Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America

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Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America

According to Anthony Banbury, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Ebola, we should all prepare for an airborne Ebola outbreak in America, and the rest of the world for that matter. Banbury, along with CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) officials agree the virus going airborne is unlikely, but very possible, creating what Banbury referred to as ‘the nightmare scenario’ if the outbreak isn’t contained within four weeks.

Skeptics will claim Banbury’s statement was nothing more than ‘fear mongering’, while those stuck in the racial stratosphere will say Ebola was created by the white man to kill black men e.g. Louis Farrakhan. Instead of succumbing to racially charged meanderings and fear mongering, we will review the facts. After learning the facts on your own I’m sure you’ll see my point of view, which is – it’s time to prepare for an airborne Ebola outbreak in America…

What is Ebola?

ebola symptomsEbola Virus Disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF), is a disease that affects humans and primates caused by a virological taxon known as Ebolavirus. Ebola will incubate anywhere between two to three weeks after infecting its victim. During the incubation period the patient will not show symptoms, allowing a visibly healthy Liberian man to board a plane to America. After the incubation period the patient will then show a variety of symptoms that include; muscle pain, sore throat, fever, headaches, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased liver and kidney function leading to internal/external bleeding.

How is Ebola transmitted?

In Ebola’s current state you can only contract the virus through the blood and bodily fluids (saliva, vomit, sweat, semen, urine, feces) of the infected, by the direct handling of bats and nonhuman primates in areas where an Ebola outbreak is present. Interestingly enough, male semen can transmit the Ebola virus for up to two months.

Will Ebola go Airborne?

When listening to public health officials, or any government employee for that matter, you have to remember they will always downplay a crisis, especially a crisis as grand as Ebola going airborne. Governments will always lie or downplay such incidents to maintain authoritative control while maintaining infrastructure. Americans are a spastic bunch, throw a virus in the mix and we’ll go ape shit. People will stop working; going to school, socializing, and the government’s power through infrastructure will surely wither away overnight.

The ebolavirus is nothing more than a scrap of genetic information wrapped up in proteins and lipids, and can only survive in eukaryotic cells (plants and animals). Once in its victim Ebola uses energy metabolism and biosynthetic machinery to continuously replicate by making a copy of its own DNA, along with encoded enzymes and proteins inside eukaryotic cells. It is during this process a mutation could occur in the nucleotide base pairs, and then copied in lieu of the original strain. Should this mutated copy not be fatal to the virus, and allows for it to survive longer in the absence of a eukaryotic cell to infect, then ladies and gentlemen – you now have an airborne Ebola Virus Disease.

Does this mean Ebola will just be floating along the air waiting to infect someone? Not really. The ebolavirus’ sugars and proteins would need a natural aerosol (sea breeze, cough, and sneeze) to bind with, or a mutation would need to occur that allowed the virus to infect the cells that line the respiratory tract. Either one of these mutations is a rarity, but do happen.

The risk is even greater now that the ebolavirus has jumped continents and has shown to be a fairly aggressive virus, and the longer it moves between humans, the greater the possibility. According to the UN and WHO we have four weeks to stop this, or it will spread beyond “completely out of control”, extrapolate your own translation. At the moment Ebola’s basic reproduction number is R0 1 – 4, and in the blink of an eye it could be up there with pertussis or measles at R0 12 – 18.

How to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in America

In this part of the article we’ll discuss preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America. Here’s the scenario – it’s December 15th 3:00 p.m., you turn the T.V. on the talking heads can barely contain themselves as they broadcast to the world the dreaded news…EVD has gone airborne, and there are reports of infection in Nashville, Louisville, Vegas, New York, and seven other major cities. What do you do?

At this point you have one of two options; get the kids, wife and dog inside and shelter in place, or bug out. If you were one of the smart ones, you’ve been prepping for a while your BOV (bug out vehicle)/BOL (bug out location) are stocked and ready for any disaster. I highly advise against sheltering in place if you live in a major population center, too many people for things to go wrong in a hurry. With an entire nation infected, infrastructure will collapse, basic services like water and sewage will stop, and there will be no on around to burn the bodies, all the while creating the perfect conditions for the ebolavirus to thrive.

