Come on Down! Senior Militia Members

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Senior Militia Members

Many things effect our ability to do certain things. However nothing stops us from doing what is right. When we see our nation making wrong turns we feel that sense of dread creep up in our hearts. Well today is one of those days.

This nation is rocking along on a flat tire on it’s way to another unwanted war. No! I am not talking about the insane movements our Commander in Thief is making in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. I am talking about the rise of anger among our people over the insidious taking of our liberties. Those who have had the duty to serve in other places in combat know we don’t want to see that here in our backyard, but the alternatives are not any better.

Senior Old-Fart Brigade

This burning gets especially bad if you feel you can not help. I am here to say you can help. I am a charter member of the S.O.B’s. Senior Old-fart Brigade s. I have no place in a combat team since my sneaking up in the woods sounds like a three alarm brushfire. Snap! Crackle! and plop! If you are in the same boat come on down. Your age, size, and infirmities can become an asset.

The Invisible Militia

No one pays much attention to old-farts unless we get in their way. When we do they snarl, and we move on, and they curse, and go on their way. We are mostly invisible. That is our asset!

So if we sit on the front porch with a paper and a pencil it is assumed we are doing the crosswords. If we fill those slots with troop movement intel who notices. If we cane our way down to a check point, and back, we are getting some exercise, and no one notices. If we fill our pockets with rounds, and leave them in a Mickey D bag in the trash no one will notice. If we map out the check points on our hanky which we just blew our noses on no one will look.

So if you are old, frail, fat, or just not healthy come on down. There will be a place for you to serve your nation. In fact you can start today from home. If you simply begin to locate all of the traffic cams, power stations, power pole switches, fire hydrants, and other needed things then when the militias come to your area you will have a great map for them.

Senior CMF Militia Members

If you are one of the new usCrow commanders and have this stack of well meaning, but unusable enlistment applications don’t discard them or have to sit down and explain to each one why their services will not be needed at this time. Organize them into your Support Brigades! In the active duty military the ratio of teeth the tail is 1:6. With the additional weapon systems it has probably soared to 7 or 8:1. So begin that support Brigade today as you set up your fire units.

Seniors aiding MILCOMM Militia Communications

If you are infirm and can answer a phone where messages are left there is a place for you. If you have a CB or FRS radio, and can monitor them at certain times, and transcribe the messages for handing off at the gas station later come on down.

Seniors Providing Auxiliary Roles in The Militia

Any of you who used to hunt and have reloading skills, and or, equipment come on down. If you can cook, and are willing to feed the troops come on down.

So sign up. If you don’t feel good about being a warrior or supporting them don’t despair. There is a need for disaster support and Neighborhood protection and planning too. Been a fireman, EMT, or have other Emergency Management skills come on down too.

It is time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

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About Ron Hardin

Ron Hardin has 27 years military experience in communication electronics, and has completed over a hundred FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses, and is CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained

18 thoughts on “Come on Down! Senior Militia Members

  1. I know there’s militia groups throughout the country, I did that a number of years ago when the heard was thin. I live in a somewhat remote region of northern cal, north of redding south of oregon. Once a month I drove 40,90,sometimes 140 miles to an FTX. Where I live no one from the southern AO or northern AO is going to me, and I sure as hell am NOT going to them when SHTF. That said there is a hand full of locals whom would rally in time of need. The freeway is “I-5 ” close enough to see from my porch. The train tracks are a 10 minute walk to see at a distance. So observation is something that I could contribute as well as a few of my brothers in arms.
    I propose a network of eyes throughout the country to report to a central data bank. I have on many occasions seen trains packed with military vehicles, tanks, apc’s and various other stuff. Not uncommon to see convoys of trucks with the same equipment rolling both north&south. I could put a group of maybe a dozen or so Hillbilly’s that know the back country,logging roads and 4×4 trails. Having trained with militia, I would not put these misfits in the same category as trained militia, but they sure would prove a benefit in time of need.
    They are indeed patriots but seem to avoid any form of organization and tend to shy away from authoritative figures. Some are former LEOs, a couple of Nam Vets and one is a Gulf war medic with combat experience. There’s a nefarious biker & friends and a few that what I would guess to be ex felons or perhaps future felons, not sure…Anyway the group, If I could get them together, would require a lot of free beer! Would make a hell of a team. I am definitely NOT a military leader, but I do have experience running a crew of roughnecks on an oil rig. Wish me luck boys I’m going to try and organize these social misfits.
    Hillbilly out…

    • Can someone tell me why the state of Indiana is handing out armored vehicles, 2 Lacota72 helicopters fully weoponized, and a bunch of other shit to the state police. Fulton County is getting ridiculous in law and so is Kosciusko County. What do we do

  2. I'm with you, I knew what you were referring to. I was just pointing out that modern tires are spun with steel.19756

    • What are we waiting for than? Why keep hiding and keeping our heads quiet. I know the code. All I know is when shit hits the fan I am there whether they issue a warrant for child support or not I guess I will take my chances.

