Urgent 2016 Mid-Year Threat Report and Update — Must Read

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Threat Report

Well holy hell, Crows, this year has been one for the books.  In this article we are going to go over the threats us Americans are faced with, recent happenings throughout the political landscape, and the latest usCrow.org news.  By the end of this article I’ll attempt to sum everything up into a tidy synopsis we can all somewhat understand.  So let’s dive right in….

If you think the title of this article was my amoral attempt at shamelessly gaining your attention, and not a serious message for all Americans, then you my friend have a corrupted hard drive, and should seek repairs soon.  In all seriousness this year has proven the need for sites like usCrow.org, and the militia movement as essential to the survival of the American way of life.  Our existence is not only threatened on some level of ambiguity, but it is so glaringly obvious that for the first time in my adult life I truly expect a civil war on American soil within five years, with absolutely zero doubt in my heart.

I was holding out for ‘hope’ up until this point, but have gotten past that naiveté and have accepted the truth for what it is, Our Country has no hope for survival without the Rise of the Patriots.  Our home, our way of life, and our freedom is slipping away into the ether, and will be out of our grasp for generations.  Do you think I’m fear mongering?  Then stop reading immediately, go to the kitchen, preheat your oven to four hundred fifty degrees, open the oven door, stick your head inside, and bake until tender, because you’re what’s wrong with this country.

Jesus, I hate being so cynical, but at this point can anyone convince me otherwise?  Seriously let’s talk about The Great Disaster that is the year 2016; we have a disastrous election, corruption at every level of government, civil rights of law abiding Patriots being violated by the Federal Government while giving away free passes to the elite, the murder of a Justice, journalists, investigators, statist propaganda media machines, terrorists in each corner of the globe, and so much more!  If you’re still skeptical let’s review this year’s horror show one by one!

The Media

There is not a single honest media outlet with journalistic integrity actively investigating the government as the eyes of the people.  News broadcasting networks such as FOX, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, & CBS all pretend to be fair, impartial, and unbiased while each of their goals all include the protection, and promotion of progressive ideology.  Think of our news networks as an experiment in PSYOPS, with the goal of changing the opinion of an entire population to either passively allow, or actively support progressive governance, ideologies, and goals.  They all have the same narrative at the end of the day.

A Mad World

There is no greater feeling than knowing how truly f#cked you are on a pretty day.  Justice Scalia, murdered.  Journalists investigating The Clintons, murdered.  LEOs in Texas murdered.  SEAL Team 6 (killed OBL) is dropping like flies. Throughout the world ISIS is running unchecked committing unspeakable crimes violating human and civil rights.  We have the entire media and the left-wing commies supporting black supremacy, while shaming in hard working, law abiding citizens regardless of their race. We have the open persecution of conservatives and Christians (they are not synonymous) by the media, government, and major web corporations such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and etc..  It’s an all-out murder spree and from what I can tell and no one cares that the world is burning around us.  This is that moment in time we will all look back at and see that this is when things turned for the worse, as the end of the United States, and in a puff of smoke the Shining Light on The Hill will be extinguished.


Political Drama

People are very, very stupid.  There are over fifty percent of people actively supporting a candidate for President that has been connected to suspected murders, corruption at the highest level of government, extreme negligence leading to the death of Americans in Benghazi, Libya, while exposing United States assets.  The commies on the left did nothing when they found out the DNC was controlling the whole show the entire time and their vote didn’t mean jack shit!  Say what you will about the left, but those bastards know how to stand in line to do the dirty deed, even when their second choice was a self-hating socialist.  Crazy, right?  No crazier than for the second election in a row where winning should have been a cinch, the guys on our side are completely split down the center with half loving, and half hating the nominee.  Shocking…  Third party vote?  Their nominee doesn’t even actually act like he wants to win, and don’t forget a lot of so-called ‘libertarians’ are disavowed democrat liberals that jumped ship in the Bush years, and this fact shows throughout their party to this day.   So….yeah….

