Top 10 Tech Items for Preppers

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Top 10 Tech Items for PreppersThere’s preppers, then there’s hardcore preppers, and if you’re into prepping as much as I am you’re going to want to add these gadgets to your arsenal.  Ever since I got into prepping I’ve wanted to prep in such a way that if the shit were to ever hit the fan I’d be prepared for anything that came my way.  Whether it’s a dirty bomb going off downtown, or a highly contagious strain of ebola ravaging humanity, I want to be prepared to the point to where me and my family will never have to go without or be left defenseless.  When it comes to tech gear I always make sure the stuff I’m buying is Prime Eligible  (free two day shipping), has verified purchase reviews, has more than four stars, and is a bargain where I get more bang for my buck..

Over the years I’ve invested thousands upon thousands of dollars on supplies, food, weapons, tech gear, and through trial and error I’ve learned from my mistakes further perfecting my post-apocalyptic endgame.  The cool thing about prepping is that almost everything you invest money in will either maintain it’s value, or increase in value as a liquid asset.  Since we are talking about tech gear, the obvious concern is EMPs, to address this feel free to read our article on EMP proofing your gear.  So if you’ve got everything else covered and what to step your prepper game up, we’re going to go over the best tech items every serious prepper should own.

Home Security Fortress Security System

With two daughters, a substantial surplus of supplies, and a moderately large arsenal, security is a very big deal to me.  I decided to buy the Fortress Security System for quite a few reasons, but the biggest perks for this system was it’s incredibly easy to install and is self monitoring, meaning no absurd monthly fees.  It came with ten contact sensors, three motion detectors, control panel, outdoor siren, indoor panic alarm, a few key fobs to activate/deactivate, and an auto-dialing feature, which is all you really need.  It’s completely self maintained and the only feature that relies on an ‘out of home’ component is the auto-dialing feature that requires a phone line to call you when there’s been a breach.  With an average retail price of $200 this thing was a steal, and my system has been fully functional for two years.  I do monthly system checks to ensure everything is up and running, each test was successful and I’ve only had to replace one contact sensor.

Surveillance Samsung HD Surveillance System

Initially I was unsure if I wanted to have a surveillance system since they’re fairly expensive, but then I asked myself, what would I need a surveillance system in a post apocalyptic world for?  The easiest answer is this…when the world goes to hell my home will be locked up, solidly fortified, and I will want to see what’s going on outside without exposing myself.  If there’s a pack of idiots surrounding my home I want to know where they are, how many are with them, and what weapons they have.  When looking at surveillance systems most of them were a couple thousand dollars, which was too rich for my blood.  I started to get disheartened until I came across this gem of a system.  The Samsung HD Surveillance System comes in at $600 with ten high definition cameras capable of night vision up to eighty feet, and a digital video recorder with 2 terabytes of capacity.  The first thing I did was repainting the cameras to match the foliage on the outside of my house and installed them in very indiscrete locations.  Why?  You don’t want cameras in obvious areas that are easily seen keying in unsavory characters that there’s valuable inside.  The system has proven to be incredibly easy to install, and will even alert you when motion is detected or if the system is being tampered with.  

Navigation Garmin Foretrex GPS

Every other weekend I strap my bug out back on, loadout, slap my Garmin Foretrex GPS on my wrist, and go explore the vast and expansive Nevada deserts.  Whether it’s hiking or trekking across an apocalyptic wasteland, you’ll want to know you’re headed the right direction.  If you know anything about GPS tech, you know this stuff is pretty expensive.  Unlike the Suuntos GPS watches that cost close to $300, the Garmin Foretrex GPS in only $170!  If you’re wondering if it uses the MGRS (military grid reference system), it does and it weighs a whole hell of a lot less than a DAGR.  It runs off of AAA batteries, tracks your route, allows you to retrace the path you took, displays sunset/sunrise times, has an electronic compass, and a barometric altimeter.   I’ve had this baby for six months, and unlike it’s predecessors, it’s taken every form of torture I’ve put it through.

CBRN Radex Geiger Counter

Everyone has their own reasons for being a prepper, and while I wholeheartedly believe in being prepared for anything I personally feel the greatest threat to Americans is a few radical terrorists detonating dirty bombs on U.S. soil.  While I had already bought a CBRN suit, I hadn’t considered that I may not want to be walking around that bulky thing everytime I go outside on the assumption there’s radiation, so I decided to buy a geiger counter.  I found the Radex Geiger Counter online for only $150, read the reviews and gave it a shot.  Not being around radiological areas (unless I want to take a trip to Yucca Mountain), I haven’t been able to test it personally.  What convinced me to get this model was reading that the Japanese Consumer Protection Agency approved it’s use in Japan.  My only suggestion to you is that you thoroughly read the user’s manual so you fully understand how to use this tech.

