CMF Commanders Needed for 2014 Militia Enlistment – SITREP

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I am finally stateside and we are in need of commanders. For the security of our 2013 CMF Members and their commanders we broke comms and allowed for command to lead their groups autonomously.

The time has come for 2014 Enlistments and we are seeking out new commanders to champion this campaign. As a commander you will be charged with organizing both branches of the militia CMF (active wartime elements) and CDF (supporting elements) across your regional command.

CMF NATCOM will provide your initial recruits backlogged from the 2013 Enlistment Cutoff to Now. NATCOM will do quarterly reviews of your command to guarantee conduct and guideline compliance. Ideal candidates will have extensive experience in combat theater command and operations, while having a firm understanding of civilian life, not all our members are service members.

Should you be interested in command, send an email to outlining your qualifications and your reason for wanting a command. Command requires absolute dedication to the cause, and in wartime lives will be depending on you…

A couple FAQ

While I was away you may have noticed a drop in comm, this was at my direction. The site had security issues which needed to be addressed, for the protection of our 3000+ members. Additionally, after the Bundy Ranch incident, where CMF groups were present, things got a bit heated….

With this in mind let me repeat this our ROE has NOT changed since this site’s founding. We are not looking for a reason to fire a single shot without ROE being met. Sending emails to our commanders going on long winded diatribes does no one any good. Until CMF is fired on, keep your finger off the trigger. Until then…

In closing…

Now that I’m back home, NATCOM will be organizing fresh content for the site and getting you guys in touch with the right people. We have noticed a couple individuals taking initiative and organizing their own groups through our site. Which has been acceptable up to this point. Should your groups wish to be apart of our organization have your command email me at the aforementioned email.

Glad to be back, ready to move.

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38 thoughts on “CMF Commanders Needed for 2014 Militia Enlistment – SITREP

  1. Are you still looking for command in the central TN area? I am prior service spent many years providing physical security to both people and buildings. I got an email a while back saying you had received my application but have not heard anything as of yet. As said before, you want me to lead I will do my best, you want me to follow, point the direction and I will take point. Our great nation is under attack on many fronts and only the hope she has is true Patriots!

  2. Not looking to be a commander, but looking to join a group in Colorado, but none of my several enlistment submissions have been answered.

  3. I submitted my enlistment papers several months prior to this. I’m former military and medical training. I’m looking for new ways to practice my freedoms and protect my fellow Americans. I was wondering if any commands have been activated in the middle Tennessee area? I know everything is done private and confidentially, but if you call my phone about enlistment, please leave a voice-mail because I screen all my calls. Thanks

  4. Non military….2 years law enforcement auxiliary unit…..enlisted Nov 2013….would I need to fill out new forms or wait…..thanks

  5. I have been wondering what was going on. I would like to see Washington, Oregon, and Idaho split up. I know there is some legality issues concerning a militia across state boundaries and have thus far avoiding taking any action across boarders. I have been very active in local militias in Washington State and made contact with militias in the area. I also have established myself with the WA Oath Keepers. I have also recently made contact with MASK militia in the area. I will be leaving the region in October. If anyone wants the job at that time please let me know and I can hand over what I got going.

  6. Who are you and why am I receiving your email? Where do I go to verify your group? I am a retired USAF fighter pilot, flew 249 combat missions during the Vietnam fiasco and, if your group is not an undercover minion for the Obama regime, I would surely do what I can to get America back to the republic our forefathers meant it to be.

    Thanks for your service

    • We appreciate your service sir, and we hope that.. as a service veteran, the logistics are immense. I can assure your that we are legit, and will be a force to be reckoned with should the time come. Find your area commander and send your info.

      • Thanks for the feedback, I am now a practicing physician, life member of the NRA, presently studying for Amateur Radio license and will be there when the time comes.

  7. glad your back sir ,thank you for your service.I am in Anderson S.C.Ready to serve my country here at home on the front lines to save this grate nation from tyrany and the in justice to her people by the uncaringness of our president and his party.I am deeply sorry to have to say that but it is true.I have swore an oath to protect this nation and her people from in justice so tell me how can I help?NOBODY has ever responded to any questions or comments I myself or other people on here have asked.Oathkeeper standing on the ready .I will defend AMERICA and her constitution …….FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FEEDOM.

  8. You need to get in touch with Command Sergent Major, Dan Page in St. Louis, MO. He was the NCOIC of all Ranger and Special Forces in the African Command.
    He retired a year or two ago. There was also a Command Senior Chief of all Navy Seals in the same region as Dan Page. I can’t recall his name. Both of these Men are of the Highest Standards and traditions of the former United States Military.

  9. I havent received anything on my enlistment either. But, I still stand here willing to do what is necessary so that liberty will prevail. If you need me to lead, I will lead. If you need me to follow, just tell me a direction and ill take the point.

  10. I filled out the enlistment form earlier this year, will I need to fill out a new form now or just wait to be contacted?

  11. Welcome home. Eagerly waiting to find out if I can join, then I would like to find out more about attaining a command.

    • Of course we are. By tomorrow the enlistment forms will be back up for potential members to fill in their information if not already done. This post is to establish new command for 2014 enlistments i.e. you and everyone else who didn’t make it into the 2013 enlistments.

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