CMF National Militia August 2014 SITREP

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CMF National Militia August 2014 SITREP

As of August 1st, 2014 the CMF National Militia is now fully operational with regional commanders aggressively organizing militia members throughout the country. Regional commanders have been provided all enlistment information dating back from July 1st, 2013. At this time over 3,000 militia enlistments have been accounted for.

This National Militia SITREP (Situation Report) will briefly review what is to happen from this point moving forward, in addition to frequently asked questions about your militia enlistment. This SITREP will also overview objectives and timelines for CMF movement.

National Militia Objectives

CMF is a national militia that is not a national militia. National militia is simply a loosely used term to identify the reach of the CMF.  CMF Commanders are operated at a state level by its citizens with no administrative control by NATCOM and Administration. The CMF was designed in this manner to operate within the legalities of the United States Constitution. CMF objectives are not complicated or vague, unlike our many counterparts and are as follows;

State Militia Command Appointments

CMF regional commanders have been appointed; these commanders are reviewing their enlistments for state command based on military background and professional experience. Those with a rank of E5 or higher with combat experience are more likely to be selected. After appointment, State COs will then organize their members by county, organizing meetings where COs will then interview individual enlistments for militia entry. Simply filling out the form does not constitute CMF entry. Your commanders must approve your entry.

State Militia Affiliates

There has been an absence in due diligence by some of our members, bypassing the basic information posted in the CMF section of this site, so I will use this moment to better illustrate the relationship between CMF and its State Militia Affiliates. If you were looking for a Texas State Militia, signed up with CMF, and were then contacted by Dallas City Troop Commander Curtiss for entry – then you are aware of such a relationship. DCT is not the only CMF State Militia Affiliate. Militias such as DCT were vetted by NATCOM to ensure compliance with the CMF COC/ROE.

NATCOM National Command

In its current state NATCOM holds an auxiliary role, organizing state militias, processing enlistments, and generating funds. NATCOM does not assume a commanding role over state ran militias. NATCOM assumes a commanding role during wartime only after the ROE has been violated. At that time, NATCOM will pull all state commanders under the supreme document, The United States Constitution. At such time the fifteen CMF Regions will come under command of the highest ranking commander.

CMF Funding

The CMF firmly believes in the year 2016, the government will violate the ROE and begin to strip Americans of their most crucial freedoms. With this in mind our brothers and sisters will need to be trained by professionals, given the best hardware, with ample resources. To achieve this we will need to establish armories, resource depots, properties for training grounds and wartime FOBs. We have done everything in our power to prevent instituting charges services on and we will continue to do so as long contributions meet monthly expectations.

You can contribute to CMF by clicking this link and providing whatever you can. These are serious times and we must get serious about our goals and intentions.

CMF Training

As stated in the preceding subject, the intention is to establish training grounds, FOBs, purchase simmunitions for LFX (live fire exercises) and etc. After COs have been established training must begin immediately. Combat training should take precedent over other training. In addition to combat training your COs will establish other training regiments that include; medical, TCCC, natural disaster response, and etc..



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32 thoughts on “CMF National Militia August 2014 SITREP

  1. Is there a national contact spreadsheet or registry, so we can get in touch with someone in our area to see if there is a group or anything that may work together for mission accomplishment or protection.

  2. RangerRick, North Panhandle Idaho. I have had a few from this site contact me and I was able to hook them up in their areas. If you are in Idaho, I will do what I can to get you into a local Group. You may find Veterans Groups , Oath Keepers Groups, Patriot Groups and some Church Groups are a good place to hang out and see who is real or not. I have had several churches in my area come to me to help them get set up. Churches are waking up now.
    Best Regards,
    Ranger Rick

  3. Looking for further info about CMF. I am a former US Army artilleryman (13B), US Army Infantryman (11B), Ranger (1st Batt. ’82-’84), Airborne.


  5. I got an email saying that my info was being vetted. Hope to hear something soon!!! Nashville TN area.

  6. Louisiana here. I have filled out the enlistment information. Former US Army 82nd Airborne, 11B1P. M203 Gunner with anti tank weapons systems experience. Dragon / Javelin. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with or if there is a way to get in contact with the correct people to speed up the process.

  7. I am a disabled veteran who flew on AC-130s in south east asia in 1973, I was a volunteer fire fighter and EMT-I from approximately 1988-1999. During that time I served as an engineer and EMT. Due to limitations caused by my disability I trained as a fire fighter but seldom took that role in actual fire situations. My main service was as the EMS coordinator and my expertise was as a EMT-I. I still try to maintain my skills with weapons and bandages and if I can be of any help I still love my country and live by the oath I took when I enlisted and will defend her till the day I die. Please let me know if you have any use for someone like me.

  8. Excellent SITREP. You cleared up many questions I had about the chain of command for US Crow.
    While I await contact from my area commander, I can review the actual state militia background, structure etc., and determine how best to proceed if/when I am contacted.
    One area that requires serious consideration is communications between NATCOM, regional, state and local commands. Dissemination of information, post event, will be difficult unless a network of radio operators have been organized and established a communications plan. Of course, this is a very sensitive area that requires strict security measures at all times, but especially post event.

  9. If you want members that can shoot then I suggest that you get them in the Appleseed shoots. They really know what they’re doing and it will make a big difference in the members shooting. Contact and they will help. For a large group they might even set up special shoots to teach. This in not competition shooting, this is HOW TO SHOOT ACCURATELY.

    • I am a 5 year Appleseed Instuctor in SE Michigan and will gladly volunteer time, location and targets.

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