How to make a Spear Gun

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I was arguing with a friend over the time for non-explosive projectile weapons such as spear guns to be added to your ruck sack. His main point was the lack of skill levels that are needed to make them lethal, or even practical. I had to address that here…

In the ranks are many people who can throw a knife with great accuracy, and some with lethal power. The Rambo series brought out the possibilities of adding composition bows with special tips for arrows.

In Nam we learned to appreciate the skills of the Montagnards with their homemade Crossbows. Their abilities far exceeded the stories that circulated over the beer in Saigon.

Lets talk though about a weapon I chanced upon in, of all places, Miami Florida. If you grew up poor in Florida it soon became aware to you the price a clean killed Barracuda, or Grouper, or even a Shark would bring to a gentleman sports fisherman with bad luck. However if you messed up the skin with a shotgun, or other fire arm it was useless. We would get a good fresh stuffing fish, and hang out as the boats came back at Dusk. Easy money for a good specimen with only one small hole.

The upper class bounty fish collector would dive with a $250.00 air-powered spear gun. The rest of us had to make our own!

We took a piece of metal pipe and added a piece of rubber from a bicycle tube to one end and pulled it through the center. The poor man’s spear was a sharpened piece of I-barb from a construction site.

It was cut to just about 2″ longer than the pipe.

The rubber tube was split vertically about 1.5″ in the center.

The pipe passed through the hole.

Then you wrapped the end of the tube over the rubber with six loops of wire.

The wire was taped over to keep it in place.

Then the rubber loop was passed through the pipe.

Then the spear was cut just 2″ longer than the rubber loop and the length of the pipe,

When the spear was pulled back to 3″ from the back of the pipe it threw the spear through about 50 to 60 feet of water to impale the fish.

To ensure the fish didn’t escape to die some place else or the spear get lost if you missed a piece of 60 pound test line was affixed through the tail of the shaft and tied to your belt. Made for a good belly surf if the fish was big enough.

If this type of object will penetrate a scaled shark, under water, at 20 to 30 feet what will it do to a guard, at night, over 40 feet? With less sound than a silenced 9mm round.

Perhaps if made and strapped to your ruck sack frame it will be there when you need it. The spears can be made from i-barb, copper tube, or use heavy bow arrows. The tube can be made from PVC tubing painted black to stay concealed in the dark. I still prefer to use the tube from a bicycle tube to a piece of surgical rubber due to the color.

The length of the tube depends upon the users physical dimensions. The range will depend upon skill and terrain.

One more tool in the Militia’s tool kit.

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Ron Hardin has 27 years military experience in communication electronics, and has completed over a hundred FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses, and is CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained

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