How to Make a Water Filter

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How to make a water filter

I know it seems like a fairly rudimentary thing, but you need to know how to make a water filter. Sure…right now you can go to the grocery store or order some amazing Lifestraws for around $20. The drawback is these filters are only available in a civilized society and industry. If you’re a legitimate prepper you prepare for everything, including the absence of society itself, and such lovely amenities as water filters.

The Danger of Drinking Unpurified Water

The shit has hit the fan and society has been completely decimated. You’ve been walking for days and you’ve already exhausted the water stored in your bug out bag. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been stuck in the desert fucked up on cot and believe me when I say…at this point you’d suck a camel’s dick if you thought it’d hydrate you. So when you are walking down the road post-apocalypse, succumbing to dehydration, and come across a puddle of water in a pothole – that moist cesspool probably looks like an ice cold glass of chardonnay by then.

Before you start sucking on camels or slurping from the tar fountain – consider the danger of drinking unpurified water. Such dangers include infectious disease, you know – those tiny organisms that like to kill all other life on the planet. Parasitic worms would love to make a home in that pothole long enough for some jackass to slurp them down, allowing them to make their way to his brain and punch his lights out. Think the creepy crawlers are the only thing you have to worry about? Guess again. You also have to worry about; amoebiasis, pesticides, chemical contamination, and etc..

Natural Water Filters

Silver and charcoal are known as natural water filters. These two components are used in many store-bought portable water filters. Silver is a natural sanitizing agent, used to destroy pathogens it comes in contact with. Silver can be bought online as a grinded mixture and stored in your bunker. Now, did you know there are assholes out there drinking colloidal silver like water? They drink it every day and now they look like aliens with grey skin. So don’t get any stupid ideas, okay?

Charcoal is a fairly affective filtering agent, but it doesn’t do a thing to pathogens! Charcoal is most commonly referred to as a ‘carbon filter’ when grinded into a porous granular state. How is charcoal made? Charcoal is made by burning wood at extreme temperatures in a low oxygen environment. You’ll be able to spot the charcoal after a few hours of the wood burning by looking for the bright glowing embers at the core of the fire. You simply douse the fire with water and collect the charcoal.

Make a Water Filter

One thing you should keep in mind…making water filters is not a terribly complex or challenging problem as long as you know the preceding and proceeding information. When you’re in a pinch and in the wild you can create a water filter by using nothing more than; tiny rocks, sand, and the charcoal you collected from your campfire. If available you can use a soda bottle or anything else funnel shaped.

  1. Take the tiny pebbles or rocks and boil them or heat them in a fire until they start glowing to remove any contaminants and loose sediment
  2. Place the rocks at the bottom of your upside down soda bottle, approximately four inches
  3. Ground about the charcoal collected from your fire and put a layer of it (approximately a half inch) over the rocks, then add a layer of fine sand above the charcoal
  4. Repeat this process of half inch charcoal/half inch sand until you reach the top of the funnel
  5. If you do have silver dust you can lace it through the bottom layer of the charcoal/sand mixture and I doubt you have an American coin produced before 1964 so let’s move on to plan B
  6. You can now filter your water and collect the filtered water at the spout of your funnel
  7. After filtering your water be sure to boil it to kill of remaining pathogens

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Water Filter

  1. Thank you for the information. We always sift the ashes in campfires after they’re out for charcoal. Old-timers, before toothpaste became common, used to buy it to chew a little after cleaning their teeth. It absorbs acids off the teeth and prevents tooth decay. It went into a lot of things and is supposed to be good for you, helping stop watery bowels (their term for anything that causes diarrhea). Rancheros in Mexico will always have a box in the kitchen, as the Amish still do.

    BUT when heating rocks, remember to stay out of the line of fire! Rock laying on the ground can explode. We keep sweat-lodge new rocks 6 months in the attic before using them. When women used rocks for cooking (heating them to cook in an animal stomach, any vessel you cannot use on direct flames) they did the same. Rocks would be placed in a fire, then dropped in the stew, and then pulled before they could absorb water. The old joke goes, if ya wanna collect hubby’s life insurance, just, you-know. Durn women, they’re just too practical at times 🙂

    Best to you, and keep up the good work.

  2. Exactly why I signed up for emails. You guys send out some need to know info in case of a S.H.T.F. scenario. Keep up the good work!

      • A bucket of boiling water with towels over it distills water. Ring the towels out as the cool off. Then drink the water. Filters are NOT adequate in toxic water. Distilling will make ocean water fully drinkable. (If you must have a filter then “Berkey black filters” filter most toxins & radionuclides from water). Pass this on please.

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