Top 10 Prepper Websites

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Top 10 Prepper Websites

Ok, ok, ok, I know I said I wouldn’t do a Top Prepper Website list when we started this thing, but as I look at some of the other sites I feel we should at least take a shot at judging who the best is. Simply put, most of these ‘top prepper website’ lists go up to 50 – 100 top sites. Instead, I’m going to narrow it down based on four critical key points; usefulness, unique content, aesthetics, and reliability.

Other websites don’t physically review the sites they recommend. Instead they use Quantcast, Alexa, and Google Ranking to determine a site’s worth. It has been only two years since the founding of and since then we’ve taken on six survival and preparedness authors with experience in combat, emergency management, and preparedness while our traffic skyrocketed. Maybe we should give the new guys a shot too, right?

Let me make one thing clear, is the best prepper website around. Why? Because we designed this site for you, no matter what skillset you had when you came to our site – you’d be able to easily understand the steps you had to take to get serious about your preparedness, and now you are one bad mama jamma. Ever notice we don’t have any ads on our site whatsoever? It’s ugly, and distracting to our readers, so we decided not to have any and to eat the cost. Everything about was designed with you in mind.

Prepper Website

Prepper Website is owned by Todd Sepulveda, and was the first to institute the ‘Drudge Report’ themed prepper website pulling articles across the gamut of survival and preparedness sites into an organized three column feed. While Prepper Website doesn’t post its own unique content it still provides tons of unique content from multiple sources without bombarding you with a duplicitous amount of ads. It should be noted, Todd also owns another website related to Top Prepper Sites that uses the Quantcast ranking system. Sorry brother, couldn’t list you twice.

Graywolf Survival

Say what you will about Scott Kelley’s (Graywolf’s) aesthetics, the guy knows his stuff. Graywolf has an extensive military background, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of survival skills. When it comes to survival, I’ve never liked the idea of extrapolating information from a POG or a civilian with no real world experience. Graywolf Survival goes into the basics and eases you into the tactical side of survival, much like usCrow. His site is lite on the ads, and is organized in an easy to understand format. He even has a Pinterest account for Graywolf Survival, so once you’re done planning your next wedding that will inevitably end in a bitter divorce – go check out his boards.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing

I surf this site often and I came to the conclusion that KWN is a homesteading website more than anything. KWN was one of the first sites to do the blurb share technique, where they’d find an article, write a brief description of it, and share on their site. KWN is a great website because of one simple fact, it’s a knowledge bank of mostly homesteading and preparedness how-to’s. The only thing KWN seriously lacks is combat, and defense articles.


Amazon? A prepper website? Yes! Forget the surplus stores, and stop buying $12 ration bars at REI, and save some money already. If you don’t know about Amazon, you’re missing out. There’s nothing on there you can’t find. Whether it’s; food rations, survival gear, medical supplies, you name it, they’ve got it. Do yourself a favor and get Prime Membership though.

Tactical Tailor

Tactical Tailor isn’t what you would call a prepper website, but if you’ve advanced your survival and preparedness training and have waded into the tactical water, get your gear here. I was turned onto Tactical Tailor by David Black 68W Combat Medic who writes most our medical preparedness articles. I decided to give them a try and order my plates with carrier through them, and I was immediately impressed – great quality with a diverse stockpile of all things ‘tacticool’.

Prep for SHTF

Prep for SHTF has been around for a bit now, and is one of the few prepper websites that actually produces its own content (from what I can tell). They mostly stick to homesteading articles like ‘How to make a Fox Hat’ and etc, but on the usefulness scale they get a 10. Their site is easy to use and relatively easy to navigate.

Survivalist Daily

Survivalist Daily is not exactly like other re-link prepper websites, but is more like an expanded version of PrepperWebsite. Survivalist Daily brings in other articles about; preparedness, prepping, survival, defense, news and exposés them throughout their site with a credit link back to the original author and website. It’s a clean setup, and a good place to surf if you’re looking to get a couple ideas.

Western Rifle Shooters

Not a prepper website necessarily, but if you’re looking to get some quality information and increase your skill with experienced how-to’s and guides, this is a good start. WRS doesn’t just talk about guns every day, and they hold some pretty lively 2A debates, while talking about anything else under the sun.

Cheaper Than Dirt

Every prepper needs ammo these days, and CheaperThanDirt is a great place to stock up on. I’ve never had a single issue with these guys and even during the ‘crisis’ I wasn’t raked over the coals. CheaperThanDirt sells quality ammunition at great prices.

Survival Blog

Survival Blog is a pretty cool prepper website that has a lot of unique content with some articles dug up on the web. In addition to Survival Blog’s content they also have a pretty extensive arsenal of literature, freebies, giveaways, and other survival related goodies to keep any prepper entertained. If you can wade through the million or so subcategories you’ll find their survival and preparedness articles written by their own authors is pretty spot on.

In closing…

I listed these sites according to usefulness to the individual, and this was not based on any ranking and voting system. I made sure I didn’t have two websites that had identical formats for more than one reason. Let’s be realistic, there are over a thousand prepper websites out there. I simply told you about the top ten prepper websites that I know are useful and unique in their right. Have a site you’d like listed on Submit it by contacting us!

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