When will the zombie apocalypse happen?

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With some of our readers’ favorite Walking Dead spin off ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premiering in a couple weeks, we thought we’d let you know when the zombie apocalypse will happen.  Hogwash you say? Oh ye of little imagination, let usCrow tell you some of the reasons you could possibly wake up to the zombie apocalypse at your doorstep…

zombie apocalypse head


Is the Zombie Apocalypse possible?

Aside from the hand of God, most think the zombie apocalypse is not possible at all.  I on the other hand never feel anything is outside the range of possibility.  My personal belief is the collective consciousness of humanity, in conjunction with scientific realities  is a very strong force to be reckoned with.  Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, or just bad luck, but the zombie apocalypse is more than possible.  Let me tell you why…

Reactivating dead brain cells…

If you’ve seen one zombie movie, you know the most common thread throughout all zombie movies is the reactivation of dead brain cells, bringing a corpse to it’s feet to walk among the living.  Theory being when a corpse’s brain gets reanimated, motor functions and the desire to eat is the only thing that remains producing the flesh-eating zombies you all know and love.

Reactivating dead brain cells sounds completely crazy right, and would never happen in a million years right? Incorrect.  Over a decade ago, in an effort to treat patients’ with Alzheimer’s and Down’s Syndrome Jonathan Cooper successfully reactivated dead brain cells at Stanford University by infusing NGF (nerve growth factor) proteins directly into rodents.  Now here’s where my inner tinfoil comes out.  Reactivating dead brain cells is a big deal, and you’d assume such a monumental achievement would mean grants, more research, or tenoir right?  After Cooper’s achievement in 2001 the research went dark, and Cooper became very hard to find.  It kind of makes you wonder, did the research stop or did the research go off the books?  Either way, not only is reactivating dead brain cells possible, but it has been achieved.  

Viral outbreak…

In almost every zombie movie there’s obviously the zombie and their bite, which further spreads the disease turning its victim into one of the walking dead.  How possible is it? Now that we know reactivating dead brain cells is possible, all we need to do is to dress up the reality with a viral strand that transfers through human body fluids (i.e. the saliva in a zombie’s bite).  Before you comment below and tell me about Ebola Zombies in Monrovia, please know this is not what I’m talking about..


In the movie Quarantine Jennifer Carpenter plays the flirty news reporter who’s thrown into a hellish apartment complex where the tenants are infected with a highly evolved strain of rabies, making them go totally ape shit and kill everything living.  But again, how possible is it?  Rabies is a contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals that causes madness and convulsions, transmissible through the saliva to humans.  Rabies is continuously evolving and if you track the epidemiology and various mutations of rabies, you can easily see this virus is trying to make it up the food chain to a host that will spread the virus more efficiently i.e. human.  Were such a strain ever to make it to the human population, the strain would need to stop killing its hosts so fast, a problem it’s been having as of late seeing how we still have no cure for it.  While this may not be the zombie apocalypse you had in mind, it’s one of the most similar and realistic zombie apocalypse scenarios you could face.

Agent Z…

We all know about Agent Orange, but what about Agent Z?  Even after the U.S. bioweapons division officially shut down circa 1969, our government still ‘unofficially’ continued to test, and even produce more lethal toxins like anthrax and botulism. While neither of these qualify as undead agents, what I’m concerned with is what we don’t know.

the crazies

The government has always had a fascination with mind control (go figure), such as MK Ultra that provided a foundation of research for the CIA’s (central intelligence agency) current interrogation methods.  Not only that, but the government has a bad rep for testing its biological toys on unsuspecting service members and civilians.  Back in ‘66 the US Army even released various strains of bacteria into the Chicago and New York water systems to test our ‘vulnerability to biological attacks’..

So the question has to be asked, what happens when they go too far? What happens when US Bioweapons or CDC create a biological agent or toxin that causes psychosis throughout an entire population?  Agent Z could be a federally hosted mashup of genetically supercharged bacteria that pushes an entire city to cannibalize itself, or not. Who knows, but I’m old enough not to put anything past the government.


