The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday

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5 of the Worst Cities to Live in After Doomsday

In this guide we are going to review the worst cities for preppers to live in when the shit hits the fan.  I know what most of you are thinking, ‘That’s easy, the cities with the highest crime rate are the worse’, or at least that would be the response of someone less imaginative.  Luckily, I’m not a two dimensional kind of guy, and I prefer to see through parallel monotonies to the abstractions of life.  That doesn’t mean I am going to exclude those statistics, they will just play a small role in a greater sum.  To provide a genuine list of the worst cities for preppers we have to factor in four critical elements; crime statistics, natural resource availability, government dependency, and cultural values.

Determining Factors

Crime statistics that take murder per capita, strong arm robbery, and assault into account provides a reasonable expectation of what these cities will look like after doomsday.  The availability of natural resources will play a much larger role than crime because a lack of those natural resources will force the people who aren’t criminal to become criminals.  Natural resources that factor into our ratings include; farms, freshwater sources, and raw materials.  Government dependency plays a smaller, but equally important, role in how a city fares after doomsday seen in our latest post ‘Life after Doomsday’.  A city with a high percentage of its inhabitants on welfare, food stamps, and other forms of government assistance means a high number of people who are less likely to be prepared, and self-sufficient.  Cultural values can somewhat be succinct with crime, but for the purposes of this article, it is its own being.  Cultural values like community togetherness and team spirit is a plays a huge role in how a city will fare after the apocalypse.  Wolverines!

A minor clarification — one thing not taken into account is nuclear fallout patterns, which would be relevant if the disaster we face is in some way related to nuclear war, or a series of earthquakes near nuclear facilities causing a meltdown.  However, this information Is more relevant to another article I am writing, and for the sake of redundancy this factor will not be accounted for in this article.  That being said, this list is relevant as long as Doomsday wasn’t caused by a nuclear event.

The Worst Cities after Doomsday!

Sacramento, California


I hate to break it to all of you Sac Town hoodrats, but one of the last places I would want to be after the apocalypse is Sacramento.  I don’t mean to offend anyone, but Sac is a shit hole.  Sacramento, CA is ranked the 11th most dangerous city to live in America, where children aren’t even able to go to a football game without the possibility of getting murdered by one of the city’s 100+ gangs.  In addition to being one of the most dangerous places to live, even without the threat of doomsday, California’s unconstitutional gun laws will leave law abiding citizens defenseless since the only ones that will have guns is the gang bangers.  Is that not enough to convince you?  Let’s add icing to the cake, Sacramento is running out of water forcing it’s 1.7 million citizens into a very desperate situation when the pumps get shut off.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Two of the writers for live here, so trust me this article is not biased at all, and honestly if you live in areas like Summerlin or Anthem it’s easy to live in denial with all the trees, good schools, and ridiculously unnecessary albeit beautiful architecture, but denial will only sustain you so long.  The reality is we live in a fucking desert with absolutely no natural resources whatsoever.  Our water comes from the Colorado River, and Lake Mead, but once the Hoover Dam goes out of commission we are royally screwed.  In addition to our unavoidable drought in the near future, our murder rates are starting to sky rocket!  Even though Summerlin and Anthem are great neighborhoods, they are surrounded by areas with extreme crime rates like the East Side, North Town, and Boulder.  Unlike other cities, after doomsday we will have nowhere to go for food, or water, and once the power gets knocked out we are all going to die with no air conditioning and an average temperatures of 120°+ in a very long summer.

New York City, New York

Believe it or not, New York City has a low crime rate when compared to other cities.  So why is New York on this list?  Like I said our conclusions aren’t based solely on crime statistics.  The problem with New York is the size of the city, proximity between people, gun laws, exits, and complete lack of natural resources.  Due to the size of this city, when the shit hits the fan these people will cannibalize each other.  The proximity to one another makes it increasingly difficult to contain a viral pandemic.  Again, the gun laws play a role making the criminals the only ones with guns, while everyone is running around with baseball bats and cannolis.  Worst of all there are very few options if you want to get out of the city, which is a double-edged sword, making it that much easier to quarantine, contain, and subject the city to marshal law.

Detroit, Michigan


What do you do when Motor City turns into Amityville?  You get the hell out of there in a hurry.  It’s no secret ‘liberalism’ destroyed this city, like it is slowly destroying Austin, Texas.  While Detroit does have natural resources surrounding the city, there are very few people who live in the city that would actually know how to acquire them!  I shit you not, I’ve been to Detroit, met the people, and I’m telling you right now; once the water pumps turn off these people would be too inept to go down to Detroit River or Lake Huron and get their water and filter it, nor would they be able to hunt from the surrounding woods.  Over a quarter of the city’s population is on welfare, or food stamps.  Want to hear the kicker?  Detroit is the second most dangerous city in the country.

