Top 10 Prepper Supplies

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Top 10 Prepper Supplies

Here at usCrow we often get asked what are the best prepper supplies.  When it comes to prepper supplies there’s no one perfect list that’ll fit everyone’s needs.  With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 prepper supplies.  These supplies were picked based on rating, review, times purchased, and personal use. To view reviews and ratings of these prepper supplies simply click on the item name…


I remember when LifeStraw first popped on the prepper scene, and at first I was skeptical.  Still weary, I decided to take it along on my weekly trek through the Kentucky backwoods.  I was determined to find the foulest water possible when I came across a typical Kentucky pond.  Assured this water would leave me writhing with bacteria and parasites without filtration I decided to give the LifeStraw a try.  It was tough to syphon the water through the straw (algae and moss buildup) but either way I was able to drink comfortably after getting the hang of it.

Its not hard to see why the award-winning LifeStraw is one of the top prepper supplies.  The LifeStraw removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites while filtering 0.2 microns up to 1,000 liters.


The Water BOB made it onto the top prepper supplies list specifically for those who are sheltering in place and don’t have water stored.  With this nifty kit you can easily turn any bathtub in your home into a quick source of 100 gallons of drinking water while keeping it fresh for weeks.


These organic heirloom seeds will come in pretty handy after the shit hits the fan.  Your food stores will eventually be depleted, and it’d be a good idea to prepare with these non-GMO open pollinated seeds that can be planted, harvested, and replanted – providing a sustainable food source.


Gather fire wood fast. Carbon steel teeth Light weight and portable Made in the USA, built to last. Surviving the outdoors without the ability to build shelter, gather fire wood, and bushcraft will leave you in a world of hurt.  For a couple bucks this addition to your bug out bag will surely be a life saver.


Nuclear fallout got you down?  Stock your fallout shelter with potassium iodide tablets to beat the heat.  All cheekiness aside, there’s a reason potassium iodide makes the top prepper supplies list.  During nuclear fallout radioactive iodine is released in the air, which could be inhaled or swallowed resulting in radiation poisoning damaging the thyroid.  Potassium iodide fills up your thyroid gland reducing the chance of harmful radioactive iodine entering your thyroid gland.


Screw waiting for the apocalypse! Mountain House freeze-dried food is my family’s favorite camp side food making it one of the best prepper supplies you can own.  This particular kit includes 12 pouches with 32 servings including; rice and chicken, Chili Mac, and spaghetti. With a modest price and a 10 year shelf life its not hard to see why Mountain House made the list.


I tend to refer to pre-stocked bug out bags as the lazy prepper’s B.O.B..  However, I’ve bought three of these bags for my daughters and their mother that live in the Midwest.  Creepy gift to send to your x-wife and daughters, but a good buy none the less.  Each bag (like all bug out bags) was personalized to fit each one of their needs in addition to what already comes in the bug out bag; MREs, ration bars, water, flashlight, magnesium fire starter, Mylar blanket, poncho, gloves, N95 masks, wetnaps and etc.


People tend to forget that matches will run out and the fluid in your lighter only goes so far.  Don’t get caught with your pants down with  nothing to warm your cojones.  This survival tool will help start fires when used with tinder such as dry grass, kindling, paper, and wood. In every bug out bag I’ve ever assembled I’ve always included a fire starter.


Simple and to the point, this first aid kit made the top prepper supplies list because you get more bang for your buck, while being a necessity for any shelter in place or bug out scenario. It exceeds OSHA standards while including; 30 Antiseptic Towelettes, 30 Alcohol Pads, 6 Sting Relief Pads, 3 Hand Sanitizers. Treat: 6 Antibiotic Ointment, 6 Burn Cream, 10 Antacid Tablets, 10 Aspirin Tablets, 10 Non-aspirin Tablets, 1 First Aid Guide, 1 Instant Cold Compress. Protect: 5 Adhesive Bandages (Metallic), 20 Adhesive Bandages 1″ x 3″, 55 Adhesive Bandages 0.75″ x 3″, 50 Adhesive Bandages 0.375″ x 1.5″, 10 Butterfly Bandages, 18 Wound Closure Strips, 2 Gauze Rolls, 3 Protective Earloop Masks, 2 Eye Pads, 10 Sterile Gauze Pads 2″ x 2″, 4 Sterile Gauze Pads 4″ x 4″, 1 Sterile Trauma Pad. Additional Supplies: 20 Cotton Tip Applicators, 1 Adhesive Tape Roll, 5 Finger Splints, 1 Triangular Bandage, 4 Examination Gloves, 1 pair Metal Scissors, 1 pair Metal Tweezers.


I’ve bought my share of gloves. You name the brand and I’ve used it.  Unlike brands like 5.11, the Mechanix Wear M – Pact Gloves have strong double stitching that won’t bust at the seams.  Me, and the men I work with will all say the fit is even through all fingers (minus the club fingered guys).  they are sonic welded around the fingers and knuckles.  These gloves will take a beating and last a long time before needing replacement.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Prepper Supplies

  1. The one thing that I added to my kit is a surgical set with sutures. Found it a Duluth Trading Co. But have seen it at other places. Good for minor surgery and wound closure. Is well worth the money and I would add that learning how to clean and sterilize a wound before closure is something worth learning, seeing that medical help will be few and far between. A simple infection can turn out dangerous fast.

  2. This is one of the most underrated websites I have ever found. You are clear, concise, Straight to the point and cover topics that many wont. Thank you.
    If you ever need explosives advice let me know.

      • 21 Years EOD. Plus what we currently do. We have several topics I wouldn’t mind writing about that we just don’t have time to cover in detail in our classes. I’ll put something together and send it to you when I can get some more time.

    • Haha exactly how I felt, this site is great compared to what I have come across the last two years. A glorious find. I don’t know anything about explosives though so don’t come to me unless your cookin’ or forgeing metal.

  3. I am into making my own stuff as much as possible,that chain mate seems like a neat idea and since I have too many chains floating around might try my hand at making one.That said,for those who don’t have a lot of stuff lying around looking for new homes would buy one,seems really neat and compact.I have in years of the trades used the mechanix gloves,can find them in the one step above dollar type stores for a decent price,can from personal use recommend em and nice to have a few pair as great for around the house/yard type work.The thing I love about prepping irs reusing or having stuff that will pay off in tough times that I use anyhow,makes being ready a tiny bit easier.

  4. For anyone looking, I have an excess of sterile suture packs of all sizes, with needle attached. Mostly synthetic absorbable, some antibacterial absorbable. Also have a lot of wound closure strips and other wound and pain management/various medical items willing to part with such as sterile surgical barrier drapes. A lot of stuff that would prove invaluable if the need arose. Contact me @ fireside3a @ yahoo

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