ISIS in America Signals IED Protection for Preppers

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ISIS in America IED Protection

Over the past few months many Americans have become increasingly concerned whether or not our ‘practically’ open border policy will let ISIS in America. ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, who now want to be called ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but we’ll stick to calling them Haji for all intents and purposes because let’s face it… different names, same shit-stains.

Is ISIS in America

If you’re wondering if ISIS is in America, first you’ll need to recognize this… ISIS is just a new name for Islam’s oldest game – killing apostates i.e. Christians, Catholics, the Jewish, and anyone else who doesn’t believe in Muhammad the Prophet. Let’s face it, radical Islam has always been a bunch of little girls with a personality crisis. Today they’re ISIL/ISIS, yesterday they were;  Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Fatah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

ISIS is in America… and they’re counterparts have successfully attacked us over 74 times in the past three decades, with 11 successful attacks in this decade alone. The most noted of these attacks included; the Boston City Bombings, WTC 9/11 Attack, Benghazi (American Soil), and the Fort Hood Massacre. Do you think we’re being too paranoid? I’d hope not, because if you think we are, you’re already lost, brother.

IED use by Terrorists

‘Terrorists would never use an IED in America!’ is a phrase uttered by our daft brethren to the left, and almost always dumbfounded when you tell them the Boston City Bombing was an IED. You literally have to spell it out for them Improvised Explosive Device I.E.D… People don’t understand Islamic Terrorists love to use IEDs – IEDs let them be who they really are… cowards, and nothing more.

According to USA Today, by 2009 over 16,000 IEDs had been detonated or cleared, and 2011 over 4,000 coalition force members had been wounded or killed by IED attacks. Hell, one 90 Day Review of IED attacks distributed to Coalition Forces revealed 708 detonations with 718 casualties – indicating a staggering success rate for IED use.

IED protection for Preppers

Preppers need IED protection! In fact, most Americans should read up on the issue, but hey…half this country has its head in the sand and we can’t expect much. Even if you don’t feel Islamic terrorism warrants cause for concern – you still need to learn IED protection! Sure, Islamic groups have gained recognition for IEDs, but realistically speaking, everyone uses them.

Should the SHTF, and the society implodes on itself, I’m sure IEDs will be used. By design, IEDs are most effective against ‘soft targets’ such as churches, community events, and even an unprotected convoy of prepper vehicles roving the streets of downtown Knoxville.

What is an IED

IEDs are nonstandard explosive devices used to target U.S. Soldiers, civilians, NGOs, and government agencies. IEDs range from crude homemade explosives to extremely intricate remote‑controlled devices FM 3-21.8. Typically an IED is made using artillery rounds packed with high explosives such as white phosphorous or C4 with ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) and shrapnel.

You can spot an IED by looking for exposed wires, cords, or fuzes protruding from an object that shouldn’t have such characteristics, or by noting a difference in smell. Items seeming out of place or a bizarre absence of people are usually a fair indication an IED might be present.

IEDs can be detonated on impact, or remotely using cell phones, pagers, door bell ringers (typically Sega brand) will be used from tall buildings and observation posts that provide a direct line of shit, allowing the attacker to detonate at the right moment.

What is an IED
IED Munitions from Baghdad

Why use an IED

Like I said before, it’s a weapon used by cowards to attack soft targets, while an IED itself requires a basic skillset and little cost to make. They can be easily hidden, or disguised alongside the road your Knoxville convoy is traveling down, and can be detonated remotely without the attacked ever exposing his location. As seen in the IED statistics listed above, they are ruthless weapons, and provide an even more damaging effect than what can be seen – psychological warfare.

IED Effects

Once the primary charge is detonated, the gas heats up and expands outward under extreme pressure. This expanding pressure create a blast wave (1,000 x atmospheric pressure) travelling outward anywhere up to 1,600+ ft per second. It then fragments the container and sends shrapnel (nails, pellets, ball bearing, nuts, and bolts) outwards following the blast radius. The heat from the explosion then causes a fire, followed by a small vacuum left by the blast wave pulling the shrapnel back in.

IED Effects
Cougar after IED attack

IED effects can differ based upon you (and your convoys) proximity to the blast, if remote detonated it’s safe to assume the attacked waited until you were within the kill zone. Once detonated, the blast wave will flip your shiny little prepper bug out vehicle, while the ball bearings pierce through it and you like an empty soda can leading to; multiple lacerations, internal bleeding, broken bones, loss of limbs, and perforated organs. Even if you made it out with no visible wounds the blast wave alone likely caused your ear drums to rupture which leads to concussion, deafness, blindness, and your brain swelling.

