How to Make Nitroglycerin

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How to Make Nitroglycerin

OK, Danger Rangers in this guide we are going to teach you How to Make Nitroglycerin C3H5 (NO3)3.  There are all kinds of reasons for knowing How to Make Nitroglycerin, and before I get liberal loons coming out the closet to be offended which is apparently their favorite pastime, you need to know making nitroglycerin will not only let you blow shit up, but will save lives too.  Nitroglycerin is a vasodilator that opens up your blood vessels and can be used to treat angina, chest pain, and get blood pumping to your ticker.


Now, if you want to make nitroglycerin to blow shit up then by all means soak in all the knowledge you want.  Be forewarned we do not advise anyone make nitroglycerin until after the shit hits the fan, or else you’ll end up in federal prison for the better part of your life.  Nitroglycerin is very dangerous and all protective measures should be put in place.

How to Make Nitroglycerin

  1. First you will need to fill a 100 ml beaker to the 13 ml mark with fuming nitric acid
  2. Place beaker in an ice bath
  3. Cool the fuming nitric acid to 0°
  4. Slowly pour 39 ml of fuming sulfuric acid
  5. Monitor the temperature as you pour the fuming sulfuric acid with a centigrade thermometer
  6. Never let the temperature get over 15°
  7. After the fuming sulfuric acid and fuming nitric acid are combined and maintain a 15° temperature slowly add a few drops of glycerin to coat the top of the solution (never let the temperature rise above 25°)
  8. Your mixture is now nitrated
  9. Slowly mix your nitrated solution
  10. Gently stir the mixture
  11. Nitroglycerin will form on the surface
  12. Put the solution into another beaker of water
  13. The nitroglycerin will then settle on the bottom
  14. Remove the nitroglycerin with an eyedropper
  15. Place the nitroglycerin into baking soda to neutralize residual acids
  16. Remove the nitroglycerin from the baking soda with an eyedropper
  17. You now have nitroglycerin
  18. Your solution should burn blue if pure

As with all high explosives articles and guides written on we strongly advise against anyone other than licensed professionals until after the SHTF, and to use all protective measures as humanly possible.  Additionally, we’ve written other articles on high explosives and there has always been a wealth of information listed in our comments with helpful tips and resources.

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38 thoughts on “How to Make Nitroglycerin

  1. Cool sht dudes. I do not like all the paranoia either deal with it or kill yourself. Because life is full of surprises right? Love yourself as your neighbor and of course your neighbor as yourself. What was the meaning of washing the nitro in baking soda? Then taking it out with an eye dropper? Do you make A solution out of the soda to dunk out in?

  2. I’ve made it, in the past. It’s not real hard to do, but…remember…this is a very unforgiving formulation. The acids are highly corrosive and temperature control is critical. I would read several articles on how to do it and when you are ready…life insurance paid up and last will and testament in place…make a batch…a very small batch. Plastique might be better, although it’s a little more difficult, but….is much more stable. Make sure you’ve made your plans on how you plan to store it. It is less stable as it ages. For those who decide to try this out…good luck…and be careful. Oh…one last thing…alcohol does not go well with this.

  3. that was great bro,& thank you, I always wanted to know this only for educational purpose, thanks a lot.

  4. My Buddy was a chemical nut! He loved to make dynamite in his basement, and bring it out to the country and we’d blow up trees. I think he made nitro also. This was before he was 18 years old. Smart kid! Sorry he died a few years ago, not from explosives though! A very good friend! RIP Fred!

  5. before you rocket scientists start producing chemical compounds, Please at least take an on line high school chemistry course. I’d hate to see a good patriot soldier or their family injured by their ignorance of basic lab procedures and safety techniques. Seriously…

  6. Being an old timey chemist and have actually produced this material many, many years ago…I would recommend producing Plastique instead. It is much, much more stable and easier to work with if you exercise cautions about crushing the RDX crystals too much when “folding” them into your plasticizer. Plus only major needs are the red fuming Nitric Acid(easy to produce) and the Hexamine while watching the temperature. These instructions are on the I net.

  7. Wasn’t there a Little House and the Prairie episode dealing with this stuff? I seem to remember Michael Landon, a wooden horse drawn carriage, a bumpy road, and suspenseful music. I’ll not be mixing any of this stuff up together any time soon but it’s always good to have in the back pocket.

  8. How do You get it and keep it at tne right temperature, if I would ever need to make it, would be nice to have step by step pictures. Ha ha

  9. “How to make Nitro”
    In a couple of words…very carefully. By-the-way…temperature control while making it…is critical. Temp control after making it is also critical. And yes…I’ve been there and done that, but…only for “educational purposes”…and remember…nitro is not a “forgiving” formulation…mistakes usually only happen “once”.

  10. The directions are not clear enough for a layman to use. For example, step #4: “Slowly pour 39 mL of fuming sulfuric acid.”

    Where? On the ground? You need to add a lot more detail. This is obviously dangerous material so your SOP needs to be perfectly clear.

    I’ve been an analytical chemist for 22 years.

    • that has to be the most retarded comment i have ever seen in my life.

      yes, they really meant pour the sulfuric acid on the table or down your neck next to the beaker of nitric acid haha.

      you would have to be quite retarded to interpret that instruction any other way but to pour the sulfuric acid into the beaker of the nitric acid

  11. after my wife finds out , and she will , what im mixing I will be in divorce court by next month . she thinks im already crazy

  12. No offense, but your parents have got to be relieved you no longer live at home. Remind me to never piss you off. Please!

  13. Awesome article! I actually already read this before though.
    In a book I checked out from the Detroit Public Library. Seriously.

    I think the next article you should write is about how to make atom bombs.
    That should scare the $h!t out of the liberals.

      • Why not? An atom bomb could come in handy after the SHTF.
        You never know when you might run into a city or a pack of baby seals or something that needs to be wiped out.

    • For some laughs,

      From Wikipedia, “While the incident was not widely publicized initially, it became better known following a 1998 Harper’s article by journalist Ken Silverstein. Hahn is also the subject of Silverstein’s 2004 book, The Radioactive Boy Scout.”

    • You can look up the early A-bomb plans in the congressional records from the 40s, they didn t shoot the original congress members for treason then. You should be safe now, since they are even more liberal-radical softshells.

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