CMF Militia Chain of Command

Militia Chain of Command

All branches of the civic militarized forces are to adhere to the CMF Rules of Engagement, Code of Conduct, and are given their operational powers by the second amendment of the United States Constitution. Any acts to repress our constitutional rights will be treated as an aggressive action with an adverse response. During natural disasters and foreign attacks, usCROW-CMF can operate in conjunction with state officials when not in conflict with usCrow Guidelines. Administration was founded by one individual and through a grass roots campaign with social networks and local assets formed the fastest growing militia in America while establishing the site as a unique survival and defense entity. The following are certified contributors to, and CMF Operations;

  • Administrator Ryan – Founding member of and primary coordinator for the Civic Militarized Forces
  • Contributor Runik – Founding member of, contributing military platform, and survivalist articles.
  • David Black – Contributing writer for all medical related articles.
  • Contributor Patterson – Opinion and Editorial writer for

Administration’s CMF Role

CMF Militia Administration does not command regions. Regions are solely commanded by Regional Commanders. Operations are set forth and carried out by interstate commanders. Administration provides autonomous directing of personnel and enlistments while outlining standard operating procedures and guidelines. Command resides in the states.

CMF Militia Commanders

CMF Regional Commands are established as enlistments reach quotes and apportioned in accordance to manpower in three primary national regions; West, Central, East, with four regional commanders per region who unanimously decide on personnel training, high-risk combat missions and operations. These commanders ultimately form the united consensus of command. Regional organization explained:

PMCOM – Pacific Militia Command
  • Sierra Nevada Command – Nevada – Command Established
  • West Mountain Division – Washington, Oregon, Idaho – Command Established
CMC – Central Militia Command
  • Central Tundra Command – Wyoming, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, Colorado – Command Established
  • Armex – Arizona, New Mexico, California – Command Established
MIDCOM -Midwestern Militia Command
  • Northern Command – North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • Texstar – Texas – Command Established
  • Rebel Regulator Command – Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi
  • Central Valley Command – Missouri, Illinois, Iowa – Command Established
  • Central Regional Command – Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas
ATCOM – Atlantic Command
  • 2nd Atlantic Command – Florida, Georgia, Alabama – Command Established
  • 2nd Mountain Division – Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky – Command Established
  • 51st Mountain Division – South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia– Command Established
  • 2nd Northern Command – New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
  • 1st Battle Command – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  • Residential Regulators – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey – Command Established


The usCrow Reaper Unit consists of highly trained retired and active US Armed Forces members, and highly trained freelance operatives specializing in unconventional warfare. Reapers are charged with the high risk but critical operations utilizing unconventional warfare methodology. Reapers are expected to demonstrate advanced skills, knowledge, and courage as an example to other civic forces.

CSC – Crow Sentinel Command

CSC Operatives are trained in their native surroundings and are expected to defend their communities against attempted seizures of farm lands, refineries, natural resources, and against any hostile attack until CMF battalions can provide support. This role is assigned to those not suitable for active combat roles.

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  1. Central NJ here, 9 year USN veteran, 20 year veteran NYPD.!!! 10 year explosive detection K9 work.!!! Actively looking for a solid unit to join, train, volunteer and become part of.!!! Please contact me ASAP.!!!

  2. Is a Militia in Missouri near the Fort Leonardwood sector confirmed, or non-confimed, and is there one state wide, planning on setting up a Sector Command, and post down here, looking for range of 200 MIles to border of internal MO

  3. Anyone that has not been in contact with a local Crow member in any state please download an app called Zello and search channels, Type in Crow Nation.
    This is an open chat channel for any Crow member and we are hoping to help get local Crow members talking and in touch with their command if established. If it is not established we can help direct on next steps to getting it going.

    • please send ch. password /
      51ST MT DIV
      US CROW NC
      thank you

  4. For the Central Tundra Command and the 51st division I have set up Zello channels. ZELLO is a push to talk radio app. It has worked well in the 51st division to keep members in touch and information flowing. I will list all channels I have up and running and waiting to talk to admin about moving forward with the rest. Once on Zello just search the channel for your state.

