Rebuilding Society after Doomsday

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Rebuilding Society after Doomsday

This Rebuilding Society after Doomsday Guide is a continuation of our Life after Doomsday article, describing methods and means of establishing a civil society after it all goes to hell.  If you haven’t read Life after Doomsday, please be sure to.  There’s a wealth of information available online about preparedness, yet from this wealth of amateur insight you won’t find any relevant or intelligent post-apocalyptic considerations for rebuilding society.  With this article I’ll attempt to outline some basic concepts built from shaky, but probable foundations.  It is my hope we can bury these expectations in the same place we hide our skeletons, only letting them rise to the surface when needed.

Should we even rebuild society?

You know what really grinds my gears; that we even have to debate whether or not to rebuild society after the apocalypse.  Yes, morons.  The same reason we should rebuild is the same reason I don’t want the apocalypse to happen.  Humanity will lose what little advancements we’ve made in the blink of an eye.  Generations, and Centuries of Knowledge will be lost.

The direction in which we move should be refined, without a  doubt.  Personally, I think we are headed in the wrong direction, and not necessarily the most optimal path for technological advancement.  When the status quo is forced to change we should take advantage of the opportunity by changing the direction of this ship focusing our scientific efforts on energy, propulsion, quantum mechanics, off-planet colonization, and etc…

That’s right folks… in my tattered black rags upon a perch squawking as the bugs build their castles in dirt,I shell out divinations, and dime-store prophecies.  At my core I am a visionary.  Without Vision there is no future, and this vision requires stating the obvious; the only way to achieve sustainable human continuity is through off-planet colonization.  Better stop myself now before going way off the reservation, yes?  Let’s put a pin in that for another time, space cowboys…

There are five very likely realities we’ll have to meet head on before committing to other obligations.  I will list each of these with an explanation, and then we’ll review a fairly reasonable strategy for rebuilding civilization…

An Apocalyptic Republic

In ‘Life after Doomsday’ we discussed Restoring the Republic.  Restoring the Republic has always, and will always be the primary directive of all usCrow CMF Personnel after any nationwide disaster that causes the breakdown of a ‘functioning’ body of government.  The government that currently exists is not a Constitutional Republic, but after the apocalypse we will do what is needed to get what we are supposed to have.  Let’s face facts — all of mankind’s continued experiments in governance spanning over thousands of years does not compare to a constitutional republic that has only been around a couple hundred years, pulling more people out of poverty, giving everyone a fair shot at prosperity.

By no means should we allow any other form of government to take hold.  If we are not vigilant and aggressively proactive after doomsday, humanity will be at risk for extinction.  Our numbers will be seriously depleted, which does not bode well if communism or socialism gains momentum, because these two political theories have been tried over and over again leading to the deaths of over a hundred million people.  Dictators, fascist regimes borne from radical religious leaders, and authoritarianism will rise, and it is our job to eliminate all of them.  Never forget that.

Doomsday’s Structural Aftermath

Rebuilding society is a fluffy thought to have, but what’s left after the smoke settles makes a big difference.  In all likelihood our metropolitan centers will be nothing more than tragically beautiful piles of rubble, while our monoliths hobble over our cities littered with rebar jutting out from their withering foundations.  Power stations will burn and smolder for what seems like an eternity, nuclear plants will continue to leak their poison, further spreading blight, and death until they are posthumously contained.

Farms will have been desecrated by the many arms of disaster, cutting down the number of ‘viable’ yields.  Natural mineral mines will have caved in from any blasts within range, and a lack of upkeep.  Houses will have been ransacked, or burned out, and roads will have been taken back by the natural elements.  The destruction will be hard to accept, and even more intimidating when trying to understand how you will overcome such a massive volume of land and material.

