Martial Law Survival Guide

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Martial Law Survival Guide

In this Martial Law Survival Guide I am going to skim over several issues facing American Preppers and Civilian Personnel.  Now let me say this… I’ve seen some of these other Prepper Websites’ conceptual ideas of how to survive martial law, and I’ve never seen such irresponsibility in my life.  Not only do they tell you to stock up on guns, ammo, and all the other prepper niceties that will get your ass sacked up upon inspection, but they also advise you to shelter in place!  In response, we will tell you how to not only survive martial law, but to conquer it.

Is Martial Law a Real Possibility?

With all the buzz over Jade Helm 15, the UN coming to seize your weapons, DHS stocking up on ammo and MRAPs, and the Constitution being raped every single day, it’s not too hard to see why people are starting to get hyper-spastic about it.  I mean have you seen Alex Jones in a frenzy?  It’s quite moving but essentially its fear tactics to get us to buy his ‘Secret 12 Formula’ which is nothing more than a crazy dose of B12.  It’s capitalism, so I can’t complain.

Now, one of the problems I have with a specific article says to listen to ‘Rumors or predictions from experts may alert you to impending martial law’, which is a really bad thing to tell people.  Come on, man.  you’re going to send 75% of the prepper community running to the mountains every two weeks!  No, seriously, every two weeks there’s a litany of articles with predictions and rumors telling us ‘Tomorrow, martial law comes!’.  Tomorrow comes, nothing is different aside from an increase in ammunition sales, and it’s been this way for years now.

The Reality of Martial Law

Martial Law is always a possibility in any major metropolitan area, but it won’t go down the way everyone thinks it will.  Don’t listen for rumors my friends, listen for bombs.  There is only one way you can bring this entire nation under martial law, and that is under the guise of a simultaneous multistate terrorist attack.  Think Boston Bombings, and the following result immediately after detonation, there was a two hour window before martial law went into full swing.  Now, think if that were to happen nationally.

People also like to believe our Army would never do that, but sadly, high ranking military personnel, along with OathKeepers are being purged, being replaced by younger, more impressionable soldiers.  You know, Gen Y – it’s unsettling to say the least.  Not only that, but the military has been training for counter-insurgency for decades now. ..

Surviving Martial Law

I hate dubbing this article ‘Martial Law Survival Guide’, because to simply survive all you have to do is submit to the boot of tyranny.  Don’t have any guns or ammunition hidden, because if you’re found with it, you’re getting sacked up.  Just sit there like the nutless wonder you are and let them do what they’re going to do, and hopefully you won’t end up in Hotel Auschwitz..

However, our readers aren’t about that life. Our readers don’t want to survive, they want to be free, and that is what my martial law survival guide is about, restoring freedom, and in reality you’re going to need all the skills we teach here to overcome such a force, so I’m going to highlight the most important elements…

Conditioning for Martial Law

I cannot stress this enough, don’t scare the living shit out of your children! That being said, you and your family need to be conditioned to survive and overcome martial law.  This isn’t as complex as it sounds.  To condition yourselves for martial law without giving your kids a new phobia to worry about, simply turn your conditioning events into family outings. It’s simple, instead of staying home on the weekends, start camping out!

  • Make a game out of how fast can you get the truck loaded to simulate bugging out.
  • Find a nice remote area to camp, and see who can do the best job getting their tent up and hidden with foliage the fastest.
  • Teach your family firearms safety, and marksmenship.
  • Play wargames with airsoft.
  • Fish, hunt, and teach your family how to live off the land!


OPSEC or Operation Security means stop blabbing about how Billy Bad Ass you are with your high-speed rifle, and totally bitching vest!  People are putting their own security at risk by posting online about their guns, preps, and beliefs.  Not only are your friends seeing this but so is the government, painting a big red target on you.  We wrote an extensive article on OPSEC called OPSEC for Preppers, I suggest you read it and get informed.

Ever since the founding of I have been living on the lam, not because I’m paranoid.  I’m just fully aware of our country’s cyber intelligence capabilities.  If you were to ever meet me, you wouldn’t even believe this is what I do.  It is in my opinion you should all start blending in a little better.

When it comes down to martial law, there will undoubtedly be more traitors than we can count.  Hell, they’re already here!  Once the SHTF these folks will do anything to stay alive, which includes ratting you out.  Be wary of any members of your group that are gone for long periods of time.  Torture has a way of turning your most closest allies into your undoing.