    CROW WY State
    CROW MT State
    CROW UT State
    CROW SD State
    CROW CO State
    CROW VA State
    CROW WV State
    CROW NC State
    CROW SC State

    My zello account is:
    Zello me with questions

  5. Can someone in admin reach out to me. 51st division hasn’t received a single enlistments since 7 November 2016. We had been receiving 10 plus a week. Also want to discuss the Virginia’s.

  6. I just completed the enlistment form, how long will it take for me to be notified? I’m located in Ky.

  7. Just signed up. Prior service(4 years active) Theatres include S Korea, Iraq. Looking for others; prior service, law enforcement, fire, EMT and non-trained civilians, jack of all trades, prepared minded individuals, 1st aid, coms, and self sufficient individuals to organize a unit(s) for NWI, Lake, Porter, Jasper counties.

  8. I’m a member of the NC III% group and was contacted by a member of you group stating he is the Commander of US Crow A Co., first initial W. . I’m looking to see if this is a legit contact or an Infiltrator

  9. so a year later … still no command established for 2nd northern command and no responses from any admins on enlistments , 1) youre gonna miss out on alot of prior military 2) makes one skeptical that if you cant structure commands how can you lead in a real time situation

  10. I recommend a special training arrangement for preparing leadership in areas struggling to inspire commitment from volunteers. Getting solid training with volunteers in any group larger than a fire team is hard to schedule.
    I would love an opportunity to receive training that would refresh my skills and equip me and others for the daunting task of inspiring commitment from volunteers. A realistic training plan for prior service and others without prior service.

  11. I would love to join, but I apparently don’t qualify due to “criminal” history. The unfortunately part here is that I’m only a criminal in the eyes of an oppressive, tyrannical government. I was the victim of an agent provocateur sanctioned by the state (something that has become common, and we will see a lot more of in the near future), who tricked me into breaking a vaguely written law, just so they could punish me, steal from me, and control me. My particular situation was perpetrated while I was doing absolutely nothing wrong. My question is how you all propose to protect anyone from tyranny when you clearly are obedient and supportive of some of its petty, unjust laws, and ways of criminalizing unsuspecting citizens?

    • We know nothing of your particular case or claims and if you want to submit an application for review listing your reasons for consideration then that can be reviewed further. No one is denying you membership and we are well aware that this goes on within our laws. You command can determine if they will wave the policies, bear in mind that they may deny you as well. This will be up to the US Crows command to decide and you will have to go through that process if you would like to be considered by your area commander and the by laws of the organization.

    • I totally agree with you! They should look at the facts of you side and see what your talking about. That’s the problem with peoe these days! Quick to past judgment on something they know nothing about!

  12. I understand that there may be some legal issues regarding to your organization; however, I urge this administration to get things together NOW to start enrollment. this will allow more time for preparation and recruiting. It is only a matter of time before something extremely catastrophic happens in the United States. Then what is the point of this organization if it all falls apart? All due respect, Reuben.

  13. I’m a retired USMC Sargeant and USN Chief Hospital Corpsman. I am very interested in specialized training to help prepare volunteers quickly. Also, do you have strategy and training for teams to extract volunteers and families from hostile cities (Urban).

  14. I’m glad the CMF is about protecting sovereigns, unalienable rights and to uphold the constitution which is written to discipline all public servants who hold office, not sovereigns. No rights can be given or taken away because it is inherent(which is why the constitution regulates gov). BTW, the U.S (UNITED STATES) is a Corporation based out of the District of Columbia, run by admiralty law(law of the sea) whom gain control via ignorance of consent. No one born in one of the Sovereign “50” states of the union of America is truly a U.S citizen unless you hold public office by becoming a public servant(judge, sheriff, peace officer, clerk, military). Most of us, if not all, are literally and technically American Nationals “non-person” “non-resident” born within a republic union state, unless you have given consent otherwise(can be reversed). Look up U.S citizen in Blacks law. Are you a government official holding public office whenever you fill out your I-9 to work at McDonald’s or Best buy? Or are you being hoodwinked into believing you are a “U.S citizen” without researching it’s definition thereby forfeiting ALL your inalienable rights via consent. In exchange of your inalienable rights(life, liberty, happiness, property, right to travel, bear arms etc) you’ve decided to be regulated/controlled via un-constitutional codes, acts and statutes(of the sea) and now have “privileges” like speeding limits, car insurance, car registration, anti-entheogen Acts, going to jail, traffic tickets, need license to drive or eat(hunt), paycheck tax etc which is used to fund foreign war, drone-murdering innocent civilians…

