Is Jade Helm 15 a Real Threat?

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With all the misinformation about Jade Helm 15, and every conspiracy theorist having a new hypotheses of what it really means, it’s hard to understand whether Jade Helm is a real threat or not.  However, every Jade Helm 15 theory ends in one conclusion, martial law being declared on the people of the United States.  So what is Jade Helm 15?  Who’s going to be participating? Who’s going to be affected?  What is the “hostile territory” map?  And what does Wal-Mart and China have to do with any of it?  There won’t be any certain answers or outcomes until all of this happens but here’s what we know so far…

What is Jade Helm 15?

Jade Helm Training ExerciseJade Helm 15 is supposed to be a joint military training exercise taking place across multiple states but will mostly take part across the western states. We know that at least the following states will be a part of the exercise; Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, although there is some speculation that Colorado actually opted out. This will all happen within the time frame of July 15, 2015 and September 15, 2015 on both public and private land.

Who’s participating in Jade Helm 15?

The operation consists of U.S. Army Green Berets, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division and civilian inter-agency partners will all take part in the super-sized exercise. It looks like the majority of answers and the go to branch is the Army. Most quotes you’ll see on this exercise come from them. It’s not been mentioned if other countries will be joining but if we allow this to continue it would look like history will repeat itself and we will be allowing our allies to join in on training on our own soil.

Why is Jade Helm being held in The United States?

According to the very pointed Department of Defense brief on Jade Helm 15, this is nothing new in the tenants of irregular warfare training, and to their defense, they’re right.  According to the DoD, this training exercise has all the same elements of irregular warfare in current and past combat theaters; arid topography, different areas with different levels of affiliation i.e. neutral/sympathetic/hostile, and they even say that this is the main reason why they want to do a big chunk of the training in Texas because of the open space and “unique” terrain through the state.

Texas Prepares for Jade Helm

Like many people in Texas the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, has been very vocal about how he is not going to let this happen in his state without having some supervision.  He even went as far as mobilizing the state guard to watch over the military exercise.  Greg Abbott defended his reasoning by saying, “It is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property right and civil liberties will not be infringed.”  It’s very refreshing to see someone actually stand up for the people they represent as well as their constitutional rights.

Because of this he has received some backlash from both political figures and talk show hosts like John Stewart; thankfully a lot of people in Texas and across the nation are still standing behind Gov. Abbott.  After all the backlash Gov. Abbott is still holding strong stating, “Listen, what’s going on here is really very simple,” Abbott told reporters. “What we’re doing is serving as a communication facilitator between the Special Operations Forces and the people of the state of Texas and nothing more than that.”  The other states have seemed relatively quiet, probably because the majority of the training will take place in Texas. Plus Texas was labeled as “hostile territory.”

The Hostile Territory Map

Jade Helm 15 Territory MapThe hostile  territory map released in an unclassified military Power Point raised quite a few eyebrows and questions.  The map shows seven western states including: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. There is a color legend with the categories: red=hostile, blue=permissive, brown=uncertain (leaning hostile), and light blue=uncertain (leaning friendly).  The majority of California, all of Nevada and all of Colorado are labeled blue. Arizona is labeled light blue and New Mexico is brown.  Utah, Texas, and a decent size chunk of Southern California are labeled red and the chunk is California is even labeled “insurgent pocket”.

Queue the Jade Helm Hysteria..

This labeling of states as ‘hostile’ naturally upset and confused a lot of people and it didn’t take long for Infowars, BEFORE IT’S NEWS, and the sort to claim martial law was coming.  The military has explained that this was to be used for the training purposes only and wasn’t to be taken literally.  This also is not the first time that our government has also done this type of “training” in urban and populated areas.

Miami and Houston were two of the many more recent cities to have blacked out Black Hawks running drills in their night skies. In fact this isn’t even the first time our government has labeled a place ‘hostile’. The United States has a reoccurring training exercising called “Bold Alligator” which is an amphibious assault exercise that is used to train the Navy and Marine Corps in different maritime strategies. It’s been held annually since 2011, and the 2014 exercise included 19 other countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, Australia, and Norway. The government labeled Georgia and part of Florida as ‘hostile’ during a naval exercise geared at preventing insurgent groups from launching attacks out of both of the states.

Is Wal-Mart the staging area for Jade Helm?

