Are preppers crazy?

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Are preppers crazy

Those on the outside looking in commonly wonder if preppers are crazy.  In this article I will do my best to answer the question objectively while changing some hearts and minds.  Contrary to opinion, and undoubtedly against the common thread in our loosely stitched community, I believe public opinion needs to be on our side.  For those who are wondering whether preppers are crazy, or simply smarter than the flock, hopefully I can sway your opinion and allow you the opportunity to make an informed decision.

What are preppers?

Preppers are people who have concluded at some point in time a manmade or natural disaster poses an indefinite threat to their way of life who believe being prepared for such an event is an absolute necessity.  Each prepper has their own unique method to how they prepare, and no two preppers are alike.

When you think about preppers you most likely have a mental image of Hard Ass Harry jerking off to Guns & Ammo inside his lead lined bunker, surrounded by a thousand MREs and a mountain of grenades.  While this mental image couldn’t be further from the truth, it surely wasn’t helped by the popular TV series ‘Doomsday Preppers’, which shows a very small minority within the prepper community.

Preppers are a diverse group of Americans ranging from soccer moms, retired veterans, and computer programmers, all with their own reasons and methods for prepping.  You’ve got your baseline preppers who simply keep a couple extra weeks of food and water, while keeping their medical supplies stocked. Then you’ve got your hardcore preppers who stockpile months (even years) of food, water and tactically train with firearms while fortifying their home. From the base to the extreme there’s several levels at which people approach their preparedness.

Who are preppers?

Believe it or not, the media as a whole has lied to you when it comes to preppers. Mainstream media has made it their mission to convince you preppers are all ‘right-wing extremists’.  Preppers have a wide range of political beliefs that includes but is not limited to liberal, conservative, and much to my dismay anarcho-communists (a patently absurd political belief), while  I’m a staunch constitutionalist finding myself disagreeing with a lot of other conservatives’ beliefs which can be unsettling at times but to each his own. The only commonality preppers truly have is their unifying belief in preparedness.

What are preppers preparing for?

Nuclear War because we’re all going to die when man meets God’s final judgement. No, not really!  Most preppers prepare for extremely rational reasons, such as someone who lives in a northern state that is at a high risk for white outs where food, water, heat and power is regularly cut off.  Location, location, location, is what typically dictates one’s decision to be a prepper because natural disasters are the most prominent events they prepare for.  Think about it, you haven’t been to the grocery store for a couple weeks, and you just finished a long shift so you skip the store to get caught up some much deserved rest.  You wake up and your car is buried in the snow, the roads have been shut down, and the power was knocked out.  How long will you last without being prepared?

Are natural disasters the only reason we prepare? Of course not.  We all have our concerns about this or that, most are logical but they are not as finite as natural disasters.  Economic collapse, World War III, and yes even the possibility of a nuclear attack are entirely good reasons to prepare.  You’ve heard it as much as I have – it’s not a matter of if, but when..

What has history taught us?

To look back in time is to gain an insight as to why the prepper movement exists.  In the past century we have lost the ability to survive without Wal-Mart.  August 29th 2005 we watched what happens to those who don’t believe in preparedness as almost 2,000 people died in Hurricane Katrina, while the survivors were corralled into a stadium with no food or water.  Hurricanes, heatwaves, earthquakes, all disasters that have left their mark on this great country.

Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.” Gen. George S. Patton

When you add up the ten greatest natural disasters to happen on American soil over a million lives were lost.  The sad truth is that many of those lives could have been saved with a little preparedness…

Are preppers crazy or what?

As a whole most preppers are logical people who are very grounded.  Much like any other movement, there are those who are slightly unhinged and more extreme than most, but those who shout the loudest get heard the most this day and age.  Fortunately for us those guys are a minority.  So no, preppers are not crazy, they simply want to protect their friends and families just like you.. If you’re new to prepping check out prepping basics.

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Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

17 thoughts on “Are preppers crazy?

  1. I wonder what it is about Ancom that is patently absurd? Is it the anarchism or the communism or both. I am not an Ancom, but I do identify with Ancap. Is that political theory just as absurd? If so, on what grounds? We have a solid group of dedicated preppers in an Ancap group here in Virgnia.

    • To me any form of communism is absurd, and communists have not and will not stop trying to sell you on their particular brand of socialism. As for ancaps, the moral of the story is to not support any political system that does not accept the realities of man.

      In other words, why support a belief system that is nothing more than figments of imagination that will never in a million years be possible as they see it. Ancaps and ancoms both rely on the idea that once the state is abolished that their ideologies will be safe and sound, when the reality is (as time has proven) there will always be those who want more power, will be able to sway the hearts of men, and will overpower any society that exists without governance and a standing army.

