How to kill Predator Drones UAVs

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How to kill Predator Drones

This article will explain some rudimentary techniques for disabling or killing a Predator Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This information is the product of several months of source research and evaluation. Before you attempt to get on your soap-box, please understand in the event of a civil war, predator drones will be the government’s primary weapon against Americans.

Were you to ask any 11 Bravo service-member who has had to clean up after a predator drone strike, they would tell you that using such ordnance is not favored due to the impact it has on the target. Predator drones simply have an operator stationed out of places like Nellis AFB (Air Force Base) Nevada. Had you read our previous article Survival Threat – Completely Autonomous UAVs Making Tactical Decisions, you would realize things are getting incredibly dangerous. Annihilation is only a mouse-click away.

Predator Drone UAV Communication

Predator Drone UAVs communicate with line of sight radio in Mil C-Band 500-1000 MHz. Communication between the UAV Operator and the Predator Drone, which can be jammed with a spark-gap (the space between electrical terminals that allows for the transient discharge pass) radio. A spark-gap transmitter is a device for generating radio frequency and electromagnetic waves using a spark gap. Surprisingly, 90% of all military ops are performed using C-Band.

In addition to line of sight radio communication, Predator Drones use SATCOM (Satellite Communication) in Ku-Band 10.95 – 14.5 GHz. Providing another method for jamming. The uplink-band to the satellite is typically 13.75 – 14.5 GHz, and the downlink from the satellite is 10.95 – 12.75 GHz.

Predator Drones can be piloted remotely from the C-130 Hercules Ground Station/UAS Ground Station and with its primary satellite has a radius of 20 ft, while USAF operates its drones with remote-split ops keeping the data-link in a separate compartment from the GCS (Ground Control Station). The mission control breakdown is as follows; UAS GCS -> RADIO TRANSMITTER (Within Range) -> SATELLITE (Out of range) -> UAV -> UAS GCS, thus explaining the typical path of communication between the operator and the drone.

If you weren’t paying attention, this means the predator drones utilize the same commercial civilian technology used to transmit television signals. Using simple commercial equipment such as Skygrabber you can jam the communications, blinding the operator and sending a signal to the UAV to return back to base or engage a holding pattern until retrieved. This entirely assumes the SSAAS system hasn’t been fully implemented highlighted in the article previously mentioned. You can read more about Skygrabber by clicking here.

Satellite channels are extremely limited causing satellite links forced into a virtual corridor, causing the links to be used as a backup and jammer-rescue channel for single special ops. C-band radio is used for a theater of combat operations happening at the same time within proximity of another, each base uses their own C-band. Therein lays the primary weakness of predator drones, the C-band. This is where your spark-gap transmitter comes in… You can build your own jammer by following the instructions in this Frozen Wave Generator Patent or you can build a more low-tech device such as a UHF Jammer.

You need this equipment:

The UP-converter 3 can be of two types, with a single input UHF (TV) channel or a block of UHF input channels, (a block converter.) And if you use a block converter then perhaps can you try connect a home built UHF jammer instead of the video 1 and modulator 2 to the UP converter. That will also kill every channel on the satellite instead of a single channel.

As always, if you have additional tricks that can be used to help the resistance, feel free to share your information and practice your 4th Amendment rights.

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30 thoughts on “How to kill Predator Drones UAVs

  1. why only you take about spark gap generator. what about when we use crystal oscillator and solid state power amplifier or twt

  2. Any time you jam a signal you are waving a huge flag that says I’m right here and I’m not friendly. It isn’t incredibly hard to find the source of a signal. That being said, I think in a SHTF scenario, collection of information would almost always be better than broadcasting information.

    • I’m not military, I am civilian, many friends and family in/out of service. Somewhere though, in my collective mind experiences, I feel like that moment in “Patton”, where I know I was in many fights over the centuries, I look at a site and can “see” the battles fought in the past and somehow know the key to the fight. I was visiting my families graves at Ft. Snelling a few years ago. The HONOR of the fallen heros is thick, and I think about what the whore in DC has done, and I know the final fight is coming. I know that the gov is gonna come for me, I live in a very remote location in N Nevada, they will target me with a drone of two, it is coming.


