Prepper Bunker Surplus

When you are preparing your Prepper Bunker  for Doomsday you shouldn’t forget these helpful items. These items focus on the essentials needed in a SHTF/Doomsday Scenario. If you purchase one of these products leave a review on its usefulness in your Prepper Bunker and it’s quality. You can click the link to see the product and it’s reviews.

Tactical Prepper Bunker

Stocked First Aid Kit
[New] Stomp Fully Stocked Medical Kit – Large Fully Stocked GI Issue Medic First Aid Kit Bag. This is the model FA110. The Large M17 Medic Bag is a great bag with a very nice set of contents. The G.I. style issue bag itself can be carried by the carrying handle or the back pack straps. Being able to easily access medical supplies in your bunker means the difference between living and dieing.

Tactical Bug Out Bag
SpecOPS THE Bug Out Bag – This product has been tested in the field by operators across the world, attesting to its quality. With features like these its easy to understand why; Tactical Bug Out BagCordura 1000D Nylon Fabric Durability, #10 Zippers on Main Compartments and Outer Pockets, Double Layer Pack Top Eliminating Stress Failures, Dual Compression Straps with Load Loops, Removable Waist Belt and Endless Adjustments, MTX Harness Compatible. Having a fully stocked bug out bag is required when forced to travel to your bunker → Click here to see what you can put inside this Bug Out Bag.

 Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier
Armor Plate Carrier Vest – Constructed from tough lightweight materials for maximum comfort and mobility. FR Lined and molded foam pads for flame and impact protection. Quick on and off design; sized by armor plate size. Large 2.5 lbs. empty.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival
Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit – This kit contains seven survival tools–a Gator machete, a Camp II axe, a Gator Pro machete, a Parang machete, a LMF II Infantry knife, a DMF Folder knife, and an Epic knife–along with a durable canvas case for secure transport.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Kit – Specifications: Draw Weight: 150 lbs. Lbs of Energy: 105 ft. Power Stroke: 12″ FPS: 315 Physical Weight: 7 lbs. Length: 32.5 ” Width: 26.5 ” Recommended Bolt: 18 or 20 ” Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Includes: Jackal Crossbow Quiver Four (4) 20″ arrows 28mm Single Red Dot Scope


Prepper Bunker Water & Food

WS Food Storage
Wise Company 84 Serving Breakfast Entrée – Each 84 Serving Breakfast and Entrée Grab and Go Food Kit contains 3 servings per day for 1 adult for 4 weeks or 4 adults for 1 week. Diversifying your bunker’s food storage will keep morale up in your family and/or group. You can click here to see some of the absolute essentials that most preppers forget about when storing food.

Genuine GI MRE 10 Pack Prepper Website Supplies – These MREs are genuine U.S. military issue, not commercial or civilian knockoffs. Each box comes with a full 12 meals, and every mean includes a flameless ration heater–all you need is water and a few minutes to have a hot meal. Preferred for use in Bug Out Bags.

Emergency Water
Datrex Emergency Water Packets 64 Pack – With a 5 year shelf life to match our Bunker Rations, our Emergency water packets provide a full meal?s hydration to one individual and are purchasable by the case of 64 or by the three-day supply (12 packets). You can purify your tap water with a PUR Clean Water Drinking Kit and storing it in Water Storage Containers.

Food Storage Rack – This rack can hold up to 500 lbs. of stored food, especially handy for any beginner or veteran prepper lacking a food pantry.

Backup Bunker Energy Sources

Solar Panels
Sunforce Solar Panels – It provides the power you need, while helping you save money and protect the environment. This kit is ideal for cabins, recreational vehicles, remote power, back-up power, and 12-volt battery charging. You need to power your bunker with fail-safe renewable energy.

Gas Powered Generator
Gas Powered Portable Generator w/Wireless Remote Starter – The Champion 4000 watt Portable Generator provides dependable, portable power for your home, campsite or jobsite. 3500 watts Rated, 4000 watts Maximum output. You will need fuel storage containers.

Wind Generator
Wind Power Generator – All Power America APWT400A 400-Watt Three Blade Wind Generator by All Power America.

Bunker Biohazard and Sanitation

SHTF Porta Potty
Porta Potti 135 – compact in size, sanitary, odorless and leak proof. Plus, it’s easy to clean, the Bellows flush simplifies flushing fresh water to clean bowl with a removable seat and cover for easy cleaning.

Emergency Hygiene
Emergency Family Hygiene Kit – (1) Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – kills germs. (4) Personal Hygiene Kits – 4 toothbrushes/pastes, 4 combs, 4 bio-hazard bag, 12 wet-wipes, 4 razors, 4 tissue packs. (1) Roll of Toilet Paper (1) ReadyBath – 8 rinse-free; hypoallergenic total body-cleansing system wipes. (1) Shampoo and Body Wash – 8 oz. PH balanced no-rinse cleansing system spray bottle (3) Sanitary Napkins (1) Spray Bottle Insect Repellent – with DEET. (10) Sunscreen Lotion Packets – SPF 30+ (1) Packaged in Flip-top Waterproof Container

Hazmat BR Chemical/Bio-hazard Suit – This suit offers excellent protection to the user from a wide variety of problematic chemicals and other liquids as well as dry contaminates.


20 thoughts on “Prepper Bunker Surplus

  1. Enlisted in Fla. Nov. 3 16 I thought I was to br contacted within 24 hours.
    Now Nov. 5 and no word. Getting very nervous about the election

      • Have available AR500 Level III SAPI shooter cut plates front and back all sizes with full frag mitigation. 8×10, 10×12 and 11×14 available as special order. Have carriers and PASGT items in inventory as well. Located in SW Republic of Texas. Deal strictly in hard asset i.e. gold/silver, etc. NO FRN’s or any other form of debt instrument. Will ship fully insured for nominal fee. Pricing on request.

        • Very nice Texianwarrior. I just bought my plates and tac vest here in South Carolina and LOVE them.

      • I would stay away form AR500 plates for body armor if possible. The spalling is terrible on steel plate body armor.

  2. Also check out they’ve got class 4 plates for around $130. They’ll withstand multiple 30.06 ap rounds

  3. ar500 body armor is also a great place to get good deals on carrier/armor packages, some also include mag pouches and pistol holsters.

      • I use the lvl 3 plates in my vest and even with a build up are still very light weight compared to other companies lvl 3 plates with the 1/4 inch build up. I would recommend to any one who needs to purchase armor for themselves or an entire family!

      • Level III AR500 with frag mitigation stands up better to multiple hit scenarios, and shows no, to minimal BFS depending on the caliber of round impacting the plate. The FACT is, that basically NOTHING goes through the Level III AR500’s short of a .20mm or .50BMG round. You’ll get knocked on your ass if you take a hit from any big bore pistol or rifle round, WILL GET BACK UP once you get your breath back! SURVIVABILITY on the battlefield is the main purpose for body armor. The difference in PRICE and overall efficacy between Level III AR500 steel, and ceramic plates would mean more $$$ to buy AMMO or other necessary tac gear for yourself, or your unit. Just my 2 cents worth.

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