      If this country were to ever accept either political philosophy we’d be overrun. Believe it or not our natural resources and land are highly coveted, and should our army fall under such an ideology we’d be fucked.

      • “Ancaps and ancoms both rely on the idea that once the state is abolished that their ideologies will be safe and sound, when the reality is (as time has proven) there will always be those who want more power, will be able to sway the hearts of men, and will overpower any society that exists without governance and a standing army.”

        From my study of Rothbard, Hoppe and Block, there are no beliefs of guaranteed safety in a stateless (free) society. While the Ancoms I interact with rely on the fact that resources will not always be finite (harnessing energy from the sun) and Ancaps suggest that the pricing system laid out by Mises in further development of the Austrian school within a free and unregulated market will lead to best outcomes. At least from the Ancap perspective this allows for private security forces and LEO agencies that operate on a contract basis. Many Ancaps find their main issue with the state (besides the belief that taxation is theft and the adherence in general to the N.A.P.) is the lack of competition from services. You cannot fire your fire or ems government services and hire a competitor, much like you can fire your cell service provider. And even if you do reject the help from the local LEO department, you are still extorted to pay for them.

        Although I disagree with Ancom’s desire to create a “perfect man” via the ridding of a price system and the ownership of private property, I do agree with the moral argument against government that both Ancoms and Ancaps espouse. No man possesses a moral right to coerce another into acting against his peaceful conscience. Whether every or any man can follow this to its practical conclusion or not, is no basis to disregard the philosophical principle; doing so would invalidate much in human history. This has been evidenced by the disregard of the U.S. Constitution. The principles remain, regardless if they are not adhered to by those that claim to serve it. There is no social contract. You owe nothing to your neighbor, nor your countrymen. This is why we need safety and security and most of all personal responsibility. Many people would find better security at a cheaper price if they were able to assume the responsibility of finding their own solutions and pay for what they wanted or needed, compared to the gross waste of economic productivity via the public sector.

  2. Prepping is very important but too many people are literally clueless about just anything and everything about it. They’re suffering from normalcy bias and for them everything is fine and nothing will never happen.

    The problem is the following: those people are going to be (if not already) one of the biggest and major problem for the preppers in general. They’re the ones who voted for stupid leaders, politicians, laws and bills and they’ll be the first ones trying to kill you, steal or snitch on you at the first occasion. The great majority of them aren’t part of the productive force of the society but part of the receiving or “leeching” end of it. Just listen at what the gun grabbers are willing to do to gun owners and you’ll see what I’m talking about: Using gun to kill us and take our gun! They’re more a problem than the government can ever be because the government is us as a whole and they fucking it up for all of us!

    They’re what the Elite consider to be the “useless eaters” or the unwanted part of the population that are targeted by vaccines, harmful medical process, GMO food, etc…. They’ve access to the same information than us but they prefer to refuse to do their part of preparedness, learning and awakening because they think that someone else will be there for them and/or they simply do not believe anything about it. They’re just Zombies and useful idiots for the NWO.

    The government is restraining my rights because those idiots can’t behave normally in society. How many gun laws (or any laws) have been passed based upon a handful of idiots ruining it for the rest of the population? I’m talking about stupid law made for stupid people. I would say about 95% to 98% of them! If you look at the criminal code then you’ll realize that it’s full of stupid laws made for stupid people.

    During the last decades I’ve tried to wake-up just about anyone around me and at a certain extend, anyone online….but after awhile you realize that you can only wake-up about 2% to 3% of the people. For the rest, they don’t want to hear anything about it. So what do you do then?

    You already know that those people are going to be your #1 threat and problem in case of a SHTF situation not the government! 3% of the United States population is about 10 millions people which is about 200 000 per state for a total of 50 states! That’s it! The rest are the sheeple.

    Would you like to rebuild a NEW United-States with those sheeple?

  3. I would say some seem crazy as it absorbs their life it seems,a few probably are crazy but figure those living for prepping just OCD!I live by the motto live for today while prepping for tommorow,even a person raised in a Grizzly Adams lifestyle with a few special ops combat tours thrown in can’t have everything for unknown futures.
    I believe the hardest part of prepping is the mental jump from everything is fine to things can go very wrong.That is the hardest part and once crossed the rest comes easy to a degree and the smalls add up.Your mind then looks at ways you do things/tools ect. and says what else can this tool do and the skills I have now how can they be re-adapted for tough times.
    As for being a bit crazy,well,may be,just has nothing to do with me prepping and helping others to any way I can.

