is my direction, I would not hesitate to defend myself, defend my loved ones or to defend my comrades. I am a warrior by myself and I am a soldier with those as yourselves. Warfare and psychology are part in my self chosen curriculum. I also live a way of life of prayer to God, training in ancient martial arts, diligent study and meditation. Feel free to contact me as soon as possible. Time may be something we do not have on our side at this point. Our country seems to be instigating China and Russia, as well as offending its own people with this Operation Jade Helm 15. Both the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars began with one shot. Maybe, if we use our wits, we can end our nation’s troubles before violent conditions present themselves. I would rather use our Constitution’s rights given as our foundation than lives lost.

  10. Please contact me Mr CO of crow militia I’m with a family. For whom believes the way the rest of true constitutionalists do. But I have to serve the greater good and I truly believe the Crow family is just an extension of my own. But I’m truly willing to lay down my life for my brothers and sisters. Everyday I have to look into my children’s eyes and just imagine what their future is looking like. And I must say I’m truly not liking it. I will dust off my extension of myself and stock up on ammo and get myself in better shape. It has been awhile since I crossed back to the states after keeping 3rd world militants unmoving and cold after all you wouldn’t be sorry for my services very american and devoted to God and country thank you for the opportunity please let me know.

  11. three or more and you can start your own in your county good luck hold monthly meetings on your own …….good luck

  12. I am 28 years old and from Buffalo NY I own my own Weapon and gear I am willing to learn and train really hard so and I am looking for a militia to join my phone number is 9549374149

  13. Family is not just the same blood IV got brothers in arms already looking to join and do for those who can’t I took a outh and to this day I plane to up hold it

    • I will not be one of the people that say i should have started before this all started

      • 8034454503 text or call anyone who knows the truth and is ready to fight against foreign and domestic enemies!! We all know something is coming or else we wouldn’t be here!! help me to prepare and train the way I need to, to prepare for whatever is to come!!! 6,6 with a heart of steel so I don’t want to be unprepared while all this is happening all over our us but to be ready with my new brothers fighting all who dare to harm us!!

  14. William Ryan Black ,34 yrs old. Melbourne fl. I wish to join and properly defend this country that I love. That my father and grandfathers faught for. Train regularly with former Rangers an a couple 2nd Force Marine Recon. Please let me/is know how to join.

  15. Good luck getting an answer from US Crow. I applied and inquired and commented with no response.

  16. Im never been in the military but i did enlist but i got into trouble with the police witch it made me a felon when i was 19 now im 49 will that effect me being a militia member im not scared to die defending my family and friends i do own guns my contact # is (337)492-3178 im located in new iberia Louisiana 17 miles south of Lafayette

  17. I’m a young guy that see that are goverment is going to hell. I’m will to give my life and stand for my country to protect my family and bothers and sisters. Please contact me, willing to learn, and train.

  18. I am a retired firefighter, and I am interested in joining. What do I need to do, what is the next step in the process will you contact me?

  19. 54 year old prior service. SCANG HHC. 118th Inf. Mech. Active shooter/reloader with my son. Disabled in a power chair, modified to 11B.

    I am in Charleston, SC. Please contact me.

  20. i am from baltimore, maryland and want to get more info where i can learn more and would like to support

  21. I am 19 years old and living in Massachusetts. Is prior military service required for being able to join a militia?

  22. I live in the upstate of South Carolina.59 years old and I want to assist in any way possible in protecting our Constitution and our great country against any threats from without and from within.Please contact me, (side reference) email

  23. What is our greatest threat to liberty? Can we all somehow join our resources togetherwith Oath Keepers, Liberty First, CSOPA, etc. in our efforts to take back our life, liberty and property guaranteed by God and then our Constituion? KrisAnne Hall gave a great speach, though speaking to the choir, in Janurary 2015 in Kansas. “We will stand against tyranny today or our children will bow [to tyranny] tomorrow.

  24. I would like to join don’t know where to go or how I live in middle tn is there a group here

  25. please contact me i am a 51 year old retired military combat veteran just relocating back to Mississippi.