Education and Illiteracy

A few years after the apocalypse with no education institutions operating, it is more than entirely likely that illiteracy rates will start to skyrocket, and if you haven’t noticed, ignorance is dangerous.  With incoming generations losing out on vital education we will begin to degrade as a whole.  Hell, even with education you can still be a complete and utter fool vis-à-vis #feelthebern buffoons that are once again gobbling up socialist nonsense mixed with a copious amount of ‘privilege checking’

It is for this reason we will have to not only eradicate today’s educational curriculum, but create a method of education that truly produces valuable assets to the grand vision.  To fall back into teachings that birthed this massive cesspool of morally bankrupt faux intellects is one of the greatest mistakes we will ever make.

Potable Water

We live in a delicate ecosystem that we ourselves designed, the problem is once we’re not there to maintain dams, levees, water reclamation plants, sewers, and etc. it all falls apart.  Not only will water become non-potable, but many of the surrounding properties near water diversion points will be flooded, causing many of them to be unsalvageable.

Several water sources, if not most, will be tainted in the event of a biological, chemical, or nuclear event.  This one fact is probably one of the most frightening realities about life after doomsday, and rightly so.  Depending on the type of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) event, that water will have to be aggressively treated in a relatively short amount of time to prevent further seepage into the soil.

 Food and Soil

Much like the issue with water we will not know how bad the soil and the food will be after doomsday.  If it’s your run of the mill economic collapse that caused everything it won’t be that big of a deal, but if doomsday was caused by a CBRN event, it will be a very big deal because after that happens everything will be tainted.  In Fukushima they have over nine millions bags of radioactive dirt and they have no idea what to do with all of it.  Since they can’t have a school girl sit on it and put it in a vending machine I’d say they have a problem.

With the soil being contaminated much of our food sources including wild game will be practically nonexistent which will force us to create some ingenious methods to overcome this hurdle.  I’m pretty sure none of you want to do what Japan did so we’re going to have to be smarter.

Rebuilding Society

Now that we know the primary issues we can focus on addressing these first before moving onto other responsibilities.  In this portion of the guide I will outline several steps we will take to get society on our feet.  Realistically speaking, I’m not delusional enough to think any of this will be a simple task, but if I’ve learned anything in my infinitely short life it is this; people will blindly follow crooked dictators, political girl scouts, and religious zealots, but what people truly crave is to be a part of something bigger than themselves, a vision for the future they can be proud of.  If you can create the right vision, an entire country will follow you.  Now, let’s discuss the future…

Eliminate All Threats

This is a role of the CMF Militia before and after doomsday.  It is our responsibility to eliminate any faction that poses a proven threat to the freedom of every man, woman, and child that is a citizen of The United States.  After doomsday our current ROE (Rules Of Engagement) will have to be modified, with all State Commanders appointing Reaper QRF groups tasked with reconnaissance, target acquisition, and elimination when appropriate.  A trained QRF can eliminate cells with over twenty untrained men in most cases, while larger groups will require an overpowering show of force from the CMF.

Before you bust out your ACLU pamphlet, threats will not be superficially identified, but will represent an ongoing threat.  Large groups will attempt to run entire towns with an iron curtain, violate Geneva Conventions, force people to pay insane prices (not all monetary) for resources seized after murdering the previous owners, while committing unspeakable acts of atrocities in the name of fascism, socialism, communism, or whatever psychotic ideology they subscribe to.  These people can’t be allowed to propagate any further, and if someone doesn’t stand in their way, they’ll take over everything.


After getting rid of the majority of bad apples running around our glorious nation, we will have to re-establish currency.  Currency however, will no longer be the dollar as it is, instead we will have gold, platinum, and silver backed notes, requiring a consorted effort to find these precious metals that were left unclaimed after doomsday.  Ten man teams with four men acting as a security detail will be deployed throughout each state to find these metals, their commission for finding these metals will be paid in the new notes.

Under no circumstance whatsoever will any CMF member at any time attempt to or be in cahoots with the taking of metals owned by any individual or business.  The only metals we will take possession of are those not owned by anyone.  Groups will be required to record the address of each acquisition, along with any information identifying the previous owner, in the event an individual files for a legal inheritance, at which time they will be reimbursed after a small and reasonable acquisition fee.  People that have gold will have the option to trade their precious metals in for notes and will be generously compensated.

