How to make C4 with RDX Explosives

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How to make C4 with RDX explosives

In this article we’ll review how to make C4 with RDX, RDX is the primary ingredient for making C4. RDX (Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine) is a nitroamine (organic) high explosive. In its purest state, RDX is a white, crystalline solid, and when mixed with plasticizers and other ingredients it makes C4. RDX can be stably stored and is considered one of the most powerful explosives used by the military. One of the most alluring factors presented by RDX for military application is RDX requires a detonator, is resistant to detonation by small arms fire, and is 1.5 times more powerful than TNT (Trinitrotoluene).

RDX MoleculeA word of caution to all our readers, every article written by usCrow contributors is either from personal experience or extensive research, and we make every effort to ensure each article is factually sound. Do not assume reading one How to Make C4 article qualifies you to start Breaking Bad in your kitchen with Skyler White’s cake mixer. In fact, if you try to make this stuff in the presence of government, you’ll end up in federal prison…

Is C4 illegal?

Whether or not C4 is illegal is totally dependent upon the stated purpose of its use by you. If you want to tell the government you need C4 to protect your fortified prepper bunker in preparation for the apocalypse, they’ll say no. To legally own C4 you will need a Destructive Device Permit (kind of like an NFA regulated firearm permit), and it must be approved by the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), and your County Sheriff’s office. For all intents and purposes, other than commercial, it is illegal for you to own C4. You have been warned…do not make this shit until after SHTF.

High Order Explosives

High order explosives are pretty easy to make when used with a basic understanding in chemistry, aside from the nitric acid used in high explosives. High explosives generally detonate because their molecular structure is made with fuel and three or more nitrogen dioxide molecules e.g. TNT (trinitrotoluene) – when a shock passes through a trinitrotoluene molecule the NO2 bond is broken, and oxygen combines with fuel.

How to Make C4 with RDX

Unlike other high explosives you can make RDX with this simple method, with the exception of the ammonium nitrate. All necessary precautions should be taken to prevent injury or death. Below I’ll list the equipment and materials you’ll need to make RDX. To purchase online just click each item.

Equipment needed to Make RDX
Materials need to make RDX

How to make RDX

  1. Place beaker in ice bath and carefully pour 550 ml of concentrated nitric acid into beaker.
  2. When acid cools to 20 degrees below centigrade, add small (pea sized) amounts of crushed hexamine tablets into the beaker.
  3. The temperature will rise after adding the hexamine; continue to slowly stir the mixture with your glass stirring rod.
  4. Do not let the mixture go above 30 degree centigrade or you’re fucked. Add ammonium nitrate to the liquid bath to cool it down faster.
  5. Add more ice and salt into the ice bath to bring the temperature of the mixture to below 0 degrees centigrade. Maintain the temperature for twenty minutes (set timer)
  6. Pour mixture into a liter of crushed ice, shake and stir mixture like a martini.
  7. Allow the mixture to melt, once melted use your funnel and filter paper to extract the crystals while disposing of the corrosive liquid left over.
  8. Bring a half liter of distilled water to a steady boil and add the crystals.
  9. Immediately filter the crystals out again and test with blue litmus paper (you want it to stay blue), repeat steps 8 & 9 and the blue litmus paper stays blue.
  10. Allow RDX crystals to be thoroughly dried before storage.

How to make C1 and C4

You may opt to make C-1 which is a bit easier to make than C-4. C-1 is made by using 88.3% RDX, 11.1% mineral oil, and 0.6% lecithin by weight. Kneed these materials together in a plastic bag to desensitize the explosive

C4 can be made with the same technique while substituting materials such as; 91% RDX, 5.3 dioctyl sebacate as the plasticizer, 2.1% polyisobutylene (or synthetic rubber) as the binding agent, and 1/6% mineral oil.

In closing…

As with many of our other articles you take on all risks, and hold harmless for any damage to property, injuries, or loss of life. By no means are you to attempt to make this without proper training, and permits. This guide is solely meant for use after TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Furthermore, as we’ve seen in our Tannerite, and Thermite articles, the comments section is a wealth of additional information. If you have any extra input, feel free to comment below.


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