    I would love to join the CMF. Warrior training runs in my family. I am 26, smarter than most, versatile, trained in martial arts, common law, hunting, plant id, natural medicine and plenty more but I will NEVER swear allegiance to a corrupt puppet president of a corporation pretending to be America in order to enslave and tax the free American Sovereigns of the Land. F#@’em. I swear allegiance to freedom of the people, uphold the Constitution to discipline corrupt public servants, uphold sovereignty, protect sovereigns, our Inalienable Rights, Right to true ownership of land without governance like taxes/codes/regulations via a Land patent and more.

    “if one enlists with you, what is your AWOL policy? Can one de-enlist without penalty? Please advise. Thank you very much!”

  15. Looking to join in eastern Pennsylvania. Please respond with contact info thanks. DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  16. i am 19 and i am look for a militia group to join i am currently a student in high school till january then i will be finished i am a male i live in NC

  17. I hope 51st Mountain Division will become more cohesive. We need to form up into active trained units to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

  18. Rocky mount nc checking in hoping g to get in touch with someone soon. I’ve already applied to the 51st mountain division.

  19. How would this sight justify death of a life if, after an investigation, such deathly instructions for explosives–and the like– were made using this cites instructions? What then would be the public opinion of having the need for a “reserve unorganized militia”?

    • There are thousands of guides available online. You name it and its available, hell you can even find plans to build a nuclear bomb online. We specifically write articles and guides for our readers to have the same information and methods available to military personnel. This militia isn’t a social gathering for you to shoot the shit. We are readying ourselves for foreign and domestic threats, which is no joking matter whatsoever. There are strict ROE for all militia members prohibiting all acts of war until wartime. Additionally, any of the expedient explosives guides available on usCrow require certain ingredients to be ‘combat effective’ that are monitored – ergo our disclaimer stating none of our explosives guides are not to be used in the presence of government. We face a real threat and we should be equipped with the knowledge to overcome our adversaries.

  20. I’m very interested. What would be required of me as far as time and what role would I serve within the militia? Good Bless America and her freedoms, liberties and constitution.

  21. Thank you for responding. Could you kindly explain to me what “Some wanted to slow the bleeding” means? Am I correct in assuming you mean that Romney would have been the lesser of two evils? If so, it is much wiser and more righteous to back a candidate who, like our founding fathers, avoids chasing monsters abroad with the accompanying foreign entanglements, and focus on NATIONAL defense, with the 2nd Amendment and the natural, and God-given right to self-defense being foundational, nest-ce pas?

    On another note, I’d like to read your response to the other questions above from another gentleman: “What does “Anarchy Mile” mean and what does it have to do with the Founding Fathers? The phrase is on your twitter account. Also, if one enlists with you, what is your AWOL policy? Can one de-enlist without penalty?”

    Thank you!


    • Our role is greatly over-exaggerated. We allow for enlistments and assignment from the beginning of June to the end of July. Each group is properly structured, formed and independently operated after assignment. Enlistees are from all walks of life. Anarchy Mile is an anagram created by the original social marketing coordinator. That account is now dormant.

      Some wanted to slow the bleeding instead of a fast paced power grab seen over the past few years, which is unsettling to some.

  22. Regarding the pro-Romney sentiment on this website, do you not realize that RomneyCare of Massacussetts, though not as bad as Obamacare, was the seed, source, and sustaining foundation for Obamacare, the greatest “economic” hoax in American history!

  23. Question: What does “Anarchy Mile” mean and what does it have to do with the Founding Fathers? The phrase is on your twitter account. Also, if one enlists with you, what is your AWOL policy? Can one de-enlist without penalty? Please advise. Thank you very much!

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