Top 10 Prepper Apps

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Top 10 Prepper Apps

In this guide we are going to review the top 10 prepper apps available for both Android and iPhone smartphones.  When thinking about survival or prepping we often overlook technology in the expectation of its demise after doomsday, while ignoring the possibility telecom might still exist under certain circumstances, and neglecting its usefulness until that day comes.  I’m a child of the technological era who feels we must take advantage of its benefits while we still can.  In fact now that I think about it, there are certain prepper apps I use today that I am going to seriously miss when they’re gone, highlighting our need to prepare ‘techno free’ methods of achieving the same tasks these apps perform in their absence.  Until then, let’s learn from the top ten and keep on keepin’ on…

SAS Urban Survival – Prepper App

SAS Survival AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – The SAS Urban Survival Prepper App is exactly what you think it is, the benchmark survival guide SAS Urban Survival for your phone.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an ebook, but a truly interactive app allowing you to quickly reference self-defense tactics, legal references, hazardous chemical protective guidelines, snake bite treatment, counter-terrorism tactics, first-aid and everything else survival related.  While I’m on the subject of survival guides, did you know will be releasing CMF Survival Manual Edition II on March 1st?  Well, we are and It’s guaranteed to put our first edition to shame.  Elite Members get 10% off!

Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide – Prepper App

Emergency First Aid & Treatment GuideAvailable for Android and iPhone – This nifty little prepper app was suggested to me by a friend running another survival site.  I’m often wary of medical apps due to the fact if some Joe Anybody misunderstands certain procedures they’re likely to do more harm than good.  This app however was a pleasant surprise, showing detailed and accurate medical procedures with illustrations any literate person could understand.  Having an app like this in a medical emergency could actually save a life or two.  When seconds matter it’s much faster using their ‘quick-reference’ system than sifting through a million search engine results, or dicking around on WebMD.  CPR, heart-attack, broken bones, frostbite, choking, and everything else right at your fingertips.

Land Nav Assistant – Prepper App

Land Nav Assist Prepper AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – By no means should you think this is a ‘beginners’ navigation app’ and was specifically designed for military personnel.  If you’ve heeded my advice understanding the importance of knowing how to navigate after the bombs drop you’ve already learned land navigation basics.  This application will take your knowledge of land navigation to a whole new level allowing you to input MGRS (military grid reference system) 8-10 digit coordinates or latitude and longitude, export points of interest to an excel spreadsheet, pace count analysation, autocorrection for course deviation, corrective azimuth calculation.

Knots 3D – Prepper App

Knots 3D Prepper Learning AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – Not all of were in Boy Scouts (or Girl Scouts), so we don’t know how to tie knots or sell delicious Thin Mints.  As a prepper one of the skills you must absolutely have that you will constantly use is knowing how to tie certain knots for certain tasks.  Overhand, Figure 8, Square, Noose, Rolling, and Clove Knots all have their specific uses whether it be repelling, snaring, or securing.  With this knot you will learn how to make over a hundred knots, with interactive 3D renderings allowing you to rotate each 360º at any angle accompanied by animations.  Each knot is categorized by use and doesn’t require a data connection to use!

Wild Edibles – Prepper App

Wild Edibles AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – I was turned on to the Wild Edibles App on, which had their own list of apps useful to preppers, and out of all the apps on their list this is the one that blew my skirt up.  Created by Steve ‘Wildman’ Brill, a total hippie but a smart hippie with the references to back it up.  This app has over two hundred edible plants with eight high resolutions images per plants giving you everything you need to forage the correct plants, including recipes for each plant, and an area to make notes like the plant’s location.  This is a perfect example of an app you can learn everything you need to know from it before the world ends.  Please note, these edible plants are west coast specific.

Smart Tools – Prepper App

Smart Tools Prepper AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – The Smart Tools app is the Swiss Army Knife of practical use applications.  Seriously, this one app is like having six very useful apps.  With Smart Ruler Pro you can calculate length, angle, slope, level, and thread.  With Smart Measure Pro you can calculate distance, height, width, and area.  Smart Compass Pro comes with a compass, metal detector, and GPS.  Sound Meter Pro includes a sound level meter and vibrometer.  Smart Light Pro includes a flashlight, magnifier, and mirror.  And finally it includes a unit conversion tool.  If you’re a working prepper, this apps for you.

