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Become the Resistance – Join The Elite.  Elite Membership provides exclusive access to premium content, taking your survival techniques to the next level.  usCrow.org is well known for publishing unique content, while pushing the envelope to earn our position at the top.  Join The Elite, and sign up today!



The most extensive cache of downloadable survival manuals, prepper books, and field guides all in PDF format. There’s no other prepper website with this many files in one place.  With thousands of documents at your fingertips you will learn to be prepared for any disaster, or conflict you face.
  • New downloads added every week!
Tactical Car Wraps
New Addition! With your Elite Membership you will be able to download our high resolution tactical concealment patterns.  You can then take these files to your local car wrap company and have your bug out vehicle wrapped with one of our patented camouflage patterns.


Tired of reading? We compiled over sixty high quality videos you can watch on your own time.  Let’s face it, some things are easier to learn if you can see how it’s done.  With Elite Membership you’ll have access to video tutorials on reloading, tactical carbine training, defensive tactics, and much more.
  • New videos are added to the library every week, keeping you ahead of the game.


A secure community for preppers, survivalists, and operators allowing for exchanging ideas, organizing ops, and helping one another.  Sign up and create your profile, and take advantage of the knowledge others are willing to share. USCOM has four divisions; Firearms, Medical, Preparedness, and General.  
  • usCrow.org runs the only secure prepper forum available!


One of the advantages usCrow.org has had over competitors is being ad-free.  All other survival and prepper websites have a litany of ads, popups, and spamware, while usCrow.org does not.  By signing up for Elite Membership you help to keep usCrow.org completely ad-free!



29 thoughts on “Elite

  1. I live in North Dallas area. I would imagine you have a presence here. Please let me know.
    Future Oathkeeper

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Good to see your still up and running. Been Busy out here teaching.
    Anyone looking at the American ReDoubt area let me know.
    Idaho Rep
    OATH KEEPER – Founding member

  3. Hey guys here to let everyone know how frustrated I am with this corrupt government. They have stepped on our constitution for too long. I am willing to die for this country because I know how much our brothers and sisters have suffered out there. Too many false flags and coverups. I’ll stand up against this tyranny.

  4. I am a new member. I would like to be apart of the training that happens with the militia. I live near the NV, CA border soon to be in NV. Let me know. Thanks again
    shadow Patriot 1

  5. I have enlisted two times now for MA and both times not getting any reply. I would really love to join a militia in MA and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could get back to me if they know anything about a militia in MA, thank you!


    • My wife and i live in webster parish we would like to join where and how much thanks mt

  6. Do you only have 500 PDF to download or do you have thousands??? One place you say 500 and at another place you say thousands. Please advise before I join. Thanks.

  7. Do you have active members in the Fort Mil or Rock Hill South Carolina area? I’m also a member of OK.

  8. I’m a Oath Keeper in az. I would be willing to pay the $60 a yr. for all the info you offer, not sure at this time about a commitment being that I’m very active with the O K. does this work for you? Thank you

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