Prepping for the Ebola Outbreak

Regardless of what you decide I will tell you what you need to get prepared for an Ebola outbreak, and outline basic guidelines for you and your family to follow to prevent infection. Whether you shelter in place or bug out to your fortress in the woods makes little difference to your outbreak prepping. The following list includes all the essentials to survive an Ebola Outbreak (click to buy through Amazon);

  • 3 months food for each member of the family – realistically speaking, we have no idea how long the outbreak will last, or what curveballs it will throw us, what we do know is the virus can be transmitted up to two months after infection.
  • 3 months water storage for each member of the family – DO NOT USE UNFILTERED WATER OR TAP WATER – as we just read the ebolavirus can survive in water, ever see Cabin Fever?
  • Family sized hygiene kit – things are going to get ripe in a hurry and you will need to maintain basic hygiene practices after the SHTF to prevent infection.
    • Antiviral soap – Defense Soap is some pretty aggressive stuff, or you can get antibacterial soap at your local grocery store
    • Portable toilet – the water will get shut off when you’re sheltering in place, instead of filling your toilet up and allowing for another biohazard, use a portable toilet that you can empty outside your home
  • Full stocked first responder medical kit – things might get harry, and there might even be an accident in your home, but you can’t leave, having a kit like this on hand will keep your bases covered.
  • N95 particulate masks – if you don’t have the funds to purchase a full on MOPP Level 4 suit, get these. They come in a 10 pack and will protect you from infection.
  • NBC 40mm NATO SGE 150 mask – for those moments when you are surrounded by infected corpses, and need to scavenge, I wouldn’t leave the house without this.
  • Two layer NBC protective gloves – standard military issued NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) gloves to prevent infection.
  • Pandemic quick-kits – to be used in bug out bags stored in vehicles in cases where infection is rapidly reproducing throughout the population and you are not near shelter.
  • Deluxe pandemic 3 person quick-kit – to be stored in your home or BOL. This kit is awesome and comes with all the PPE (personal protective equipment) you could ask for, if you have the cash…get it.
  • Industrial plastic sheeting – this stuff is fairly inexpensive and can be used to seal entryways and sally ports, keeping the virus from being able to jump from room to room.
  • Intravenous IV kit – for treatment of infected family members
  • Oxygen kit – for treatment of infected family members

Pandemic mental preparedness

When prepping for an Ebola outbreak we often think of the technical, and almost never think about the metaphysical side of things. To survive a global outbreak you need to be mentally prepared for the proverbial shit that is about to hit the fan if you want to survive;

  • Be prepared for heartbreak – your son, daughter, mother, best friend, and worse enemy could (and will likely) get infected, with a 60/40 survival rate death must be expected, and mercy might be required. Accept what you have to do to keep you and your other family members alive and well
    • Comfort those infected any way you can without exposing yourself to the virus using walkie talkies, text messaging, and etc.
    • When surviving the outbreak, don’t lose your humanity
    • Respect the death of a loved one and comfort your remaining family members
    • Dead bodies removed and burned immediately, eulogies can be performed to comfort the living
  • Be prepared for misery – an Ebola pandemic will be no walk in the park for anyone, your home or BOL will become acrid, smelling like a gym locker, and the walls will undoubtedly be closing in on you. After a month of sheltering in place trash gets stacked up, water’s shut off, and plumbing is no good, leading to a very stinky situation.
    • Keep a wealth of board games, DVD’s, and any other entertainment to keep spirits up
    • Keep ‘business as usual’ going with house chores, daily cleanings and waste disposal
    • Keep a positive state of mind

ebola quarantine room

Surviving the Ebola outbreak

In the event of a viral epidemic you will need to quarantine you and your family away from the rest of the population. Theory being the rest of the population has been infected, and your family is the last one standing. Time to lock down the palace, no one in, and no one out..