Bullet Flight by Knight’s Armament – Prepper App

Bulletflight Prepper AppOnly available on iPhone – If these apps were in order of how badass they are, Bullet Flight by far would be #1.  Bullet Flight comes with a hefty price tag of $29.99 in the app store, and if this was any other app made by any other company there is no way I would even consider spending that kind of money on an app.  Hell, I struggle to justify spending $3.99 on an app, but trust me when I say this Bullet Flight is worth every single cent. This app will be loved by any marksman that downloads it. Bullet Flight is a military grade ballistics application that provides real time solutions in the field, providing dynamic solutions you need to know to hit the mark.  Bullet Flight includes common military rifle profiles with the option to add custom profiles.  The more impressive features include; a comprehensive bullet database, a 3,000 meter range, fast & accurate ballistic computation using G1, G7, or G8 ballistic coefficients, user-friendly interface, output in inches, cm, MOA, Mils, and scope clicks, an option for metric units or imperial units, direct scope input with MOA or mRad metrics, calculates 360 degree wind drift using either degree or O’clock format, wind speed input using miles per hour or meters per hour, advanced atmospheric modeling, automatic weather adjustments using the data from the closest weather station, mil-dot range calculator, calculates bullet twist/stability with a reliable and accurate formula, computes bullet spin drift, built-in accelerometer will detect angle for improved accuracy, and a shit load more options only serious marksman will understand.  As you can see, this app is the king of apps.  Be sure to check out Knight’s Armament other apps by visiting their website.
Bullet Flight Weapon ProfileBullet Flight Projectile CategoriesBullet Flight Sample DataBullet Flight Sample Data B

Huntstand Pro – Prepper App

Huntstand AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – I’m an avid user of Huntstand Lite, but to be honest I can’t wait for Huntstand Pro to come which should be any minute now.  If you’re a prepper, you should be an active hunter or be learning how to hunt.  With Huntstand Pro you’ll be able to make field data, create accurate maps of your hunting areas using GPS field data, view public hunting areas with innovative mapping software, log harvests, sightings, and field tasks, collaborate with other hunters with land management activities, share hunting areas with friends, and view the latest weather data that affects your hunt.  Again Huntstand Pro isn’t out yet, but you can still download Huntstand Lite.

Elite Military Mountaineering – Prepper App

Elite Military MountaineeringAvailable for Android – One of my hobbies that will come in handy after doomsday is mountaineering.  The ability to bug out to an environment most couldn’t last a day in without breaking their neck is pretty valuable.  As far as apps go this is more of an informative program that reviews basic military mountaineering including small unit mountain operations,  course and knot guides, rappel master handbook, rappelling training manuals, various mountain survival techniques, with thousands of pages of information, and six military mountaineering FMs (field manuals).

Freshbox – Prepper App

Freshbox Prepper AppAvailable for Android and iPhone – Let me level with you, I’m a simple guy so I rotate my two year food supply with the aid of an Excel Spreadsheet, but I’m sure some of you guys are looking for a way to rotate your food with a r-tard proof app.  Oddly enough, there really aren’t that many apps out there that would provide all the functionality I’ve built into my spreadsheets i.e. long term food rotation over five years, categorized by season, self-canned versus commercially canned, no limits on items, and a quick way to edit your inventory.  The closest app I could find with positive reviews is Freshbox which is more targeted to refrigerated items, but lets you scan your items’ barcodes and set the expiration dates so the app can notify you when something’s expiring.  Like I said it’s not terribly impressive but it’s the closest thing I could find.  If anyone can make an app out of my Excel Spreadsheet, let me know we’ll make a fortune…


Most of these prepper apps cost a little bit.  For Android products you can join Amazon’s Underground which will save you some money, or download directly through the iTunes App Store.  As I said at the beginning of this article, all of these apps should be a precursor to your post-apocalyptic skill set.  These are all training aids for you to learn more, and to achieve the same result independent of technology.  Do you have an app you think our readers should know about it? Comment below and let us know!

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    Our software allows you to keep a secure, encrypted record of any amount of digital files in case of emergency. You can store scans of birth certificates, medical records, IDs, prescription and medication info, family photos – even entire photo albums, as well as digital copies of important books and publications.

    The entire application is built with military-grade encryption and can be installed on your personal computer or it can be run from a USB drive for quick and easy transport in an emergency.

  3. I am using MyHoard ( for organizing my food supplies. I think that is much for fun than using a spreadsheet.

  4. You haven’t updated in nineteen day…are you people government employees, unionized, frozen embryos, or just locked yourself out of the building???

  5. Would you be willing to share your spreadsheet layout? I suck at building them, but am proficient at inputting the data… Please email me if you would… Thanks so much for ll of this info.

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  7. I’m a spreadsheet guy myself when it comes to keeping track of my preps. Once built, it has way more functionality that the apps just don’t have in them yet.

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