Silent Survival A Stealth Guide for Preppers

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Silent Survival a Stealth Guide for Preppers

In this guide we’re going to talk about a commonly overlooked and underestimated survival skill, the art of stealth.  After the apocalypse every man, woman, and child will be in a no holds barred death-match for survival, clawing through the filth grasping to anything resembling a shred of hope, and even the slightest sound will ring in their ears like a siren’s howl.  They will frantically seek out any wisp of sound with an unparalleled frenzy of desperation, forcing the most virtuous man to do unimaginable things that’ll undoubtedly earn him a front row seat at the Gates of Hell.  

‘Man is the cruelest animal’ Friedrich Nietzsche

Now that I’ve got your attention, maybe you can understand the importance of silence.  Our prepper lifestyle may keep us safe after doomsday, but it does make us a target.  It’s an undeniable fact those who aren’t preppers know that we exist, and will seek us out after humanity falls.  While the world plunges into madness raping, looting, and murdering it would be foolish to think we can sit in our ivory towers without marauders storming our gates.  We need to be ready to mask our presence from the outside world, and in this article we are going to discuss many ways we can prevent detection by outside (possibly hostile) elements.

Silent shelter, silent night…

People will be scouring the countryside listening for any sign of life.  We don’t advocate your post-apocalyptic lifestyle being a never ending story of silent misery, but your shelter needs to be able to mask sounds from within keeping you protected.  If little Becky and Tina want to play, or your old lady wants to harp at you we feel they should be able to do so. Now let’s figure out what we can do to muffle those sweet sounds of merriment and matrimonial bliss. Luckily not only is it easy to fix, its inexpensive too.  All you need to do is get 3M Spray Adhesive, Acoustic Foam Padding, and apply the foam tiles to the interior of your shelter’s walls, greatly reducing the amount of sound that escapes your house.

Almost all of us have a generator to power our gadgets after the world ends, but do those same generators that provide us magnanimous power create a security risk?  Short answer, of course they do.  Generators make a whole hell of a lot of noise, and can be heard from a hundred feet or so. What do we do to address this?  The obvious choice is to buy a solar powered generator instead of a gas powered generator.  Solar power generators like the Yeti 1250 WH are pretty expensive but can be operated with complete silence and no fumes.  The cost effective alternative is purchasing a new model gas powered generator like the DuroStar 4000 watt that has less noise than the older models.  Instead of having your generator right outside your shelter, build a small structure with acoustic foam padding to house your generator, and disguise it with surrounding foliage so it can be operated as inconspicuously as possible.

Loose lips sink ships!

On usCrow we often write about the importance of operational security (OPSEC) before doomsday.  Too many of you talk about your lifestyle as a prepper putting yourselves at risk.  Even your closest friends could turn on you when it comes down to a choice between their life and yours.  After doomsday though, your OPSEC needs to be absolutely bulletproof and unyielding.  Instruct every member of your family that no one is to leave your home with anything that could lead someone back to your home IDs, drivers licenses, passports, and etc this includes any paperwork in your car like insurance cards or registration.  The idea is to never talk about what you do with people who aren’t part of your group, and never have anything on you that will lead an enemy back to your door step…

Ghost prepper…

When you’re scavenging or scouting in the field your gear says a lot about you like ‘Hey bad guys, I’m over here!’.  How many times have you gone hiking and heard a another hiker coming within earshot of you, hearing every single step they make because of their loose gear clinking and clanking. Tighten that gear up!  Zippers, keys, dog tags, and anything else that goes clank in the night needs to be fastened down or wrapped with electrical tape to dampen the noise.

Not only can your gear expose you, but so can electronics. Imagine one of your group’s members need medicine and you decide to check out a nearby pharmacy.  As you approach it you catch a group of four covered in blood who look like they just ate a small Nicaraguan family trying to break into the pharmacy.  You decide to hide behind a dumpster to wait for them to leave, and without warning your super tacticool Suunto watch alarm goes off ‘ding-ding ding-ding’, then out the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the blood drenched cannibals running after you.  Guess who’s for dinner… Before you venture into the wasteland shut off your iPods, Gameboys, Cellphones, and any other electronics that could possibly give up your location. 

Stealth rider…

One of the most absurd trends to hit this generation is having a perfectly good truck with a loud ass rice-burner on it.  If you’re concerned about staying alive for any amount of time after SHTF you need to go back to your stock exhaust.  Here’s another question for you.  How many times have you accidentally, or in a fit of rage slammed on your horn.  Slip-ups like this can’t be afforded after doomsday because a car’s horn can be heard from up to two-hundred feet.  Avoid biffing it with your horn after the world ends by disconnecting your horn, and any alarm system that could be accidentally engaged.

Killing them softly…

Unless we are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse put your damn knife away, you are not a ninja.  The only time you grab your knife is when you’re out of ammo, brother.  I’m not against training to defend yourself with a knife as a last option, I just want you guys to live in the real world.  That being said you now have to worry about silencing your primary weapon, which is your rifle.  Before doomsday comes you should invest in an effective rifle suppressor, and let me tell you the best suppressors on the market today are offered by Thunder Beast Arms Corp.  Can’t afford a silencer?  You can learn how to make a silencer by reading our guide.  

