Why Misinformation on Prepper Websites is a Real Threat

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More than likely you’ve read some piece of misinformation. It used to be things like spam mail or something about a twenty-two pound baby being born in some remote corner of the planet. Unfortunately things like this used to be as serious as it got and snopes.com would quickly give you the real answer.

Now things are being broadcasted like actual news stories. It’s like that old game of telephone. A story comes out and by the time these alternative “news sources” get a hold of it World War Three is about to break out in Florida. While I’m sure most things are written with the intent of being helpful, I do encourage taking everything you hear with a grain of salt. Do your own research and form your own opinions. I really can’t stress that enough. I know it’s hard with social media today since everything is shared within the blink of an eye and almost just as quickly becomes fact. There are quite a few prepper news sources that spread stories like this as well. They will give out stories that are truly terrifying so that people will become scared and believe.

Prepper Website Infowars 

Let’s start with Alex Jones, the owner of InfoWars.  He’s been a guest several times on the TrueTV show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and has a very popular radio show with a decent following. Alex Jones is best known for his extreme ideas that he yells at you and is very excited which in turn makes his followers really excited. Because of the passion he has for the topics he covers, he puts on an entertaining show. But Alex Jones has made false predictions more times than I can count.   A couple of examples are — he predicts that martial law is about to be declared somewhere in America multiple times or there is always about to be a huge scale terrorist attack somewhere. He also has a huge fascination with the New World Order, or the NWO.  

“They’ve got operations so big, grabbin your kids, they CPS ’em right out, Child Protection Services, they’re on a jet, to one of — two dozen countries. And they are slaved out. And lotta times when they hit 25 years old, they — y’know, 10,000 men have had sex with ’em, they’ve had 30, 40 abortions,[note 3] they’ve been used up in ways that are so hellish you can’t even imagine, [slaps table] they just walk ’em right out, shoot ’em in the back of the head, and throw ’em in a vat of acid. That’s how they roll, just massive, MASSIVE murder operations.” Alex Jones

With declarations like this, who wouldn’t be scared? He harps on a specific soft spot for most people; children. While many times he reports on actual true stories with valid points that the main stream media (MSM) overlooks, I do appreciate him making people actually think. Unfortunately, he uses scare tactics to drive his point home. The MSM, do this as well and he calls them out for reporting only those stories with an agenda that serves the elite owners of the station and for ignoring those stories that would financially harm their sponsors because those same sponsors pay the bills. I’ve listened to Alex Jones a handful of times because my mom used to be an ardent follower and honestly, I can say that most of his show is filled with ads for some product to buy or to invest in gold. Aren’t those the same sponsors that pay his bills?

Prepper Website BeforeItsNews
There are also things like the website “Before It’s News”. I understand that this one is a little more obvious, but people still believe ardently. As I’m writing this, one of their trending stories is “The Top 6 Aliens Species Fighting Over Earth”. Another story claims that NASA is a huge lie and the list goes on and on. But there are also valid things that catch the reader’s attention. Stories that are labeled “Jade Helm” or “Government Documents” are the things people have heard about on the MSM, are interested in and therefore the assumption is made that it must be true. Once you’ve clicked the link there’s a “news story” that is opined with the authors particular slant that makes you feel the passion behind it and you start to believe. But once again, it’s just another scare tactic.

Thomas Jefferson Informed
 “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government,” Thomas Jefferson

Unfortunately this has been proven to either no longer work or to have never worked at all. It’s always assumed that people who don’t know all the facts can be informed and therefore the whole truth could be known and opinions can be changed. Come to find out, that isn’t necessarily the case. In a recent study done at a Michigan University it has actually come out that the more you try to disprove someone’s “fact” the more they will have faith in that “fact”. This is different from the uninformed who can more or less still be persuaded. It would seem like this wouldn’t be such a big deal because after all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When it comes to democracy and the way this country runs it is actually a huge issue. If we apply what Thomas Jefferson said to what recent research shows people would have to be a blank slate and have none of these opinions. No one wants to admit that they’re wrong and for some people their beliefs are deeply rooted in how they were raised.

Sometimes these are things that have been handed down for years and generations. Even if the person is dead wrong and you present the facts, they will throw themselves deeper into their own belief for fear of being wrong. Add to this that Thomas Jefferson was referring to people living in a Republic form of government, not a democracy, in which the individual, not the majority, is king (pun intended), and you have the crux of the problem. In today’s day and age, the mob rules. We weren’t intended to be governed in this way and so we end up with two very different, powerful mindsets at work here and they simply can’t help but to clash against each other all the time.

So just imagine now that shit really had hit the fan. Depending on what’s happened and if we still have access to the internet so much misinformation will spread. Look at what happened on 9/11, today there are still arguments about who did it. Was it our government, was it plotted by some man in a cave somewhere in the Middle East, was it China or Russia? At this point it could have been anyone according to all the misinformation out there. So, say tomorrow a nuclear bomb goes off in a major city out of the blue. The MSM will broadcast virtually the same story and then the alternative “news sources” will begin taking little bits of information and changing it into what we would call a conspiracy theory. Say they’ve changed it into it being our own government who attacked us even though their “proof” was a guy saying he overheard someone in the Pentagon admitting that it was the government. Chaos would break out everywhere. Martial law would be declared nationwide and the people would begin attacking their own government and military. All the while these alternative “news sources” would be adding fuel to the fire. They say they have documents and videos and a ton of other evidence, when really it’s just a bunch of things taken way out of context. It won’t end well and you can bet that we will have some real life Hunger Games situations on our hands.

