5 Apocalypse Movies you can learn from!

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5 Apocalypse Movies you can learn from

In this article I’m switching gears to talk about 5 apocalypse movies you can actually learn from.  Hollywood tends to go completely overboard with cinematic deluge, but every now and then they actually get it right.  I’m not saying you’re going to learn everything you need to know about survival by watching these movies, but what you can learn is the raw emotion behind surviving a post-apocalyptic world, and maybe a couple tips & tricks..

The Survivalist

Not that many people have heard about The Survivalist, with an English cast of Milja (Mia Goth), Kathryn (Olwen Fouere), and The Survivalist (Martin McCann).  Oddly enough the movie doesn’t hint as to what caused the world to go wrong, but what you do know is there is no food, and people have resorted to cannibalism.  Out of all the movies I’m going to list, this movie will undeniably teach you some pretty important stuff, and unlike most apocalypse movies it highlights the survivalist lifestyle like none other.

The Road

Hey, you want to get depressed really quick?  Watch this movie.  North America is in the middle of a nuclear winter, meaning all the farms, and all the animals have died, forcing a father (Viggo Mortenson) and his bitch of a son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) to travel south in hopes of finding food, and avoiding another nuclear winter.  This movie perfectly embodies the hopelessness of a post-apocalyptic America, while exposing the dark side of humanity when the chips are down as the father son duo desperately tries to avoid roving gangs of slavers and cannibals.  Apparently, Hollywood thinks Americans are just dying to eat each other.  By the way, the guy’s son is a total pussy, and the father is a moron.

These Last Hours

This is a pretty crazy movie set in Australia, the last continent to be struck by a post-meteor collision blast that is literally cooking the Earth’s crust.  Are you going to learn anything from this movie of factual importance?  No, but you will see a fairly important psychological aspect of humanity’s behavior once they’ve learned the jig is up.  You learn how quickly people give up on morality, turning on one another.  Murder, drugs, rape, and every unthinkable atrocity you can imagine takes place as you watch a hedonistic man try to give a young girl some semblance of peace.

The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors is more of a far-fetched post-apocalypse movie that operates under the idea Earth has ran out of freshwater, and you have to ache through two siblings’ attempt to survive in Oregon, now a sun scorched desert wasteland.  While the concept is far-fetched it does give you incite as to what some people will do when critical resources become limited, they will capitalize and murder to control these resources.  As each well dries up in the valley, you’ll learn what you’ll have to do to survive, and it ain’t pretty.

Red Dawn (Remake)

Simmer down!  Before you castrate me for not listing the original, here me out.  In this version of Red Dawn our country is taken over by what many of us in the prepper community are very well familiar with, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).  Now it’s not even that far outside the realm of reality either with North Korea and Russia joining forces to take over the United States.  I think this movie is pretty important because it highlights one thing the original didn’t, traitors.  In this version traitors work with the North Koreans and Russians to police their own countrymen, forcing the football team to become an insurgent guerrilla warfare troop.

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20 thoughts on “5 Apocalypse Movies you can learn from!

  1. I would have to say the best show on TV right regarding survival is “Alone” on the History Channel. I have learned a ton by watching this. Everyone is completely alone with 10 items in their pack and a few other items the show throws in. Everyone is responsible for shooting their own footage. Whom ever last the longest wins $500,000.00 Awesome program! Season 2 is now under way. You can watch season one in Netflix

  2. The Survivalist book series is a really good read too, written by A. American. And while some of the characters interactions feel forced and there is a minor Deus ex machina problem, I’m still reading it. and still enjoying it.

  3. “Jericho”. This series may be the blueprint of things to come in the next 6-8 months. Don’t forget, the third peril in “Washington’s Vison” may be about to descend upon America. Methane is right, CC 24/7 if you expect to live. Anyone see “Amerigeddon” yet?

  4. One movie I encouraged all my close family and friends to watch is American Blackout by National Geographic. If interested, you can find on You tube.

  5. What I initially thought was one of the stupidest programs on TV has actually turned out to be quite informative as to what survival techniques actually do work under incredibly stressful situations. A man and a woman (never having met) are placed in a jungle or swamp with one survival tool each. They must survive for 21 days while naked and without any resources other than what they can acquire. They must build shelter and fire, find food, purify water, and deal with a host of flora and fauna challenges. Things don’t always work as advertised and that includes a host of fire-starting tools. Check it out, it is called Naked and Afraid! It comes on Discovery channel with new episodes on Sundays at 10 pm.

    • I agree, naked and afraid is under rated because of the naked part. Remember, these people are out there for 21 days!!! 21!!! Even the great Les Stroud only does what? 10? This is a hell of a lot better than I ever thought. Didn’t even start watching until season 2. Bugs are a huge deal in the wild!!!

    • Yeah,”out there” with camera crews and all the other stuff, are you kidding me? It is a reality show, a television program, get real people. There is nothing realistic about it! If you believe its realistic then you probably believe the main streamed news programs as well.

  6. Soylent Green in the 1970s starring Charlton heston and E. G. Robinson talked about government collapse and how to feed the starving masses. It also dealt with assisted suicide which is how government dealt with problem #1!

    • Soylet Green: Read the book before I saw the movie, but, two great conservatives in the flick. It made me a liberal! No, only for a short time. But it strikes a chord today with American being the sponge absorbing all refugees the liberals need to vote for them. Yeah, i know, the ancestors should have told Columbus to take a hike 🙂

  7. The road scared the crap out of me and put my preps into high gear. The new red dawn is a great blueprint for an insurgency if we were to be invaded.

  8. The Road, watch it to learn a lot of what not to do. He left a safe place and endangered his son. I cannot see how the effects of nuclear war–with modern bombs–would last ten+ years as the movie seems to claim, but the maker is a neolib. When the father gets stuck with an arrow, he’s dying of infection, right next to the ocean–salt draws out infections . Also, most seeds soil-bank, some for decades even in damp soils. The land should have been alive again. The most intelligent thing the producer did was to note that rednecks would survive and even thrive, even with cannibals and so on. From there, as we did after the Revolutionary War, we begin to build and once again be a nation. Red Dawn sounds good, very good. Much thanks for recommending it.

    • I watched The Road just this past weekend, and I agree it’s depressing, but I suppose there are some useful takeaways. Overall, the story lacked context, that would have helped give meaning to what was being portrayed. There are several improbable/impossible things depicted. Star talent was mostly wasted; and I agree with reviewer (above) that the father character is a simpering moron, and that his son is portrayed as worse. Honestly, more than once I found myself complaining that it was making no sense; but then, I suppose, who knows how much sense the post-apocalyptic world would make…? Don’t hurry to watch it, but if it’s handy, then consider having a look.

      • I think a mass of the issues most people have with context is due to the directors’ lack of knowledge in the films they are directing. The Road however shows a lot of things you shouldn’t do, and shows a very bleak side of survival after doomsday. Like I said, Hollywood thinks we can’t wait to eat Phil Burger. Heh.. 😀

  9. I can read the local newspapers and watch FOX or CNN if I want to see apocalyptic events happening right now. Murders everyday and the criminal always has mental problems or was abused as a child. If your not carrying concealed, then you will probably die.

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