The State Militias

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State Militias

Leadership in vertical organizations is a merging of Leadership by influence, and compliance by choice. To work both the upper and lower echelons must be working towards the same goals, or at least compatible goals. The better leaders understand this and phrase their directions as such. In our Militias this is most important!

Since their inception Militias have always been groups of people aligned for like, or at least, compatible goals. In 1776 it was not for freedom, but for protection. Most of the original militias were gathered not to defeat the British Crown, but to keep the British troops and mercenaries out of the peoples homes. The group at Bunker hill did not rise to defeat the British Garrison, but to prevent them from entering into the peoples homes and taking the weapons they needed to hunt, defend their families, and possess since they paid for them. Regardless why they came, the result was a mutual success of the people.

In forming our militias over the decades since Bunker hill the people have always selected their leaders. These leaders were respected members of the community, ex-military officers, and proven enlisted leaders, and skilled people leaders. This is what we do to this day.

Since that time there have been many wars that have taught us many things. More recently we have had our people survive some what unnecessary wars like Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville, and Ferguson Missouri. I list the last two to show how our national ideology have changed.

The Strategic Militia

To accommodate these various types of Federal actions we the Militias must rethink or Command structures. In 1776 the people formed committees from their ranks, interests, and needs. They had the active protectors embodied by the Sons of Freedom. Then they had the Committees for Safety which provided intel, supplies, hiding places, and medical attention. Then they formed the Committees for Correspondence which helped route people to the Kings courts as jurist to free patriots, they moved messages between the colonies for coordination, and prepared operational plans for the Committees of Safety and the Sons of Freedom units in the field. They also investigated possible or suspected members of the groups to determine if they were agents for the crown either for beliefs or money.

Militia Counterespionage

These layers upon layers prevented the Crown from being able to infiltrate the groups and wrest control by dissension or force. This same secrecy today as then prevented many good fighters from being a part of the mix. This is the job of Command.

In some states back in the early days of the cold war the States formed statute based State Defense Militias. In many states these State sponsored Militias continue, but under the direct orders of the State Governors with input from the Federal Government. Many people see this as an affront to their state’s sovereignty. However these units have laid a lot of common ground with the Civil Militias of the states. In some cases the Civil Militias have grown up parallel to these State Sponsored Militias to the point that many citizens serve equally in both. Is this a conflict of Interest. It depends!

Militia and FEMA

When the Federal Emergency Management Agency formed they begin to develop some excellent leadership techniques for scalable management. The key to the management strategies was the 7 to 1 ratios. They found that is stressful operations that one competent leader could adequately control 7 semi- or fully trained subordinates. This was learned from the original world war II squad techniques. If tiered this concept would lead to a smooth flow of function and decision making through out the structure. For an example back before the wall came down there was an incident (good incident) in the middle of Reforger a Russian Tank Brigade Commander was touring an American Army Armor unit. He stopped on the road and observed a Tank Commander E-5 drilling his crew. He observed that the men all functions mostly by had signal and chin thrusts. The Lieutenant who arrived as the drill was taking place proceeded to fall into his place and function without a word.

The General asked to speak to the E-5 Sargent and was told to go ahead. He asked about what was done and why and was amazed at the Sargent’s knowledge of both the actions and his Tank. He thanked them and walked away shaking his head.

His translated words were sent back to the Tank crew.

he said that if he had just 100 crew as well trained and with as much @leadership as this one he could take the entire sector in 10 days. He lamented that it would take his crews 1 year as they awaited instructions for above for each action.

Lets take this information and plug it into our Militias!

If we provide a 7 to 1 command levels into our militias we can provide a linkage that the new West Point trained Army of One can never meet. To keep the Troops dumbed down to day the Army uses less discretion, and more compliance. It must be that way when you discharge the troops with the knowledge, and enlist soldiers who in some cases can barely speak english. Those who were discharged are now in our Militias, or should be!

If we look back to the Pre-1960’s Militias we find they had County level, Regional Level (based upon populations and terrain), and State level. This structure has been somewhat corrupted by the Media espoused concepts of 1) Only bring in Like minded people 2) The concern that every third or forth person attempting to join is a Federal Agent or a Troll(paid informer who joins just to corrupt the unit). We must regain our structure!

While many Americans see the enemy we will face as the Radically Erected Federal Mandated Military imposing Martial Law and Confiscating all weapons for a Hitler style Takeover when The S@$t Hits The Fan (TSHTF). I see the Federal Government going broke. Then they turn off the Banks, EBT cards, WIC cards, Medicaid, Smart, and other funds that today provide for the very food on the table for millions of Americans. This will throw millions @of Americans of ALL races, Religions, and Beliefs into the streets to provide for their families. Then they sit back omnipotent and wait till we beg them to come in and save us from ourselves. Look at the Ukraine, look at the Bosnia rebellion, look at Syria. It is a functional plan.