Jade Helm Closed WalMartLet’s backtrack to the cry wolf of martial law. For Infowars/ Alex Jones, BEFORE IT’S NEWS, and the many other “conspiracy theory” group’s martial law is not a new subject. It’s their favorite topic and more often than not is their go to response to a lot of issues that arise. This story has an interesting spin on it which ended up getting Wal-Mart involved.  Yes that big chain store that’s in every state and other countries has gotten itself wrapped up into being a part of this whole thing.  Back in April of this year Walmart shut down five of its stores out of nowhere, two of the stores were in Texas, one in California, one in Florida, and one in Oklahoma.

Walmart did a terrible thing and decided to fire 2,200 people out of nowhere and with zero notice, they literally told them a few hours before the closing the stores that they had lost their jobs.  Walmart released a statement saying that each store had been closed because of plumbing issues and that that’s the only reason.  That alone is a huge red flag to me and everyone else. Wal-Mart employees didn’t even know about these so called “plumbing issues” and the Wal-Mart’s have never even asked about building permits to fix these problems.  The conspiracy theorists came in saying that these five Wal-Mart’s had underground tunnels built and that they were going to be used as food distributions centers for the Jade Helm 15 training.  In fact ALL NEWS PIPELINE went as far as saying that they closed to become “the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm American’s one by one.”  No one will EVER disarm American citizens, and you damn sure wouldn’t start the campaign in Texas of all places.

What it’s actually looking like is that Wal-Mart Corporate Board Members have simply had enough.  Wal-Mart has been known to treat its staff like dog shit, this isn’t news to anyone.  But one of the now closed stores actually led one of the first Black Friday protests in 2012 when employees were asking for higher pay.  What it really seems like is they’re just being assholes while trying to act like they’re a great employer, but in reality they’re just trying to get rid of the bad apples before anything can happen to damage the brand even more. Wal-Mart claimed they plan to reopen the stores but even if that were to happen it doesn’t look like it’ll be anytime soon.

Chuck Norris, one of my all-time favorite bad boys, has weighed in on this situation in one of the best ways I’ve read so far.  He’s quoted as saying, “It’s neither over-reactionary nor conspiratorial to call into question or ask for transparency about Jade Helm 15 or any other government activity.”  The Unites States government is something its public should always be watching and questioning at every turn.  While I don’t think the Wal-Marts were in connection (they’re just obviously a shitty company to work for) and I don’t think we’re about to have some Red Dawn scenario with China, I do absolutely believe that this isn’t a normal training exercise.  Any exercise taking place in the states and off a military base should always be questioned and watched.

Jade Helm and Martial Law

I was tasked by Administrator Ryan to write this article on Jade Helm 15 in an objective manner, and to exposé the primary points of this exercise.  After reviewing all the facts, reports, and briefings, I personally do not feel that Jade Helm will be the launching point for Martial Law in America.  There is nothing entirely irregular about this exercise that warrants any legitimacy behind current conspiracy theories being lauded into the prepper and survival community.  That being said, is it possible?  Sure, but I don’t think that’s what this is…

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass..”Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Marshal Admiral and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II

Note from Administrator Ryan…

Here at we have a profound responsibility to provide not only quality content, but objective news on potential threats to Americans.  With our multi-state militia coordination efforts, we have to see past hysteria, and objectively review all potential threats.  Failure to do so, would have caused premature mobilization of many state militias over the past four years when there was always a ‘new threat’ of martial law.  Just as we did before, we reached out to our contacts who are active duty service-members, and the guys on FoxTrotAlpha, and have found no viable intelligence that warrants the mobilization of militia elements.  However, if you have any viable intelligence that would say otherwise, comment below (note sources), or email us.  Make no mistake, the situation is being watched very closely…

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25 thoughts on “Is Jade Helm 15 a Real Threat?

  1. Okay guys and gals… Jade Helm 15 starts next week (from what I’m told). We’ve heard the rumors and facts about what’s about.
    Can we safely say that if it’s successful that the training will become reality? If so, then what are the next possible steps the government will take? Is it possible that the president will then activate the “sleeper cells” in this country to bring whatever horrible plans he has for this country to reality (such as Martial Law)? Should we expect the training to continue into other states that don’t fit into his plans?
    Now on the flip side, if the training isn’t as successful as the government was hoping, can we expect a new training program within the next couple of months (we know that the government never leaves anything to chance-always have a backup plan–even if they deny they have one).
    WE all know that the elections are coming and I believe that they will allow the elections to occur unless things don’t look to be going their way.
    My questions are not based on fear or hysteria. I believe in being prepared for anything (short of an act of a madman) and we all know that knowledge is power. I’d prefer to have knowledge than gold at this point. I’m in the Southeast states and we’ve been seeing mass changes on local to state levels. Re-writing history and attacks on individual rights are just the beginning.
    If anyone has any insight please let us know.

