Why being a prepper can save the world.

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Why being a prepper can save the world

It is hard to really convince someone that an catastrophic event will occur. Catastrophic events are by nature unlikely. So when you see people prepping for doomsday it seems like it couldn’t possibly be sane much less a wise course of action. Really I have struggled with trying to convince people in my life why it is appropriate to be a prepper.

Typically the best wisdom concerning why you should be a prepper is that it is like an insurance policy. That being a prepper is a good idea in case something happens. It seems that the idea is that being a prepper is like having a golden parachute. I don’t think that is the case. I have a slightly different view of why it is wise to be a prepper. I think that being a prepper is more like being a fixer of problems than being immune from problems. In fact I think prepping is the only way it can save the world.

The wisest course of action when prepping is to prep in such a way that not only do you survive the event that you prep for but you also make that event less likely and less severe. I think as preppers we desperately want to be wrong. We want to be crazy for prepping. We never want the events we prep for to come to pass. So let’s look at some of the events that you might prep for. Environmental collapse, Peak Oil, Solar Events, Economic Collapse, Government Tyranny.

In all these events one might prep for – certain issues need to be addressed. Food production, Renewable Energy Production, Practical Skills, Healthcare, Alternative forms of transportation and much more. Basically all of your needs as a human need to be met as a prepper. There gets to be a point when Prepping stops becoming about the acquisition of material goods and starts being about the acquisition of skills. It is the logical conclusion that every person who preps comes to. That no amount of stuff alone will save you.

So you arrive at a certain point as a prepper where you need to start coming up with solutions to large problems. How do you grow food in a desert? How do you produce electricity if there is no power grid? How do you protect yourself? Hell, you might not find a solution to everything.

If you notice small cottage industries are rising up out of the prepping community. Some people are making tools. Some people are making chicken coops. Some people are making aquaponics systems. Classes are being taught. People are making a living and industries are forming for the prepper community.

This is happening on an open source model. It is harnessing the power of human innovation in such a way that we are all part of Research and Development for new technology and new solutions to very real problems. What is truly amazing is the pace at which this is happening.

We are becoming less reliant on a centralized power structure. It may seem unorganized and chaotic at times. That is a good thing. We don’t need the government to start making Green Jobs for the future. We don’t need large corporations to bring our manufacturing jobs back home. We are doing that on our own.

Preppers are turning garbage things we used to throw away into usable things. Shipping containers are being used as housing. Pallets are turning into chicken coops. Industrial Laundry soap containers are being turned into rain barrels. Alternators and car batteries are being turned into wind generators. This is just some of the things preppers are doing.

Rocket Mass stoves are saving forests in Africa by reducing the amount of wood needed for people to cook with. Aquaponics is saving our oceans from being over fished an the amount of water needed to grow crops. Polyculture gardening is stopping the use of pesticides. Composting is reducing how much stuff goes in landfills. Prepping is already having an impact on the way things are going.

As we start addressing these issues they shrink the impact of the things that will harm us no matter what it is you are prepping for. Change is not going to come from the Government. Do you think that our Congress is going to reform our energy policy? Are they going to stop us from going to war to protect oil? No.

We can have an Armed Rebellion of the government but it won’t eliminate the problems we face at the end of the day. We still need to address these issues. The only way things will change is if we do this on our own…

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About David Black

Trained and Certified: National Registry EMT, Wilderness EMT, US Army 68W, Tactical Combat Causality Care (TCCC), Basic Life Support for Healthcare Workers, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, US Coast Guard Medical Person In-Charge, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. International Trauma Life Support. HAM Radio Technician. Trained and Certified to Instruct: Combat Life Saver Instructor and Community Emergency Response Team Trainer. CPR, AED, First Aid.

15 thoughts on “Why being a prepper can save the world.

  1. If SHTF in a global level then you are looking at a pre-industrial state across the globe and we can only really sustain about 1 billion people with pre-industrial technology. Meaning at least 6 out of 7 people will die world wide. Most of those deaths will occur in urban areas. That is ignoring all the war and famine that will result. So depending on what causes a SHTF scenario we can expect a lot of death. So having pre-industrial skills will be the key to survival.

  2. Berean Betty, respectfully, saying we will not be here to save and repopulate are probably the same words Noah heard as he was building the ark. Please, I beg of you, let go of this pretrib raptures stuff and get to prepping for the long haul. All of us will be “left behind” until the end of the trib. Please understand the Words of Christ and not Church doctrine, Please!

    • You’re positively right on the money. In the book, “DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE” J. Wood lays out very succinctly what the Bible has to say about the rapture, and the second coming of Christ, and his second book lays out why prepping is the only sensible thing for a Christian to do. We need to be ready for the ‘long haul,’ as you say. It is mandatory we have skills, stuff, and spiritual strength to weather the storm that soon faces us!

      I (personally) am thrilled to see Christians being awakened to this biblical truth.