A Dirty World

We have the Olympics being held in a trash bag i.e. Rio, where our Gold Medalist was shown no respect, while you had Olympians openly being racist.  Not only do we have the ever-present threat of Ebola, but now we have this truly horrible Zika virus spreading throughout the world, and Tom Frieden  (Director of CDC) should be thrown in jail for allowing Zika carriers into the U.S.!  Can you believe that?  It’s true, and now Zika is spreading across The States.   Syrian and Middle Eastern Immigrants are being deposited into once beautiful countries and turning them into absolute shit, mass rape and sexual assault, spreading third world diseases, while trying to establish caliphates.

The governments of the world are not for The People.

A Mute Republic

We no longer have a voice; the progressive elites control all forms of communication including Facebook, Search Engines, and News, which are all drowning out The People’s voice.  Conservative pages are getting banned; the News is turning on every candidate except Clinton, while pushing communist doctrines.  Search engines are pushing down conservative results while pushing up the ranking of progressive backed websites, which is one of the main reasons we’re pushing for everyone to join Elite and to use the usCrow.org forums, so we have somewhere safe from prying eyes and secure so we can connect.  Seriously though, guys, post inside the forums and not as a draft article (no one sees those!)

What’s the Moral of the Story?

After reading a bleak overview such as that I’m sure you’re not feeling like Jimmy Sunshine right now, but as long as there are free men willing to act, the light of freedom will continue to burn, no matter how dim.  What do I mean by that?  Simple, sooner or later the other shoe will drop and there will be a great awakening within The People, everyone will finally realize we are the change we seek, finally stopping our blind idolatry of plastic leaders.   I’m still here, the Crows are still here, and we are all waiting for the sentimental paradigm shift.  Until then, butter up your popcorn couch potatoes, and watch the show because it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

usCrow.org Updates

After five years of operation we held our yearly summer break, giving our members, administrators, and coordinators time to spend with their families, Kids are back in school, vacations are over, and now it’s time to get back to work!  We do this every year but somehow we still get a massive amount of emails asking about our absence.  I would take the time to make a widget but that would disturb my sense of aesthetic.  We’ve installed a new SSL certificate to keep the site secure, but keep in mind our end goal is to have over a million Elite Members with private servers to keep everything under lock and key.

We are trying to add more writers to administration, but finding people with experience (not keyboard academics) in survival, tactics, and preparedness that isn’t completely unhinged is a hard pill to swallow.  That being said if any of you are looking to prepare the masses email admin@uscrow.org and if you have the experience to back it up we’ll see what you got!  While we are adding more talent I’ve personally removed two staff members for violating long established policies, and I’ll leave it at that.

The CMF Civic Militia Force that flies under the usCrow banner has continued to grow, jumping from a 37% success rate (admission of qualifies candidates and state functionality) to 68% operating in 38 States.  Yes there’s still some dead cells and a failure here and there, but let’s be real no one has ever tried this before.  If you get a group up with a solid training regimen feel free to let us know if you’re willing to take a few more on.

In the meanwhile guys, continue to show support for usCrow.org by sharing our articles like a wildfire across every social network you are a part of while you still can.  The only way this works is if we get large enough to achieve our goals.

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About Administrator Ryan

Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for usCrow.org since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

18 thoughts on “Urgent 2016 Mid-Year Threat Report and Update — Must Read

  1. in the article you stated that the zika virus is spreading across the u.s. some information on zika go to the website vaxed they say that the zika virus is no worse than a cold but bill gates is misstating facts so he can make a vaccine (which eventually will be mandatory). He created genetically modified mosquitos that were supposed to stop the spread by not being able to breed, instead they now have a supper mosquito that was turned loose in florida then they chemtrailed the state to kill the mosquito the chemicals from the chemtrails made people sick they were told to use off but the combination of chemicals and off made people even sicker allowing bill gates to recommend his new vaccine. several time bill gates has been on ted talks where he has told the audience that they will control the population with vaccines, him being involved in eugenics where they believe they need to lower the population down to 500 million. that coupled with the coming civil war or EMP etc… it all kinda makes sense of what they are up to.

