How to force breach any building after SHTF

Force breach any building SHTF

In this guide I’m going to teach you guys how to breach any building after shit hits the fan.  Believe it or not, knowing how to force your way into a building without getting shot will be an invaluable skill to be proficient in when the SHTF.  Reason being, after everything goes down you’ll more than likely need something you Continue reading

How to Breach a Building at Night

DEVGRU Seal Team Six

In this guide we will go over the proper techniques, methodology, and equipment to be used to breach a building at night.  Your unit’s ability to properly execute a breach on a building or structure at night will provide a tactical advantage over your enemy.  At we focus on the reality of the world we live in. In this Continue reading

Hand to Hand Combat Survival Guide

Hand to Hand Combat Survival Guide

In this survival guide we will go over some hand to hand combat techniques that will not only help you to defend yourself, but to kill your attacker with your bare hands.  Sound harsh?  Too bad, we live in the real world where murderous intent is requisite for any post-apocalyptic situation. Here’s the scenario… It’s 2020, last night’s firefight left Continue reading

Active Shooter Guide for the Lone Wolves

Active Shooter Guide for Lone Wolves

First, let me say it’s been too long Crows and I’m glad to be back – many thanks to Administrator Ryan, and Commander Black for holding down the FOB. Let’s get down to business. This active shooter guide will provide some helpful tips to the lone wolves. Many of our survival guides are based around team movement to contact, relying Continue reading

Building Clearing – Introduction to Tactical Raid Techniques


In this guide we will review tactical building clearing techniques that will assist in the training of militia members and the survival minded individual. These techniques can be applied to present day scenarios and post-disaster scenarios when your objective requires your team to enter a building that could possibly house enemy combatants. Your unit will need to understand the differences Continue reading

How to kill Predator Drones UAVs

How to kill Predator Drones

This article will explain some rudimentary techniques for disabling or killing a Predator Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This information is the product of several months of source research and evaluation. Before you attempt to get on your soap-box, please understand in the event of a civil war, predator drones will be the government’s primary weapon against Americans. Were you Continue reading

Tactical Shooting Guide – Close Combat


In this series we will review close combat as a tactical shooting element. Close combat is common in urban combat theaters, before and after the shit hits the fan. Using this information, develop close combat training programs with a primary focus on efficiency and confidence.  Remember this above all else, any means of force is acceptable. In an urban combat Continue reading

Battlefield Leadership Preparation and Conduct

LastMan - Battlefield Leadership

Do you know who Lieutenant General Harold G Moore is? LZ X-Ray sound familiar?    We Were Soldiers? Mel Gibson? Well here is his take on Battlefield Leadership. It is worth a read.  Battlefield Leadership Preparations These preparations could fill a book; a few items:   Read military history. Read small unit actions. Personality of a big battle is often Continue reading

The 15 Commandments of Tactical Camouflage


The following is 15 commandments of Tactical Camouflage from the late Colonel David Hackworth aka Hack. If you don’t know who Colonel Hackworth is… Stop what you are doing and read his books. Including Vietnam Primer which is free on the Internet. The man was involved in every war from age 14 when he lied about his age to join Continue reading