Philosophy of Guerrilla Warfare Part I

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Philosophy of Guerrilla Warfare Part I

This editorial piece on the Philosophy of Guerrilla Warfare was submitted by ‘Phantom’, a Elite Member.  In this piece Phantom discusses an often overlooked element of insurgency, getting support from the citizenry before the killing starts.

In a hypothetical situation, you have an occupying force in your AO (area of operations).  The occupying force has set roadblocks, CPs (check points), patrols and warrantless home searches.   Clearly, every bone in your body is telling you to strap on your kit and start killing the enemy, but unless there is Direct Action Raids against gun owners, constitutionalists, ethnic groups, or religious groups taking place, you have to wait to sew dissent among the citizenry.  This, I believe is the most overlooked tactic in resistance; gaining popular support for the insurgency, and getting more resisters!

So how do we sway minds of the occupied sheep to hate to hate and resist their occupiers?  That is the question I will not attempt to address.


Guerrilla Warfare Psyops

You stand by your window watching the daily patrol walk down your street enforcing the new regime’s curfew declared by the occupying forces chain of command.  Sit down, grab a pen, and three dozen sheets of paper – you have a lot of writing to do.  What you are about to do is write several letters, making true or false accusations of abuse at the hands of the occupiers.  In your letters you will mention that you will not give your name because you fear retaliation.  You will then conjure up a story of extreme abuse against the occupiers with the goal of making the story absolutely horrifying.  Note: It has been proven time and time again, where there is an occupying force there will be abuse, and injustice.  The likelihood of you having to make up a story is slim, but possible and necessary.  The first letter should be written in cursive with a red pen.  Under no circumstances should you keep any of these letters after delivery.  Additionally, you will want to use different types of paper for each letter.

After writing your account of the abuse and injustices you were subjected to you make several copies (around a hundred or so).  You then give these letters to one recipient you trust (who is also a resister) to hand out to your neighbors, warning them of the atrocity and not to trust the occupiers.  You will outline where the ‘delivery man’ is to discretely slip these letters under the doors of your neighbors, with the goal of ten houses every block or so under the cover of night.

You will then wait several days; with a black pen you will write another letter in upper caps/lower caps format.  It is incredibly hard to distinguish similarities between cursive and caps script. In this letter you will assume the identity of another person who has suffered injustices and abuse at the hands of the occupying force, stepping up the extreme nature of the raid.  You will then instruct your delivery man to deliver these letters to houses he hasn’t gotten to yet.  The goal here is to stir up as much resentment, and distrust among the citizenry against the occupiers creating that initial spark of resistance.

Now you will need to kick things up a notch.  This time you will use your gun, but not for what you think.  Wearing all black, and under the cover of night you will take your weapon to a relatively safe and secure location, while staying within earshot of the community, and rapidly fire half your magazine or so with the goal having the community hear the shots. Once you make it home safe you will fabricate another letter, and in this letter you will illustrate the murder of a civilian by the occupying force with the goal of making the murder sound horrifying as hell.  With this third act the citizenry will learn the occupying force truly can’t be trusted.

If you think PSYOPS like this aren’t needed, watch this video and think twice.


After sowing the seeds of dissent you can then begin Phase II.  Under the cover of night you will begin spray painting pro resistance images (maybe of a crow) and phrases on buildings, freeways, road signs, and etc.  Even if you are an army of one you will need to make it seem like you are many, to be followed by your first guerrilla warfare operation.  You will want to attack a small five man fire team on patrol, convoy supply, CP, or another ‘soft target’ making sure you spray paint your pro resistance slogan before you jam out.  The message itself should urge others to take action, and to stand against the occupying force.

With these small and low risk actions you’ve planted the seeds of rebellion.  The next time we talk we’ll review the details of guerrilla warfare fire teams; directives, training, and conduct.  This is my first time writing for and I’d like any constructive critiques you have to offer, including any helpful tips that can help us all out when war meets our sovereign soil.

Note from the Administrator:  We appreciate Phantom’s input, and look forward to more of his writings to come.  To some of you this article may seem unethical to ‘lie‘ about the occupiers, but any occupying force on our sovereign soil is an enemy of The People, and as the old adage ‘If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!’.  Be sure to check out the Elite Database with hundreds of PSYOPS and Guerrilla Warfare Manuals.

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14 thoughts on “Philosophy of Guerrilla Warfare Part I

  1. Phantom,though up,will hold on reading part 2 though look forward to it.I agree with most of what you say,especially getting the average folks on board in resistance.I will say also believe that any occupying force needs to be hit from the beginning,before they become well entrenched in your homeland.I realise will be late if local armed govt. folks go along with a occupation but can still gum up the works/make it hard to “dig in”.I will also say any occupying force I see say raping/murdering will attack immediately whatever the odds.I have no family depending on me and could not,would not want to live with seeing that and not going on a offensive,realize will get me killed but am though not suicidal comfortable with this decision.

    Was wondering what your background is in general terms,this something you have had to deal with in the past already?I will also say now is the time to win people over while we still have some freedoms left,will work on the rest when times up.

  2. Beautiful start and I am sure to it’s conclusion. I would want to be sure to have an ex-spec-ops(or such genre) associated AND TRUSTED with my group who is specialized in various arts of Improvised demolitions, etc to eliminate as many of the enemy as possible in one fell swoop. This type of action gives that great Shock & Awe to the enemy and puts that great fear in their hearts. Also makes them VERY reluctant to pursue your group. Just a thought………

  3. My next installment will be on fighting in semi rural areas and how ambushes ought to be conducted in such areas. I will include some pictures to better flesh out what I’m trying to say.

    As a side note, I like the white on black text just don’t.

  4. Very similar to Major Von Dach’s book Total Resistance. Get a copy while you can. This is more detailed for a specific action.

    PS This white text on black sucks.

      • I m fond of the white text on black. They made police depts change B27 targets from black to white because we were practicing to shoot only black targets REALLY keep the white text

        • Exactly. Besides, the original intent of the design was to look hard. And you got to admit, compared to every other site in survival/preparedness looks pretty damn clean. Tough color scheme, no pop ups, and if you’re on mobile it is black on white. Works out across the board.

  5. Also try to avoid fighting in your yard instead wait thill their confiscating the neighborhood pricks yard and then attack so hi s shit will be leveled. Just a thought and if you aint cheatin you aint winning. Ex swat musing lol

  6. I’m in Canada. .it’s scary to think that my country is defenseless we aren’t permitted any guns other than hunting rifles..I’m guessing they’ll test out the system on us first!?

  7. Good article, don t only consider resisting until they re tearing down your front door. It s always better to catch them having burgers and fries and come in from the kitchen and hose them down than try doing it on your front doorsteps. Less mess to clean up and you don t have to immediately vacate your house. Just a thought from an ex swat.

    • Totally agree. I’ll be taking about taking the fight to the enemy in my next article. I would love your criticisms given your background.

  8. Interesting tactics and techniques. This is done after gathering a background of local Intelligence. But what are the safety and security precautions to take from being captured by Opposing Forces , or to escaoe detection when others haven’t ventured out into the Night?

    • This sounds very simple, but don’t be an idiot. Watch wait listen. You can outrun anybody that’s wearing full kit if you get spotted. Know your town inside and out, know where and how to ditch persuers.

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