2370393_origWhen thinking about the zombie apocalypse you rarely consider disease as the catalyst, even though parasites have their merits.  Whether it’s a parasite or a protein, both have the potential to turn humans into raging lunatics.  Bovine spongiform encephalopathy or ‘Mad Cow Disease’ in humans is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) and is eerily similar to the same symptoms the undead would exhibit.  The infectious proteins that cause vCJD do not independently evolve as aggressively as viral strains, and it takes a year to produce the worse symptoms (myoclonic jerk, dementia, impaired thinking, insomnia) so don’t take cow brains off your dinner menu just yet.

If vCJD doesn’t blow your skirt up how about toxoplasma gondii? Toxoplasma gondii is a single celled parasite that already infects over sixty million people throughout the world.  Don’t freak out just yet, as it currently stands the parasitic protozoan hasn’t mutated into an aggressive disease just yet, and is still very treatable.  The only thing that gets this parasite on the list is its infection rate and its ability to cause severe brain damage in ‘worse case scenarios’

Ready to nail your windows shut?

If you are use screws not nails, genius.  However, you can hold off on sealing yourself away from the world just yet.  As you can see every single possibility we listed simply provides the parameters needs for a zombie apocalypse, but any one element by itself in its current state will not bring about the end of all life as we know it.  Sure, with a mutation here, an aggressive strain there, and a little help from nature’s biggest masochist we could see something similar to a zombie apocalypse.  We know some of you secretly want the end to come but unfortunately guys you’re going to have to wait, keeping your bunker full, and your ear to the ground…

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257 thoughts on “When will the zombie apocalypse happen?

  1. If Already Been In A Zombie Apocalypse I Already Been Scavenging For Food And Finding Guns And Get A Car

  2. I’m 13 and I live with my aunt who designs weapons for the military and my brother is in the army

  3. All I need is a crossbow because noise attracts zombies. I will be looking for survivors out there I will go by the name of stealth killer. Hope to see u out there killing zombies!

  4. Read the news folks.. there’s this drug, “Flakka” was I think it’s called. It turns the humans, alert, aggressive and uncontrollable… search it. It turns people into like “zombies”. But hey, you never know when the zombie apocalypse happens so better prepare for something than never.

  5. Im 26 and a U.S Marine 0311 (Infantry) i went to ASOI witch is advanced school of infantry so i get to play with the big toys 😉 im a Sgt of 3rd battalion 5th marines ive done 3 tours to iraq and have a lost of experience so if you all need anyone i will be looking for survivor’s ill be going by the name of MadDog but ill be looking for survivors to build up a community and a stamding army again by the way in Pennsylvania this will be starting ill attempt to work my way through the states once i know i have PA under control and the community is built ill push on and just to let you know there will be 20 Marines 10 soilders and about 2 rangers 3 Marine Recon with me and 1 seal so we will make this work lol

    • Sign me up! I come from a long line of military personnel and know my way around a surplus of weapons! If push comes to shove I pull the trigger first and ask questions later… Hooh-Ra!!!

    • Fucking 3:5. Your BC can suck my pathetic little dick. But anywho 0314. If you need to get across a tiny little stream me and my coxswain will get you there. You just have to deal with Carl. He likes to sing “row row row your boat”

    • So ur not going to take our supplies and ditch is ? That’s the first so it not going to leave is to die after doing so? I doubt it I will end every one of u and ur forces if I find evidence of u guys doing that I won’t stand 4 it. I am 14 bit very trained with throwing weapons throwing knife tomahawk ninja star and cross bow I will pick u off pne by one so u better not just take our supplies and ditch us or leave us to die or u know……

  6. Lets just all form a team and we create the zombie virus and release it on the bithes that think we are crazy

  7. I’m 12 almost 13 and I can survive on my own if I had too but I will need a team so if your fit I would be more than happy to have you along with me! I live in Massachusetts btw

    • I’m 11 but can survive the zombie apocalypses I watch the walilking dead and fear the walking dead. I this the zombie apocalypses will happen any day now

      • You better be ready if it happens you will need a camp a gun and ammo and food and water and a high tree to sleep in zombies can’t clime and peopil will try to kill you you got to be prepared I got a house with a lake under it I got wellwater and a wind meal so I got electric and water for nothing and lots of entertane mention.