Cache Stockpiling

Never put your eggs in one basket.  Stock food, water, ammunition, and whatever you like in various locations, your AO (area of operations). If you’re a city dweller and don’t want to lug a ton of munitions when a speedy bug out is needed, this is an ideal technique to use. Simply bury your cache, record the coordinates, and return on your way out of town.  Even if you live in a rural area, it’s a good idea to use caches in the event your home is raided, and you had to leave in a hurry.  Caches will allow you to resupply!

Bugging In

This is only for people who live in rural areas. After the cities are taken down trust me when I say they will expand their area of operations and they will make it to your homes.  If an insurgency has already began they will look for conspirators, and those who support resistance elements.  If your goal is to be an active element in the resistance, you should be stockpiling food, water, and munitions right outside your property line.

You can still stock up on food, water, and munitions in your home.  Luckily, you’re in a rural area and they most likely won’t get to you for a minute so you have time to stow away what you need to.

Bugging Out

If you are in a metropolitan area (Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc) I am not big enough a dumbass to tell you to shelter in place under any circumstances.  The minute you hear bombs, or see bombs going off on the news, you have around an hour or less to get the hell out of dodge before mobilization of military personnel is full swing.

In counter-insurgency ops where metropolitan areas are the initial target, FOBs will be setup on the outskirts of those towns and perimeters will be formed. All roads leading in and leading out will be blocked and CPs (check points) will go up in the blink of an eye.  This means your exit will have to be fast. We’ve already written articles to get you ready for this moment, so invest some time and read up;

Now that you’re ready for the SHTF, you can bug out!  Does this mean go to grandmother’s house over the hill and through the woods?  Pick grandma up and STAY OFF GRID.  Armies can often be inefficient, mostly due to bureaucratic oversight, so let’s hope that inefficiency continues in this instance.

Over two-hundred American cities have at least 100k-500k people living in them.  The American military has about 1.3 million active duty personnel, with another 800k in the reserves.   This means out of 300 cities less than a third can be effectively occupied (even with LEO assistance), unless foreign armies join the fight. Otherwise, we got this.

Militia Up!

Join a militia, militias already have SOPs for martial law in play, and 99.999999% of militias are very grounded and will not prematurely initiate EVACs.  They don’t move until there is a real threat. Not only that, but you will receive much needed training and guidance.  For example, usCrow Sierra Nevada Command teach welding, HAM radio operation, and practice LFX…

No militia in your area? That’s what family and close friends are for.  Train together survive together.  To get your militia up and running read how to train a militia. I know plenty of you guys out there think being the lone wolf is the way to go, but that kind of thinking will get us all killed.  There is power in numbers.  Select people you are the closest with and know very well, and/or are related to.  People you can truly trust with your life!

Whether you started a militia or joined one, all militias should be fully trained in these topics, you can right click and select ‘save as’…


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10 thoughts on “Martial Law Survival Guide

  1. Really magical thinking. Believing the rank and file will obey Obama takes some special thinking.

  2. I know the arguments against lone wolves(or me lone weasel)but for me would be best option.I do not know how I would hold up under fire/death threat as have not been there,thus,others cannot count on me in that aspect and could get them killed.I also alone cannot if captured by anyone give away others plans/locations ect. under duress torture as I just don’t know anything.I will do my best to help others in tough times and realise that also may get me killed,have thought about it a lot and am comfortable with that decision.I am all for militias dedicated to helping our country and it’s citizens,just do not have the experience/background to be a part of one effectively,will do my best solo is all I can give.

    • James, nobody can judge you for something you haven’t even done yet. Find a war buddy you can trust and train with. All good patriots started as lone wolves, so you are not alone my friend.

      • Thanks Steve,am hoping it all hangs together enough time wise am taking a WEMT course,figure good way to help folks.The fewcombat friends I have are pretty damaged mentally,one slept on coach off and on for 2 years,starting to do better and getting on with life.I have one friend who did time in Afghan mountains,works with me when we hook up but he is one who stated till you are in a challenging situation,cannot know your reaction.I have done well on a few bloody accidents I was first at,puked after(adrenaline I think)which is why I think a WEMT course a good choice for me,enjoy the day,James

      • Come on, that guy probably sleeps in his black beanie. Lt. Colonel ‘ lone weasel’ killed 15 muj in Afghanistan with one grenade, never pulled the pin. Bet he commands a regiment of ex-studies and observation group spooks. But, nice try.

    • Same here. I have very few friends or family who think along these lines. And no militia in my area to join or train with. Just doing the best I can for me and my few.

  3. I’ve read a few of the other guides out there on martial law and this one is the best yet. Good job!

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