Look Right Not Straight – Patient’s Sucking My Numb Nuts! – NATO 9 Medevac Request

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Transportation Soldiers train on medevac

Location: GPS or Grid coordinates. Anything you can tell to help navigate and help zero in on your location will be fucking awesome.

Radio Frequency: Your call sign and how to get in contact with you.

Number of Patients by Priority:

Urgent They need a hospital within 2 hours to save life limb or eye sight.

Urgent Surgical They need that hospital to have a surgeon within 2 hours to save their butt.

Priority Needs evac within 4 hours.

Routine They need evac within 24 hours

Convenience Someones pussy hurts and they need evac whenever…

Medevac – Special Equipment

A – None

B Hoist means they are some place a helo cannot go. Basically if you look like you are in a National Guard commercial you might need a hoist

C – Extraction Equipment Means the jaws of mother fucking life.

D – Ventilator you need someone to breathe for the dude.


Medevac – Patient mobility

L – Litter Total number of patients in a litter

A – Ambulatory Total of joes who can walk

Medevac – Patient Security

N- No Enemy Troops
P- Possible Enemy Troops in the Area
E- Confirmed Enemy Troops in Area (check yourself before you wreck yourself)
X- Engaged With Enemy Troops (Fucked)

Medevac – Nationality

A= US/ Coalition Military, Nationality=
B= US/ Coalition Force Civilian, Nationality=
C= Non Coalition Force Soldier, Nationality=
D=Non US/Coalition Civilian, Nationality=
E= Enemy Prisoner of War
F= High Value Target (Armed Escort Required)

Medevac – NBC – MOPP

N – Nuclear bomb exploded (you’re fucked) or you’re going to gain super powers

B – Biological you are in a Zombie Virus polluted area

C – Chemical you have to crack open your ERG. (Emergency Response Guide)

Now you know how to call in a NATO 9 line Medevac.

You need to do lines 1-5 to dispatch the Medevac. Everything else can be figured out en-route. There I just saved you from having to tattoo that shit on your arm, or you can print it our by clicking this link.

NATO 9 Medevac



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4 thoughts on “Look Right Not Straight – Patient’s Sucking My Numb Nuts! – NATO 9 Medevac Request

  1. This is brilliant. Though, under Line 3, at last I heard (2010), the Convenience Categories and Urgent Surgical have been removed, at least from ISAF standards. “Line 3: (x) B” could mean the difference between getting a life saving MEDEVAC or a HERO flight… I almost got that shirt. Always double check your codes.

  2. I tried and lost comment, will try again. I am an RN. Where I live the disaster training would be woefully inadequate by your standards. We train, but in reality we had the H1N1 (which was an eye opening shock!!!! Since we are very close to where it started and had some of the earliest cases, and first mortality.) We have a big influx of Spring Breakers (drunk/puking/dehydrated) with a big Ambulance bus that spreads the load out (max 21) to four area hospitals. I dread a real disaster. Looks like you have it under control!

  3. It should read “Look Right Not Straight Patients Sucking My Numb Nuts.” I negligently omitted the MY or Marking.

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