Nevada Shooting Ranges

Nevada Shooting Range

Private Property Shooting Ranges

Private property shooting ranges are ranges that allow you to use their range to fire your guns for a certain fixed fee, while using these shooting ranges you will be required to follow their rules while range and range diversity is often limited compared to custom-built ranges that have been outfitted to support training facilities. Note: Gun Ranges that have not been visited by usCrow personnel will not be listed. If you’d like to be listed please contact us.

A typical trait of most gun ranges is to mark up their ammo and equipment higher than normal while selling the ammo they fabricated for use downrange. With this in mind purchase your equipment (scopes, sights, grips, and etc.) online.

Las Vegas Gun Ranges – Privately Operated

The Gun Store – Very wide range of semi to full auto firearms individuals you rent for a certain fee. However, this location is very busy and often cramped with tourists and a very short range. The staff there is very informed in firearms and often several classes.Pseudo friendly staff.

Guns and Ammo Garage – A visit to Guns and Ammo Garage’s Las Vegas firing range is ideal for families with older children who want to learn more about firearms and develop shooting skills. Because we stress safety at all times, we allow only children older than 10 years old who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian into the range. Friendly staff, some fresh employees are unaware of their inventory.

New Frontier Armory – Founded in 2009, New Frontier Armory is a full service firearms and class III weapon dealer and manufacturer located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our Veteran owned and operated company is dedicated to provide both our local and online customers with fair prices, honest information, and the best customer service possible. We experienced a bazaar two month turnaround for an AR-15 with Magpul Upgrades, however emails were responded to promptly and the firearm is true and of good quality.

Machine Guns Vegas – MGV has an array of firearms to choose from. From pistols to fully automatic machine guns to historical guns to one-of-a-kind SEAL weapons, we have something for every interest. And we will personalize all our shooting packages to our customer’s desires.

Las Vegas Gun Range – Medium sized range with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Several firearms available along with tactical equipment. Unlike other ranges this locations is very open and has a dining area with kitchen staff.

Desert Hills Shooting Club – Desert Hills offers a twenty one station, five star rated, sporting clays course with one five stand, one FITASC five stand, trap and skeet fields, rifle and pistol bays, and an archery field. The club is on over 160 acres of rolling terrain offering a distinct challenge for shooters.This is one of our favorites.

Strip Gun Club – Strip Gun Club provides experienced shooters with the ultimate shooting experience. Experience the thrill of shooting automatics, or test your skill with a precision firearm. First time shooters are instructed on firearm safety and shooting by Strip Gun Club’s NRA certified staff to ensure their experience is second to none. Strip Gun Club can accommodate small and large groups – from bachelor and bachelorette parties to corporate events. Group shooting experiences are customized to provide an unforgettably unique experience.

Las Vegas Gun Ranges – Publicly Operated

Clark County Shooting Complex – This shooting range is owned by Clark County and operated under governmental control, before shooting you are required to fill out your information and watch an instructional video, it is up to you if you’d like to use this property but be aware your name will be recorded. However, this is a range only and offers no firearm purchases and etc.. The range is extensive and somewhat diverse.



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