By establishing currency we are laying the ground work for constitutional governance and a civilized society, and by keeping the basic function simple without complicating it with bureaucratic idiocy it’ll be much easier to accomplish.

Mapping Intelligence

The current map of The United States will have to identify currently inhabited cities, and townships, while noting those that have been abandoned.  In addition these maps will need to identify resources such as minerals, metals, and viable organics.  All water resources will need to be tested for toxicity, radioactive isotopes, and biological hazards in the presence of a CBRN event.  Farms will need to be identified, and have their soil tested.  If a resource is legally owned, or has been abandoned it will be notated.  Unattended and sound homes free of damage will be noted.  Finally, any home or land left unoccupied with be given new parcel numbers with equal surrounding acreage.

By gathering all of this intelligence we are laying the foundations of order.  All information will be public knowledge.  After all of this information is gathered we will be able to actualize our overall goals, while being able to provide a fully accountable plan we can present at the constitutional convention.

Restore the Republic

Restoring the Republic will require finesse, but not entirely difficult to accomplish.  First and foremost each state will have to elect its representatives, meaning there will be several moving parts all needing to work together to produce a fair result.  Once elections are over a constitutional convention will be held.   It should be mentioned that without the institution of term limits, comprehensive campaign reform, minimal taxation, and the release of all unclaimed property including federal property illegally owned that is not a natural preserve, CMF will not condone the legitimacy of the convention.  We can’t let the crooks get away with anything right off the bat.  Regardless of your personal feelings about Mark Levin, you should read the Liberty Amendments, which should be the goal of the convention.

It is conceivable to say if left to their own devices, the government will always devolve into an immoral blob of useless parasites without legitimate oversight.  For this reason an investigational arm made up of high ranking veterans and military personnel should be formed to prevent corruption, treason, and other abuses of power.  This should be an independent organization funded by the states, and not the federal government, with stringent requirements.

Destruction is Creation

After establishing currency and a legitimate government the means to perform custodial services will be available.  These custodial services are absolutely crucial to getting society back on its feet.  After the apocalypse there will be a lot of work needing to be done by demolition crews, botanists, ecology experts, architects, salvage and construction workers.  We won’t waste our efforts on trying to rebuild what was lost, all symbols of a wasteful government.  

Our goal is to demolish, any buildings that have been damaged, while salvaging any materials that can be repurposed.  Before getting to my next point I should make one thing perfectly clear I am no hippie.  Nor am I some tree hugging Gaia goon.  That being said all the demolished buildings will be turned into sustainable farm lands, natural ecosystems, privately funded farmer’s markets, while renovating the buildings that hadn’t collapsed to put on the free market for purchase.  Continued upkeep, and security will be the responsibility of the states.  This scope of work will require a whole host of people to achieve such a grand design.

Resource Decontamination, Repair & Allocation

After the apocalypse there will be a wealth of unclaimed resources, many of which will either be inoperable, contaminated, or damaged.  Any man who has laid claim to a natural resource that is not a large mass of water, and is willing to sell those resources at a reasonable rate, while maintaining the property will constitute a legal claim if no beneficiaries exist.   If there is a CBRN event the topsoil will most likely need to be removed and processed for decontamination, while testing the deeper and surrounding soil for radioisotopes.

You may wonder why it’s our responsibility to do all this, and the answer isn’t all that difficult.  This Country is the bread basket of the world meaning we have got to secure these resources before foreign or domestic enemies attempt to seize them.  These resources will fuel rebuilding efforts while stimulating economic growth with little involvement from a governing body.  We have a massive amount of resources that includes; fertile soils, favorable climatic conditions, irrigation, corn, meat, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, wheat, coal, iron ore, bauxite, copper, natural gases, petroleum, mercury, nickel, potash and silver.