    • I would come down if I knew I could make atleast 200.00 a week to cover my child support and send money to my family. I miss that and I go to jail

  3. I retired in 1985 with 20+ years, and retire as a SFC . I worked In logistics
    be for retiring . In 91 I was placed in Alabama Stat prison for 18 mouths .I
    have sign many times the Oath and I will do anything for United States of America anyone which has taken it. I have forget to say health, i am on oxygen ,
    I use a Cpap at night.

  4. I read the entry about the old fart brigade. 35 years ago I could hit the bulls eye at 500 yards 8 out of 10 on a bad day, and 10 of 10 on a good day. Now I need a scope at 200 yards. A 3 or five mile run was a piece of cake. Now my feet and legs just do not do what I tell them. You can time me with a sun dial. However I took the same oath that every one of you did. Obama gave himself the power to enact martial law at anytime. It would be easier to make contact prior to martial law. I have read that some of you filled out the enlisted request a year ago. I do not think we have a year to go before all #@%&* hits the fan. I would like to meet people in the El Paso TX area very soon. If need be I will be in the front line with you. However I just want to help pull this great country out of the jaws of tyranny while I can. I will purchase what I have to. I will work in a supply capacity, spy, communications, I have fork lift experience and now drive an 18 wheeler. Please contact me.

  5. You know it isn’t just older guys that can be of use. There are plenty of combat support roles. Intel gathering, Cooks, farmers, repairing equipment, transportation, logistics, you name it. We need everyone.

    • send me info on where and when or what equipment you can get to me for repairing you have my info

  6. I have to agree with a few folks here. I put my application in a little over a year ago. How do we know if we got in the group and what ranking. I have specialties in several areas and what I don’t know I will learn quick.
    I would also like to note as well just because someone didn’t serve in the military doesn’t mean they are not as good as an veteran. Some of my crew are better than most veterans and I know that because a lot of my family were veterans. We may not train every day or every week but were good.
    My buddy Manny has been doing a lot of protesting in Washington trying to bring peace to the situation and let congress know that most of us feel our rights being stripped.
    I also think I have a cure for this Ebola but have no way to test it, Learned it from an Indian Ancestor. Back in the days a disease like this broke out wiped out thousands of Americans. Sad thing is most Indians weren’t infected because of a blend of herbs they brewed for tea. There is a movie called patriot with steven segal in it that had a disease break out like this and he brewed the same tea I was taught to brew.
    I have to agree on keeping a lot of information hush but I have to disagree with not sharing some information. Like cures, ways to make money, survival, free electricity, who our groups are, ect. That is the problem with our society, people not helping each other.
    One other thing I want a lot of you guys to understand, we the people need to know each other and our groups because when shit hits the fan we don’t want to be shooting our own people or each other. It is going to be very difficult to tell militia from gov’t soldiers; so we really need to know each other.

  7. What is your mailing address? I don’t think it prudent to put this info on line or email – OPSEC.

  8. While there are many seniors still able to perform combat and combat related duties, there are many more who may not be physically capable, but have skills that are necessary to our success.
    One of these areas is communications, for more reasons than just age and physical ability. Many retired military members are Amateur Radio Operators and even more operate Citizen Band Radios. These “seniors” have a good knowledge of both OPSEC and COMSEC, many own good radio equipment and already know how to work it, and they are aching to play a role in saving our nation.
    We don’t know what kind of scenario we will face when the SHTF, but in any disaster, natural or man made, a strong communications network of knowledgeable operators, familiar with each other and emergency operating procedures, will be invaluable.

  9. I submitted an application last year and I know recently you stated all applications were being reviewed, but there was only a certain window in which to join. At what point, should we figure that we have not made the cut for this year?

  10. I am a 61 y/o with 22 years of military service and a Viet Nam vet . My MOS was 11Bravo with the 1st Cav Recon . I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina . I have put together a small group of true patriots . We are looking for others in are area to join us .

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