Will preppers survive?

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Will Preppers Survive

In this article we are going to discuss a longstanding debate, will preppers survive the apocalypse.  Sounds like a fairly superfluous question, right?  Think again, sports fans.  Believe it or not not all preppers will survive the apocalypse!  In this article we are going to discuss death after doomsday, who’s more likely to survive, who’s more likely to die, and what you can do to better improve your chance for survival.

The reality of post-apocalyptic survival…

I’ve been in the prepper game for a pretty long time now, and let me tell you, brothers and sisters, the prepper community has become a very diverse pool of beliefs.  In my travels I’ve seen some pretty interesting things,learning quite a bit about the diverse nature and ideologies that fuel many preppers’ motivations.  That being said, I am comfortable in the belief that many of you will die.  Why?  That’s simple, many of you refuse to accept reality…

People just don’t accept the reality and consequences of life after the apocalypse.  Studies in human behavior after disasters has proven we suck at surviving efficiently.  When we are faced with extreme stress, loss of food and water, breakdown of law, and basic services, we as a species get really stupid. As preppers we think we’re immune to the atrocities of man, but we’re not.  All around the world it has been proven in the midst of disaster rape, assault, abuse, and child neglect run ramped.

Which preppers will die?

Tree hugging hippie preppers will be one of the first to die. You know who I’m talking about, the people who think after doomsday the world will be all puppies and sunshine.  These are also the gun-grabbing liberals who don’t believe in owning firearms, who don’t have any defense whatsoever other than a few super cool throwing stars, and a medieval mace they bought at a swap meet.  For some reason these guys think since they have a couple years worth of food and water, they’ll be able to survive by staying hidden and passive.  Unfortunately, humans will seek out other humans after disaster.  They will seek out any signs of life in flocks, and you will not be able to stay hidden that long.  Sooner or later you will be taken advantage of.  Seriously there are around 367.9 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants every year in this country, what do you think is going to happen in the absence of law?

hippie prepper

Delusional tactical ninjas are going to die pretty quickly.  How many times have you been around someone who talks a whole lot of talk but when it comes time to nut up or shut up they completely brick.  We have those very types of people within the prepper community too.  I tend to call them ‘tactical ninjas’ because they sure are good at buying all the gear, looking like a juggernaut loadout from Modern Warfare, but couldn’t hit a watermelon from thirty feet.  As we all know these people with inflated egos and no discernible skill will let their delusion take hold only to get their asses handed to them after the shit hits the fan.

nut up or suht up

Preppers that don’t practice OPSEC have a good probability of dying.  We’ve said it a million times and have written countless articles stating the importance operations security.  After managing several groups and pages on Facebook, where I see all the preps, defenses, security measures that people publicly post I’m sure many of you are going to be targeted by the less prepared.  You may think the people who follow you on Facebook, or Twitter are your friends, but after the shit hits the fan these ‘friends’ can quickly become enemies.  If you take your survival seriously I suggest you stop trying to be Prom Kings and Queens.  Keep your preps to yourself and stay safe.

This is a public picture. Really?
This is a public picture. Really?

Who’s going to survive?

Luckily a lot of loyal readers of usCrow.org are going to survive because they understand the importance of defense/offensive/protective measures, water maintenance, food storage and sustainability, and continually train on honing their skills to survive the apocalypse. People who militia up forming interpersonal survival groups who train and prep together will have a far better chance at surviving than most people because they will know how to hit their targets, grow their own food while having a reliable stockpile, and will understand the importance of OPSEC keeping their post-apocalypse plans to themselves.  As a highly motivated and trained group of survivalists we will secure our survival after SHTF.

Steps to better your survival…

Obviously there are several elements to survival and prepping. There’s too many people who rely on the rudimentary elements of survival while ignoring the most life threatening.  Using the information above it’s not hard to figure out the things you need to do to better increase you and your family’s chances for survival, but let’s bullet point it out for you…

  • Accept reality
  • Prepare to defend yourself
  • Improve your marksmanship
  • Train for doomsday
  • Keep your preps to yourself
Final thoughts…

The reason I wrote this brief article was to express a lot of concerns I’ve had about certain preppers within the community because I am genuinely concerned with their survival.  I abhor cruelty in all its forms and it’d emotionally affect me to see cruelty running wild after SHTF.  I’ve seen enough of it in my lifetime, and I dread what’s to come, so I genuinely want you all to take stock in this article, either you take your survival seriously or you don’t…

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About Administrator Ryan

Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for usCrow.org since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

25 thoughts on “Will preppers survive?

  1. Always prepare for the worst and thats what this posts discusses. Thanks for teching me some tips i didnt know about. Self defense is something I want to learn.

  2. The acceptance of a ‘given reality’ is the first step. The refusal to understand and/or accept the ‘reality’ of a given situation or what the situation may become….will be key in survival. If you are able to accept what is going on around you…in your locality or in your Country…you will have started your preps. If not…well…the eyes are useless when the brain is blind.