      Son of Liberty

    • Plowboy, respectfully, we will have to agree to disagree. Noah makes my case entirely. There are too many scriptural references that I believe make the case for Pre-Tribulation Rapture. (See here for some examples: http://www.bibleprophesy.org/rapturegenesis2.htm). I do not believe Pre-tribulation Rapture is established church doctrine because the majority of mainline Christians today don’t even believe God meant what he said in the Bible about sin! In fact, most church pastors avoid teaching much, if anything, about prophecy. But the main thing we agree on is being prepared. The preparations we do now – whether we are there to share them or not – will certainly help others and I accept that it is all God-directed. I’m sure you would agree the time is getting close. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

      • I went to the web site you recommended in your comments which (supposedly) support a ‘pre-tribulation’ rapture of the church. What a bunch of parallels, similarities, wrangling of words, and personal interpretations of what some parallels MIGHT mean. There were no clear biblical statements on the time of the rapture.

        Jesus, however, was very clear in his teaching (Mt 24, Mk 13) that the angels would gather his elect from the four points of the compass (N, S, E, W) AFTER the tribulation of those days. Pre-tribbers explain this away by claiming this means the ‘tribulation saints,’ not all saints. Read the word and take it in its plainly understood meaning people — don’t force your theology onto the Word, allow the Word to form your theology.

        I’m not going to get into a spitting contest w/ anyone about this. I had my say and will leave it lay — for if one will not take God’s Word as plainly given, they will not take my efforts to help us understand what is clearly stated.


        Son of Liberty

        • As a good Berean, I study the scriptures, and I do allow the Word to inform me “precept upon precept.” Based on that I am convinced a Pre-Tribulation Rapture will occur. One could possibly argue that the Pre-Wrath Rapture is more accurate, but that is entirely based on when one considers the “wrath” portion of the 7 years Tribulation begins. It is all God’s judgment and timing. Ultimately, I believe the Bible when God says He has not appointed us (Believers) for wrath. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord. Peace to you and yours.

  3. Noah was the ultimate prepper! David touched on a lot of issues about prepping that are near and dear to my heart but prepping for me anyway, is about independence, pride in a task well done and being prepared to weather a storm ( SHTF ) for a long period. In my case I have enough stashed away to survive comfortably for 12 to 18 months.

    When I say comfortably I mean at least one nutritious warm meal a day, some creature comforts like my kindle and a house that will be fairly warm ( 40 to 60 degrees) on a – 20 degree winter day. Sounds kind of spartan at this moment while the TV is on, the running water is hot and the roast is cooking merrily along doesn’t it? Think about it though, when a down grid ( or whatever event occurs ) our neighbors and fellow Americans will be suffering horrific conditions and through a long term event, many will perish. It’s a terrible thing to imagine or live through to see your friends and neighbors suffer and a prepper can only do so much. G-d built into our DNA a self preservation default that kicks in during a catastrophe. Would I turn away a parent with a sick child? Not likely. I’ll give what I can without endangering my family.

    Prepping for me is looking to survive and thrive.

    When it’s all said and done, and G-d willing I’m alive, I look forward to rebuilding the USA ( with the help of the other survivors ) based on the Founding fathers ideas and beliefs which i hold so dear.

    This will sound crazy to most people but really do think that a major SHTF scenario may be a reverse tribulation. After disease, violence and famine kill off most people on the planet who do you think will be left standing? Right! People and family’s who were prepared. We then will come together and rebuild.

    Just a thought.

    Snake Plisken

    • HI snake, hope you are doing ok. But the question begs, how long are you going to feed the woman and child without turning them away. You are Mormon and needlesss to say that has placed you in a better position. A position you earned thorugh hard work and preseverance. So when you start sharing your food expect the worst, for you have opened the gates and next time they won’t be turned away. And as far as the woman and child go you can rest assured the deadbeat boyfriend is hiding and watching waiting for your back to be turned. They won’t work and fend for themselves now…you are just the new welfare office.

      • I’m doing quite well Plowboy thank you. I hurt my back in May while working on a carpentry project and am now just getting back to my old self and feeling great!

        I do fully understand your point about feeding and assisting those who are desperate. Where do you draw the line? I just don’t know because I haven’t been in the situation yet.

        However, I made a choice several years back to rid myself of crazy or overly needy people in my life and it’s been a blessing because I’m a caring and compassionate person but these idiots were bringing me down and systematically. Best thing I’ve done for myself in years and I have learned to say NO!

        As for an ambush, I hope i’m careful enough to avoid that. One of my coworkers and i go to lunch frequently and he commented recently that I was paranoid. I asked why he thought that. He said ” whenever we go to lunch you are always looking around in the parking lot” and he says “you stop by the entrance and look over the lunch crowd.”

        I want to know what’s going on around me and in public I mentally threat assess everybody near me. It’s an old habit that has served me well. If i do perceive a threat I do everything to mitigate that threat.

