Complete Water Purification Guide for Preppers

Complete Water Purification for Preppers

In this water purification guide we are going to review the testing, disinfection, and sanitation of water.  Water is one of the most important resources to humans, second only to oxygen, while water that has not been cleaned can land you six feet under.  We only need to look at the Flint, Michigan disaster where the city decided to get Continue reading Complete Water Purification Guide for Preppers

SHTF Water Sources

After reading the usCrow Two Year Water Supply Guide, you should be well aware of water’s place in your survival. When SHTF you can’t rely on your backup water supply without having a way to replenish those reserves. This guide will go over emergency SHTF water sources and sustained water sources. Emergency SHTF Water Sources Emergency SHTF water sources are Continue reading SHTF Water Sources

Two Year Emergency Water Supply Guide

This two-year water supply is relatively simple and to the point. We will attempt to focus on the most commonly asked questions and overlooked requirements. During an emergency, utilities such as water will not be available and if you’re not prepared you’re in for a world of hurt. An inadequate amount of water stored could potentially cause; painful muscle spasms, Continue reading Two Year Emergency Water Supply Guide