Modesto, California


Much like Sac town, but not as bad, Modesto has high crime rates, with over ten thousand violent crimes every single year.  Another issue with Modesto is they are ranked as one of the top ten cities in The United States that is running out of water with the San Joaquin’s river turning up dry.  Just like the other cities listed in this article, Modesto has little exploitable natural resources, and horrible gun laws that will create several issues after doomsday.  ‘Water Wealth‘ lol…

Closing thoughts…

When writing this article I resided myself to the fact I was writing a preference point and not an iron clad academic syllabus.  The things I listed are what I would be the most concerned about, and if you find yourself agreeing with me I suggest you find a home in a city with little crime, a bounty of natural resources, fewer gun laws, and a strong community.  If you guys have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.  We value our readers’ opinions!

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36 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday

  1. The most logical thing to do in a shtf scenario to do in my opinion, in the case of Chicago or a St.Louis type urban area, would be to seal off or cease all bridge crossings. Those of us that live in rural area’s outside of urban epicenter’s would have to isolate the have nots from the maybe haves. A hard choice, but if everyone piles into the lifeboat, it will sink. No urban setting can sustain the amount of life that is there, when electricity or transportation is shut down. Imagine if the EBT cards weren’t working! Mass chaos! Stock up, Learn Skills and Prepare a plan of Defense. Communication and practice will save your life in any emergency. You must ask yourself the question, what if and what am I willing to do to protect my family and my life “if” happens. And always remember, your family cannot survive, if you don’t. So, tough strategic decisions must be made quickly and without hesitation. Just a thought, from an Ex-Navy Bubblehead.

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    • Well with the west coast obliterated from Sub Base Missiles or Korea hitting from Seattle to San Diego and the fallout hitting as far as Sacramento, not too many places to go in California
      If you can afford a bug out place or a Vivos Shelter in the North toward the canyon and Reno, that might be a good place to go, just have food and weapons. The Feather River will have water for a few years anyway

  3. I’ve got to respectfully disagree with the addition of Detroit .

    We are surrounded by fresh water. And the fact that the majority of the population wouldn’t know how to filter water much less prep means a relatively quick die off of the threat.

    Not to mention our relatively low population for a city.

    We have very flat terrain and lots of tall abandoned buildings to gain a tactical advantage in.

    We also have deep underground salt mines that could be accessed with the right strategical planning in case of a NBC attack.

    Plus our Sheriff and Police are less tyrannical than some other areas of the country.

  4. Sorry that this brief is not about the Five Worst Cities, but I wanted to share directions on How To Make Your Own Water!
    We, on the North American Continent are in the midst of the cyclic 700 year drought. If one would check with the USGS, they would find the level of Lake Meade which supplies the Hoover Dam has decreased in it’s level over a meter in the past two years. Many wells in the Midwest and west have gone dry. Not good. However, for about $1000.00 or less, one can produce a system that will guarantee they and their family about twenty pints of good drinking water a day…more than enough to cook and to drink. All the requirements are as follows: Three 100 watt polycrystalline 5.5-6.5 amp/hr Solar Panels in parallel at 12 volts. These go through a 30 amp Controller and then into three 12 volt Deep Cycle Marine-Type Batteries rated at about 110 ampere hours(AH) also wired in parallel. From these batteries two leads go to a 1500 watt Inverter(Pure Sine Wave is best for all your electronic equipment). From the Inverter you plug up your energy efficient 3 amp, 320 watt Dehumidifier. Instead allowing the Dehumidifier to “Tank” it’s water, buy a Dehumidifier that has a hose that allows your water to be routed directly from the Dehumidifier into a PUR Water Filter. After this water is filtered, it is almost ready to drink. Your finall step is to use a “Steri-pen” you purchase on Amazon for eighty-five bucks to expose each 8 ounce glass of filtered water to short wave UV which will kill all the Bacteria including the Cryprosporidium and others AND use the water within 2 hours. The reason to use in 2 hours is that the Cryptosporidium cysts will re-generate after about two hours and you need your stomach acid to finish them off before they re-generate. Well, there is a way to make your own water right out of the air you are breathing. Make sure to use heavy guage cables on your batteries and leads to the inverter(2 or 4 guage) and put a 150 Amp Circuuit Breaker in the Positive cable to your Inverter. Don’t use fuses since they are extremely expensive and hard to find, let alone in a crisis time. Good Luck and Drink-Up.