  • Lock down – we wrote an article a while back about home fortification listing simple and cost effective ways to lock down your home in a SHTF event. When people start dropping like flies, those remaining will go into survival mode, and when they run out of food or water they’ll be looking to pillage some homes;
    • Once the family is inside your home or BOL begin your preplanned lock down procedure
    • Prior to lock down remove all trash and waste from your home before waste services are shut down
    • All family members are to use N95 face masks for a minimum of 7 days after lock down in case of infection prior to lock down
    • Lock down all doors with 2x4s nailed to the floor and braced under the knob
    • Use plywood to secure all windows
    • Line the outer walls of your house with industrial plastic sheeting
    • Restrict air flow into your home by covering all ground level vents, if your AC unit is on the ground floor – shut it off, if roof mounted – leave it on
    • Create an isolation room using duct tape and industrial plastic lining with one way in and one way out
    • Use cellophane to cover all faucets to prevent use/consumption until reliable intelligence says tap water is ok for use
    • Stay self-contained
    • Use only the most inconspicuous entry to the home (back door, garage door) to remove of waste, and bio-hazards
  • Infected family members – mental preparedness guys, this is a reality you may very well have to deal with. Should a family member show symptoms within the 7 day N95 period, or were at a high risk of infection location prior to lockdown e.g. school, restaurant, mall – they should immediately be quarantined, treated, and monitored;
    • Quarantine –quarantining little Jimmy because he was at school when you picked him up prior to lockdown doesn’t mean he is sick, it just means you’re protecting your other family members. Keep those quarantined positive, and continue to monitor them for a minimum of 7 days (20 if you’re serious about survival).
      • Prior to quarantine shut down all central heating and cooling
      • Ensure all vents have been sealed with duct tape and industrial plastic lining
    • Infected Quarantine – Jimmy developed a fever five days into quarantine, and he most likely has Ebola. Again, be prepared for this reality. Should a family member show symptoms while quarantined;
      • Quarantine should be maintained until death
      • No unprotected contact whatsoever can take place (MOPP Level 4)
      • Family members and friends should be at the furthest point of the home
      • In the event of recovery quarantine must be maintained for 20 days after symptoms go away
      • All waste such as feces, urine, and vomit should be treated as bio-hazards and immediately removed from the home, and labeled with bio-hazard stickers found in your pandemic quick kit
    • Ebola treatment – hate to break your heart here, but there is no cure for the ebolavirus. Basically, your only hope is your body’s immune system, and hopefully it’s strong enough to kill the virus before it kills you. Should a family member become infected you can opt to make that fight a little easier by;
      • Maintaining full body protection while treating the infected
      • Disinfecting your suit prior to leaving the isolation wing of your home by having one room for quarantine and one for exiting disinfection
      • When providing aid to the infected use extreme caution when handling needles
      • Administer intravenous (IV) fluids with electrolytes
      • Providing oxygen and maintaining blood pressure
      • Treating any other infections that may arise
    • Death – it’s a very real possibility your loved ones will die, be mentally prepared for this, and prepared for what you have to do afterwards.
      • Upon death, dispose of body and all contaminated materials; sheets, blankets, trash, plastic lining
      • After all bio-hazards have been removed decontaminate your quarantine room
      • Immediately reconstruct your quarantine room in case of further infection
      • Perform whatever eulogy you have prepared and burn your dead

Pandemic Aftermath

It’s been 48 days since lockdown, and there have been no deaths or signs of symptoms in your home. However, by using your second floor window as an observation post you can see your neighbors’ homes have been pillaged, and they are most likely dead, and there has been no broadcasts or government presence in a month. The thought may cross your mind ‘Are we the only ones left?’ No, probably not.

If you were smart you joined a militia or survival group and maintained communication throughout the duration of your quarantine. Say the government has collapsed, and only .0001% of the world population remains, how do you start fresh? Look out for my article ‘Rebuilding humanity’ to be released November 2014.

Edit 10/16/2014: According to the WHO (World Health Organization) incubation time for the Ebola virus has been increased from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. Additionally, previously out of stock items have been replaced with in-stock items.

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19 thoughts on “Prepare for an Airborne Ebola Outbreak in America

  1. I am much more weary of the opportunity the government might to get from an outbreak than the virus itself. Already 2 heads of states have issued involuntary isolation for citizens with no symptoms or positive tests. Fortunately a judge has overturned one in Maine. Involuntary detention without legal justification can be bounced over to different issues if allowed by the populace. I read the comments on the articles about this nurse and most agree she should be quarantined against her will. Do these people realize what effect that will have on their own rights down the road? This virus does not scare me. Many would die if it were to become textbook “airborne”. I would not, nor would my children. Rural living and mindset has it’s obvious upside. Be wary of government efforts to contain this virus. Are they strictly designed for disease? Or can the precedents set be used in other Government over reaches? Patriot act anyone?