        However, Plowboy, you have raised a good point in another way: I’ve been single now for several years and have only one other person that I MIGHT consider allowing into my prepping home to help protect my cache. I’m concerned that I can be ambushed much more easily if a threat realizes it’s just me whereas with another person or two can be an asset and deter a small group from attacking.

        Problem is………how does a person find like minded persons who are trustworthy, honest and Christian and will cover your six?

        Maybe I AM paranoid! 🙂

        Snake Plisken

  4. Outstanding read…love your choice of vocabulary about prepping stops being about supplies and the aquisition of skills…that’s good stuff. Yesterday I responded to a comment on another website and it probably was not well received. Please let me try it again here and if you want to post it then go ahead and if you don’t then no hard feelings. So here it comes, there is the supply of all things needful and then the aquisition of skills as you so effectively stated. But then there are the odds of survival. Odds, no matter the supply or the aquisition, are out there and must be recognized. A notable prepper website stated that only 1% of Americans are prepping. That given, this means there are 330,000,000 Americans and only 3,030,000 preppers. That part given, what part of hte 3,030,000 are actually supplied and have the aquired skills to last one full year after grid down. Probably 1% or less of that 3,030,000 which puts us to approximately 30,000 people nationwide that are actually taking this thing seriously in conjunction with the necessary skills to survive long term. This means 329,970,000 long lost best new friends are going to show up at our doorsteps looking for food, clothing and shelter, and will do whatever it takes as in looting and killing to get what they now deem as their property. Put bluntly we are so grotesquetly outnumbered that your statement of saving the world, although definitely true, has to be the understatement of the century {I say that respectfully}. With these seemingly insurmountable odds facing us, ammo, ammo, and more ammo has to be the controlling item on any prepper’s list. We are going to have all hell from all directions coming in on us when the lights go out. This is sickening, but we can’t deny the odds and survive. And even prepping and skills will still require a lot of luck, for in the beginning from day one we are outnumbered 1000 to 1. We will most certainly lose a large percentage of the skilled preppers and when a skilled prepper is killed the odds go to 2000 to 1, 3000 to 1, 4000 to 1 and so on. It is very sobering when considering this angle of the equation, isn’t it? Thanks and God bless.

    • Rather intimidating when you look at the numbers Plowboy. Hope I never have to confront that amount of people. I’m hoping most of them will be sick, dehydrated and weak or long dead. Still, it only takes one zombie with a weapon to ruin your whole danged day!

      However, I did fight my way out of NYC against incredible odds didn’t I? 🙂

      Snake Plisken

      • It’s not an insurmountable number really. When you look at the history of every other country that tried to fight an oppressive government and failed, it almost always coincided with a lack of weaponry, training, manpower, and direction. Think about it, what if things do go tits up and the government finally launches Death Protocol Alpha Part Duex? Will all 1,369,532+ active soldiers turn on their oath to the constitution along with their brothers and sisters? Long shot. I assume it’ll be the Type III’s that stay in for the fight along with autonomous operators, and I believe it’d be safe to assume the active soldiers would come to the aid of Americans, at least half!

        What about the cops? Well, what about the cops? On average there are only 200+/- cops per 100,000 Americans. Now figure 37% of Americans own firearms (and hopefully know how to use them) which is over 70,000,000 people walking down main street with heat. Add the fact that there are over 3 million recorded preppers in the US (which doesn’t include the Super OPSEC guys). Does it really seem that impossible?

        Truth is, under the right circumstances and leadership we’d be a few guerrilla tactics away from leveling the technological playing field, and after that – only the numbers, tempo, and training will matter. But I’m an optimist at times.

        • You talk about the things that bother me, because I’m very much concerned about the gun owners that haven’t prepped or found the skills to survive. They are the ones that are most dangerous. They have no food, but the means to take ours. And make no mistake, they will never unite on mainstreet to oppose the government. Probably the military will just be trying to get home if they are stateside to help their own families. Maybe the only way to survive this thing is to hide and watch for a month or two until the die off takes place and then peek out and take our chances. I’m not arguing with you, I just wonder sometimes just how desperate this thing is going to get. Maybe the human mind at this point in time when things are still good simply cannot comprehend how horrible it really will be. Either way my wife and I are going to make every effort to survive…we refuse to become collateral damage. Thanks and God bless.

  5. Preppers will no doubt be used of God to aid Tribulation saints with what is “left behind.” And it is always right and proper to prepare for emergencies to take care of one’s own household and to help others. But our own efforts will never “save the world.” Your only hope is to believe in God, confess to Him you are a sinner, repent of your sins before Him, and place your faith and trust in Jesus, who was sent to take the punishment for our sins. Then stay close to Jesus, read the Bible every day and help as many others as you can by sharing the Good News. This is how we occupy before He returns.

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