      • The zombie apocalypse is most likely to happen but. Scientists wonder why is has not started. But you just a child. Don’t worry. And the flakka drug only lasts up to 7 hours. With very bad affects. People run around naked and have super strength. One mad ate another man’s face off. Half of this happened in south flordia.

    • FUCK off I’m 17 and I believe the government is gona make a vires to kill all of us in less u prepare so get prepared fuckas

      • If not the government then nature will….coz of the current rates by which we r destroying it

    • are you dumb because nothing is impossible it could happen just get your guns ready and your mates

  8. I have a lot of survival skills I’m only 12 but I can survive a while on my own but I need a team I need at least 5 ppl so if u wanna be on my team reply on this comment and BTW I’m in Ohio and thx so much

  9. hi im 6 an imm ready an supper egsited 4 th zombir apalipsc any1 wna team up withh me?/????/??//??!!!?!!!!11!!!!!!!!11

    • Hey im 8 and I know I want to survive so I have Ty,Andreu,and Nick.Nick is a adult who is rich but don’t have a gun but the others do and we are ready for it

      • Kids age of 6-13 dont say u r ready becus you would faint ……..you will get scared

        • Your right I’m 14 and I am prepared I got a home with a lake under it and well water I have a wind meal for electric and lots of food and water I have a 4 story home big ass home I have a room for guns and a flat roof top to snipe zombies and all my weapons have silentsers so less noise and 5 cars and one bus all armerd a tall fens around my plase all so I have a gun in every ride and food and water in every ride and 2 gugs of gas and 1 gug of oil in every ride and to grogis and one farm and half of the woods so ya I’m prepared.

    • I AM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gus im 7 an i supor egcited abot th zombir apalypsq any 1 wna team up wih me??//??///??????/???

  11. I am currently located here in Philippines and I was hoping that it will reach up to here but, most of the people out here doesnt really care about the zombie apocalypse so our country is dam f*** up.

    • Wait did the zombie apocalypse already start because all my hide outs r done and my survival bag is packed and I’m waiting to see one zombie in PA so then I know it’s go time but if the zombie apocalypse did not start then when is it going to start????

  12. It’s fake it will never dam happen.the people who think that watch too many zombie movies cause we made the zombies up so there fake yes people out there do try too eat people but it can not.pass cause it’s not a virus so if there get out of the insane asylum there can’t give it too u have u ever thought we have a milliary that will protect us like really come on if it did happen it would happen too people in little groups the whole city won’t get out of hand it will never happen so stop getting your hopes up

    • And all you little kids would be fighten to death cause trust me if it really happen it won’t be a cup of tea it’s bad and you would wish i t never did happen I’m sorry but just cause you train for 15 years does not mean u will survive same with the game one because u could make a wrong move then you would be dead we are God dam human we will make mistakes

      • U need to watch some movies grace when it happens u r gonna wish u were ready Ive been getting ready 4 like 5 years so….. Shut up

      • STFU GRACE EVEN YOUR NAME SOUNDS WEAK!!!!!!!!!!☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • It actually happen because it’s happened twice once to a homeless man the other to a person sharing a room with another person. So don’t call it fake when you don’t have your facts straight.

    • I love how the entirety of the armed forces was one of the first organizations to just crash & burn.

      I can explain that. (Though most of these might not be as true in the real world, they definitely are some things that the government could disregard.)