The Militias, if well placed can cool this event. If we can establish well equipped, well trained men and women in their own neighborhoods we can stop the rioting. You don’t loot a store with three angry men on the roof with assault rifles and shotguns who know how to use them. You also stay out of neighborhoods where armed people say no!

So if we start today to establish the Militia presence in the Community Watches, the Homeowner associations, and the area defense groups we can get a handle on them. If we link these groups with each other and establish a Head Quarters with Comms and transportation to allow movement of power to a hot spot. If these HQ are known and understood by the rank and file local Police, Sheriff, and State Guard units we will have the support we need.

You have to understand what FEMA and DHS has done to our Neighborhoods.

Most of the funds for Equipment, Training, and Facilities in our Counties come from Federal Grants from FEMA, DHS, and other alphabet agencies. These Grants come with strong Strings.

For instance I was teaching this at a community Watch Session that under the Continuity of Operations Presidential Security Decision that if your house catches fire, and the local Wally World catches fire you need to get out the hose because the Fire Department will not be there till Wally World is done. The neighbors told me I was wrong no matter what the regs said. The sponsoring Police Sargent’s daughter was there. She was a Dispatcher for the County and she told them I was exactly correct! In fact if any First Responder diverted to a Non-Assigned location they would be terminated immediately. She went on to explain that if you were laying in your yard with a bullet in your chest and an ambulance was in route and a person with a known Heart condition called in with chest pains that the Ambulance would be rerouted to them, by regulation.

Sounds crazy, but this is the rules the Department live under to keep their Grants.

If you remember that in New Orleans and again in Ferguson that police were directed to not prevent looting or arrest Looters. This is again part of that same Decree on Continuity. This is why you see many Grocery and Big Box stores with low stockage. In case of a riot or looting they are to print out a current inventory and take their money and people and depart the store.

When the condition is over they re-inventory and FEMA pays for the goods as “Issued Stock” and the insurance pays for the damage. Small stores who are not considered “Participating Partners are not afforded this privilege.

The Militias can help by planning for these type actions like they did out in the Tornados in Missouri. The Community watches are the answer. They will also become the crews for the defense of their neighborhoods.

So lets get everyone we can involved. If you are a part of a militia and hear someone talking about the need for self-protection get them involved. If the are Federal agents they too have wives and kids who will need protection in the bad times. They will even bring their own weapons!

what the militias are doing as Neighborhood protectors are not sedition. It is cause being prepared. What the Militias are doing to train their friends and neighbors how to survive is not sedition it is your duty to your family, your community, and your nation. Remember!

The Japanese General in WWII who was asked why he didn’t go on to land troops on the West Coast said “This would be total insanity. The day foreign troops deploy on American there will be a rifle behind every blade of Grass”

When the millions of self-indulgent collectors of free stuff attack American homes to collect what the Federal Government can no longer provide they will find their fellow collectors piled up as barricades all across this nation. The land fills will be turned into grave sites.

What the Militias need to do is prevent this by making sure they know the price they will pay before they start collecting!
This can @only be assured if we start our Neighborhood groups today. Then link them to surrounding groups, and link to a County Militia Hq. Each County HQ needs to link to a Regional HQ. These in turn link to our State Militia HQ.

These State Militia Hq’s need to be linked to our State leadership and representatives. This is the power of the people. The right of the people to assemble, to possess weapons they know how to use, and the determination to use both powers for their own protection and their neighbor’s!

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About Ron Hardin

Ron Hardin has 27 years military experience in communication electronics, and has completed over a hundred FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses, and is CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained

22 thoughts on “The State Militias

  1. I was wondering if minors are allowed to enlist 16 looking to protect my family incase of martial law or any circumstance.

  2. Accross this site I find patriots wanting someone to contact them.
    If you post here and no one contacts you that means you need to start a group for others to join. Remember!
    Two untrained patriot can do more than one. Once you start meeting you will have two sets pf eyes to find training.
    If you are in NC and no one calls you cntact me in Fayetteville.
    They didn’t contact me either, but I am 70 an that may explain it.

      • Our command contacted me and then he vanished, saying he will no longer be point of contact for northeast. No contact since. What’s the issue?

      • Thank you for your quick response.

        Given our local personality I have no doubt there are other interested individuals in this area that may be playing a close hand. I would be grateful for any contacts you may deem fit and I would be honored to aid in any capacity.
        Even with the trains apparently still running on time, it is evident that the clock is ticking. Please stay in touch.

  3. I have tried, to no avail, to find a militia in SW Missouri (the counties of McDonald, Newton or Barry).

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