Energy Wagan Portable Solar Power Generator

With all this tech you’re going to need some renewable backup power you can rely on, especially if you have mission critical elements that require power.  To me having a portable solar power generator was a no-brainer, because eventually after everything goes down I’ll run out of fuel reserves, and I’m a slave to my creature comforts that require power.  Wagan’s unit is very reliable, and utilizes a 100 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery.  It comes with five solar panels and can provide 1500 watts continuously peaks 3600 waters with two 115 volt AC outlets, two 12 volt outlets and two USB ports.  I’ve used it all summer when I take my girls out camping for the weekend and it has performed past expectations every single time.

Lighting Coast High Performance LED Flashlight

This tactical flashlight was found on my good friend’s website Greywolf Survival, and since he is one of the few writers out there I respect, I decided to give it a try, and at $60 what’s there to lose?  I mean most Surefires cost over a hundred bucks!  However, once I received this flashlight and took it with me on one of my night climbs I could easily see why he recommends it.  With 615 lumens this sturdy and well built light lasts over fifteen hours fueled by three D batters, and has an effective range around 250 yards.  It’s taken some abuse and still works like a charm.  Definitely a great product.

Comms Motorola 8 Channel UHF Two Way Radio

Even though I am a big proponent of Beofeng’s products being cheap but reliable, I still have to give props to Motorola’s RMU2080D.  This thing is rugged while meeting military specs for sealing against dust, wind, shock, and vibration.  It operates on 89 UHF frequencies with 219 PL/DPL codes, with six slots open for custom codes.  It is already preprogrammed to receive NOAA alerts and puts Beofeng’s range to shame with a whopping 250,000 sq ft range.  It has a very loud speaker and will connect to standard headset accessories.

Scouting Orion 16-48x65mm Waterproof Spotting Scope

When you’re in a world full of hostile elements you’re going to need to see what lies ahead.  While the Orion scope is not exactly on par with Vanguard’s, it is definitely a great asset to have when you’re out in the field.  It’s very well built, waterproof, goes from 16 to 48 power, and is the perfect scope for scanning terrains without giving away your location.

Food Nesco Professional Food Dehydrator

Maybe not as technologically advanced as the other items listed, but a food dehydrator is something every single prepper should own.  I’m an American so I love beef jerky obviously, so instead of blowing ten dollars every time I get a hankering I decided to start making my own. With this dehydrator I make about ten 8oz bags of beef jerky that I sell down at the farmer’s market, and stock up on the extras, rotating as normal and eating when it gets to close to its expiration date.  This thing has been practically running for a year straight and hasn’t failed me yet!

In closing…

As a prepper make sure you get your basics covered before you even think about taking it to the next level, and if you can’t afford this stuff, you can’t afford it.  It took quite a long time for me to add this stuff to my stockpile, but I don’t regret it at because I use almost all of it on a regular basis, and I know it’ll still come in handy after SHTF.  If you guys have anything you should be on the list feel free to comment below!

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    • Currently unavailable from Amazon with no current date of when or if it will be. Is there another brand that would be as good that would be available now?

  1. If you decide on a “radiation detection device”, Geiger counter or survey meter, it is imperative that you learn something about how much radiation is acceptable, how much is dangerous and how to protect yourself from it. If it is fallout you must be concerned with contamination, ingestion, inhalation of radioactive particles. If it is just radiation, you are being exposed to a form of energy that you can’t see, taste, touch, feel, smell, or hear. This is when you need the survey meter. There are naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) that you can detect with a meter and materials used in manufacturing that you can detect. Glock tritium nightsights-radioactive! Smoke detectors-radioactive (Americium 241)! The difference in the harmful effects are whether or not the radiation is “ionizing”. Non-ionizing radiation consists of radiowaves, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, microwaves. These are forms of radiation that do not emit dangerous radiation.

  2. Eneloop rechargable batteries.

    I added a switch to my Nesco. The heating element was always on when running (has variable temp setting). Now I can run the fan without the heat.

  3. With all the ‘fun’ they’re having in Europe, wow. Get prepared! BO said we’re going to bring in 5-6K of ‘refugees, and now it’s up to 10K. Why aren’t the oil sheiks helping more? They know this is a Trojan Horse ploy. Lebanon and Syria were Christian nations forced to take in refugees. Now they’re Islamic. Jordan took in thousands and how did they thank the king? They tried to assassinate him and take the nation–for that, he cut them to shreds by the sword, so now they burn his men alive as apostates. Liberia almost fell to Muslim refugees. And, the list goes on. All it took for these nations to fall was a small percentage of the population, less than 10%. Much of Europe is already there. But then, if you follow prophecy, Europe is going to burn to ashes. And so will we, if we permit it. I pray over all of you health and success!

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