  3. Will a laser take out the camera and will a magnet pulse make it return to where it came from

  4. For Nevada….1000 watt spark gap generators on each valley peak, make em portable on small wagons, gives you zone clearance of several miles in all directions, it will take out cell phone towers. Once you spot the drone dropping you aim a high gain antenna connected to a transceiver and a laptop running the rusky grabber software, reprogram the load and send it back to crash where it came from. The SGGs can transmit proportional to power and chosen wavelengths, act like an EMP device, hell you can attenuate it over at Creech AFB. Marconi sent his voice signal from NJ to London in 1890 using a SGG, it was made illegal to use a SGGs in 1900, but is legal to build and own them still, in WROL who the phuck would care legal or not…it’s survival, and it’s at that point. And yes the FM frequencies have been cleared by the radio stations to open up the bandwidths EXACTLY for “homeland use” of drones…get ready..

  5. Talk about “being better than that” is the false dialectics of losers. I talk about winning, at any cost ! Cowards will burn your corpse mounds and ” killers not soldiers” will lead the parades. Staff pogue thinking is “above it all” crap that ends up being “below it all”. Capische?

    • @ Jackson, there “might” be “potential” “maybe” for “extralegal use”?? I know 5 year olds who are less naive. Legal or extralegal is nothing but a word. The fact is they are ALREADY using them against US citizens in this country. Rather than taking the article down for that reason, I’d encourage you to leave the page.

  6. If you use American military tactics with its emphasis on high technology, your reactions and plans are predictable. Your defeat is inevitable and you will not survive the People’s War. I teach people tactics and operational art, tailor-made to defeat US style high tech opposition with the tools at hand, (e.g. hundreds of thousands of minds unpolluted by loser US military tactics and high tech.) I encourage the rest of you to practice what you learned in the US military, including the troop indoctrination propaganda pimping the communist police state that rules America.

  7. So, posting an article to help our immediate enemies overcome one of our technological marvels is justified because there might be a potential, maybe, possible future extralegal use? Hogwash!

    Please take this article down! There are U.S. lives on the line that our Predators are used to secure and protect by active measures and through intelligence collection.

    • This info has been in existence for years. Yet drones keep droping bomns on isis. So shut the fuck up poge bitch.

        • Actually…no… The correct term has always been “pogue”, and that’s the way it’s properly pronounced and spelled, and it always was until lazy ass Millennials came along and had to shorten it to “pog”. “Pogue” is where the term “pogey bait” comes from.

  8. It may be possible to interrogate a drone’s video signal frequencies. Russian SkyGrabber is software accepts input from a digital satellite tuner card which may be saved to a hard drive and studied for intel. It was used by Iraqi insurgents from the group Kata’ib Hezbollah to intercept MQ-1 Predator drone video feeds, which were not encrypted.

  9. I wouldn’t mind sharing some decent proven techniques and technology with you here, but this idea is highly dangerous, and it is theoretical. In these topics, your best sources are going to be military veterans and analyzing what successful techniques the insurgents are employing in Afghanistan and other lands where we have occupied.

  10. Tireman, Very interesting idea. I like the way you think!! The problem though is air to air refueling. with no pilot it could potentially stay in the ever forever….

  11. Ahh… and just how do you generate the power to jam a transmission in the middle of nowhere? I mean its gonna take more than and iPhone to hijack one of these things

  12. Tires, Gentlemen, Tires! Nothing moves without them! Can’t take off without them, and without them, you only land once. And tires equate only to maliscious mschief!

  13. I’ve read that RAF pilots downed German flying bombs by getting wingtip to wingtip to disrupt the airflow…maybe light aircraft could do that to drones

    • Correction: they would overlap the wingtip and flip the flying buzz bomb and the gyroscope would be unable to recover.

  14. There’s no such thing as “small EMP weapons”. ORNL had some very limited success in creating detectable EMP from small devices but “able to be detected in a lab” is far from “weaponizable”. The only known source of what most people think of when they say “EMP” (spontaneous over-voltage failure of electrical circuit paths due to induced electron surges caused by high-energy pulses of electromagnetic energy) is from very-high-altitude detonation of nuclear weapons. In order to create the pulse, gamma rays and neutrons have to travel through the atmosphere for very long distances.

    Likewise, a microwave klystron hooked up to a waveguide tube (what most HERF DIY “guns” are) isn’t going to do it either. First, not enough energy output. Second, not the right frequency.

    However, if you have a competent electrical engineer or electrical technician around, any of the above methods described are simple enough that they could be accomplished with relative ease and without scarce or expensive materials.

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