IED Detection

IED detection requires an ever-vigilant trained eye because IEDs can literally be hidden anywhere, and disguised as anything. IEDs can be in burlap bags, animal carcasses, cigarette cartons, potholes, trash, and anything else that most wouldn’t give a second look. A prepper convoy traveling at 35mph would be hard-pressed identifying a disguised IED. I mean, who would notice anything out of place at those speeds?

There is no surefire way of detecting an IED aside from visual confirmation. However, Professor William Fox of the Naval Postgraduate School, along with colleagues from UCSC are currently in the experimental phase using radar signal detection to pick up on IEDs. The technology in its current state is still a couple years out.  Until Fox figures this out, you’ll be stuck using a metal detector to ID IEDs, which will surely expose you, or provide a million false positives.

IED Protection

IED protection has come a long way from the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. USAF ground troops went from sandbag lined Humvees to the MRAPs (mine resistant ambush protected vehicles). Aside from MRAPs roving the streets of Small Town, USA, they have saved countless US Soldier’s lives with their V shaped hull and layered FK6 armor. Oh you don’t own an MRAP? See our article ‘Retrofitting Civilian Vehicles with Ballistics Armor for Combat and IED Survival’, otherwise you’ll be lining your Dodge Durango with sandbags for weeks.

Another form of IED protection starts with your operational awareness. Whatever operation you taken on always make yourself a hard target. Incorporate IED attacks and roadside ambushes into your survival group’s LFX (live fire exercises). Your well dispersed convoy must be and appear to be vigilant; those who look ready to fight aren’t great targets, making the attacker wait for the next target. Be cautious at choke points i.e. one way roads, blocked roads, sharp turns, and if something causes your convoy to stop – watch your six!

  • Every person in your prepper convoy should be outfitted with armor; ballistic plates, vests, helmets, and goggles
  • When an IED has been positively identified get out of the kill zone immediately
  • Do not approach the IED
  • Mark the outer perimeter indicating an IED is present
  • If you don’t have any EOD techs in your group – find an alternate route

Always trust your instincts, instinct is one of the evolutionary perks we still have so use it! If people are present and their body language and demeanor just seem ‘off’ – increase your operational awareness and ready up your group for attack. Always be prepared for any situation!


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5 thoughts on “ISIS in America Signals IED Protection for Preppers

  1. You have typical ill conceived notions about who ISIS is, ISIS is the CIA. The ultimate “keep the war machine rolling” organisation, it has nothing to do with Palestinians or even Syria. Obama funded ISIS and gave them support trying to overthrow Syrian’s leader, Assad, because Israel told him to. Remember, the “War on terror” will never end… because the Halliburton’s and Northrup Grumman’s, all the war machine industries have control over the Pentagon
    and tell them what wars Americans will support. The goal is to destroy any threat to Israel, the blood sucking, mouth breathing, insane control freaks that worship Satan in Israel’s government, they are about to try to go after Americans right to own small arms, the U.N. treaty is soon to be ratified and they will be coming around to take your guns. Believe it or not, you should see the writing on the wall by now, if you don’t, don’t expect any mercy from your masters, who, by the way, were behind 9/11, Bush, Cheney, Israel were all behind the false flag attack on Sept 11. These people will stop at nothing to get what they want, 3000 American lives means nothing to them. Nothing. These are the evil dogs of war, these are the people we are going to be fighting when the time comes, the elite, bankers directing it all, they must have complete control of the people, after this is accomplished, the people will be slaughtered like cattle, depopulation, because, after all, how many slaves can you use, really. Learn , open your eyes, the truth slapping Americans in the face and they refuse to acknowledge it. These people will make the Nazis look like schoolgirls. Prepare for battle, it will be bloody.

  2. lmao you’re more likely to be killed by an overworked LEO than an ISIS bozo in North America. Even If SHTF, the main people posing a danger to preppers/civilians are other preppers. Hollywood has brainwashed the masses into believing a Mad Max scenario is the inevitable outcome of a collapse, when its more likely that a majority of people will just organize to aid eachothers survival and aquisitions.

  3. very good info,,i have been in this game a long time, and this site is second to none,,,thanks for the professional presentation

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