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When contacting usCrow please be aware that OPSEC (Operational Security) Information is restricted. usCrow utilizes social networking platforms to increase our conservative audience and be better positioned to coordinate/communicate with one another. An Operational Threat to conservatives and survivalists is the inability to embrace critical social networking platforms while practicing standard OPSEC SOP. The following is a series of accounts where usCrow has established a line of communication;

  • Facebook – While many use Facebook there are some who stray away from this social network due to its data mining policies, however the data we transmit within Facebook provides a gateway platform.
  • Twitter – The usCrow Twitter Profile has countless followers with conservative values and assists in gauging populace attitude and morale at a glance. The widget located on the right sidebar displays posts from this account.
  • Google+ – When users Plus it increases our articles’ ranks within user search results providing the user quick access to high priority articles on our servers, depending on the query input.
    • SNCRU1 Google Community – SNC-RU1 Sierra Nevada Command is a Google Community where GDA’s (General Defense Assets) and CENTCOM can discuss via video or text upcoming instructional or contingency exercises. OPSEC Restrictions Apply.
  • Email usCrow – Simple and basic email for those who are too weary of social networking or have more to say than the usual. Do not email enlistments unless you are unable to fill out the form.

Contact Info

  • Direct (502) 314-4741
  • Las Vegas, NV 89144
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  2. I’m looking to enlist or join a local militia here in Southern California. I feel the need to protect my rights and my family when the time arises. We are wide awake here in Southern California. Please point me in the right direction and let me know what I have to do. Been spreading this video on my social sites —>

    • me too live in southern ca! i i need to protect need real weaponnss and friend with the same view will you direct me please? michelle

  3. I have submitted a request to Join the Volusia County Militia group. can some one give me an ET that I will hear back? I share the same ethics as all of you do I’m a team player and what very much to help my group make a difference.

  4. The best thing you can do in the mean time of your training, is inform and teach US citizens of their constitutio

  5. I m in SC (Conway – Myrtle B each area.) submitted form to USCrow about 1 week ago.

  6. I am the lead singer of a prof/touring southern rock band that has been affected Career,financial,emotionally wise by the criminal hyjacking of our nation.
    My mind set has changed (not over night) i am wide awake & feel there is no turning back,this is coming & as Americans it is time to pay the piper for freedom & prepare.
    No one i know will or cares to learn,sharpen or hone their skills/talents in terms of combat,hunting,off the grid,tactical,intelligence/counter I,resistance,survival,or SHTF. I would like share knowledge things of this nature. I come to this site for tips & info.
    I can understand having to be careful of infiltration and such.

    This is a great site with alot of useful info i want to add!.

    It will be Militia’s nationwide along with people/patriots like myself who take a stand,make a difference & take this country back from the criminal hyjackers.

    I may one day be able to be a member of a disciplined Militia or response/resistance team with the hopes of a peaceful resolution.

    To those of you who serve & or served, THANK YOU for your service!

    God Bless

  7. I command a unit in Upstate NY, is there any local units interested in joint operations?

    • I live in Central NY and have a group of people here wanting to start or join a group. My email is, contact me and we can discuss a meet perhaps.

  8. I am located in Northern NV I was with a group in MS. I have been looking for a group here that has their stuff together. I am a former DOD Contractor (intel and sf) and for those who know BTDT.

    • Hey Badger, I’m looking to get things started here in NN also. Myself and others are working to get things up and running. I just got the Sierra Command so please be sure to sign up. Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Those of us who are not only experienced, but always training and learning ,must realize that it is time to organize groups. Then the screening, testing and other steps necessary for the organization of trustworthy personnel into cells, can be undertaken. Few men are suited for group action but there is safety and satisfaction in numbers.Greetings to all southerners who agree with these sentiments. Please contact me.

  10. I noticed that there is a great article on here on improvised weapons, however there is no pdf download for that info. Could this be improved? With all the legislation moving in government it might be important to give this info to the masses. Also could this area be improved slightly with more advanced home workshop weaponry? This is what will really be the deciding factor, after all our first amendment will mean nothing without the second amendment, and we might end up like the U.K.. Peace… at the cost of liberty I think not! Please post your response.

  11. Thanks for your reply. I would really like to speak with someone personally other than email. I think you will find we are of the same mindset and ethics. I will still need to pass this info to my CO for approval,i will speak with him this weekend.Out of curiosity where are you located? Again thanks for your reply and will be looking for contact information.

  12. Are you willing to work and train to our deficiances with a constitutional malitia already established? In Texas

    • Absolutely. Assisting militia units that are in line with the CMF ethical guidelines and code of conduct are always welcome. Administration’s commander isn’t stateside until June, however I will send you TEXSTAR Command’s contact info this evening.

  13. there is tons of info on here that can be used for good but sadly can be used by terrorist too. even though its out there already this is highly organized and possibly easier for a foreigner to stay under the radar. just saying double edge sword

    • Negative danger ranger, the info is marketed towards Americans and the information is readily available online. Thanks for visiting.

  14. WA verified available to select upon enlistment, while 20 enlistments within 75 miles proximity are required to be listed in militias. The time it takes to establish a national movement toward the organization and protection of American rights is approximate at best. Ideal numbers based on traffic intake and marketing. Things are progressing to where we’ve received a promising amount of honorably discharged veterans and active service members, who will ultimately take the reigns in their counties and states.

    Much of our focus at this point in time is generating increased enlistment intake while exposing the organization and site. The best asset we have are usCrow visitors spreading awareness and getting informed.

  15. Noticed there is no listing for WA state. Are we the first to enquire or do you need a critical mass to start? We’re trying to investigate how to get more involved. Not sure how much information to give here.