Could Mad Max like fuel crisis be our future?

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As Bob Dylan said you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. 

I just watched Mad Max Fury Road and it was freaking awesome as fuck. I can tell you numerous things that were way unrealistic about the movie. Like apparently infection is no longer a concern in the future. Prior to seeing the movie I watched a video on the Nerdist asking how likely Mad Max like fuel shortage could be. They refuted the concept of Peak Oil. Saying that US Oil Production has actually gone up. What the said that since 2000 we increased from 5 million barrels of oil a day to 8 million barrels of oil a day. Stating that we have new techniques. What the Nerdist failed to tell you is that we consume approximately 18 million barrels of oil a day. So 10 million barrels gotta come from some where… So the problem isn’t are we running out of oil. The question you should ask yourself is who controlls the oil.

In Fallout (video game) and Mad Max the setting of their post apocalyptic wars was due to wars over fuel. While I would love to shave my head into a mohawk and wear football pads on the outside of my clothing I kinda am addicted to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Something about no more ice cream just makes the whole thing seem shitty. So how can we stop it?

I would like to nerd out and present a mountain of evidence on why you should do some tweeking to your car to get it to run on alterative energy but I am preaching to the choir and honestly you probably won’t care. All I really care about is that this knowledge of HOW to do the conversion gets passed on. I will leave the reasons WHY for you to look up on your own. But if you decide to look it up there is a documentry on Netflix right now called Pump. I will save you 40 minutes of BS too skip 40 minutes in.

Okay so maybe I lied. I am going to give you just one example of why this is important.

When the Soviet Union disolved the poorest and smallest of the former Solviet states Tajikistan had a border dispute with China. Guess who won? Tajikistan ceded 1000 square kilometers to China… in exchange for 28,000 square kilometers that China ceded to Tajikistan in 2002. It wasn’t until 2011 that China was able to win and Tajikistan finally gave into China’s demands. WHY? HOW??? Well the problem is that Tajikistan is on the other side of the Himilayan mountains. China was not able to transport it’s troops from one side of the country to the other because there was no roads or rail ways to Tajikistan. So China had to fly. China suffered not from lack of Soldiers, Not from lack of planes… but from lack of fuel. Fuel is to our society what salt was to the Roman Empire. It was a strategic resource. It meant mobility of armies. That meant POWER! The Roman Empire version of Mad Max would be about salt.


Now these alternatives below are going to make you an enemy of people who are evil and powerful. Places like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and companies like BP, Shell, and Exxon. They really don’t want you to know the following. In fact they go to great lenghts to supress this technology. Oh and it will probably piss off Obama. You okay with that?





  • Expensive initial investment
  • Limited Range
  • Limited Speed

Unfortunately for Elon Musk the problem with electric cars/hybrids is that battery technology but this is becoming more and more of an option each year. Currently Hybrid and Electronic Cars make up a fraction of a percent of the cars on the road. There number in the hundreds of thousands when there are hundreds of millions of cars. In about 40 years this is how all cars will move. The question is can we wait that long? The answer is NO! We need something to help us reach that future. Below are ways that will not require changes in our fuel distribution infrastructure


Most survival experts will tell you diesel is the way to go. It really is because there are so many options to deal with.


  • Black Diesel is using converted used motor oil as a fuel source.
  • Diesel just sounds fucking cool.
  • Biodiesel is easy to make and can be made by combining used cooking oils and methanol.
  • Since diesels are not as common as gas engine they will more likely be able to find fuel still left in pumps. I am not saying you will… just that you might get lucky.


  • Easily a dollar more than regular gas even though it really has less steps to make.
  • Requires Methanol to make biodiesel which can in and of it’s self fuel regular gas cars.


Chances are you are already driving a flex fuel vechicle and your probably don’t even know it. If you have a yellow gas cap then you can fuel up on E85 or M50. No conversion needed.

Our cars run on E10 right now… like all of them. all gasoline cars do this. What you don’t know is that there is no hardware difference between your car and a flex fueled car. Now it is Illegal to pay a mechanic to convert your car to flex fuel. It is also illegal to hack your cars computer to make it flex fuel. It is also illegal to rip the tag off your mattress and pirate videos and music.

Now all you have to do to hack your cars computer. You will need an OBDii connector (if your car was made after 1996 it should have this connector)


you can install a flex fuel computer into your regular car. You cannot pay a mechanic to do this but it can easily be done. The kit costs about 200 dollars.

Post SHTF anyone who can make moonshine can make fuel. Think about that. The south might actually rise again.


  • You already own a flex fuel car (some illegal hacking maybe required)
  • Cheap to convert your car if it isn’t
  • Methanol is about 80 cents a gallon. E85 is about 50 less per gallon than regular gasoline.
  • Honestly this the best option to avoid a crushing fuel war. It is part of the reason China and Brazil are such amazing economies.