Another resource we often overlook is our trains and railways.  Out of all the resources we will lose this one won’t need a lot of repairs or replacements, and will be our primary mode of resource and personnel transportation.  Meaning security details will need to be inserted alongside contractors and engineers.

Claim Your Land

One of the main mistakes we as a people allowed to happen was the forced corralling into major metropolitan centers, which is one of the reasons they’re going to all be dead.  We should fix this and allow survivors the opportunity to own land, spread out, and be self-reliant, by releasing all federally owned lands into the free market.  States will outline lot sizes, and prices, which will be sold to private citizens for an extremely low price as long as the land owner agrees to decontaminate the land, demolish any damaged buildings, and maintain a healthy property.

Look guys, there’s a reason the American dream doesn’t exist anymore…the government owns over a third of the land, and prevents a hefty percentage from being able to purchase land with bureaucratic red tape.  People need to have that dream again, and after surviving the wasteland for a few years they’ll need something to start living for.  With the population being severely reduced, there will be more than enough land.  States can come up with additional offers, and incentives at their own discretion, allowing for competition in the free market.  States will jump at buyers willing to decontaminate, and maintain their property, because it’s in the state’s interest to increase soil quality promoting larger yields.


As mentioned above, getting education back on track is an important responsibility that will provide us an opportunity to point future generations in the right direction.  It is important to not only change the way we teach our children, but to challenge them to be better, while removing coddling from the classroom and focusing on mathematics, American History (not this liberal BS being peddled), engineering, physics, and programming.

When people talk about whether or not schools should be publicly funded or privately, the counterargument is that most people will not be able to afford private schools.  That argument relies on the existence of the economy as it is today, but that will not be what a post-apocalyptic economy will look like.   There will be fewer people, meaning more resources, land, and opportunity for people to earn more, and if we do this right people will always be able to afford their children’s education.   By having privately funded education centers compete in the free market we will keep prices low, while allowing parent’s the choice of picking a school that best fits their children’s aptitude.

Water Reclamation & Decontamination

After a CBRN Event every large body of water will need to be tested and decontaminated.  Radiated water will need to be put through reverse osmosis filters, water with bio-hazards will need to be sterilized and filtered, and who knows what we’ll have to do if it was a chemical attack that got into our water supply.  Even if it wasn’t a CBRN Event that caused doomsday, the water pumps, reclamation facilities, and dams will need repairs to be functional and manned with the proper personnel with a security detail to protect workers and equipment.

Not one person will be given exclusive ownership rights over any body of water, the cost of pumped water will be in direct relation to the cost of operating each facility, and will not be an engine of profit.  People can still sell purified water if there’s a market for it after doomsday.  My point is no one will go without water eliminating the potential for conflict. In addition to repairing existing machinery, we should invest in several offshore desalinization plants off the southwestern coast line connected to stations designated for consumption and irrigation.  The water designated for irrigation should be diverted to barren lands that are likely to be struck with ongoing droughts and natural resources at risk of catching fire.

Sustainable Power

Again I am no hippie, but I believe in sustainability, and we have got to stop worrying about how we’re going to keep the lights on, and start focusing on new discoveries.  I don’t particularly care which option we choose, solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal, nuclear, and etc., but if I had my pick I’d go with solar power plants.  As a prepper, and a survivalist I use solar panels all the time, and I see no problem with using them to create sustainable energy we can invest in and be content with.

Did you know there are plans for a central solar power plant that could power more than half the country?  I honestly haven’t found one drawback to their use.  You know why they’re not being used in mass today, because pieces of garbage like Warren Buffet own power companies, and get legislation passed that makes it impossible to operate a solar company, then he cranks the prices up on consumers.  I swear, I’ll choke Warren Buffet out if I come across him after doomsday.  Will this kill coal?  Absolutely not, the less we need coal here means the more we can sell outside the country for a pretty penny.

