Will ISIS attack Las Vegas?

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Well, it’s official… Las Vegas is a target for attack. To be honest, we have been for a while. In an article by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, Las Vegas along with other U.S. locations was identified as likely targets for Jihadists. Never happen here you say? I’m sure Americans in Fort Hood, Boston, and New York thought the exact same thing. Here at usCrow.org we don’t subscribe to naiveté, and neither should you…

What are the odds ISIS will attack Las Vegas?

First let me say this, Haji is a hypocrite. Everything about Americans that makes radical Islamic organizations such as ISIS target us for attack, are the very things Haji loves to do when he goes to Vegas. I’ve been here for over a decade and its common knowledge Muslim men are nefarious for; hookers, prostitutes, drugs, gambling, and everything else punk rock. Who could forget last New Year’s Eve when Mazen Alotaibi, a Saudi Arabian Sergeant with the Royal Saudi Air Force, was arrested for raping a 13 year old boy? The truth is… when radicalism vs. hypocrisy, radicalism wins.

Strategic Advantage to Attack Las Vegas

I know what you’re thinking ‘Who’d attack some town in the middle of the desert with a few overly indulgent millionaires and strippers that reek of Victoria’s Secret Cotton Candy body powder?’… Believe it or not, there are several damn good reasons we are on ISIS and Al Qaeda’s hit list.

In the world of terrorism, global shock wins the prize. It’s nothing new really, it’s about demoralizing your enemy, and if your enemy is the entire Western civilized world – you’re going to need a target with international attention. Last year, Las Vegas was visited by over thirty-nine million people from all over the world, and at any given time just one of our strip hotels house over three thousand people. Just one Las Vegas strip hotel and groups like ISIS get the attention they clearly thirst for.

Not only does their target need to have international attention, but it needs to represent their supposed Jihad. Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building. In his Neanderthal attempt to hurt the federal government he ended up killing innocent men, women, and children. Al Qaeda’s kamikaze cowards flew our own jets into the World Trade Center in an attempt to strike fear into the Western world’s heart. The IRA detonated a 1500kg bomb in Manchester injuring over two hundred people. The list goes on, all with two primary principles, audience and symbolism.

Las Vegas is the melting pot of the world where all nationalities, ethnicities, and religions come to blow off steam and enjoy the American way of life, albeit this is not how every American lives every day, but for that one weekend these people are in Las Vegas – they’re free to do as they please without retribution. Even Mohammed Atta (9/11 attacker) came here and enjoyed Western civilization before attacking it. Don’t worry, Hell hath no shortages of Muslim terrorists…

Will Las Vegas be attacked?

If we lived in an age where logic prevailed, and The Constitution was upheld, I’d say no, but we do not live in such a time. No, ladies and gentlemen, we live in an age where none of our borders are protected. Someone with zero military training, no survival instinct, or the ability to speak English can stroll right into our country without a single care in the world. Not only do we have to worry about foreign invaders walking into our country, but we have to worry about traitors. American citizens who have betrayed their country like John Walker Lindh, who fought for the Afghan Taliban against the northern alliance, Army Pvt. Eric Harroun fighting in Syria, and dozens of other traitors fighting for terrorist organizations.

Yes, we live in an age where we grant U.S. permanent residency to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was flagged by the F.B.I. as a suspected terrorist, went on to bomb the Boston City Marathon with his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev (an American citizen). With only two cheap pressure cookers and a shit load of shrapnel these idiots were capable of demobilizing an entire city, injuring 280 people, and killing 4 others.

Is Las Vegas ready for an attack?

Short answer – no. No offense to the Las Vegas Fusion Counterterrorism Task Force, but we are seriously fucked when and if we’re attacked. Have you ever been to a Las Vegas Casino before? If you have you would have easily noticed there are several casinos that are situated on top of, or tightly adjacent to their parking structures.

If a standard 3.5 lb claymore has a blast range of 100+ yards, what do you think a van full explosives would do? Ask Timothy McVeigh. It wouldn’t be hard really. Casino parking structures have minimal security aside from a few overweight rent-a-cops who are more concerned with the drunk pissing off the top level than they are with one white van out of twenty where the driver simply parks and walks away.