  2. Anthony Banbury is a lawyer and a politician, NOT a scientist and has been RESOUNDINGLY condemned by actual scientists for spreading misinformation and outright fear. Ebola has not mutated into an airborne strain and the likelihood of this happening is near zero. Spreading this kind of useless information is beyond reproach.

    Yes, the Ebola virus can survive on a dry surface for several hours.
    Yes, the Ebola virus can survive on a wet surface for a few days.
    No, you ABSOLUTELY cannot catch Ebola from inhaling the respiratory aerosol caused by talking, coughing or sneezing which is the definition of something being airborne transmitted.

    Multiple studies have shown that Ebola does not transmit via this method.

    All this means is that you need to maintain a little common sense and you will be fine.

    Use ALCOHOL BASED hand sanitizer which contains a minimum of 60% alcohol after you touch a foreign object (mass transit surface, doorknob, etc) and you will be fine.

    If you come into contact with the blood, sweat, tears, feces, semen, saliva, vaginal or rectal fluids of another person DO NOT immediately go and touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Seeing as how you should NEVER do this it’s pretty much COMMON SENSE.

    As for the whole application of using MOPP suits and other assorted equipment, unless you’re going to wear it 24/7 having it is useless. If Ebola does go airborne you will never get sufficient advance warning.

    • John

      With all due respect:

      “Multiple studies have shown that Ebola does not transmit via this method.”

      Isn’t it in fact the truth that ‘despite multiple studies over decades no one yet knows precisely how Ebola is transmitted’?

      Also, multiple studies have shown that control animals which are kept in the same room as those deliberately infected for research purposes …. become infected despite zero (physical) direct contact.

      The semantics of defining ‘airborne’ are important – for those who wish to have a clear and simple explanation try reading:

      By your own statement contact with saliva is a significant risk – remember ‘direct contact’ includes exposure to droplets (larger than droplet nuclei) from coughing, sneezing and speech, which can travel a number of metres ‘can’ cause infection (also some research has indicated that droplets of 100 micrometers in diameter can travel considerably – 5 times – further than previously believed).

      To quote from the above article:

      “It’s important to pass a message that is correct, but also to ensure distrust does not result from a public reading apparently contradictory literature”.

  3. The ‘airborne’ title is a misnomer, it’s semantics on the part of the specialists (they have specific technical criteria for that which they ‘are’ correct – it isn’t going to happen, it would require it to be a completely different type of virus) . However, Ebola is already technically airborne to we normal people. It is spread by droplets from coughing and even speaking (care to check out the many timelapse videos of sputum exiting a persons mouth and travelling some distance when talking on youtube? Incidentally droplets remain active/infectious up to 3 weeks on a dry surface – 3% ascetic acid or household bleach 5.25% 1:10 dilution for >10 minutes just to inactivate it). What the ‘experts’ are worried about is a mutation to spread by aerosolisation (at which point masks are useless, respirators are needed and … all bets are off). (Remember even the incompetents of the CDC are stating infection is likely simply/only by being 3 feet from a carrier or in the same room for a length of time).

    Some excellent advice here but …. MOPP suits and N95’s? Not going to help. Strict quarantine is about all we can do (and the ability/will to ‘enforce’ it come what may), and 3 months is …. optimistic in the extreme.

    Ebola Guinea (which apparently is becoming clear is the main strain, although there are four other ‘main’ strains and at least a hundred mutations of each already) can have an incubation period of up to 42 days (no word yet on the latent vs. infectious periods before becoming symptomatic) but even with the claimed 21 day doubling it ‘will’ take many months for a spread through susceptible populations (meaning everyone). There will then be periods where it reappears from other arrears. (Be aware that most outbreaks lasted approximately 18 months in previous similar pandemics! And that repeat outbreaks occurred continuously for >300 years, some areas suffering 20 outbreaks in 50 years. But … some small areas, rural, isolated from travellers managed to go that entire time without a single infection).