  • There are less carbon chains in Methanol and Ethanol than in Gasoline so… you might require more fuel. Methanol you get 60% of the fuel economy of regular gasoline but it is actually higher octaine (they use it in race cars)

Ethanol loses effectiveness at altitude. Personally I was driving my car on I70 through Colorado and noticed I wasn’t going too fast… like I was the little engine that could.

Liquid Natural Gas

 If you want to convert your car or truck to Liquid Natural Gas it will set you back a few grand. It will save you a crap ton of money however because it can run on what amounts to a dollar per gallon. Learn more here.


  • Cheap fuel domestically produced.


  • Expensive modifications required and hard to find fuel sources. Requires the fuel to be super cooled.

Wood Gas

Like liquid natural gas you can convert an engine to run on wood… no I am not joking you can do this. You basically set up a wood gasifier to burn wood and you can run your car or small engine off the gas that the burning emits. You can actually capture the gas and make your very own oil out of this stuff. They actually did this to run cars in WWII.


In closing if you want to look up Dr. Robert Zubrin he wrote a book called Energy Victory. This dude is literally smarter than NASA and yes I mean literally not figuratively. There are also youtube videos of his lectures available.

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4 thoughts on “Could Mad Max like fuel crisis be our future?

  1. I always have to chuckle about road fuel post SHTF, I mean where and how far do you think you will be going in a post SHTF world and why?? once the power grid goes down no more electrically pumped fuel.
    you’d be better off thinking about horses and donkeys(pack mules in the US) or a bicycle not a motorised vehicle.

  2. Woodgas works but is corrosive and has a lot of stuff that makes your car very unhappy….like creosote. This requires cleaning of you (special) carb fairly often. Plus you can’t just get in and take off….you have to start a fire, get it burning right, and then get the car started. It works, but is (at best) a last resort.

    You don’t need to treat veggie oil, most diesels will run on it straight, as long as it is warm enough for it to be liquid…so no tranesterifictation needed. “Biodiesel” isn’t hard to make, but it does take both lye and an alcohol (ethyl or methyl)….All you are really doing is removing the glycerine from the oil. THis makes it thinner at low temps.

    Diesel stores for YEARS, gas doesn’t. And if you are buggin’ out, you’ll likely find lots of construction equipment that has diesel still in the tanks. Locomotives too…..all you’ll need is a pump.

    Making “moonshine” to run a car isn’t as easy as you might think. It takes at least two passes trough the still, and temperature is VERY important. Most moonshiners used sugar rather than corn to make clean ‘shine. Corn or wheat works poorly, really especially in small batches. Ethanol (moonshine) will actually draw water out of the air. Hard to keep pure. And it is corrosive.

    Methanol has similar issues, and it takes up water, so storage is even more of an issue than with alcohol. Plus it is even harder to make.

    Just FYI. I’ve tried a bunch of the above. Gas or diesel aren’t expensive enough to make it worthwhile to do any of the alternatives, really.

    • If you wanted to carry 200 pounds of groceries over 30 miles it is going to suck if you are on foot or even on a bike. So any alternative is better than nothing at all. We spend more money on oil each year than we do on defense. All that oil money goes to Wahabbi Muslims in Saudi and they fund groups of Wahabbi Jihadists AKA ISIS.

      The thing about the corrosive nature of ethanol and methanol is that your car or truck has all the physical parts that a flex fuel car has. The only difference is really in the computer that runs your car. They have been engineered to handle it.

      These are very powerful people wanting to maintain that power. These are people who could send us into SHTF over night. So we cannot rely on government to do this for us. We have to do this for ourselves.

      Two countries already use these alternative. China and Brazil. I would invite you to look up their debt to GDP ratios. Look up their economic growth. We cannot afford NOT to switch over and have these alternatives. We have over 800 US military bases overseas. 0 are in Brazil. 0 are in China.

      This bull shit narrative that when we started producing E-85 we started starving people in the 3rd world is complete and utter bull shit. We throw away over 40% of our food. It goes right to landfills. That food could be used to make energy.

      The thing about having the option of Flex Fuel is that even if you prefer gas. Even if Gas is superior in every single way. The option will make the gas you buy cheaper. Oil is drying up. It is becoming extremely hard and dangerous to drill for. Saudi is deliberately holding down production of oil so that they will be the last country to have it.

      They are playing a long game. All our military spending is to protect oil. We all know that. But it comes at a great economic and human cost. The longer we ignore these alternative the worse our lives will be.

      Even if we over threw Obama today. If we upheld the constitution and ended the Federal Reserve we would still be subject to a powerful corrupting force.

      Do you know about the media holdings of Saudi Arabia? Do you know how many of the cable TV news broadcasts they own? Did you know they own a majority of Twitter?

      We absolutely HAVE to look at alternatives.

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