Family Survival Guide – Live today, plan for tomorrow.

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Children bring meaning to our lives. With children there is no hesitation. The moment our offspring’s threatened the instinctual reaction is to immediately engage the threat.  For me, my children are the meaning of life and many others like me will die to protect their young. This is why responsible family preparedness plans for various man-made or natural disasters is needed.

Get prepared… Instead of being forced to think quickly in a shitty situation. You should prepare your family members using common sense and responsible guidelines. In short, let them live a good childhood. Those new to prepping and survival should also read ‘Survival Skills’. A good family survival plan includes training and planning.

Family Survival and Defense

Never underestimate your children. Kids can read body language very well and can be wizards at snap logic. So be clever in your survival planning.  Between ages 4-10 basic defensive skills can be taught, teaching your children the building blocks of defense.  Parents out there know how to turn play-time into a chance for teaching a required skill. We do it all the time with numbers, letters, colors, chores and etc. Take advantage of these moments to instill the fundamental building blocks of survival.

As your children get older you can enroll them in self-defense classes (i.e. jiu-jitsu, judo, and various mixed martial arts). Typically you can enroll children after their 7th birthday. Not only will self-defense classes teach your children how to defend themselves in the absence of a weapon, but it will also instill a sense of discipline.

Let me start off by saying this. If you have children older than 7 in your home and you have guns in your home. You must teach your children firearms safety! To not teach your kids to respect the gun and understand the gun invites a world of heart-break. When firearms safety was standard for young Americans you rarely heard of misfires! Teach your children to respect their weapon.

Keep all firearms secured! All of my weapons are stored in a Sentry Gun Safe (very good product). I bought my oldest daughter a Ruger 10/22 on her 7th birthday. It stays in my vault and is 100% secure. She is only allowed to fire and clean her rifle when I am present. If you need help you can read the usCrow Firearms Safety Guide and seek the assistance of an NRA Instructors or attend a family firearms safety class hosted by a local CMF State Commander.

Family Survival Planning

It is your responsibility as the parent to accommodate for each member of the family when storing food, water, and medicine. When bugging out or in; use guides in survival skills to find the amount of food and water your will need. Typical plans should include;

  • Each family member should have a bug out bag
  • Bug out bags should have 72 hours of supplies for each family member
  • Bug out vehicles should carry two week’s worth of stored water and food, and other firearms/ammunition
  • Important documents including social security cards, credit cards, birth certificates, passports, person identification, currency, family photos and etc. should be on hand
  • Family threat assessment education i.e.  downed power lines, surrounding fire, hostile postures
  • Pre-determined rally points should be established between family members while including trusted members of your survival group
  • Parents should include family member acquisition from private businesses, schools and etc. to various rally points.
  • Natural Disaster and CBRN Response

Public Evacuations

Eminent man-made or natural disasters are likely to occur while your kids attend school. First and foremost, these are your children and no one else’s. Remember that as you read. When it comes time to evacuate to the bug out site, be ready to act quickly and decisively. Be rational. Discuss basic guidelines for evacuation. Learn school and work space evacuation plans.  Use simple text messaging codes to communicate with your family members quickly. For instance;

  • Parent to Family Member – XXWe need to go I’m coming to get you.
    • Family Member to Parent – YYCan’t leave. You need to get me.
    • Family Member to Parent – ZZWill meet you outside.
  • Parent to Family Member – RogerUnderstood.


In closing…

When the SHTF kids learn quick! Disaster and threat kick on the natural instincts we were all born with. Do not underestimate them, train them well and responsibly. Teach them when they have to run, teach them when they have to fight.

Not only will our kids have to grow up, but so will we. Most Americans have never seen a combat theater or much less seen a robbery. This is where American determination is also at its peak. We are a determined people. I believe we will all rise to meet the challenges of our time. We just need to wake up…

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8 thoughts on “Family Survival Guide – Live today, plan for tomorrow.

  1. I threw this together as a very rough guideline for friends and family. It is a general plan for prepping, where individuals can supplement the training they need in the areas they need it most. Like I tell them, it’s basic and its a work in progress.

      • Click the contact usCrow on the bottom of the page and they will put you in contact with who you need to talk to.

        • Theoretically, yes. Most commands are in development stages. However commands like CTC can begin to hold ‘free to the public’ firearms safety, first aid, prepping, etc. classes. These classes can be used as a source of recruitment into the CMF/CDF while achieving the secondary goal of the CMF, to be seen as a friend to the community. Theoretically speaking. Everything changes and commands will develop their programs organically. When you decide to hold such a class let me know so I can assist in achieving maximum exposure.

    • Look for Israeli children’s masks… Israel has always been pretty serious about surviving whatever their neighbors could throw at them. I’ve even found pet masks and kits to cover a sealed crib (granted those have been YEARS ago) but the children’s masks I see pop up fairly regular.

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