Survival Skills

Our operators spend hundreds of hours researching prepper and survival online resources, in addition to the time spent downrange and in the field. During this time common trends have become apparent throughout other survival and prepper websites; random articles, mass populated linking, and a disregard for an individual’s level of understanding. We decided to clean it up and make survival easy for anyone to understand. In response we have outlined Prepper Skills and Survival Skills in an instructional format, allowing a first time survivalist or aspiring prepper a much more fluid learning experience.

Prepping Basics

Reasons to Prepare →  The top five reasons to prepare for disaster.

Introduction into Prepping → Commonly asked questions answered.

Build a Bug Out Bag → Bug out bags explained.

Basic Goods to Store → 23 critical food items to store.

Basic Medical Tips → Basic guidelines for staying healthy when SHTF.

Scavenging for Survival → A comprehensive guide for scavenging.

Intermediate Prepper Skills

Canning and Preserving

Complete guide to home canning to cut down your monthly expenses while increasing your bunker’s surplus.

Two Year Food Supply

Quick ways to build a two-year food storage supply with reliable distributors and freeze-dried food.

Grow Your Food

Two guides in one for rural and urban farming for any aspiring survivalists and preppers.


Two Year Water Supply

How to properly store water for two years using simple and readily available products on the market.

Water Sources

Having several water sources when SHTF will keep you and your family properly hydrated in short to long-term emergencies.


Physical Fitness

In emergency situations high levels of stress and excessive physical strain are certain.

Firearms Safety Guide

When handling, using, or storing any type of firearm, safety must be your first concern.

Essential Firearms

When SHTF you’re going to need these essential firearms as a part of your stockpile, while stockpiling common caliber ammunition and firearms.

Reloading Ammunition

How to make your ammunition.

Renewable Power Grid

This guide will provide instructions for manufacturing a solar power generator.

Stored Backup Power

Store fuel, batteries, to power your vehicles and equipment when the pumps stop.

Advanced Survival and Prepper Skills

Build your own Bunker

A comprehensive and downloadable PDF Guide that provides instructions for building a bunker or shelter capable of withstanding nuclear blasts, nuclear fallout and other doomsday scenarios.


Nuclear War Survival

Learn the basic facts you are required to know before the Nuclear SHTF.

Prepare for a Viral Pandemic

Required steps to prepare for a viral pandemic including; quarantine procedures, eradication, SOP and necessary safety protocols.

Chemical Warfare Survival

A comprehensive list of volatile chemicals and decontamination procedures.

Civil War and Militia Training

Operational guidelines for protecting your country from hostile government actions.


Tactical Shootings Techniques and Methodology

A comprehensive article outlining Rifle Shooting Tips, Tricks and SOP Guidelines for home/self-defense.

Basic Rifle Training

Survival Skill – Combat tutorials and techniques for the M16, AR-15 and other precision rifles in PDF format.

Improvised Firearms

Prepper Skill – When the SHTF and you’re in a pinch, use this guide to manufacture your own firearms for defense.

Camouflage Techniques

A popular guide to use when SHTF and you need to blend in to your environment.

Homemade Explosives

An easy to understand guide on making explosives with basic household items that can be easily scavenged.


Bushcrafting Prepper Skills

  • Fire Starting Techniques → Learn how to create fire in the bush, a basic survival skill.
  • Desert Survival → When faced with a barren desert wasteland, you will need to be fully prepared with the knowledge required to survive.
  • Hunting and Trapping → Instructional guide to hunting live game in the wilderness, a required skill for any prepper.
  • Shelter → Helpful guide for makeshift shelters in the wilderness.

Medical Survival Skills

  • Trauma Response and First Aid Guide → In this guide we go over the first responder standard operating procedures.
  • Tourniquet Use → A synopsis of tourniquet application post disaster.
  • Cervical Spinal Injuries → A last resort training article to treat cervical spinal (neck) injuries after disaster strikes. This manual is to be used as a last resort in the absence of a qualified first responder.

Special Operations and Combat Survival Skills

Special Operations Combat and Survival Skills is an in-depth appendix that outlines the skills required during combat, in addition to outlining standard operating procedures and counter-measures for post-disaster events.

  • UAV/Drone Evasion Primer → How to hide from Predator Drones UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Survival Guide
  • MRAP/LAV Disabling Techniques → This guide provides a synopsis for MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected) LAVs (light armored vehicles) while outlining effective disabling techniques.
  • Vehicle Retrofitting → A comprehensive guide that outlines the basic parameters for retrofitting civilian vehicles for ballistics plates and armor, particularly with the use of SUVs while compensating for weight issues. Additionally, this guide includes various ballistic plate production instructions.
  • Combat and Survival Techniques → In this section we outline the necessary skills needed for militias and survival groups, with an emphasis on combat techniques.
  • CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Enhanced Weaponry) → In this primer we have divided CBRNE into three sections to be read in order;


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  5. I’m so glad I googled sc militia. I always seem to do things backwards. I am in a militia group here in Sc. I was invited onto a site by a fellow overpass patriot. We’ve been excercising our right to peacefully assemble and protest on overpasses regularly since early August.
    This site has a lot of good information that I will print to have incase the internet should go down. I am a non military, average ,middle aged single mom who was shaken awake in 2009. I am able bodied, willing to serve my state in whatever capacity my talents are fit for. I would still like to see peaceful resolution, but am preparing if that turns out not to be the case.

    Tracy in Chapin

  6. High Density Polyethelene (cutting board material). HDPE 3/4 in will STOP .45 ACP ball among (not an easy task) every time. 3/4 in HDPE with 1/4 in aluminum Think sandwich) will make .223 Ss109 (armor piercing) innefective. Light weight, easily adapted to vehicle applications.

      • True but I always stress people should do bug out exercises with gear thats 25% heavier than the actual bug out gear. When the time comes it’ll help.

  7. I am a trained Cav/Scout in the US Army, and looking to join a group in Western Ma. Can an

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