There’s literally no security in our Casinos unless it has something to do with gambling. They are not looking for some random Middle Eastern guy with an oversized jacket. They’re looking at the people gambling, the card counters, the swindlers, and etc., everyone except Haji with a trench coat.

Hell, the Fusion Center has one privately funded counterterrorism analyst who openly admits they don’t have the resources to prevent an attack, and that the city must rely on the hope that the valet, or the security guard read Nevada’s 7 Signs of Terrorism. Well, they don’t. I’ve asked several acquaintances and friends who are in the industry if they had even heard of the 7 Signs of Terrorism and every single one of them said no. Feeling uneasy yet? There’s more…

Las Vegas Emergency Management Planning

Casinos don’t even regularly practice fire drills let alone adequate emergency management planning. You’d think our state and local government would have some sort of plan in response to an act of terrorism in such a densely populated area, right? Wrong. You know what our CERTs are doing this month? An ‘Emergency Kit’ Cook Off, and later on they’ll be learning how to Beat The Heat. Now, we can cruise over to the Clark County website and see what plans they have, but we’ll find nothing more than Flood Preparedness tips. By the way, our ‘floods’ are short lived and more of a danger to idiots in Miatas trying to drive through two feet of water than anyone else.

Any information you want, you’ll need to hunt down for yourself. If there is a plan, it’s confidential, and I’m sure it’ll include the use of a few MRAPs and a few violations of civil liberty. Call it what you will, but the idea that we are impervious to an attack is insane, and we should all be preparing in one way or the other, because Las Vegas – unlike other cities – has ten times more weaknesses and five times more strategic value. Opinions? Post below.

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Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for usCrow.org since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

19 thoughts on “Will ISIS attack Las Vegas?

  1. I hate to start thinking the cab drivers are to be avoided… Avoid tankers avoid big festivals… Avoid wallmart!! I’m not gonna live in fear… America has satellites ISIS car bombs… Violence will always exsist as long as hate and discrimination exists.
    The sea rules the land, the sky rules the land and sea, and the space rules the world… I wish I can remeber the name of the guy who said it… Cheers!!

  2. So should tourists currently just steer clear of Vegas? My husband wants to vaca there this weekend into next week, yet I’m scared to dear to leave my babies at home in another state. Do we stay, do we go…..Im terrified to breath.

    • I live here and the law is everywhere.They are sharp and good people. We have our love ones and children here. This is a great family place outside of the main street. Come and have fun.

  3. Spectacular but what type of disruption would it make? A news headline for sure. a target that would cause much more damage would be the dam. The area this covers is quite large and supplies power to a large government facility. This would interrupt a large area that provides food for much of the US. I think at least one refinery would also be taken off line. The problem is security. Much higher than other targets. the largest would be to interrupt shipping to all the inland ports from Niagara to Chicago. This could shut down manufacturing in a day. The area covered is also much larger and sink a ship in the right channel and shipping could come to a stop not as spectacular but much more devastating to Canada as well. One of the super haulers sunk across shipping channels and its done. Las vagas not a good choice.

    • Let me ask you one thing. You honestly think they would hit 1 target. They will hit every point at once. Chicago, Vegas, The Los Angles bridge, New York Bridge, D.C., ect. If these guys are smart with that so called president not upping security they will hit us all at once where it hurts. I am to the point I give up on our government, police,military, and militia. We need to do something now not tomorrow, hang each and every congress member and president for treason and start over. When these guys attack us it will wipe out 60% or more of our population. Sad thing is our military, militia, and government have done nothing.
      I will sit in my shelter with my family because I cant fight this war by my self. I am discusted with this country and how we become weak.

      • I think Ryan’s How to Survive in the City article lays out a more realistic possibility, where our power substations are attacking knocking out the US power grid, but it’s all speculation at the end of the day.