In closing…

Here at we try to write the articles the other guys aren’t writing, providing our readers with the best training materials improving their chances for survival, while encouraging an open dialogue with all of you.  We want our articles to spark conversations, and our readers to fuel the fire with original ideas, helpful tips, and constructive criticism.  Additionally we have another article written by David Black on concealment you can read here.  If you have any tips on silent survival we encourage you to comment below!

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15 thoughts on “Silent Survival A Stealth Guide for Preppers

  1. Biggest piece of advice. Keep silent about your preps to anyone not in your group. I’ve listened to a fair number of preppers who just love to brag about all the neat stuff they have and where it is. Many times we are our own worst enemy…with all the “noise” we make about our stuff.

  2. Red,I agree with your comment excepting one thing,the wolves valued the skills of the rabbit!Those folks with backs to the wall were certainly wolves.

    • Agreed, but a rabbit has to be smart and deadly. Ever raise rabbits? Chisels for teeth and claws sharp enough, hind legs strong enough to rip out a lot of muscle. Smart and deadly, or there would be no rabbits. Rabbit is also the ‘god’ of insanity, of lust and diseases. This is how he gets caught and eaten, by not remembering to be a wolf, as well. By over-indulging to the point he’s taken.
      Be a rabbit for now. This business in Oregon is disturbing. Hitler confiscated all weapons from the Jews before he initiated Crystal Night. Yet, hidden and seemingly complacent at first, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto held off the SS for months with only a few handguns. Same with the Maya in Central America. With only a few arms, they held off the power of Spain and modern governments for centuries from their forests. Word is, the Cuban Taino are still free, and still rabbits hiding in their mountains, still praying America will come and help them as we helped the Taino over a century ago. FREEDOM is expensive. It’s cost me blood and jobs because I am not complacent, but I remember the teachings of the ancestors, who held back colonists for centuries before they fell, only to survive as rabbits, seemingly complacent, then rising again. Dying again, but always there if invisible. I believe it was Reverent King who warned blacks that those who are of your own race will fight hardest to keep you down.
      God’s peace and His protection to you, “You prepare these fingers for war.” First, survive, be invisible now, and later. And then the nation will survive to rise again in freedom.

  3. after SHTF when there is no traffic noise, no aircraft noise and none of the normal background noise, you will be able to hear sounds not for feet or yards but for miles around. a generator, cooking smells and sounds, shooting,will be heard a long way away.
    mind you, I think a lot of people will go mad without the sounds of everyday life, when everything is so still, not everyone will be able to take it.

    • Silence is golden. You brought up a great point, people going insane due to the silence. Think creepy-crawlies. But, animals, as well will be going wild. Expect in towns packs of hungry dogs, cats, rat population all rampant feeding on the dead. Every year NYC finds dozens of coyotes and coydogs in parks, places frequented by masses of good citizens, hidden, unseen. When life stops, they’ll be out.
      Your animals must learn to be quiet. A barking collar is an investment in the future. for a time, afterwards, a dog won’t be noticed. But, in rural areas it will be. You need a good dog for the ears and ears, the nose to seek out trouble before it gets to you. a noisy animal attracts attention. It’s a detriment to survival. Animals need their shots, as well, and good health care now. If you have a pet, even a poodle, it has to learn silence is golden. We have a black lab and a dachshund, and the dachy is self-sufficient. He loves to hunt, even preferring berries and greens to dog food, but is very loyal to us. More, he’s chased off German Shepherds and other strays.
      The problem is, he’s noisy. A barking collar makes him a better dog in town and outside of it. Keep peace in you and it keeps you calm. Silence is golden, sweet, and welcome.

  4. I would like to join a local militia where I can uphold the constitution and train my skills in turn to further my shooting /hand to hand training.

  5. Good Article! Old military training said that if you can be seen, heard or smelled you are a target.

    • Good points. Leave the cologne, aftershave and “smelly” soaps at home. Don’t neglect personal cleanliness, but don’t advertise about it, either.

    • With my vehicles, those things are always uncertain anyway 🙂 My pastor always calls my vehicles miracle cars, for some reason.
      But, thank you. Good advice from a warrior.
      Congress decided to screw the military again. 78 billion taken from them, but where will it go? Liberal idea of a spending cut is to put it somewhere else. Possibly to help the Trojan Horse refugees. I hate to use the term, but the end is near. Again, thank you!

    • I have installed battery keyed disconnect switches on my rigs. Shut down, take the key, no one can steal it and no EMP can destroy the control module, if it is not powered.

  6. Once again you guys have impressed me with your unique articles! You’re right no one ever really considers self awareness as a survival skill.

  7. Wisdom! Dedanwaki. Dey dan wah key–knowledge of wolves person. A warrior. Now you probably know more about most Native Americans than you wanted to 🙂 On average, it took 43 soldiers to take down every man, woman, and child in any village. It may have been far less on the Plains. In the forest, the gentle forest, people still move in shadows, silent, watching. When Nicaragua went communist, they almost wiped out the Moskitos Indians, then the bros got mad and fought back. Forest weapons. Bows, darts, a little curare. Nicaragua lost a well-armed, large standing army to a people who had barely more than a thousand left, and most of them widows and orphans. Silent, watching, a rabbit huddled under a bush, but a deadly rabbit. A rabbit who fought like a wolf.

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