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SIGN UP FOR ELITE FOR $20 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP   After months of hard work, and coding we are now pleased to offer Elite Membership to all usCrow.org users.  Here at usCrow.org we always strive to be the best prepper and survival website by offering content no one else is willing to offer.  The content we release on our site can not Continue reading

The State Militias

State Militias

Leadership in vertical organizations is a merging of Leadership by influence, and compliance by choice. To work both the upper and lower echelons must be working towards the same goals, or at least compatible goals. The better leaders understand this and phrase their directions as such. In our Militias this is most important! Since their inception Militias have always been Continue reading

CMF National Militia August 2014 SITREP

CMF National Militia August 2014 SITREP

As of August 1st, 2014 the CMF National Militia is now fully operational with regional commanders aggressively organizing militia members throughout the country. Regional commanders have been provided all enlistment information dating back from July 1st, 2013. At this time over 3,000 militia enlistments have been accounted for. This National Militia SITREP (Situation Report) will briefly review what is to Continue reading

CMF Commanders Needed for 2014 Militia Enlistment – SITREP

I am finally stateside and we are in need of commanders. For the security of our 2013 CMF Members and their commanders we broke comms and allowed for command to lead their groups autonomously. The time has come for 2014 Enlistments and we are seeking out new commanders to champion this campaign. As a commander you will be charged with Continue reading

Ammunition Ballistics Guides

Ammunition Ballistics Guide

A firm knowledge in modern ammunition should be standard among survival groups and militias. Such knowledge includes; production of new ammunition, reloaded ammunition, SOP for tactical combat operations and etc. To download any one of these guides you can right click ‘download’ and select save as, or simply select the file you’d like to view without saving… Ballistics and Ammunition Continue reading

National Militia – SITREP

This is a situational report for present and perspective CMF members. The use of social networking platforms is integral to our enlistment efforts. However, it should be stated that views reflected publicly by CMF members are not views held by the CMF, as outlined within the CMF Code of Conduct. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and etc. will Continue reading

Survival Manual Update ADP 3 05 Special Operations Manual

Survival Manual Update

Released August 2012 for the public by the Department of the Army. The following document can be downloaded in its entirety here → Prepper Resources → Survival Manuals → 2012 Special Operations Manual Survival Manual – ADP 3 05 2012 Special Operations Manual STRATEGIC CONTEXT FOR SPECIAL OPERATIONS 1. The strategic context for the employment of special operations forces is Continue reading

CMF Survival Manual 0313 available on Amazon – usCrow Archives

CMF Survival Manual

usCrow has released the CMF First Edition Survival Manual for March, 2013. This survival manual is a hard copy archive of all usCrow original articles that are listed in the Survival Skills section. We have released this archive for two reasons; when power grids go down websites will be useless. So, you’ll need a hard copy in your bug out Continue reading