    • Jade Helm was to start July 15th, but in some areas it started sooner. It was to go to Sep 15th, but I have been told some areas will go to Nov. 15th.

      I have personally been to Wal-Mart’s up here in Montana that were to be FEMA camps and found nothing more than a Wal – Mart. Same in Texas.

      At this time I have seen nothing unusual in North Idaho where I live, EXCEPT,
      a number of young Russians in and around Coleville WA and Bonners Ferry ID.
      The North end of Idaho now has a no fly zone where an alleged FEMA Camp is.
      You can verify this by going to Flight maps and download North Idaho.
      This story was told to me by a family that had been flying into their place for 40 years , 2013 they were told to turn around. I over heard them talking about this Nov. 2013. Ask them to repeat the story and they did.

      I have talked with folks here in North Idaho that were hunting or cutting firewood in places they have done so before. I was told they were met by troops dressed in black uniforms and were told to leave. I could not get any of these people to take me there so I could verify the stories.

      I can only add my last duty station I was training troops for over seas and in between them, we had a group come in and they were being trained for the America people. North Com, Fort Lewis is something you might goggle.

      Also Goggle REX-84 ,I was a part of that in 1984 when I was a young trooper, what is going on today looks very familiar to that along with its sister Agenda 21.

      Hope this helps,

      • Thank you RangerRick for the updated information. I’m just a bit concerned considering the current situation of things and other events occurring here in the Southeast.

        • You are most welcome sir; that makes both of US. Lots of smoke, fire can’t be to far behind, rick

  2. So on the grounds I actually would like to be educated more about the subject, I’m not an expert and neither are any of you, so if you guys have proof of anything it would actually be great! Anyone can say that anything is happening, I just like proof because that’s a lot closer to the truth then just jumping to conclusions.

  3. it makes sense not to overeact to hysteria and prematurely deploy militia personel. but i have one question how is your militia preparing to do any good if they raid flagged gun owners one by one who they know do not have communication with any organizations? after all they admitted they will be operating at night and on private property with roleplayers. this is fishy because the troops wont know who is an actor and knowledgable civilians wont know whether thier neighbors private property rights are being violated. of course there will be no grand revolution and at the most inconsistant chaos. how can we deal with them taking us one by one?

    • Last week here in Priest River Idaho; Google ( John Arnold – VA –
      Gun confiscation ).
      Easier to read and watch videos as the action by VA and American Citizens response went Nation Wide.
      VA did not do a search and seizure , they did not even show up.
      A representative did show up a few days later and all is well or soon to be.
      Over 150, Vets, Citizens, from OATH KEEPERS, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, OUR County Sheriff, OUR Town Marshal, Utah, Idaho and Washington folks came
      and last but not least OUR State Rep Heather Scott and Washington State Rep Matt Shea also showed up.
      I can’t image any Federal Agency being that stupid again. I got to say a bit on Channel 2 and 6. Old, gray hair and beard with SF base ball cap.
      Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

  4. The only hard proof we have is there are millions of plastic coffins spread across America by the govt.That would indicate a massive loss of life is expected.The govt has built and stocked massive underground facilities for themselves w/ supplies to last for decades. We have Jade Helm going on in the southwest. We have mobile SAM sites being installed from Texas to Calif. We have curious DHS/FEMA goings on at closed walmarts. Asian and Russian troops with AK’s, grenades and load outs led by American SOF patrolling in nw Montana forest along the border. Sometimes ICE is with them or close by. Several c130 flights a day and three to four flights at night going into Butte, Montana airport and more going into Missoula. They’re using U haul truck convoys to move these supplies out and they are going north toward Canada. Some pallets contain crew served ammo, small arms ammo, mortars, tons of mre’s, and a field hospital. Large shipments of concertina wire were also shipped into Butte. Some stuff is concealed so those contents are unknown.The Montana actions are not being broadcast but retired SOF and ex marines in the area are watching this as it happens. Also armor, mraps, ifv, trucks and other equipment are arriving by train. Reports are all equip is new or looks new w/new tires or tracks. All are painted desert camo. They report foreign troops are unloading the planes at Butte. These are retired SOF and ex marine making these observations. Maybe Ranger Rick can add something to this…

