Survival Gear

These survival items have been tested and used by usCrow personnel down-range and in the field. We ensure the survival and preparation products listed on usCrow meet our high standards for quality and value for use in the field and at home. All prepper and survival products are backed by Amazon and drop shipping is available*.

Purchases made through usCrow help fund our efforts in establishing a network of survival oriented individuals. If you didn’t find what you were looking for here you can also view some of our recommended product categories.

Other Survival Gear

Prepper Bunker Surplus – These items focus on the essentials needed in a SHTF/Doomsday Scenario. If you purchase one of these products leave a review on its usefulness in your Prepper Bunker and it’s quality. These basic prepper items include food storage products, off-grid survival, and tactical operator’s gear. The prepper and survival items listed have been tested in the field for quality
Survival Gear Prepper Bunker Supplies

Bug Out Bags Second Edition – This is the second edition of BOB Bug Out Bags, with a few additional upgrades from the previous edition. A common misunderstanding about Bug Out Bags is that they are ‘one size fits all’. Our prepper and survival guys always send suggestions and our Bug Out Bags are being constantly revised.
Survival Gear - Bug Out Bags

Gold and Silver – The dollar is falling. “People aren’t necessarily worried about inflation pressures,” says Stephen Platt, a commodity analyst at Archer Financial Services in Chicago. When you’re primary concern for prepping is economic collapse you can’t avoid the need to have valuable materials that can be bartered with.
Survival Gear - Gold Bunker Surplus

Why should you be prepping?

Being pragmatic or a realist is rational, when prepping for SHTF, Doomsday or other disasters you’re simply insuring the safety and care of your family. The most common trait with man-made and natural disasters is a lack of preparedness in the communities affected. Your family’s survival relies on your ability to reasonably accommodate common sense preparedness steps like having a quality amount of food stored, a means of defense, and an evasion plan.

It is also recommended that your make your purchases online through vendors that offer drop shipping to avoid being hit on the prepper and survival grid by the FBI. Welcome to America, home of the free.

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  1. I would like to hear some suggesting on a good low cost 2 way radios . Or any other portable communication

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