How to make Napalm B

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In this guide we will teach you How to Make Napalm B.  Why?  Because America, that’s why.  In all seriousness, here at we strive to make available any useful information that may aid in your survival.  A more accurate answer is there are tons of articles out there to make homemade napalm, but none on how to make real napalm. otherwise known as Napalm B. As with all articles we must stress that the use, and production of Napalm is to only be used in the absence of law after the world has gone to shit…

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What is Napalm B

BLUE HORIZONNapalm B or what some call ‘Super Napalm’ is a gelled flammable liquid typically used for military applications such as the MK77 air dropped incendiary bomb, or more commonly used in conjunction with homemade flamethrowers.  Unlike homemade Napalm that burns for a minute or two, Napalm B can burn up to ten minutes. Not only does Napalm B have a superior burn time, but it also sticks better to surfaces (including skin), and is not as easy to accidentally ignite.

Napalm B use after the shit hits the fan…

As incendiary weapons go, Napalm B is inexpensive to make and can be made quickly.  For preppers and survival groups Napalm B is an invaluable asset to have in your repertoire.  Napalm B is ideal for clearing out enemy personnel maintaining a position in any structure such as; bunkers, shelters, foxholes, etc. by inserting the substance into any opening or ventilation shaft.  Igniting Napalm B in closed spaces such as these will cause the substance to stick to any skin it comes in contact with, making it nearly impossible to extinguish.  Not only are the incendiary effects catastrophic but they can cause suffocation, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, dehydration and etc…

Napalm B Precautions

First let’s get this out of the way – just like Thermite, Napalm B is not illegal.  However, much like other incindiary compounds, the way you use it could land your ass in jail or in the ICU.  Don’t be an asshole.  For safety’s sake, this substance should not be made in your home, so keep this project outside before your wife divorces you for setting her kitchen on fire, and killing her cat who inhaled the toxic and volatile vapors.  Keep children and pets very far away.  You will also need some PPE (personal protective equipment)

What do you need to make Napalm B

As I said before, we aren’t making run of the mill napalm, where you’d only need styrofoam and gas.  We’re making Napalm B, the good stuff.  You can purchase everying you need to make Napalm B by clicking on the links below, however you can purchase the gasolene from any local gas store.  What you need;

Steps to make Napalm B

Note, the amounts listed to make the Napalm B compound are by weight.  You will need to take your polystyrene (packing peanuts) and break them into finer parts using the cheese grater to 46 parts of loosely grated polystyrene bits.

Now pour your 33 parts of gasoline into your 1000ml glass beaker.  Slowly add 21 parts of benzene mixing as you pour with your glass rod.  Once loosely mixed, you can now add your polystyrene bits.  Add the polystyrene bits little by little, mixing with the glass rod as you go.  As you’re adding the polystyrene you’ll notice the bits will begin to dissolve and fizzle, which is a sign the mixture is starting to gel. By the time all of the polystyrene has been added there should be no loose liquid remaining, and you should have a gelled perfectly mixed compound of Napalm B.

Now put the compound into an aluminum coffee can (do not use plastic, the mixture will eat right through it). Coat the bottom 3 inches of your fuse with gasoline and insert it one inch into the gelled compound.  Find a spot away from brush, kids, animals, and anything flammable to ignite the Napalm B compound.  Once ready to ignite, light the non-coated end of the fuse and back away from the compound by at least 10 feet, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now keep in mind, there are several variations of this compound, and some will use kerosene, white phosphorous, sulfuric acid, and all kinds of other shit that will only complicate things, so stick to the basics.  As always, if you have any helpful advice or improvements on our method feel free to comment below.

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16 thoughts on “How to make Napalm B

  1. How does the 33 parts of Gasoline play into this besides the fuse? At what point is it added into the mixture if at all?

  2. What form does the benzene need to come in? I’m assuming liquid, but cost wise that’s kinda insane looking at chemical supply stores. Is there a cheap substitute, a better place to buy, or some other form of it that is cheaper?(such as another household chemical that it can be ripped from)

    • Toluene seems work just as well. I attempted a mixture using toluene and ligroin with polystyrene. The one things of note, and I’ve noticed this in other’s preps of Napalm B even using benzene, is that the ignition point is much lower than the 2000+C temperature needed to ignite the military napalm used in Vietnam which apparently require thermite to ignite.

      • They didn’t need thermite to ignite napalm. That’s just ridiculous. Any substance that could withstand the temperature of thermite before it started to burn would be considered an effective fireproofing agent.

      • It did not require thermite to ignite. That’s just ridiculous. Anything that can withstand the temperature of thermite before igniting would an effective fireproofing agent.

        • Napalm canisters used a white phosphorus igniter with a bursting charge to, well, burst the WP container. Impact with the ground split and dispersed the napalm and then the WP lit it up. Aircraft munitions were my job for 25 years.

  3. This is not a recipe for REAL napalm b as you say it is, sure it might work but i is chemically different.

  4. I had a go at the Napalm B recipe but I found it didn’t rise properly. Do you have any advice? Do you think I should use more sugar?

  5. I don’t normally “Help” anyone however , within the same mixture if you add finely ground mothballs or mothball crystals (Naptham) The yield and potency is raised substantially without any added risk , as a substitute you can use unflavored Gelatin and the Mothball crystals and they are completely safe amounting to similar yield without much more work

  6. thank you brother,,usefull in a society breakdown,,,never want to use, but ,to need and not have is worst

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