  3. I believe in some things. God saving us isn’t going to happen unless we are willing to save ourselves. I believe in this more than anything. Fancy ideologies about God and the armies of good and evil in the end says will get you nowhere in survival. I will live with the intent of living, however I will face my end like another opportunity to live on. Michael

  4. I have been in need of a long term tent for a long time and someone shared it on facebook, usually these dome type structures are 5 to 10 grand before acccessories or add ons so picking up the dome for 2500 bucks was amazing. I get the dome in 1 week, which is way faster then I was quoted from the wall tent shop so I am stoked. Now I just gotta get some funds to get a wood burning stove put in.

    Have any of you had a dome tent before? Whats your thoughts? Anyone have pictures or ideas on how to live in one? (The picture below is just he one from their website)


  5. Well put. I truly believe preppers will srurive. If they do not, we’re out of luck, because nobody else will for sure! hhaha Food for thought!

  6. its not really about how long you will survive but when you will probably die. the bottom feeders will more than likely win and then they will die because they are parasites and no longer have a host to feed on. but fear not as man kind will survive.

  7. Interesting article, well expressed. I have to believe this is such a diverse scenario it’s hard to say what will happen. Much depends on where you live; the reality will be much different in NYC or Detroit than in Boise or Topeka. You are right about accepting reality-that’s a biggie. I’m a 70 yr old woman; lots of folks are writing me off about now. I know I can’t “bug out” but that would not be a choice for me anyway. However, I have a large extended family, I’m in excellent health, I’ve got years of experience in many fields, I’m a crack shot with a low tolerance for bullshit. Most important? I look so non-threatening. Who’s scared of a little old lady? I live in a sparsely populated state & being prepared has been a lifestyle; my kids learned it early as well. And not all teenagers are as worthless as Taxdn2poverty seems to think. We have some hard workers in our family who pull A’s & B’s in school, work part-time jobs & help their poor old granny on the home place. May be more people survive than we think. I’m going to live to be 104 so I’ll be around to see how it works out. Thanks for a great discussion format.

    • Right on, you go girl!! Brains not brown will survive..me I will make it easy go into the havens till its over and return unharmed!!!!

  8. Sad to say, but the “bottom feeders actually will be the most likely to survive en masse, because they have little or no qualms about taking all they want and killing.

    • I would tend to disagree. It’s those very “people” who will be the first on the target picture. I’m only concerned about the ones who might actually plan a raid. The rest are just target practice, and bound for the outgoing tide.

  9. We are genetically programmed for survival. What a good question will be how the populace handles or accepts reorganization techniques, reestablishment of order, and the work load required. Some will rise to the occasion, some will deteriorate, most will follow the common good of sane humanist leaders. Population retraining and development will be proportional to how much and how long the shtf.

  10. Ryan, about time someone said it. I’ve tried the same in other places in my locale; as well as, online. Expect criticism. All I can say. The old ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ will kick in.

    The hippie mentality comment I especially liked. I’ve publicly said that the entire prepper movement has created the oddest mix of ‘flower power meets Genghis Khan’. Add in those who dwell on the post-collapse world being some strange mix of Amish frugallness and husbandry with NATO defense measures in place.

    You’ve seen and read the vast volumes about the efficacy of herbs, the array of ideas about power generation, gardening, food preservation, medical care, children’s activities, communications and heck – the entire gamut of our current lifestyles – as if, somehow, it is all to be restorable in/followeing a short time of ‘icky’ transition.

    I beg to differ, as do you. That transiton time may be decades if not longer. What could come, as I pray that it does not, will alter life and society beyond any current expectation or recognition.

    • Very true, There is also the point to make whether we’d even want or need to return to life as it is now. I for one could certainly do without the surveillance society we have today, as well as every country having a button that’ll end the world. Truth is, there are also the predators who will actively try preventing the return, as without all the techno stuff used to identify, track and apprehend them they can become as overlords. Even those who don’t pine for power, “bottom feeders”, would be glad to freely be able to steal and kill to survive

  11. I agree with the article 100%, but am still at a loss as to how to form a group of like minded people. We could gather a group of ‘pop tart’ (don’t stay hot very long) people on a day’s notice, but real people willing to work and plan is another story all together. Children are a major problem too. Has any generation on earth ever raised such worthless wasted orgasms. They won’t lift a finger at manual labor, will not eat the preps because they don’t taste good, spread every detail of our plan all over the school yard, and in general do nothing but be a distraction to what is going on. The main problem though, is the inability of the average American to make a decision and live with it. It’s always, ah, let me talk to ———, fill in the blank yourself, and whatever they say or tell me to do, and…I’ll get back with you. Physical endurance is also high on the list. Just getting someone to swim a fifty yard wide, slow moving river is like pulling teeth. It also disgusts me how many full grown men and women are actually afraid of the dark. Absurdness is rampant. Last week a woman here in our home town jumped out of kayak because a spider fell out of a tree onto her, and she damn near drowned. The cops found her after dark wandering through the woods, panic stricken, disoriented, and scared to death. Frankly, I’m beginning to believe that with few exceptions, families don’t exist anymore: Just blobs of people living in a structure they call home, with no one in charge of anything except the remote. In closing, this society at large, and individually has so much baggage ranging the quadrant from financial, physical, busted marriages, debt, fears, inhibitions, disinformation, and a tramcar full of other maladies, that prepping with trustworthy, like minded, dedicated people is becoming a fantasy instead of a viable option. thanks for your time and thanks usCROW.

