We are proud to now offer Elite Membership to all users

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After months of hard work, and coding we are now pleased to offer Elite Membership to all usCrow.org users.  Here at usCrow.org we always strive to be the best prepper and survival website by offering content no one else is willing to offer.  The content we release on our site can not be found anywhere else!  Continuing this tradition we now offer Elite Membership for an incredibly low cost.  What does Elite Membership include?  Everything but the kitchen sink…

What does Elite Membership Offer?

The first thing we noticed is there were no sites that offered the kind of content we offer while providing a place for users to securely communicate with each other.  Some sites were strictly forum sites that anybody could view or join, while others had no content at all.  With this in mind we created the Elite Forums where our readers can securely communicate with each other in; General Discussion, CMF CENTCOM, Firearms, Milita Coordinating, Buy/Sell/Trade, Community Events, and Political Conversations. Want more reaons?

  • usCrow.org is the most secure website of its kind for communication
  • usCrow.org uses SSL SH2 Secure Encryption, Private Registration, Certified Domain Ownership (unlike WRAMSite, American PreppersNetwork, SHTFPlan, or any others that have no security protocols whatsoever)

Thousands of Downloadable Guides

Survival Guides, and Manuals is the most commonly sought out and downloaded content we offer.  In response, we have created the Elite Database, which includes more than a thousand manuals in PDF/ZIP format that can be viewed and downloaded in a clean and organized way.  What’s in the Elite Database?  Everything.  Weapons manuals, explosive guides, tactical training manuals, firearm conversions, firearm modifications, field manuals, and RAW tactical wrap media files!

Video Tutorials

Tired or reading?  Solved.  With Elite Membership you can access our Video Archives of over sixty videos by industry leading operators including; The Art of the Tactical Carbine, Mastering The Night, Compound Breaching, Kalashnikov Rifle Fighting, and so much more!  Videos are added weekly, and once we get a few more Elite Members we will publish instructional videos on some of our most read articles like ‘How to Make Tannerite’ and etc..

Why else should you join?

Look usCrow.org has big goals, and one of those goals includes whole ammunition sales – in short we will offer ammunition at the same cost (if not lower) the gunshops get. In addition we will offer CMF patches, uniforms, and apparel at a low cost to all Elite Members.  The goal is two thousand members, once we hit it those sections will be added.  Not only that, the edge we continue to maintain over every other prepper website and survival site out there is we are completely ad free, and joining Elite Membership will definitely keep it that way!

Ads are bad! Those ads have API Keys interlaced with AWS and other online researching firms that track your shopping behavior and the websites you visit.

Special Offer to Apparel Purchasers

If you have previously paid for usCrow CMF apparel, email admin@uscrow.org your usCrow.org username and a copy of your receipt and we will set you up with a free 6 month membership!  Additionally, if you are a CMF State Commander your membership is free, please provide the information above to admin@uscrow.org and we’ll get you set up!

Elite Membership

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About Administrator Ryan

Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for usCrow.org since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

9 thoughts on “We are proud to now offer Elite Membership to all users

  1. I have been scouring the internet trying to find a militia in New Jersey. If one does not exist citizens should at least have a discussion about it.

  2. Have been trying to buy the Elite membership but keep getting a message saying connection can’t be made to server.

  3. What is age limit for joining ? I’m 74 with
    no medical problems but arthritis !

  4. When you say we can communicate securely what does that mean and what makes it better than the other sites? Dont get me wrong the stuff you guys write is better than everyones im just curious what you mean by secure.

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