      • What do you suggest? I made a solar still in the sierras that worked on crushed plants and urine. Nasty, but it wasn’t to make wine, either 🙂 We need ideas. You cannot drink open water in the desert, either, without treating it. i have and know those who do, but we also chew tobacco or drop an old penny in the jug.

  5. Would not hurt to add the Basic CD (Civil Defense) Radiological Monitoring Kit to your Preppie supplies. This kit can still be purchased on-line brand new in the original box. FOR CHEAP. It contains (1) 4-Dosimeters which record the amount of Radiation you have been exposed to. These are Pens. (2) Dosimeter Reader/Charger that re-sets the Dosimeters to zero as well. (3) Two Radiation meters. One for high levels and one for low levels of Radiation. These units work on one D-Cell Battery. Protect these units from EMP til you use them. Also to keep from inhaling fallout you should have new gas masks with filters extra to cover you while the fallout falls or until you can un-ass the area safely. The Radiation limits can be found on the I-Net. I bought my whole kit for less that a hundred and twenty dollars. Check Amazon and e-Bay.

  6. I can agree on Detroit for I have lived in and around it for seventy five years. The poor people of Detroit are not just financially poor but intellectually as well. The city has been drained of resources by crooked politicians for decades. The people resort to making a living any way they can. Some having cars can get out to find work which is scarce and low paying. The car company’s are the only remaining jobs that have high enough income to support a family. The glass towers have good jobs for the few who have the higher education. The city has too many regulations that make starting your own business all but impossible. Society in the intercity has degraded into a barbaric existence. With a crisis the food and water gone they will be on the move. They will be armed. With the present moral standard they will have one goal and wont care who they will murder to get food. The ones who have cars will find the roads blocked. the communities outside of Detroit will know what is coming and will defend. If any do make it out of the city their search for food will be in vain for it will be gone. Any who make it further will ruin and consume everything in their path securing their future of starvation for they will eat the things that is needed to grow more food. Many have taken to farming the empty lots in Detroit. This would be a good step if supported by government but they are too shortsighted to see that someone else other than government has the answers . If we have no power for longer than three weeks we will have a crisis of epic proportions and it will set us on the path to a pre- mechanized era for the ones who survive.

    • high cap mag bans in Colorado shows the Colorado political system has a plethora of liberals.

  7. Two cities with rivers running through them are out of water, but LA isn’t listed. Their water is shipped from the north to them and in SHTF scenario, the pumps will shut off and it will be a desert in no time.

  8. I didn’t see my town, either. I was told that Cops, the show, is planning a segment here, we’re that interesting. We were picked over the county seat, in fact. Population here, 25,000. county seat, 450,000. Someone once said people here scare even the Chicago mob. Ours have more experience at war and politics. This is, after all, the land of Kids for Cash and a few other national shames.

    • Yeah, Wilkes-Barre and surrounding environs are pretty bad lately. Lots of hunters and fishers around, along with large lakes and wooded areas.

      • Hunters and fishermen, cool, and often family. Ever watch the Benny Hill Show? He had a skit about crime in the UK. “Crime, Britain’s fastest growing industry!” Then he smirked and said, “Britain’s only growing industry.” Crime, PA’s only growing industry. Half of the people in my town are immigrants or out-of-state people, usually NYC or Philly. It’s so much, Spanish is referred to as the new English. A generation ago, it was Colombians (and the C. necktie was common). Before them, Italian, before them Eastern Euros.

        I can walk down any block and find all the heroin I would want, right out in public. No, I won’t even take pain killers the doctor wants for me. But, this is how it is in a liberal state. Folks call the strip mines the mafia graveyard. I saw my first dismemberment when I was 11 and that was in the late 60s.

