Victory Gardens – Grow Your Own Food

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Fist let me say that when I found out that the North Korean Army has to grow their own food… I was like fuck that shit. If I had to grow my own food I would kill mother fuckers on principal. Now… I am not as violent towards the idea.

Today we have the Highest GDP to debt ratio since WWII and by the end of the Obama administration it is projected to surpass that. Unfortunately we don’t have the personal savings rates we did in WWII nor do we have a Balance of Trade to support is healthy. In fact we have the largest trade deficit in the world by a factor of 10 over the runner up Spain. Think we might be headed for a fiscal collapse? Yeah that is why you are here.

War World II and Victory Gardens

One of the things they did in WWII is that they had Victory Gardens. It makes sense economically. You need to plant yours ASAP. I am here to tell you why. Before I do let me point out I am not a great gardener. It is way more complex than what I will be able to explain here. If anyone should be writing this article it should be my dear sweet mother. But she is a bury her head in the sand type.

Chances are if you are American… You aren’t getting enough nutrients. Besides making us the most obese nation on planet earth we are also one of the most malnourished. So this lack of nutrition has a multitude of negative health effects. When you suffer from malnutrition you are more likely to get sick. The chemicals in our food are not good for us either.

So I sat through a lecture by David Deardoff PhD (in Botany). Click here to view Dr Deardoff’s Book ‘Whats Wrong With My Vegetable Garden’ A guide to grow your own food.


There were 2 key concepts I gained what he said. In lay terms the first is exactly what Obi Wan said to Luke… Use the force. Okay so he didn’t say use the force. What he did say is look to nature. Look what nature does and copy that when planting a garden.Don’t fight against nature let nature work for you. What is wrong with our own nutrition is also what is wrong with our soil.

The second key concept was the idea of Competitive Exclusion. This is the idea that if all elements in an ecosystem are present then it is hard for hostile elements to enter that ecosystem because they have to compete with what is already there. This requires biologically active soil. A healthy soil will fix most all of your garden problems


Part of the competitive exclusion concepts came up again and again when he described how Poly Culture gardens had a huge advantage over mono culture gardens. Poly Culture gardening is an old concept. It is ancient in fact. It is not just growing one crops in a field. It means not growing the same crop so one plant touches another.

Poly cultures mean that bugs/disease/animals that target one type of plant cannot easily move down a row of plants to kill one after the other easily. So just like in Pearl Harbor how they bunched up the planes and kept them all in a row don’t keep your plants all in one row. space them out.

Nature does this. If you look where humans haven’t touched you will see that it is all a poly culture. Poly Cultures provide camouflage so that if you are a bug and you are looking for a particular plant that you are designed through evolution to eat then you will have a harder time seeing it if they aren’t all bunched up in the same area.

So a poly culture avoids the need for pesticide, herbicides, and fertilizers. They also limit the exposure to the risk of losing all your crops. Monocultures rape and pillage the soil and it doesn’t generate the nutrients needed for plants to grow properly.


If you look at a forest it naturally has layers. So vertically layer your garden with trees, shrubs, and small plants. Also this allows for feeding of the soil. As things die they fall to the forest floor and get turned into the natural compost. Layering also gives good over head camouflage and concealment for plants targeted by flying insects.


So composting is super simple the way he explained it. Soil is biologically active. So just bury your organic waste at least 6 inches. Animal products have to go way deeper… hence the 6 feet under. (that actually has to do with parasites like hook worm) and any omnivore or carnivore waste to. Now if you want to compost without digging then have three piles. mix in some soil with your waste. Then when it reduces in volume by 1/2 then put it in the second pile and add more soil and repeat this until it gets into the third pile.

Now apparently compost heats up to like 165 degrees so if you run some copper pipes through compost you can heat water.


Some bugs are helpful to your little ecosystem garden.

Bees and Lady Bugs: They pollinate shit. He tried to tell me that the proper term was lady beetles… FUCK THAT THEY ARE LADY BUGS! BTW Fuck you Pluto is a planet. This is still a Murika! Lady bugs also eat aphids so… that is cool.

Spiders and Wasps: They fuck up anything that eats your plants.


You still have to rotate your crops each year. I asked him how he does it… He makes a grid and labels where he planted everything. His co-author says she just grabs seeds and randomly throws them… I like the random approach. Much simpler yet effective.

In conclusion if you have read my other articles one of the books I recommend is “Where There is No Doctor” and in that book it stresses the importance of proper nutrition in not only preventing illness but treating it as well. Using the concept of competitive exclusion and a healthy biologically active soil and applying it to your health… If your food is organic and diverse you will be healthy.

Also if you read my article on preventative medicine you would know that nutrition is important part of that. Now your freeze dried mountain house and your MRE’s don’t have 100% of the nutrients and micro nutrients you need to stay healthy. So you need to incorporate locally grown organic produce into your preps.

Now… if you are going to be a ground pounding warrior you should focus on that. unlike the fuck stain commie bastards in North Korea. But guess what. You need a poly culture for your militia. You go be a spider or a wasp. You need people to grow foods. So maybe I need my dear sweet mother on my team as much as I need a snake eating hardcore tactical operator. So your Militia needs support from all kinds of people. the III% needs to grow because you don’t always have to be a trigger puller to support a cause.

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8 thoughts on “Victory Gardens – Grow Your Own Food

  1. Try a wild garden, which is supposed to be how farming started. Find what will self-sow in your area and plant that. After a few generations, it becomes a landrace, adapted to the local. Here, we have dozens of berries, wild apples, wild animals that live in the brush. peppers, beans, some brassicas like kale, some older varieties of corn, rye, potatoes, carrots, all will self-sow. All look like a parch of weeds to someone who doesn’t know about this. Japanese Knotweed is taking over a lot of the country. Like spinach, it shouldn’t be cooked, but is good raw. Dried leaves retain vitamin content. Clover roots are food. Poplar trees are food, but attract deer (not a bad thing! 🙂 Down home in AZ, Native Americans are replanting old sites with yucca and agaves, tepary beans, mesquite, chia, blue oaks, and a host of other things that are good for food but will not attract unwanted attention. while you’ll never get a great production, neither will you starve. Mind, deer and other animals will decimate a pumpkin patch after frost kills the vines, but while alive, any squash family member will drive off 4-footed garden raiders. the vines are loaded with stickers. A good mix of plants attracts beneficial insects and confuses the bad.
    Best to all of you.

  2. lmao! Too funny! And very right. I want to join a local group, but I dont want to crawl on the ground and run up and down the road. I do however want to help supply food. My question is “How do I articulate that particular desire?” I’m not going to bug out unless I get burned out, or something of the like happens (NBC). There is too much here in resources for me to go somewhere else. And I am very familiar with the terrain.

  3. I love your language. I get such a kick ready your no BS articles. best belly laugh all day…. and of course, very informative. I will be the gun totting sniper garden mother and let the others be the snake eating tactical hardcore tactical operators… lol. K17 swco.

    • Commander Black is an invaluable asset to the organization due to his extensive background, knowledge and experience. Language and all.

      If SHTF I’d be eating snakes, but at the moment I have 30 plants in my backyard intended for canning. Live today, plan for tomorrow.

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