Home Invasion Defense Guide

Home Invasion Defense Guide

Welcome back, Danger Rangers!   In this home invasion defense guide we are going to review a few simple steps that can and will save your life.  Unfortunately, for many people out there, a home invasion will not be as enjoyable as Matt Best depicts it.  It’s a funny video and I get the gist of it, but for many Americans Continue reading Home Invasion Defense Guide

How to turn your home into a Fortified Bunker

Fortified Home Bunker

A while back we briefly touched on home fortification, in this guide we are going to show you how to turn your home into a bad ass fortified bunker.  We will show you how to make your home bullet resistant, and airtight, while making it damn near impossible to breach without a direct hit from a 40mm grenade, or twenty Continue reading How to turn your home into a Fortified Bunker

Safe Talker’s Castle Doors

Castle Door Fortification

We recently read a great article here on beefing up our castles, and making preps for unsolicited Intrusions by LEO’s, and other scalawags. I want to push this up a notch further along. When Daniel Boone built his cabin over in western North Carolina, and Kentucky he had a distinct advantage over our homes today. He sunk two hefty tree Continue reading Safe Talker’s Castle Doors

Fortify your home against attack in five simple steps

Fortify Your Home Against Attack in Five Steps

You’ve decided to shelter in place, either of your own free will or under the advice of emergency management personnel (insert ad hominem here). While we strongly recommend bugging out to a secure location outside metropolitan and rural areas the reality is – not everyone has the bankroll for that. So sheltering in place is the only option for some Continue reading Fortify your home against attack in five simple steps