  4. The imminent threat of an attack on our soil, by Islamic jihadists is VERY real. When, where and how are the unknown variables and should instill vigilance in all Americans. Be alert, and question everything out of the ordinary. Always leave yourself an “out”. Keep your back to the wall and know where your exits are at all times.
    Since most Americans will ignore the threat and keep their heads in the sand, it is up to us to increase our vigilance and level of readiness. Check your preps and ensure you are ready. Spend a little extra time checking news sources and do your best to keep others informed and ready.
    The terrorists may have identified a few cities they plan to attack, but that doesn’t mean they won’t also hit small town America too. We are all vulnerable, thanks to the very poor job our government is doing when it comes to securing our borders.
    Make no mistake, these barbaric bastards want to kill every one of us. They belong to a “cult of evil” and enjoy beheading men, women and children. We must eliminate every potential opportunity we can, and that is done through vigilance and preparation.
    I agree with the article, Muslims are hipocrytes. I personally saw alcohol, pornography and even Slim Jim’s being imported to Saudi Arabia as “diplomatic cargo” for different Princes. I have seen them wait until out of Saudi air space to order a drink on an airplane and witnessed them partying hard in Miami strip clubs. So it’s not about religious beliefs, it’s pure barbaric behavior, being perpetrated by ignorant cults unable to adapt to a civilized world. Fifty years ago, most if them were still riding camels and living in tents. Modern civilizations, and the thirst for oil, made these barbarians wealthy, long before they were socially ready to interact with modern, civilized society. Now, they use that wealth to terrorize the very people who made them rich.

  5. i drive a truck here in las vegas to some of the hotels and after the comment by whoever that vegas was a target, the security started looking under the trailer and asking me who i worked for never mind its on the door and trailer side and they see me at least once a week for months now. i am not too sure what they are looking for. one other thing i did notice three guys in a car headed west on Russell just west of the freeway taking pictures of the light poles with the radio signal boosters or whatever they are and camaras, not of the plain light poles. i saw that about a month ago and wandered then whats up but didnt thing to get numbers figuring its just a rental car.

  6. I’ve sent 15 years working in Las Vegas Casino Security and I am ex Army. You are 100% right, we show the 7 signs DVD as part of new hire training and that’s it. We are customer service officers, no more then that! None of us are even armed, Metro would do what they can, but casinos are E-Z targets….Casino security is a joke! But most of us are ex military or LEO’s.

    • You have my address. Send them locations for one. I am working on my communications now. For 2 you know my area so tell me how I can help and can you help me as well. Send me orders, anything to help me so I can help liberty and you as well. It’s time to take them all down and who ever gets in our way.

  7. Just a thought, I don’t buy into Tim blowing up the Murrah building.
    If he did it with that truck, where was the hole in the street, there was none. The rear axle the feds said came from the truck had no damage I could see and of course the re bar in the support columns was bent sheared, bent /sheared showing charges was place in the building. It was at that time the Feds were going after the Militias and this false flag did just that. It made Militias look bad.
    The feds do this crap all the time. Just my 2 cents.
    All that said, I do think the bad guys are here, and we are about to get screwed due to Obama’s programs and a worthless House and Senate who sit by and say or do nothing to stop Obama .
    I ran a program from 2005 to 2010 using Iraq’s Special Forces to train up our folks before sending them over to the sand, and these guys got to stay in the US if they wanted. This was a Nation wide program that was running before I came on board and was still going when I left.

    • The cult is Zion not Islam. They hide under the name of Islam. They are the evil ones running the world and the only real terrorists.. Don’t be fooled.

      • Weird, I can’t remember the last time the Jewish went on film and cut off the heads of Americans, Apostates, and Homosexuals. Wait a minute, that’s the Islamic radicals who behead Americans, Apostates, and Homosexuals, while terrorizing the entire Middle East, mauling American troops, suppressing basic human rights, and committing acts of terrorism on American soil. Take that anti-Semitic shit somewhere else. Last time I checked, Israel is the last bastion of civilization. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall to those inhuman vermin.

        • Zionists steal your money every day, confuse the facts you need to protect yourself and demoralize your heart. They don’t need to cut your head off. Headless slaves aren’t worth much.

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