Gung Ho! Become the Resistance!

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When I was sent to learn CERT I had nightmares. CERT is like a soup sandwich. There is no real rank or command structure. Training is minimal and pretty much anyone can do it. I was sweating bullets thinking some 2nd Grade Teacher would call her self the “incident commander” and do stupid shit that would get people killed.

I still have those fears because the level of training for CERT is kept low and they are not taught to make critical decisions without FEMA giving them the go ahead. I still feel like it is a soup sandwich. It is hard to believe that the Military had used similar concepts. In the Civil War many officers were “elected” by the soldiers.

Enter the term Gung Ho which comes from the Chinese gōng hé a shortened version of gōngyè hézuòshè which means “work together” It proliferated in the Marine Corp thanks to Evans Carlson who had a kill ratio of 466:16 in the Pacific Island of Makin. The 2nd Marine Raiders took part in what is known as “The Long Patrol” feel free to read about it.

This idea of Gung-Ho was so enthusiastically yelled by Marines because it is a pretty unique concept. Instead of a formal top down military concept the chain of command was really relaxed. It wasn’t as rigid as you would expect. Every Marine’s input on a mission was accepted and acted upon.

Now in order for this to work it needs to be on a foundation of discipline and skill that can only come from traditional military training. This lent it’s self to a decentralized command structure. Decentralized structures rely on innovation and a willingness to bend and sometimes break the rules. It means not having to wait on a centralized command structure to make important decisions.

Against a superior force these kinds of structures lend them selves well to the Guerrilla forces. Look at the Los Zetas the Mexican Drug Cartel. On top of giving them guns thanks to fast and furious we gave them training as well. The School of the Americas at Fort Benning uses Rangers and Special Forces to train South, Central, and North American Allies in counter terrorism and drug interdiction.

Well some of these guys we train in Mexico got a better offer from the Drug Cartels than they did the Government. They saw how sloppy the cartels were run. They took them over. They then started to attack the Mexican Government. They killed their Secretary of Defense by assaulting his main entrance with Vehicle mounted M2 .50 cal Machine Guns. They then Air Assaulted the rear of the compound fast roped down and killed the dude.

Naturally this would mean a crack down. Well the Los Zetas have no king pin. No centralized command structure. They all went of started their own gangs… trained their own people to train their own people. Mexico now has a full on Civil War with more causalities, ten times the causalities than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

The Guerrilla tactics of a non centralized command structure will keep this movement alive. If we lose COMMO with your Militia especially if the Regional Commands lose COMMO with each other. It is important to never give up the resistance movement. You need to be able to act as a Guerrilla force and exploit ever weakness the enemy has.

Train and work together as a team. Be a cohesive unit. The British big time from being too rigid and command oriented. Not only in the Revolution where we dropped their officer and sent their units into utter disarray. They also suffered from a large paperwork based bureaucracy  in which logs had to be signed to draw ammo. When the British were fighting the Zulu Nation in Africa they still had to sign out Ammo and Weapons from the Armory when the fort was getting over run.  That is why the modern minute man must be always ready for the fight.

Our enemy is over confident in their reliance on a centralized command structure. They do not give due consideration for those at the bottom. If you adopt a command structure that respects the individual soldier and values their life and contributions to the cause. I swear many of the enemy will be persuaded to join our ranks when the time comes for a fight. Hopefully they will bring with them some of that DHS Ammo with them.  The Art of War teaches not to have long supply trains of logistical support. It teaches to “forage” off the enemy. We are the fewer in number. Steal from the enemy EVERYTHING.

Steal their equipment, their food, their weapons, their troops. You can do this by promoting Oath Keepers. Talking to your local Sheriff and LE agencies. Have them teach classes. Respect and value them. Same thing with the Military. Never mistreat your enemy. Waterboarding seems like a fun idea but you must resist this urge. It damages our cause. Moral victories is MORE important than military victories. Hence the term “winning hearts and minds”

Everyone should join our cause because we are all here for the same reason. As our government begins to fall apart it will try to take our liberty with it. We will resist this.We will resist all that the enemy stands for. Welcome any ally to the cause of liberty you can find. Even if you disagree. Be inclusive.

If you can fight you can fight!

Become the Resistance!

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One thought on “Gung Ho! Become the Resistance!

  1. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are Constitutionalist and Patriots that have been given felonies by the system that should have never been convicted of felonies to build and expand the Industrialized Prison System to provide additional revenue and jobs for the Dregs of Society .
    The French Foreign Legion consists of such people who are either on the run or in hiding for one reason or another, and is one of the most discipline and elite fighting force in the world. We should not shun these people because we’re going to need every gun hand that can muster up on the firing line. When the time comes to step up on the line, the fraudulent excuse “possession of a fire arm by a convicted felon” will no longer mean shit or be binding. The 1934 fire arms act is really unconstitutional because congress had no real authority to infringe upon it in the first place.
    A Former Veteran

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