    • Good deal on the suicide, the sooner the weak and non preppers are weeded out the better (small children and infants being the exceptions).

  12. Well written article. My thoughts;
    You will need a matriarch of some kind. Someone you love, respect and will listen to. Of course, they better have a game plan ready.

    You will need extensive training. Just reading a book or having been an EMT or Combat medic, those skills degrade and you need to stay on top of them.
    My weakness is suturing , I need to practice more, don’t see well, hand are full of arthritis , working into the dermis requires great skill, tendons, arteries, veins, and layering your stiches up to the epidermis layer, all takes skill.

    I have folks telling me all the gear they have buried, forgot about winter and the first 30 inches of dirt is frozen solid here in the mountains. Now what?
    When you freeze dried food runs out, can you grow a garden, know what wild plants are eatable in your location. You do know elevation changes the wild food store.

    Who you taking with you? Are they on head meds and do the have a script to come down off the head meds easily? If not, in 3 days, they will be out of control and will cost you your life. If they have an illness that requires meds, be prepared to let them go when it is time. Do not waste your limited resources on someone who is going to die anyway. Hold their hand ,pray with them and let them go.

    Do you have a weapon that you can tear down in the dark and put back together? Is it a real combat ready weapon that you can hit what you are shooting at with iron sights if the $1200. scope goes south. Extra parts?

    Can you throw a knife or hawk, martial arts in your back ground? You don’t need to be Bruce Lee, but have 4 moves to save your a$$ if someone grabs you.

    If you have a place in the back 40, hang all your stuff on Ice Picks. You can grab the gear hanging on the ice pick and throw at the enemy and them Stab them with the ice pick, A little twirl with your hand on the outside is a big twirl inside their body. Ice Picks go thru the skull and soft body armor easily.

    You get the idea, study hard, train harder and seek out like minded motivated folks. We will do just fine.

  13. Me and the family just did a spontaneous 6 week trip into the woods to see how things would go and I am sad to say they were going crazy after 5 weeks, the plan was 3 months. Maybe it was because they knew nothing was actually wrong. One can only hope

    • @Isaac: At least you are serious and gave a serious effort to what you want to accomplish. Please, go back in your mind to where things first started to come unraveled and start from their. Keep trying, because hope won’t cut it after the collapse. Again keep trying, and I admire you for your efforts.

      • I have been thinking about it for days now…and I have been trying to avoid placing blame. But the blame falls on me. Its going to sound like I am blaming my future son-in-law but it was my inability to communicate to him the importance of the project, he became subversive and a bit whiny. Even though (my belief) marijuana in not addictive he is type of smoker who wants a minimum of 2 fixes a day and he was having to go for 3 and 4 days with nothing until he found other campers he could buy from. With his inability to cope with everyday life the addition of camping was not for him. So everyday became “bullshit” to him and I knew he was talking to my daughter and wife behind my back about leaving. He could have left at any moment and gone home but he wouldn’t be separated from my daughter (trust issues). I wanted to put my foot down and send him packing but I am pretty sure I would have been viewed as a tyrant if I did and it would have ended sooner. So yeah…me not being able to tell him whats what pretty much destroyed the plan and I was voted off the island as it where.

        • I know exactly the scenario you’re talking about; we have one of those in our family. While pot may not be physically addictive, the inability to face life without it certainly can become so. So he has been told it will be his responsibility to see to it he never runs out. It will be a great barter item; too bad it’s still illegal to grow. Guess we can only hope in a real life situation they will be forced to grow up. Or we can just shoot ’em. Good luck.

  14. Some preppers will survive. It “is” going to depend on just how well they respond and view the “reality” of any given situation and how flexible and adaptive they are. The acceptance of a situation and the honest assessment of their knowledge and skill sets will have a definite effect on the outcome. Step back…look at the situation, assess it and then act…do not have a “knee-jerk” response.

  15. Great article as usual, Its so important for our brothers and sisters to stop thinking their Rambo and can go along solo after the shit hits the fan.
    The importance of groups is so underrated, just because you might survive, doesn’t mean things will be pleasant, suicide will be prevalent without other peoplle we are a social race after all

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