      1. Making direct contact with the walkers. I mean, sure, you have guns, tanks, all that shit — but the zombies number you 600 to 1, and it’s not very hard to run out of bullets, whereas if you grab your shit and run into hiding, you will probably get overlooked. The walkers would go to where the buffet is; the buffet being the armed forces.

      2. The government thinks it’s a normal war. Just fight it on foot, etc. It’s a lot like the first one — they used brute force instead of fanning out across the landscape, trying to execute targets one at a time.

      3. They did not use their bullets/weapons sparingly. Meaning, they shoot at a smaller hoard of walkers, thinking that’s about as big as they can get.

      Also, just commenting otherwise on your comment — the ‘don’t get your hopes up’ is total bullshit. And none of us are paranoid hunchbacks living in a hole 6 miles underground, that’s not how it works.

      We are simply preparing incase it does ever happen — and if it doesn’t, another war, your country is bombed, natural disaster happens, you’re already prepared.

      And it definitely could happen. Though even if I don’t think it will, since we were brought ‘The Walking Dead’ we were taught in a way to deal with the zombies/walkers. If God was trying to rid the world of sin like in the old testament, he would rid the damn world of sin.

      It would happen to people in little groups? Explain yourself. That makes about as much sense as a pink fairy armadillo buying a pool for his pet hummingbird.

      Also, on a side note, I am 12 years old and I have better grammar/capitalization skills than about half + of you. Please, guys, come on.

  13. I’m 9 and I love zombie stuff and I wanna kill one so badly.I have a list of weapons in category:Assault Rifle will be the AAC Honybadger after.SMG will be the MP5.Knife will be Kukuri.Blunt will be a baseball bat.Sword will be a machete.Then that’s weapons you will need.Use these to survive the Zombie apocolpse also a shotgun would be Spas-12.

  14. Plz plz start a zombie apocalypse cuz ive been watching alot of zombie movies and shows im ready to kill zombies im not scared im 12 and im really ready so start it now plz ive been waiting for 3 years now plz start it

    • I scrolled through the comments and i agree i want it to happen to but i saw a lot of kids that say there ten and stuff and ready think bout it wat bout ur family now idk maybe ur like me and wouldnt give a fuck but think plot first thats wat ive done ik where im gonna go and how to survive im 15 and ive done research in dis stuff and i wanna b the one to cause it

      • Yes my parents would die in the first 10 min of the apocalypse I’m 14 I already have a group of 5 would you mind if me and my group came and joined you I’m 14 and I am ready for it to happen so please if you don’t mind me and my group coming tell me where you meet and I’ll help everyone in the group will do there share of work as will I and I can snipe if you need a sniper so please let us come

      • why the hell would anyone want an outbreak to happen everyone would die because people are dumbasses tht don’t know what theyre doing and eventually everyone who wants it to happen will regret tht bc either they r to stupid to think they r prepared or they think they can handle something like tht society is already a mess why make it worse?

    • whats wrong with all of the people 8-14 years old wanting a zombie outbreak to happen ..nobody waits for it to happen because they watched a lot of shows and thinks it looks cool .. shows aren’t real like the walking dead, it was written which means those people were lucky if it really happened all of the dumbasses would be dead within 24hours which includes all the little kids that think they are tough and brave enough to survive it.

  15. guys dont expect the best. this could be completely different and they could just not die die at all or they could look different and there could be no cure,…but now dont get me wrong here. i know everyone including me here wants to smash the crap out of zombies brains so all im saying is that this could be completely different.

    • My opinion is that you all are crazy we made the dam thing up and u don’t think right in the head it will never happen yes we do have zombie like people out there but It won’t spread cause there humans

  16. I’m 11 and I hope the zombie apocalypse will happen. Although I don’t have a bag of supplies, but my dad is in the army and he could get as many guns and supplies as we need. We have alot of guns at home to make sure everyone has a weapon. Also, I believe the zombie apocalypse will happen because of one of the two ways 1) If someone gets a wond (like getting a arm cut off) and they lose too much blood most of the brain cells will die and cause them to turn into a zombie 2) The zombie apocalypse haopens and they could get bit.