Closing thoughts…

Throughout this article terms like ‘we’ or ‘CMF’ were used when describing the people taking responsibility of the burdens listed above.  I want to make this perfectly clear so I don’t have to address it at a later point in time, CMF or whichever organization takes charge of these tasks will in no way assume a role of power, nor make a profit from the duties they perform.  CMF will however be reimbursed for back pay, operating costs, and financier contributions.  After everything is in place we will return to the shadows with a watchful eye.

If you couldn’t tell, this article is a purely theoretical vision for the future.  If we’re being honest with each other, I could sit down and write a two hundred page guide on this theory.  The reality is no one knows which direction we’ll turn after the apocalypse.  Maybe we’ll just keep killing each other until there’s only one man left, maybe we’ll walk write into the arms of a genocidal dictator, or maybe we’ll just keep existing until we go extinct.  There’s no real way to know what’s going to happen.  Don’t you doubt for a second, there’s a less virtuous man out there with his own dark and morbid vision for the future.  Anyways guys, if you liked the article give it a five star rating below, and if you have any comments, or ideas for rebuilding after the apocalypse, let me know!

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Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

20 thoughts on “Rebuilding Society after Doomsday

  1. Good article, though your words seemed distressingly familiar, probably from my own days in emergency management.
    A thought on education–free public education where needed for at least a few years (parents should be enlisted in this) to teach at least reading, writing and basic mathematics. After that, paid public education to learn scientific basics, history and basic government concepts (essential if you want a society that participates in its government instead of merely being ruled by it.) After that, kids learn the family business or apprentice out or, as finishing schools develop, continue on to more advanced sciences, teaching, medicine, etc. It’ll always be a work in progress.
    The plan for acquiring PMs from abandoned sites runs a bit too close to the scavenging parties proposed by a few other groups who are backed by some not so trustworthy people, however, so I think we really need to be careful about that.
    Communities need to develop laws from the start, along with consequences that fit whatever law was broken. I’ve always wondered about survivalist communities–bound to have their own rules–but also insular communities who may not allow others into their areas. At what point do such communities cease their isolation and begin to have dealings with the outside world? What rules will there be for dealing with these groups to bring them in, yet respect their individualism or sovereignty?
    Now, let’s say government is established. I think the investigative group needs people from different backgrounds, not just military, lest they become the next cabal to become corrupt. We need the checks and balances, and maybe an independent group that is somehow also held responsible by some combination of the other parties, else it would be so easy for them to become the next “secret combination” to develop the next generations-spanning secret society of the future. We don’t need that, because it’ll just repeat the mistakes of the past.

    • Almost forgot–in their search for precious metals, perhaps a search for books containing valuable information could also begin? It would be useful for any society to begin the building of a library. Put together with a basic education system, your people could be very well informed about the sciences, art, medicine, philosophy, history, as well as needed crafts, skills, etc.

    • well said, also from Emergency Management / DHS. Had to leave due to stupid folks in charge.

  2. Ryan, I am unable to sign in or access the site. Windows 10 says there is a problem with the certificate and shuts off the connection. Says contact site administrator to fix. I tried Edge, Chrome and Explorer and get the same message on every browser. Is it me or something else. Thx

  3. Good stuff…My four leadership and management principles pertaining to “bosses” and “followers” were considered, Americans will have to be:
    1. hard workers;
    2. truly care about what they do;
    3. treat others as they wish to be treated; and,
    4. be safe.
    Easy to say but hard to execute.

    (Liked desalination water plants and solar power; saw in other countries – Saudi Arabia [water] and Germany [farm fields full of solar panels].)

    (Additionally, it is amazing how we cannot achieve those “meat and taters” on a national, collective basis now.)


  4. Even if we do have a collapse of our government as we know it, we will have to rebuild. In my opinion we still have the best form of Government, Of the people. We have a good foundation , we just have to get rid of the corrupt members of our leadership and it is not too hard to figure out who they are. We will need law and order. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution have to be followed to the letter, not interpreted by any one group. The Supreme court is there to enforce law not make law. They should have been stopped the first time they tried it. No more career politicians, that just leads to corruption. Two terms at the most and out you go.