    • You have said just about everything I have heard, we too in the Idaho Panhandle have watch Helicopters flying around for 2 + years in areas they have no reason to go.
      Over by Diamond lake WA., C-141 aircraft landing over in the woods, I have not been given info as to exact location. I did go to Montana ,about 3 hour drive from here for a Wal-Mart / FEMA camp report. It was a Wal-Mart. They did volunteer that in Texas, there were stores being closed due to plumbing issues.
      I have a friend who sold her home to 2 postal workers and 1 delivers in Coleville, WA. They said Russian young men everywhere as in Bonners Ferry ID.
      I don’t know if Jade Helm is for training or not, but more troops are siding with US as one would hope on different blogs and sites.. I look at 160+ sites.
      For myself, I have been training locals going on 4 years in Survival and Emergency Preparedness, because of the things I was a part of in my younger days in the military and I see them coming to life now. REX-84 should be a good read and is real , I was a part of that program. NorthCom, Ft Lewis.
      We know we have a President who is not an American. He is a Socialist Muslim
      who hates America. He has been caught on live camera on audio talking with a Russian diplomat to tell Putin give him time to get things in order.
      He has sent our troops to war in places we have no business. The NWO demands these countries thru out the world to fall in line or they will be crushed.
      I saw a list in the 90’s stating the countries we would invade and what order.
      If you are on this site, you fully understand, the worst is coming and you had better get your shit straight. We are at War, and very soon to a city, town, or village near you.
      I don’t know how many millions will die in this crap, but now while you still have the chance, find out what your politician has said, done and how they voted.
      They have no where to hide. They are traitors.
      Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

    • thanks for the info brother,,im from the north east and not a whole lot of military action up here ,a few odd ball, things but nothing standing out like in these other areas,,eyes are open

  5. I sure hope this country does not become like Nazy Germany. It feels like our politicians are feeling more and more confident that they can keep lying to us. I hope to God I m wrong

  6. “J.A.D.E.“- Is an APP for the US military. It stands for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution.”
    i.e., YOU, and any other red blooded American that will take up arms to protect his family and freedom.
    This is all anyone needs to know in order to know what JADE HELM is all about. There are already active duty Marines and Army National Guard who are coming forward and putting the information out there because they are oath keepers dedicated to their oath to the U.S. Constitution.

    • There is absolutely no legitimate backing to that acronym whatsoever! That batshit explanation came from some lunatic on YouTube. The military has always had weird names for ops, and usually have more of a metaphorical meaning. Post facts, not bullshit.

      • The acronym was sent to me by a buddy of mine in the Army National Guard who notated it from an operations briefing while on duty. I dont post bull shit and I dont watch youtube. Have a nice day.

  7. Nicholas,
    I agree with you. I left the military in 2010. We were training NorthCom out of Ft. Lewis WA . There only reason they exist is for the control of Americans.
    I recently had a friend of mine go to the VA in Seattle. He saw some young troops sitting at a table and sat with them for lunch. After being there for a bit, he popped the question. It has been said you guys will be ask to help disarm American citizens. What is that all about? One young soldier spoke up and said yes, he would do so if given an order to do that. NONE of the other troops said a word. My friend got up and left.
    We have had hundreds of high level Command across all branches be removed and replace with what?
    I hear 40,000 soldiers are being basically forced out of the military and may be replaced with non-American’s. They are probably Obamas sons.
    In my early years in the military I was part of a program called REX-84, seems it is in place now as well as Agenda 21.
    Who really knows what is going on. I can only hope and pray the majority of all branches will lead the Americans back to freedom.
    I really thought with the US winning the House and Senate, things would slow down or even stop.
    These self-serving politicians have done nothing but aid Obama in his take over and destruction of what is left of America.
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American
    Ranger Rick
    North Idaho

    • thanks man ,for the info from your exp.,,things they are a changing,,,prepair,,train,,and pray we never need it,,,but if we do,, ,
      muscle memory sure comes in handy

  8. We need to be looking for what they are distracting us from. They have every militiamen on alert and keeping us from noticing what they are actually doing. Watch your Six.

    • Nicholas, You bet my 6 is covered. You are right to understand , BS going on over there, while here the enemy is here. These recent shooting by Muslims are just a start of what is coming to America.
      Remember who let them in and who has sat by and done nothing to stop them. Continual Dog and Pony show.
      Hang the bastards,

      • rangerrick….(love that name)….All anyone really needs to remember is that evil doesn’t take vacations. whether these bastards are really prepping for war on America or not, just be ready.

        • It came from a Newspaper boy back in the early 70’s. I had been hurt in a parachute accident and was sent to a base near home. I caught a ride from the airport and at O dark 30, I am walking down the street while he was delivering papers.
          He sees me and knew my name was Rick, saw my Tab and have been RangerRick every since. My CB handle then was Airborne Patriot.
          and that is the rest of the story,

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