So is there really anything that can be done to stop all of this? In all honesty it doesn’t seem like it. People will hold on tightly to what they believe regardless of the facts. We can all hold out hope that people will at the very least try to educate themselves and not jump to conclusions off the first piece of information, but it’s a very difficult thing for humans to admit when they’re wrong. All that can really be done is to educate yourself and be open enough to at least see all the facts. You can still hold on to your core beliefs but maybe be a little more open to the fact that when it comes to the information that’s obtained from these alternative sources will never be the full truth.

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18 thoughts on “Why Misinformation on Prepper Websites is a Real Threat

  1. most americans could care less about whats going on just as long as they get theirs,,,this is the new world order american,,,,

  2. I would think if most of what AJ advocates were true he would be 1st on the Government’s hit list, and he would not be talking about about his retreat knowing he would be one of the first “they” would go after.

  3. Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, Et al are a d a m n joke. So many incorrect predictions from supposed government insiders or whistleblowers. I suppose if you make 500 predictions over the course of a decade or so and a few come true readers will thank you for being the bearer of truth. Lol

    I just wonder how anyone can get all spun up based on one of these crackpot’s predictions, and when IT DOESNT HAPPEN, they continue to follow their site? If you lent someone $500 on a promise they could double it, and they stole it…would you lend them money again? Crazy.

    Doesn’t help Alex any that he is a tubby little dude, I think he loves the Golden Corral buffet line.

    Btw I’m a govt troll paid by the NWO to sit in a top secret bunker trolling Prepper websites.


  4. Ads to buy gold are bad (by AJ), and ads to buy drugs from big pharma (MSM) are OK?

  5. Excellent post. Soooo freaking tired of these BS fear-mongering sites putting out nonsense that they heard from a guy who’s brother in the air force etc. Ridiculous lies and half-truths just to get pageviews and sponsors, meaning people get spun up over things that aren’t true and aren’t being spun up on things that are true.

    I have no idea why people still follow these sites when a quick check of their many previous warnings and predictions over the past several years show that they NEVER come true, not to mention the fact that they never actually have any real facts or real actual, verifiable sources.

    Those who follow and take action based on information from sites like this are just another form of sheep.

  6. Wow so true, the ability to discern is not there with the unfaithful. Like the trips LEOs made lookin for the escaped felons, false tips to cause intentional confusions. Brain storming is creative, perceptions are what they are until backed by facts. Keep it real, remember your SALUTEs,

    S=SIZE of enemy force. Actual numbers if possible. (Squad=12, Platoon=38, Company=145, Battalion=600)


    A=ACTIVITIES of the enemy. ( If moving, give direction and method of transportation. Take your time. Be specific. Include small details, even if they seem insignificant.)


    L=LOCATION. 6 digit coordinates, or clear description.


    U=UNIT IDENTIFICATION. (Markings, symbols, uniforms, vehicles, agency markings. Don’t give up until you are sure about this one…)


    T=TIME and DATE of sighting. give Military 24hr time or am/pm.


    E=EQUIPMENT carried by the enemy. (To include: type weaponry, web gear, electronics, night vision, body armor, vehicles, tents, etc.)


    ( PROVERBS 2:6

  7. How are we to believe anyone. I agree that all things need to be taken for there face value. I agree the way AJ present everything is over top. However many of the issues he and other report on are happening and tearing this country apart at the core . Many would say that this blog is nothing but a government troll site. Who to believe?

  8. Sir, if people didn’t learn their lesson concerning AJ and his false predictions abut y2k, then it is not learnable. The man is a fraud to the 10th power and beyond. The truth is not in him anywhere. Lying is in his DNA, he just can’t help himself. thanks

  9. I’ll take Alex jones over CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, and increasingly Fox.
    BTW Children are being seized unlawfully and tyrannically from their parents in increasing numbers by oppressive Gov. Children Services.
    There does seem to be an Illegal Invasion over our former southern border, and a unanimity of this policy over several “different” regimes.
    IMO better to be a “conspiracy theorist” than a mind numbed sheeple.
    And Who can really discern the Truth anymore?

    • That’s the point, take things with a grain of salt and do your own research. Two years back Alex Jones singlehandedly almost caused the premature mobilization of militias ‘going hot’ over erroneous reporting, which caused a nightmare over here keeping our units from buying into the hype.

    • Being that I’m the one who actually wrote this, my intent wasn’t to discredit the issue of children being taken. I was simply proving the point that things like children are words that absolutely scare people and grab your attention. I was never saying that this doesn’t happen. Just an example. As for picking the truth that’s why I said take things with a grain of salt and form your own opinions. No media whether big or alternative is telling you full truth and they also love to exaggerate.

      • I would be more interested in an article on a topic you are intimately connected with, the Police. Especially from such a foreign Marxist state as CA.
        Discernment will vanish when TSHTF and your “beliefs” will be secondary to your uniform, whether the uniform is cloth or skin. Not saying it is “right”, but it will be true, imo.
        “Sides” will have to be selected, and the stasi government is not an ally of mine.
        What say you?

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