    The last ‘equivalent’ type outbreak of a VHF (viral haemorrhagic fever) in Europe was … The Black Death. Try reading “Return of the Black Death: The World’s Greatest Serial Killer” by Susan Scott and Christopher Duncan to get an idea of just how bad it ‘could’ get. (societal collapse, spread by panicked ‘escape’ from infected areas, killing/driving away anyone unknown, trade only at a distance/without any contact, etc. … the worst though is the way families were ‘forced’ to simply abandon grandparents, parents or even children, sometimes in the street, or face the ‘certain’ knowledge of their own , and the rest of the families, death too. Sobering in the extreme!).

    Just consider though that doctors with full training and full BL4 kit are ‘still’ being infected and dying (9 of Medicin Sans Frontiers so far). Past (historical and African) experience would indicate that infection of ‘one’ family member is effectively a death sentence for the entire family (barring the infinitesimally small numbers who appear immune/resistant – ). The ‘only’ way to plan is to plan/act ‘not’ to get infected which means strict quarantine (planning to nurse your infected loved one is simply planning to die with them).

    Sorry to be blunt, but we need to know ‘what’ we have to prepare for.

    • “However, Ebola is already technically airborne to we normal people. It is spread by droplets from coughing and even speaking…”


      Simply put Ebola absolutely CANNOT be spread via inhalation of either heavy droplets or respiratory aerosol ergo it is NOT airborne. Almost a decade of studies have failed to provide even one example of Ebola being spread in this manner. In fact, in one recent study Rhesus monkeys were infected and then placed in a sealed cage with uninfected monkeys. Transmission did not occur.

      Having someone sneeze on you and then you touching that contaminated part to your mouth, eyes or nose is NOT airborne. It’s BLOOD-BORNE which is the ONLY manner in which Ebola is spread. Likewise, someone coughing or sneezing onto a common surface then you touching that surface and then your eyes or nose or mouth is also NOT airborne.

      Coming into contact with the blood, sweat, tears, saliva or other bodily fluids of someone who is infected and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth is the ONLY way of catching Ebola (Note: having infected bodily fluids come into contact with an open cut or wound falls into this category as well).

      Arguing otherwise is irresponsible and just plain stupid. Please stop doing it.

      • John

        Not airborne, granted (and I qualified my statement ‘effectively’ if you actually bothered to read it) … but that’s nothing (for normal people rather than scientists) more than semantics.

        As I said above, no one yet knows what the precise mechanism of EVD infection is (if you claim otherwise you’d better publish and inform the CDC, and the rest of the world’s medical establishment because they aren’t aware of your unique knowledge), so to claim a specific route is not a risk is pure (maybe correct) guesswork and wishful thinking. Droplet transmission is well known, proven and accepted by ‘all’ the experts.

        EVD is not airborne, by the full technical definition, but to state that droplet transmission (technically direct contact transmission) is airborne and can thus not occur is simply false. To any lay-person something floating through the air is airborne and to demand they pretend otherwise is sheer stupidity.

        As to “Having someone sneeze on you and then you touching that contaminated part to your mouth, eyes or nose”, in what situation will the droplets from a sneeze, cough or normal talking NOT impact, not only on skin, but eyes and in the mouth of someone standing in its path?

        Arguing that “Coming into contact with the blood, sweat, tears, saliva or other bodily fluids of someone who is infected and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth is the ONLY way of catching Ebola” is arguing that touching it with your (index?) finger and then sucking on it, poking yourself in the eye or rummaging for a bogey is the only type of contact you say will transmit the infection. This is both deliberately misleading, proven wrong and playing semantics to fit your own beliefs (‘coming into contact with’ WILL include droplets and they most likely WILL impact, minus sufficient protection, directly on the eyes, nose, mouth) and people Will become infected if they take you at your word.

        So, “Arguing otherwise is irresponsible and just plain stupid. Please stop doing it.” yourself.

        • John

          Just to be clear, we know next to nothing so far about this virus (and most of what we know is from either the previous 2000+ cases over forty years, mostly single/two people lab ‘accidents’ and a few, less than 5 generation, outbreaks [we are already into 15th generation now] or from a single, not necessarily, or even probably, representative sample).

          Here’s a link to a video of Michael Osterholm, speaking at CIDRAP of Oct. 14th, someone who has access to ‘all’ the available data and research and who is honest enough to say that we simply don’t know about transmission, clinical presentation, treatment or predictions yet. (That guy should be the one put in charge, made the Ebola Czar).