  2. I am not an alarmist but the evidence as to what is happening in this country is overwhelming. I have been preparing for about a year. I thank all of you for providing me with helpful information.

  3. I heard this group was going to assist in disarmament ,is this true.after reading your posts it does not fit.please respond truthfully.thanks

  4. I just stumbled onto this site. I am extremely impressed. I’m. 55 yrs old and come from a family of patriots. My parents rest at Arlington. I was in the Army. 95B .Now I live in the middle of no where Ok. My wife and I train regularly on weapons manipulation. Mostly dry fire.
    No need to waste good ammo.
    But rest assured. When shtf..we will Not stand idly by. This is the most important election in US.history. We may gain four more years to get ready, or it will be in months!

    “Army After Next”- US Army TraDoc Documents written in 1994 for 2016 to use Migration to Create a Global Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest, EMP, and Electronic/Drone war with China and Israel. (WHOISSINCERE?) An Army TraDoc Veteran.
    CAPSTONE CONCEPT 2016-2028 Robotic/Drone Warfare of the Future.
    UN Agenda 21- abolish private property, reassign all living conditions for Humans, Restricted zones for Humans, Population Zones, redistribution of wealth, and more. Effective Sept 27,2015-2027.
    UN Agenda 2030- to use Migration to Globalize Economies Societies Oceans and Nature by 2030.
    UN Small Arms Trade Treaty- to Disarm the USA and opposing countries with foreign troops for a minimum of 7yrs. Effective Dec 24 2014-2028.
    HR4269 Assault Weapons Ban 2015- to limit the 2nd Amendment, and Other Purposes…same as Hitler’s ban in 1938. All semi auto firearms are labeled and an “Exemption list” of single shot, bolt action, or shotgun ONLY.. the list is by Date, Model, Caliber, and most are old guns or uncommon.
    “45 Declared Communist Takeover Goals of America”- Labels the UN as Allies several times(Congressional Record Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10,1963)
    ‘House Oversight and Reform Committee” “Senate Arms Committee” and YouTube alternative media sources are the only places I really get my information. I’ve watched over 200 hours on All Federal Scandals… it’s all true and 6 Agencies are destroying evidence, emails, and vaccine studies…12 total are targeting patriots, and enforcing Unconstitutional laws. The EPA spent $75 million to arm 70 Federal Agencies with SWAT like Divisions. And Obama has a Secret Private Civilian Army training with DHS, CDC, and FEMA for National Emergency.
    HR390 (FEMA camps )
    EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603- Full Executive powers over everything including Forced Labor in PEACETIME and in times of National Emergency.
    I’m not a Veteran or Active Duty but, I will do my best to inform others and stick to FACTS not Fiction or Opinion. Learn fast, Information/History is being deleted and censored with lightning speed.

  6. And things are getting worse. There are videos out showing how easy it is to rig electronic voting booths. It’s not bad enough the hundreds/thousands of “dead” people vote and now some states don’t even require proof that your a citizen.

    If Hillary wins be prepared to “Lock and Load” because our country has been taken over.

  7. All facts They will come for us before we go for them. Your assessment should open eyes of anyone on the fence. Thank you .always look forward to your insite.

  8. I have a small unit up here in Michigan but I was wondering if we are it in the state? Or is there a miscommunication and there are other units put there.

    • Michigan is one of those states where we’ve tried establishing a command structure for the 50+ people that need vetting, but apparently there’s not a single guy there up to the task.

  9. Dam glad to see more people getting involved with taking back our country I am a combat vet special forces 3rd group retired and living in Colorado I am 18bravo weapons Seargent I have tons Of skills that I would love nothing more than to share them with Americans that have families. I would like to be a part of this. And God bless the USA.
    Ssgt Paul Meyer

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