    • I’m 10 and it is the same but my dad is retired and 400 miles away right now. I am a girl and i do in fact know a lot. I have many weapons and a lot of supplies. I live in a decently populated area: Alaska. I have a full note book full of plans and ECT. If you need help just Lmk (Let Me Know)

  17. I am 10 year old girl it will happen.I have a supply bag I’m ready,not even scared.if u want to join me. Your welcome I have more pipe tubes.we moved to zla place were zombies will come first.my duty is to protect my little 2 year old sis.when we get our big dog we will stay together

  18. There actually making recycled brain cells…. Stupid… Prepare your selves cause it’s gonna happen…

  19. watch out the zombie apocalypse could happen any second it is a disease
    the cause of it is because the scientist are finding these new brain bugs and people on icp which is a drug

  20. Go to jail people now becouse the zombie ivaizoin is stating my dad died becouse of a zombie attak

  21. I’m a zombie major/geek and the zombie apocalypse is actually gonna happen because I do research and if u want to contact me contact me at rileysummerrose@gmail.com to ask me any questions about the zombie apocalypse thank you bye have a great day

  22. I’m prepared for anything, zombies, civilians, or even threats. Im ready to give them mercy and let there souls be free to the gates of heaven or hell.

  23. I’m ready and I’ve trained for this for 15 years of my life. training with guns, knifes, daggers, bayonets, swords, bow and arrow, crossbow, hatchet, axe, combat axe, throwing axe, spears, etc. I trained and I think I am ready I personally think that blades are one of the best decision in the zombie apocalypse because unlike a gun, you never run out of ammunition, and that would be a huge problem, don’t you all agree? Anyways if you decapitated them there brain wouldn’t work without a brain stem or function the body at all, because your heart would stop and your breathing would stop without your brain stem. This proving that decapitation is the best method in the Z.A. But if you have a gun use it for the love of god. But be ready with melee weapons because those weapons will help you when you take out the zombies. And one final thing, I think that decapitation would work faster then shooting them like crazy. Thanks a lot everyone, good luck at not dying during the Z.A.

    • gah i wish you were apart of my Z.A team. anyway you are correct on everything, but if you are trying not to draw attention to your self or others of your group it would be best to have knives, swords, bow and arrow, along with everything else. just one walker is enough to handle with a blade or arrow but a gun shot would attract multiple walkers.

    • What? Decapitation wouldn’t kill a zombie because they wouldn’t be able to breathe. If they’re the walking dead, they already don’t breathe. You have to smash their brains in order to kill the zombie. And another thing, melee weapons can run out of “Ammunition” because melee weapons easily break. Swords, or metal baseball bats obviously wouldn’t. But still. Try thinking this out a little more before the big Z hits us, a’ight?

  24. It will Happen don’t you thank just thank about it one day a man I going to try to make people come back from the dead

  25. I have never based my survival on Hollywood movies, zombie or otherwise.
    as for “zombies” post SHTF, they will be the diseased, the dying, the addicted, the starving and the unprepared.
    give them as wide a berth as you can and if possible avoid them altogether.

  26. Short quote from article about Cooper’s work: He thinks that these cells do not in fact die, but instead switch off some of their genes, including the ones researchers use to detect them. “In some sense, they are the living dead,” he says.

    Link to the full article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn1150-alzheimers-researchers-revive-dead-brain-cells/

    And this may be him at King’s College: https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/jon.cooper.html

    And this may be the article you are referring to (bottem of page 2 of his 100+ cited articles). I have not looked at any other of his more recent articles to see if he followed up on the NSF neuron regeneration quest. Still death=death unless the “death” is redefined.

  27. Curiously, a chemical agent, BZ was revealed in the 70’s, developed by the Feral Government. It is a exponentially more powerful version of LSD, that can be inhaled, ingested, or activated by mere skin contact, with very small quantities required to send you off on x? trips for weeks at a time.

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