  26. I am looking to join a militia in my local area {Massachusetts}but i need help going bout it.

  27. Im ex army and been out since 09. I let my weight get a little out of hand afterwards. Will this affect me getting into cmf

      • I’m from Trinidad Colorado but would be willing to travel anywhere in Colorado, im 24 years old and committed to my way of life and our freedom that our founders fought so hard for, and I feel I owe that to my child to fight for our country either in the military or a civilian militia. What ever or who ever fights for freedom I’m 100% in but more n more every day it seems like our industrial complex fights for profit n not preservation for our American citizens, and I feel I’m phisicaly and mentally inclined to do so either way for my country men and for our way of life military or civilian militia I’m fighting for freedom and looking for men with balls to do the same for all our benefit

  28. Greetings. As of this morning 07/30/14 I have assumed Command of ARMEX. I received a list of recruits and will be contacting everyone shortly. Once you receive your instructions please comply and we will get this Command up and running ASAP. Thank you and I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you. CMD Morris.

  29. No captor or captors worthy of more than that.And are not privy to even that.That is a complete and true Americans sovereign duty to country and brothers in arms!

  30. I’m a little confused. The constitution says that I have a right to religious freedom. I have always taken as part of that the right not to have a religion. As it turns out, I DO have one, but it is an atheistic religion—Buddhism. Does this mean I can’t join a militia?

    • The US Constitution is our supreme doctrine, and the US Constitution simply recognizes you were born with the right to practice religious freedom. You can be a practicing Buddhist and join a militia, even though it might be against your theological beliefs. We really don’t discriminate. However, if you’re a Satan worshiper we’d have to call your sanity into question at some point.

  31. I agree wish I could do more, cant find any good intel.on were to talk to real people……….nobody seems to know????

  32. …For All the honorable men and women who protect our country, our liberty, our way of life in America..there are no words of appreciation that can be expressed. I want to help to preserve that which those now and before have done to promote and create the most wonderful opportunity that human kind has known. Freedom is not free to the citizens of the USA. I agree that we all should do our role to help the FREEDOM and LIBERTY established by the Founders of the USA and our Constitution. Thank you to all who make the commitment and your for your loyalty!

  33. I’m all in !!!!..mind body and spirit sign me up I’m ready to help defend our consitution

  34. I will sign in my own blood to show my loyalty to upholding the United States constitution and my brothers in arms. To protect the freedom of all Americans, and from tyranny! I AGREE.

  35. I stand at the gate with my weapon locked and loaded….AMERICAN born and an AMERICAN I shall die…defending my home my country and my brothers in arms survival of this constitution is the most important goal….agreed

  36. “I Will Not Comply with any illegal order” this should be the mantra of all military and LEOs around the country. Yet sadly it is not. Those of us who have publicly sworn that we will stand by that oath, will, in all likelihood be the first to be tested. Are you ready for that test? I will not surrender one round of ammunition, one magazine or one firearm. Find your steel men, for sure as the sun rises, the day of decision for all of us is coming.


  37. Agreed. For my country I was born to the county I server. For the ones I love I will sacrifice.

  38. agreed ..Defend America and its constitution until I take my last breath….When you come for my guns be ready to get them bullets first …This is your notice U.N.peace keepers go back home Your not welcome here…………

  39. I wrote a check in the amount of “Up to and including my life” to this country and it’s people when I swore my oath of enlistment. I will honor that oath with my last breath.

  40. I was born a free American, I will die a free American. I agree to this with all my heart.

  41. AMERICAN born and an AMERICAN I will die ..I am ready for this fight of FREEDOM I am willing to die for my country I am willing to protected my brothers in arms until I take my last breath .I will defend this country from all domestic and foreign threats. I am ready for training. I am ready to serve my local brothers in arms against our enemies of this constitution of AMERICA…….Were do I sign up?

  42. me to. ToTALLY AGREE. I HATE tyranny. And, people and organizations that like trying to control people.

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