  5. This is on topic, but a couple millennial removed. Somewhere back there in history, during one of the Roman Wars, the library at Alexandria, Egypt was burned. This was not just an ordinary library, it was ground zero for the world’s knowledge. Millions of parchment transcripts containing all the knowledge of the known world were stored and studied there. Tens of thousands of Scholars spent their entire lives there, ever learning, and relaying that knowledge via runners to their country of birth. When the knowledge contained in that gigantic library was lost, basically, civilization had to start over on the ground floor. Modern day scholars have surmised that if that fire had not occurred we would have walked on the moon about the time Columbus made his voyage to the Caribbean Islands (circa 1492), off planet living would be the norm, and disease would be non existent, just to name a few. Another example is the loss of what knowledge was left when the Roman Empire collapsed, not the least being ‘concrete’, which wasn’t rediscovered until the 18th century. Well anyway, just some thoughts on what happens and how bad things can get when things go up in smoke, which is obviously where we are headed. God bless and thanks for the great article.

  6. My take on life is this, we have the technology and the education and resources to feed house and clothe our population world wide. we do. there is no food shortage that isn’t engineered by the greedy. WHY do we HAVE to establish a CURRANCY? Why cant humans get into their head that there is really no need for TRADE, BARTER and all that other greedy shit. If there is abundance, and there is if we use the current technology correctly with out the greedy mindset of having to get something in return for your effort. This is not communist ideology but it is a hypothetical question? if I have plenty, why do I need more than the other JOE. Why cant we all just be happy with having what ever we want in our lives, to enjoy our lives with out the need for more than others, to get on the top and all that shit. If we are going to start NEW why not start a NEW standard where EVERYONE works and EVERYONE gets what they need out of life. Create a society that shuns old greedy ways and accepts new ideas over old obsolete ones that are no longer optimal in efficiency. create the longest lasting goods, the fastest and strongest machines. The best wholesome foods and ect. Sure if you like coke, get a damn coke(soda) but make it with REAL sugar and not the manufactured poisons designed to make the corporation’s rich at the expense of your health. We do have the technology to build vehicles and other machines efficiently, long lasting and powerful. Why does affordable even have to be in the mix? Why does someone have to be at the TOP? That Idea is what is wrecking our society and making it what it is today. with a society like I talk about, humans could have the time and means to venture for what ever they choose to make their life fulfilling. We would have the chance to make striving for that new invention or solving that problem for a better machine or more efficient fuel or product a measure of success instead of wealth and greed. Make virtue and notoriety the measure of success instead of wealth and greed. Why go back to old failing ideals if the opportunity was ripe to start over? like I said this is just a hypothetical question… OUR founders had a vision and we could have built on it instead we let it fester with greed and it is nearly deceased in our society. Virtue was the measure of men not wealth. we let that system back into our society after we let the damn greedy British bring their lawyers and politicians here after we won the war. I even venture to ask if we really won or were we made to think we won so they could infiltrate our new and idealistic society based on human virtue and real freedom with a system based in greed and perceived freedoms where we are still serfs of tyrants.

  7. We started with less, with almost nothing but an ideal, and built something great. So long as one survives, the nation does.

  8. Ryan,
    This is indeed one of the best articles you have written. I have a class coming up in July on members, families ,tribes and communities that will need to pull together for the last days and this article is the finale word on the subject. I would like your permission to share this with my local group in North Idaho and my Nationwide groups thru out the US and Canada.

  9. Would like to say that preparing is not just a Bobbie of sorts but a deep concern for life…

    myself have been digging for the darker hole, life goes on even if it’s the smallest cell. But one the that drives me as I prepare to embark on traveled beyond thought.

    Good luck to man kind’n

    • @Mike S: Just a point please. My dad, back in the 50’s was a sharecropper. The trouble was by the time the ‘landowner’ got his share there was damned little left for dad to feed his family. Sharecropping only works if you are dealing with a totally honest landowner and they are few and far between.

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