          He cites researchers and clinicians who have ‘major concerns’ with the ‘possibility’ of airborne transmission (clinical presentation of primates infected with Guinea Ebola with significant alterations and viral load in the lungs, and direct examples of transmission between pigs and primates where ‘no direct’ contact was possible).

          As he states, admitting ‘we don’t know’ is not scary, claiming certainty (no airborne transmission) and then for it to develop is likely to undermine all advice, information and recommendations.

          So we don’t know mode of transmission (direct, droplet, aerosol), we don’t know clinical presentation (I can find zero evidence about latent vs infectious period of the asymptomatic incubation period, very little about post incubation asymptomatic presentation, there is significant evidence that febrility is ‘not’ a definitive sign …..)

          Claiming we do, is morally, ethically and scientifically wrong

  4. I am not prepared at all. I am a mother who is very concerned about this Ebola outbreak and nobody is taking me seriously. I am appreciative of this information you have given and stating my stock up this weekend.
    We have a basement and I plan on prepping it for this as well.

  5. If you live in a rural area (we have 4 acres)
    would it be safe to go out and forage on your property assuming no other humans are visible?

    we are building a foodstore , but we werent going to bother with biohard suits and masks because 1) we would need so many
    2) if one of us actually really got sick, we are all likely toast anyway ,as if even nurses aren’t safe in all their expensive gear, what chance do we have?

    our aim would be to lock down once the capital cities got some major cases, so that we are all still well when we go into lockdown and don’t have any contact with other humans.

    also, we have our own septic tank and are not on mains sewage…would it be safe to use that?

    and we have our own well we could use if the mains water goes out, which we will get tested to confirm is still pure…

    • Is this virus able to survive in cold areas, like if there’s snow around, or your in the mountains even if it’s air born or what ever the situation is at the time

    • Dogs can be asymptomatic carriers of ebola (carry the disease but not get sick from it), and can transmit to humans. In your scenario, it might be prudent to track and control the roaming of any dogs as well.

      Other animals such as guinea pigs (15), goats (16), and horses (17) remain asymptomatic or develop mild symptoms after experimental infection, but Ebola virus infection has never been observed in these species in the wild. Thus, dogs appear to be the first animal species shown to be naturally and asymptomatically infected by Ebola virus. Asymptomatic Ebola infection in humans has also been observed during outbreaks (18) but is very rare. Although dogs can be asymptomatically infected, they may excrete infectious viral particles in urine, feces, and saliva for a short period before virus clearance, as observed experimentally in other animals. Given the frequency of contact between humans and domestic dogs, canine Ebola infection must be considered as a potential risk factor for human infection and virus spread. Human infection could occur through licking, biting, or grooming.

  6. This is probably the hardest hitting article that I have ever read when I try to visualize the scenarios in my mind and run the thought exercise. Sometimes we need to have our faces slapped with the cold hard realities of what to expect in order to be prepared,I guess, but doesn’t make it any easier. Especially knowing that our entire being has always been dedicated to the protection of our loved ones, even if it means giving our lives in the process. Any suggestions as to where to buy some of the listed materials? Amazon has already sold out of some of the items.

    • Pawn Shops for the NBC suits/field masks, sporting goods stores for freeze dried foods (though you are better off money and calorically to just stock up on dry bulk starches such as pasta, rice, and oatmeal that you can buy from your local grocer. Remember to supplement those with vitamins and protein powder) and butane stoves/refill canisters, N95 masks are available at hardware stores such as Lowes. Just start looking.

  7. Don’t just don your NBC outfit…you need to have a specific area designated for putting on and taking off…with some form of decon…if possible. Otherwise…what you may have picked up outside…gets spread inside.

  8. I take it you put on all your biohazard gear before carrying the remains out to be burned?

    • Even without the airborne characteristic ebola has great potential to spread exponentially. They say it needs contact with mucous membranes and is transmitted in sweat. What do you do when you have a fever? Sweat. Where? Your hands. What do you do with your hands? Everything. Just google the phrase “how many times a day do humans touch their face”, the answer is: “The researchers observed them, noting how often they touched a common surface and then their mouth or nose. They found that people touched their faces an average of 3.6 times per hour, and common objects an average of 3.3 times per hour.”. Some sobering research considering how many ebola infected doorknobs, toilet seats, gas pumps, atm POS stations at every store, the list goes on…

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