    • The mental jump you discuss is the most valid point in prepping, in fact it ’tis the one ingredient that holds the other aspects together and w/o it prepping is a waste of time, money, and effort. I think it is called normalcy bias. People are prepping as if there is no tomorrow, while not practicing for tomorrow when the lights may not work. A plan not practiced is a disaster in the making. Then there is the standard day to day bs like on fox news where an epa cop is telling a man he cannot let the smell of his bbq grill drift out on the street. Each and every one of these day to day acts of stupidity hems us in more and more. What does that have to do with teotwawki. Well this, even if we never have a collapse, one day we are going to wake up and find out we have committed some kind of felony just for opening our eyes and yawning. This whole damn world has lost its mind and is operating on nothing but emotional braindead kenetic energy and zero creative ability. Rather it be a one hour meltdown or a gradual decline into nothingness we need to be practicing for our teotwawki event (while it is still legal to practice, and you best pick a calm no wind day to bbq while you practice). God help us all before we stupid ourselves to death.

  4. So true how main stream media strays from the truth. Prepping is no different then preparing for a tornado or hurricane only on bigger scale.

  5. I first got the mind set when we had the mid west tornado out break in the early 60’s. In 63 I joined Red Cross in High school. I was with Red Cross from 63 to 03 as an Instructor and was on the Disaster Response Team.
    I became a Volunteer Firefighter / Medic in 77 and continue today. I was with and became Director of our County Emergency Management Agency from 85 to 05.
    I have 18 years in law enforcement as a reserve, soon to retire as I now teach Survival and Emergency Preparedness full time in the American ReDoubt.
    It has been a long journey and I have been call a lot of things, but over the decades most folks figured out I was right. You need to prepared for anything, Natural or Man made to include our government going Socialist on US. One must understand, the very people who go to work to support those who don’t, serve their County to protect those that won’t,and worship their God ,who gave US America, we are now the enemy. My last duty from 05 to 10 was training troops for another police action that has nothing to do with America’s safety, it just serves the NWO. Part of that training was North Com at Fort Lewis.They are to come after the American people who refuse to follow the Socialist agenda.
    If you are reading this then you get it. Prepared the best you can and hang on for the ride, just short of an miracle ,we are about to get screwed.
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American
    North Idaho

    • My interest was peaked in school, once I entered the workforce and started a family I quickly realized that I needed to be prepared for anything to keep my family safe. We all have our reasons.

    • Thank you for your comment, makes me feel a whole lot less crazy! Sometimes we second guess ourselves!

    • Ranger Rick, I see you are from Northern Idaho…I’m from Southern Idaho…very close. I am a retired/disabled Nurse.I am sure finding out about trying to talk to and tell people or warn I might add, about prepping. About the way people look at you when you mention it! Like you’re crazy or something! So many people are burying their heads in the sand and saying it will never happen here in the good ole USA!!!. Even my family has the same attitude! I am concerned now for them, but also for myself and having somewhere to go that would be prepped along with my prepping. Being a Nurse for 23 years, I automatically think of all the ALS and medical supplies I would need for medical help to people. LOL…I just can’t believe that with everything going on around us and the shape of our Country and economic situation, that people still refuse to believe that “something” is bound to happen. And you are so right to say, that these people are going to be our worst enemy…worse than the government! I totally agree! I am impressed with all of your qualifications and training! I would like to stay in touch with you if you don’t mind. And yes, I have read all of your posts here and YES!!! I get it! Everything you have said! I am going to need to find a safe place to get to when shtf! And obviously my family will not be prepped! Sadly, I would more than likely have to leave or grab them up with what weapons and items they do have! So I will more than likely try to find the nearest militia to go to. But at least I have the skills and knowledge to help out medically in that situation.I think that if all come together with all the different skills and knowledge for survival then we can overcome whatever is to be. Many prayers,and thanks for your service to our beloved Country! May God bless and keep you…..
      Jennie K
      S.E. Wyoming

      • Jennie, if possible head to North Idaho. We are always looking for good folks. I do teach medical classes but I am always looking for medical folks. We have a few nurses on board and I have meds and tools to include dental, but not near enough. I push for the groups I teach to buy the meds now. I have a class on what herbs to grow and how to make meds from them. I push for a 3 year supply of premium vitamins , minerals and powdered green drinks.
        We work with Colloidal Silver, 35% food grade Peroxide and other good things.
        Feel free to stay in touch. You can also find me on LinkedIn under RangerRick CPM III.
        Best Regards,
        North Idaho
        Automatic Survivor – President/ Chief Instructor

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