        Each new group brings trouble because they do not understand the scene. Crime follows and builds because most foreigners are more frightened of the police (from experiences back home, often a socialist nation) then they are of the criminals. On top of that, the Wyoming Valley is still Indian Country, and a lot of folks come here from up north or out West, and with them come the criminals, skinwalkers. Fortunately, Native Americans tend to police their own, especially here. 😉

  9. Just for the conversation, please give your opinion on Atlanta, Houston, and San Antonio. thanks

  10. Good read, and we had to start somewhere naming the cities that would be the worst, but in the end no city large or small will be safe. I’m noticing the worse things are becoming, and they are daily getting worse, the more people are living in denial of the facts. The wife and I watched a documentary called Hellstorm, about the German People during the latter stages of WW2. The Russian atrocities started at a small town called Nemmersdorf (sp). The men and children were butchered, the women raped then butchered. Before the Russians arrived at Nemmersdorf every German was saying not to worry, the threats we have heard are grossly exaggerated. Afterward the inhabitants of other cities were saying not to worry, the enemy troops just had to work off some energy and our towns will be safe from reprisals. It didn’t work that way, and the rapes and butchery went on almost unabated for three years after the war officially ended. Modern dipshit Americans live totally immersed in Nemmersdorfitis. We are going to be royally screwed when the lights go out regardless of which city we are living in. I hate this crap but I keep on keeping on. What choice do we have unless we want to throw our testicles down the toilet and accept death without a fight. Thanks for the info and wish you the very best.

    • We all have choices Brother and they will determine what odds we have of surviving… This is how I increased my odds…I first moved to an area that has sustainability, survivability, security… Also I made sure people of that area had at least a conservative mindset if not a Patriot One…I made sure the place I bought had at least 2 sources of water, ability to grow food and livestock, ability to be defended, and isolated if need be…Then started making sure I had all the Basics to survive a grid down scenario… Granted it’s a work in progress and the more time we are given the better chance we will have but we have to be at least working towards a goal…

      • when a president has this legacy, Toilet Czar Obama, it’s a sure sign where the nation is going. It doesn’t matter what state you live in, what city. Some will survive and thrive in the ghetto where they live, others will suffer and die in rural areas they grew up in. Know thy enemy because knowledge is power, and arrogance stupidity. Stay safe and may you thrive no matter what.

        • The only ones that survive in the ghetto will be the scum that preys on others… I assumed we were talking about those who are decent and honorable and want to have the best odds for their families… It’s not honest to say no matter where you are you have the same odds of surviving otherwise why would the author even write a piece like this…Its all about odds and the truth is you have better odds where you have low population density, conservative mindset, good food and water supply, etc…If you can’t or won’t see that then I can’t help you…

          • Hispanics group. So do most people, but Hispanics form family lines and try to live in the same ‘hood. Native Americans group. Muslims group. Jews and Christians group. There are two NA reservations in NYC. This town here, about 25,000 pop, has a huge number of immigrants and city people now. Almost all of them own one or more guns, unregistered. Ask the cops. You’re more likely to get raided, now, in the country than the city.

            Under SHFT, survivors will band together to pool resources in the city as they will in the rural areas. Many immigrants lived in worse places than a post-SHFT world. A friend, legally here, was a retired cops from Dominica. In the 70s, he and one other grad of the police academy were the only survivors out of a class that was about 1,000 men. His mother owns a small farm in the mountains and he told me the people are so poor many wear tapa cloth (made from the inner bark of the banana tree). No electric, running water is the creek, heat is a small fire and that’s the light at night, if you run out of tallow.

            When the scum move in, they usually disappear. Most people are very good, hard-working people but tightly grouped. Immigrants fear the police more than they do criminals. America is unusual in that respect, that often the police are friends, not the enemy. Most poor folk will survive when Manhattan, the Beltway crowd, Rodeo Drive, and the rest will fall. We will survive because we know the score. Many of us lived it as kids. We’re here to teach as well as learn.

          • You need to read about Selco and then come back and tell me how surviving in a city is a good thing…

          • Never said surviving in the city is a good thing. It’s not going to be easy anywhere. I pointed out the trouble people remaining in the city would have and how they would overcome it. I also pointed out you do not read a book by its cover. You know that and understand human psychology. Best to you. May you thrive.

          • I got news for you, Most cops are gangster mentality. that is why they join the police force. for the power and the rush their coward asses get from harassing unarmed citizens. they get really polite when they find you armed legally. BTW, there is not such thing as a REGISTERD GUN. except in places like NYC and BOSTON and that was over turned by the SCOTUS.

        • If you want a current view of Chicago just watch Escape from New York – nothing left of importance or usefulness in the “troubled” areas – already walled off by the majority of the CPD – it could be closed down entirely if necessary ….

          Governor Rauner has afternoon press conferences wearing his morning hunting camo – if you think Cook County’s problems will head south – guess again

    • If you want a current view of Chicago just watch Escape from New York – nothing left of importance or usefulness in the “troubled” areas – already walled off by the majority of the CPD – it could be closed down entirely if necessary ….

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