The Prepper Website Threat

Prepper Website SSL Encryption

You all have your favorite prepper website, and we can only hope that favorite prepper website is but to each his own.  However, after we launched Elite Membership we had several comments and emails asking why we made such a drastic change, and what truly made stand out above the rest.  My simple but albeit controversial response is Continue reading The Prepper Website Threat

We are proud to now offer Elite Membership to all users

Elite Prepper Website

SIGN UP FOR ELITE FOR $20 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP   After months of hard work, and coding we are now pleased to offer Elite Membership to all users.  Here at we always strive to be the best prepper and survival website by offering content no one else is willing to offer.  The content we release on our site can not Continue reading We are proud to now offer Elite Membership to all users

Are preppers crazy?

Are preppers crazy

Those on the outside looking in commonly wonder if preppers are crazy.  In this article I will do my best to answer the question objectively while changing some hearts and minds.  Contrary to opinion, and undoubtedly against the common thread in our loosely stitched community, I believe public opinion needs to be on our side.  For those who are wondering Continue reading Are preppers crazy?

How to Breach a Building at Night

DEVGRU Seal Team Six

In this guide we will go over the proper techniques, methodology, and equipment to be used to breach a building at night.  Your unit’s ability to properly execute a breach on a building or structure at night will provide a tactical advantage over your enemy.  At we focus on the reality of the world we live in. In this Continue reading How to Breach a Building at Night

Is Jade Helm 15 a Real Threat?

Is Jade Helm 15 a Real Threat

With all the misinformation about Jade Helm 15, and every conspiracy theorist having a new hypotheses of what it really means, it’s hard to understand whether Jade Helm is a real threat or not.  However, every Jade Helm 15 theory ends in one conclusion, martial law being declared on the people of the United States.  So what is Jade Helm Continue reading Is Jade Helm 15 a Real Threat?

The Facts About the California Drought

California Drought

The California drought isn’t something new to California; having been born and raised here, I know it’s a cyclical fact that has always happened and always will.   The lakes dry up, we get fines for taking too long of showers and are restricted to only watering our lawns on certain days and the list goes on.   We even started getting Continue reading The Facts About the California Drought

Low Light Shooting Guide

Low light shooting guide

In this guide we will go over some low light shooting tactics.  Let’s be real, most of you don’t have the money to blow on NVGs (night vision goggles), and I’m damn sure you’ll get your shit handed to you if you don’t train to handle low light shooting.  With this in mind, let’s go over some tips and tricks Continue reading Low Light Shooting Guide